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hen Jie wept in a small cold damp empty room on the third story of a structure made of bamboo. It was dark and flashes of lightning terrified him. Chen Jie, only 6 years old was lonely having been kidnapped from his family and stuck in a place he didn’t know. His captors were always on watch just outside the doors and windows. If he tried to escape they would beat him severely. His solitude tormented him and to make matters worse, he feared the lightning would bring demons to steal his soul. He had long been told when he was growing up that lightning and thunder represented a rip between our world and the realm of darkness. He had long been told that demons escape from the dark world when a rip between our world and their world occurred. Even though his captors were vicious human beings, it comforted him somewhat to know they were just outside and provided some protection. The room flickered electric blue and a loud rumble of thunder shook the loose thatch roofing . With tears streaming down his face he looked out the window at the rain beating down on the dark figures of trees. It was almost pitch black with the exception of what little light the moon offered. He spotted something strange in the distance amongst the bushes. The shape looked weird, possibly an animal or could it have been a demon? He looked more intently, growing more curious about what it actually was. Two small red eyes appeared briefly then disappeared. Chen was getting really scared. The demons were here to get him. He felt he had been a bad boy and the gods were upset with him. He figured this was why his parents sold him and why the gods sent the demons to steal his soul. The tears started to stream heavier. His crying got louder. He pointed out into the dark and yelled “Demon… Demon!!!”

The Night The Demon Came - by Kevin Jackson

One of the men outside the window looked up to see the boy’s tiny hand pointing toward the trees. He figured the boy was just scared of the lightning and the thunder. He shouted to the little boy “Ok, ok quiet down…I will find the demon and kill him…will you shut up then?” Chen replied “Uh huh”. He sniffled a bit and tried to pull back the tears as he watched the guard walk into the bushes. The guard walked slowly and gradually dissolved into the darkness. A few minutes past and in the midst of a long rainy silence a burst of gun fire echoed through the bushes. There was silence once again. Another guard outside clutched his gun

and took a step toward the forestry. Soon after, the guard who went into the bushes yelled “I got him.” The second guard looked up and smiled and said “See little boy, will you be quiet now?” Chen nodded his head in relief with his eyes wide open. He looked up and saw the first guard coming out of the forest, but then he saw a shadow grab the guard and pull him back in. Chen was frozen stiff with shock. The second guard didn’t see it because he was looking up at Chen. Chen wanted to point but he found it difficult to lift his hand. He looked left and right, hoping to see the guard again, but nothing. Chen Hoped the demon was satisfied in getting the guards soul instead of his. Suddenly he saw the guard walking out of the bushes. His mind was playing tricks on him he thought. He was relieved once again and no longer felt the urge to cry. He watched the two guards talk, to see if he could hear a description of the demon. When the first guard approached the other, something was wrong. The second guard looked nervous. As he grabbed for his gun the first guard stabbed him in the throat. Chen’s eyes popped open. Why on earth would he have done that he thought to himself. The first guard looked up at Chen and his eyes glowed red. It was the demon. He had possessed the first guard he thought. Chen backed away from the window so fast he hit the wall behind him and began screaming. The demon still wanted him he thought. This was it; there was nothing he could do but curl into a ball on the floor, cry and shiver. He heard the demon making his way upstairs. He heard men yelling and screaming in pain. It sounded as if the demon was destroying them and ripping them apart. The horrific sound frightened him even more. He kept thinking of all the horrible things the demon was going to do to him. He couldn’t bear to think about it. Chen put his head down and closed his eyes tight, praying and begging for forgiveness for whatever it was that he did. Footsteps quickly rushed to the door. A guard came in and shut it behind him. Maybe this guard could protect him. There was another outside firing down on the demon as he came up the stairs. The gun fire was endless and loud as if the demon was not relenting and neither was the guard outside. The guard with him said “Stay over there in the corner boy…this will end soon.” There was deep silence, only rain, and thunder. Lightning flashed and illuminated the guards face for a split second. His face was thin and cheek bones very well pronounced. He was pale and sweating, not even his thick moustache could

hide his quivering lips. He looked even more frightened than Chen. Slow menacing footsteps began to approach. Was it the demon or the guard? “Sheng Yu…Sheng Yu did you get him?” The guard called out. The footsteps proceeded with no answer. “Sheng Yu…answer me…if you don’t I’ll shoot.” The guard said again. The footsteps stopped right in front of the door. The guard gripped his rifle harder and loosened his shoulders a bit. You could see his fingers taunting the trigger. Chen looked back and forth between the door and the guard worried and curious at the same time of the outcome. The door began to open. As soon as it did, the guard started unleashing a full clip ripping the door into splinters. The load rapid ratter of his gun easily droned out the thunder. When he stopped firing, the silence was once again heavy with the exception of the rain. The door slowly coasted open and the guard who was outside fell in on his knees, bloody from head to toe. He then fell flat on his face with his eyes looking up at the guard in the room. “Sheng Yu…” The guard whispered in remorse. He took a step toward him then saw a boot step into the room from beyond the dark door way. He looked up and stood peering into the face of the demon. The guard sank the trigger once again, but nothing. He had forgotten he had already expended his clip. When he realized that he was out, his breathing became shallow and heavy. He dropped his rifle and reached for his side arm, but then…lightning flashed rapidly in triple succession and the dark figure in the door way leaped across the room. The guard shuffled back to give himself room to pull his side arm. But by the time he removed it from the holster and fired a shot, the demon’s hand swiped across the guard’s jugular and blood flew across the room. The demon landed on all fours in the corner, breathing very heavily. The guard dropped his gun and grabbed his neck. He fell to his knees, choking and coughing. His eyes were wide open and seemed as if they were popping out of their sockets. He eventually fell forward with his head landing beside the other guards head. Chen stared at the dark figure in the corner, to get a good look at the face of the creature that would vanquish him from this world. He could barely see it. Then lightning flashed and thunder rolled again and the red in its eyes reflected. The fear came over Chen once more. He felt his bladder weaken and release every drop of fluid within him into his shorts and down to the floor. The demon

then spoke. “Chen Jie…come…come boy nothing to be afraid of…your parents sent me to rescue you.” Chen Jie was confused. “Come on…don’t be afraid. Your parents will be so happy to see you again.” The demon said. The demon approached Chen, but Chen still wasn’t quite sure what was happening and backed into the wall some more. When the creature came into the light, he realized he had strange goggles on his face and looked just like a regular human being. The demon, took his night vision goggles off and picked Chen up. “You’re going to be just fine.” He said. Chen looked at him closely and replied “You’re…not here for my soul?” “Ha ha, no Chen…your parents hired me to rescue you from these bad men. You’ll be ok now…you get to go home to your mommy and daddy…would you like that?” The man said. Chen Jie nodded his head and hugged the man tightly and wept. The man was a private investigator, who works primarily on child kidnapping cases in China. Former Sanshou martial arts champion and ex Chinese army veteran, he now dedicates his life to saving children who were kidnapped and sold into human trafficking. His history being similar, he’s never been able to find his true parents and finds solace in living vicariously through the children he reunites with their parents. |

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Have you seen my sign? is a continuous article for NVision Magazine. Anyone can participate by emailing your photos to You can submit annonymously, with a pseudo name, or your real name. It is your choice. Your photos cannot be of anything of a sexual nature, lude comments, or explicit language. They can be taken anywhere in Jamaica or overseas. If your photo has been chosen to be in our magazine, our readers guess where was the photo taken.

Have You Seen My Sign?

Where do you think this photo was taken? a) Egypt b) Jamaica c) England Respond by using the online survey on this magazine’s main page.

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Nestled in the hustle and bustle of New Kingston, Jamaica, Lifestyle Transformation Centre is your one-stop shop for rejuvenation and recuperation. The Centre prizes itself as a modern healing facility practicing conventional and natural healings techniques to bring about lifestyle change.     Lifestyle Transformation Centre uses proven natural methods to overcome major dis-ease conditions, such as Lifestyle Transformation Centre uses proven natural methods to overcome major dis-ease conditions, such as cancer, hypertension, obesity, arthritis, HIV, drug and alcohol addiction, diabetes, and other immunocompromised cases. The medical spa incorporates medical services, spa, and other allied health services.  Medical Services: These services include: medical, diagnostic, bio-energetic testing and bio-feedback, electro Interstitial Scan, Live Blood Analysis, nutritional and other investigative services  Spa Services: Spa services include: therapeutic massage, body treatments, facials (non-surgical facelifts, microdermabrasion), wart removal, and anti-aging treatments.   Other services: To complement the service menu the Centre offers other services/programs which include: chiropractic adjustments, yoga, and emotional release therapy, Anti-Stress & Rejuvenation Health Retreats,  Weight Management, Health Vacation, Spiritual Counselling, Brainwave Synchronization and Affirmation, Yoga, Meditation and Exercise   In addition, workplace intervention programs, training, workshops and seminars are offered. Services are provided by medical practitioners, certified nutritionist, licensed therapists and aestheticians.

Treatment At a conventional medical centre, you walk in because you feel ill. The doctor on staff listens to your problems and based on his evaluation he prescribes drugs for you to get rid of your symptoms.   Dr. Danovan Whyte, MB.BS, Chief Medical Director of Lifestyle Transformation Centre believes that the net result of suppressing our symptoms is the retention of agents (impurities) within the body, which the body has good reason to eliminate.  Not being programmed for selfdestruction, the body tries another clever method of self-preservation, under trying circumstances.  This results in the storage of toxic impurities, which create its

own complications. Many storage methods are available, for example, fat cells, tumours (fibroids, prostate enlargement, breast lumps), stone formation (kidney, gallbladder), plagues (in blood vessels, cataracts) spurs, joint crystals (arthritis), cysts, etc. With continued symptom suppression the body becomes increasingly toxic, encouraging more symptoms to grow.  This results in intense pressure on the immune system to keep these microbes in check.  The immune system therefore becomes exhausted and incapable of coping with cancer cells and other degenerative diseases.  The stage is now set for the proliferation of auto-immune and other immune deficiency disorders.  Dr. Whyte believes that symptoms are not the problem but occurred in an attempt of solve the problem. Patients of Lifestyle Transformation Centre have constantly attested to the effectiveness of the treatments.  The treatments offered have helped persons with minor to major lifestyle illnesses: from Headaches and Colds to Endometriosis, Chronic Pain, Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Asthma, Arthritis, etc.  Being a patient of Lifestyle Transformation Centre will change the way you think about your body.  It will change the way you approach things in your everyday life.  It is a change for the good.  Learn more about Dr. Danovan Whyte in his book “Perfect Health Is Unquestionably Yours”, which speaks about your health and the steps to take to reclaim your perfect health.  This book is on sale at their office at 2½ Kensington Crescent, Kingston 5.  Or visit their website to watch an interview with Dr. Whyte on Smile Jamaica.

The Future With all this, there are still plans for Lifestyle Transformation Centre for the future. What else would a patient get from this “all rounded” medical centre?  A place to rest your head of course!  Why would you need to rest your head?  After doing some treatments the patient will need to recuperate.  Rooms will be available for patients to use for the necessary period for recuperation.

Other Services All that we have looked at so far is the medical services. Remember, there is more to Lifestyle Transformation Centre than medical services. 

If you are a manager or a concerned staff member, who has noticed that your co-workers are constantly on the not so well side, Lifestyle Transformation Centre can go to your office or work place and offer a 1 to 3 day work shop on improving your health and the steps to getting there. One such participant professed how he lost so much weight while being on the program, that it also cured his ED and how happy his wife was for that.  The health retreats are like company retreats.  A location outside of Kingston, Jamaica, is chosen and the weekend is used to educate you about how to eat properly, how to prepare your food, and general tips for your health.  When you return from the retreat, you are equipped to transform your regular habits to the healthy ones that you were taught.

Spa Services Let us not forget that Lifestyle Transformation Centre has a fully equipped spa. Again, this centre sheds any conventional notion that you may think you will find.  At a typical spa you expect to get a massage, waxing, facials, wart removal and sauna, but there is so much more!  The best way to describe the spa is to tell you to go to the spa.  There are no words to express how wonderful and relaxed you feel after getting a full body massage.  The euphoria you feel as the stresses of the day liquidates like ice on a hot day.  Nothing can be said about how soft your face feels after a facial that you cannot stop touching your face, or the glow that illuminates from you, due to a natural scrub.  After all, feeling is believing.  Lifestyle Transformation Centre is equipped with the relevant health practitioners who will help you on this journey to reclaim your perfect health.   We encourage you to take the time out, treat yourself to this wonder experience and learn how to improve your health.

Deals and Specials By being a client of Night Vision Media Ltd., you automatically receive a discount card where you enjoy a 10% discount at Lifestyle Transformation Centre. Experience what their services are like and then purchase a gift certificate for a friend or family member.

In Closing The Centre was established to satisfy the most discriminating palate by bringing a new dimension to health care delivery. Lifestyle Transformation Centre treats the mind, the body, and spirit. It has many ways of getting your body in a constant healthy state.  Your

body knows when it is in need. It tells you when it is hungry, it tells you when it needs rest, and it tells you when it is not healthy.  You know your body is not healthy.  If not for yourself, then visit Lifestyle Transformation Centre at least once for your body. |

Contact Lifestyle Transformation Centre “We do not practice medicine…we promote good health…naturally” Address: 2½ Kensington Crescent, Kingston 5, Jamaica. Telephone: (876) 906-5683 Fax: (876) 906-5972 Email: Website:

Specializing In: Shampoo, Treatment, Relax, Cutting, Weaving, Braiding, and the latest in hair styles.

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Island Phot ography Ja. Born and raised in Montego Bay, Jamaica I have been practicing Photography for some ten years now and as many photographers will tell you, it was only a hobby. Being my own harsh critic is not an easy job but as time progressed, the interest and talent that was there only got better. I have been serving the needs of many that have sought to have their precious moments preserved in a tangible form. Most, if not all are pleased with the results of my hard work, dedication, commitment, my special talent, eye for detail, and that drive for excellence... Practicing constantly, I’ve always yearn to sharpen my skills and ensure that I am up to date with current trends, both local and international. Life will make memories. Let me capture yours.

Geoffrey Berry (876) 861 • 5895 ( Digicel ) (876) 775 • 6053 ( L.I.M.E.)

In this article, readers are allowed to submit articles about their experience at a company of our chosing. Here’s how it works. In the current customer service test article, we indicate the company that will be featured in the next issue. Readers can submit their praises or complaints about that company and also get to vote if ultimately they like or dislike the company’s customer service. In the next issue the results of the votes are published.

The Customer Service Test In The Next Issue:

Jamaica Public Service Email us your experiences: your likes and dislikes.


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Our Wedding Story The Amairs

Our wedding was on July 5, 2008 and will be a day to definitely go down as one of the greatest moments in our life. Though it may sound a bit cliché to hear persons refer to their wedding as one of the greatest days in their life, I think we can both honestly attest to the reality of the frequently used phrase. It was a beautiful occasion, but the months leading up to it could have been extremely stressful if friends and family were not there to assist. One of things we found, and I’m sure anyone else planning such an event will experience, is the difficulty of figuring out where to start, when to start and how to start. How do you plan such an event with no prior experience in the field? For some persons there is no background in catering, event planning, or managing a function. This leads us to the first tip we have for engaged couples. Carefully select your bridal party and/or friends and family to assist. And if you are lucky like me, you can get a cousin who doubles as a bridesmaid and my make-up artist. I know you have a vast resource of friends and family that you can select to be a part of your bridal party. However, please bear in mind that because someone is your friend or family does not mean they will be able to assist whenever the need arises. We’re human; we all have our own lives. Nevertheless, unless you have a wedding planner you need to select persons that are, supportive, selfless, helpful, understanding and have integrity. Our bridal party and family support were all these things and more. They were all over the place with us back and forth from Montego Bay to Kingston and Ocho Rios ever so often. Never a complaint, just a sure can do attitude even in this unavoidable last minute life saver favours. For a detailed wedding planning guide, we suggest that you register with one of the wedding websites such as or They gave us a timeline of the tasks to be done and lots of general tips along the way. Now that you have your dream team; brainstorm with your fiancé to decide on your wedding theme. Once you’ve come to that decision select and secure reliable venue and vendors ASAP. The availability of your ideal venue will affect the date, so this selection is crucial. Once you start to share ideas with the vendors and all the wonderful things they can do for you (at a fabulous cost of course), you wonder if you want all the frills. Which leads us to the next tip - highlight what is crucial to you and your fiancé in the wedding. If you can afford to spend extravagantly, in all areas of the wedding, then that’s fine. If not, please carefully decide which aspect of the wedding besides the vows is very important to you. This way you will be cognisant of where spending a little extra is worth stretching the budget. It was really important to us to have really good food at the reception, so right off the bat we knew that all the other frills would receive a smaller percentage of the budget than catering. You and your dream team can go do the fun part (at least for the ladies) shopping for the bridesmaid dresses, groom and groom’s men tux, and .... ‘the dress’. Ladies this early selection is so necessary. With possible alterations to be made to a rented

or purchased dress or measurements and other visits for a custom made dress, you certainly don’t want to leave it for the last minute. Go to a bridal boutique and try on a few until you find that one with the WOW effect. However, if you’re like me, you don’t find it there, no worries. Search through bridal magazines or on the internet to find a style that suits you and get it custom made. We have very talented designers of bridal couture in Jamaica. I opted for Uzuri in Ocho Rios, and I think they did a wonderful job. The dress was very detailed, clean cut and best of all, made just for me. We were blessed to have had co-operative, helpful, professional yet down to earth vendors. Night Vision gave us ideas throughout the wedding planning process. Their direction, knowledge and experience helped us to stay on top of the planning without getting flustered. Night Vision did our invitations, programmes, place cards, table numbers, slide show, napkin holders/rings. You would think that’s enough, but it didn’t end there. They referred us to excellent persons in the field. These included Mr. Robert Dunkley our out of this world, creative genius of a videographer; Geoffrey Berry our very creative, capture the moment, you never dreamed of photographer; Richard Fletcher our very ‘artical’ DJ; Mrs. Charis Lee who did our heavenly cake boxes; and last but certainly not least Ms. Allison Dexter our capture your Winter Wonderland fairy tale theme in Jamaica decorator. After following your online wedding plan, most if not all, of your major tasks should have been completed. The day before should be rest and relaxation, nothing too hectic. Get your hair and nails done and unwind with your bridal party, then get cozy for a good night’s rest....well, you can squeeze in about half an hour or so of a strip tease, planned by your naughty bridesmaids and groom’s men of course, and then get a good night’s rest. Please note, the rest is much needed if you plan to really enjoy that night you’ve been waiting for all your life. The day of the wedding, wake up and try to get that permanent smile off your face, and get ready to start the rest of your life. That’s what we’re doing. Love Mr. & Mrs. Francis Amair

Our Wedding Story is another segment of the NVision Magazine. You may submit your story to For this article, you do not have to be a client of Night Vision Media Ltd. or any of its partners. You may talk about any aspect of your wedding: • The Planning • The Engagement • Tips for newly engaged couples • Tips for newly weds • How Night Vision Media Ltd. or any of its partners assisted you • The Big Day Itself • or anything else that you would like to talk about your wedding This segment is geared to persons who are engaged, who are newly weds, or who are thinking of getting married.

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Telephone: 960-0847, 582-1853 Email:, Weight Management, Natural Lunch & Snacks, Catering, Cooking Classes, and Consultation

Also, coming March 2009 is the Pegasus Wedding Expo. This expo is a good way to meet local vendors and at the same time have fun. It is recommended that both parties attend this event at least once together. It is better to go before you get married, but you can still go after your day. Prizes are always available to be won. It could be your lucky day.

The NVision Magazine Our magazine may mean one or more things to you! Your Thoughts/Your Voice: Our NVision Magazine can be your portal to publish your thoughts, short stories, comic strips, photos, etc. Email us your photos for “Have You Seen My Sign? “ and any articles that you would like published. Our only restriction is no sexually explicit, bad words, or violent content. Find Out More About Other Companies: NVision Magazine can also be used to check out companies that you may not know about, or you heard about it but you don’t know that well. Our magazine features our advertisers. So its more than just advertising to you, it is a more intimate way to find out more about a company without actually going there first. A test run if you will! Advertising Opportunity: One segment of Night Vision Media’s advertising package, is placing ads in NVision Magazine and one feature article. This is great opportunity for you to advertise your company at a very cheap rate. In 2008, we have enjoyed 53, 309 hits on our website so far. This is an opportunity that you cannot miss out on! The deadline to sign up for our Advertisers’ Package is December 31, 2008. Look out for the next issue April 2009! Email us at for more details or to send your articles or advertising request. Deadline to submit articles for the April issue is March 15, 2009. Looking forward to seeing you next time. Management Night Vision Media Ltd.

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