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The museum Ribe’s Vikings is beautifully situated in central Ribe overlooking the river of Ribe Å. At the very location of the first Scandinavian town founded approximately in the year 700, the history of Ribe from the Viking Age through the Middle Ages down to the year 1700 is told. The museum presents thousands of findings and reconstructed environments from Ribe in the Viking Age and the Middle Ages.

Viking exhibition

Approximately in the year 700, a market place is established along the banks of the river Ribe Å. Thousands of archeological finds from the excavations show how the vikings lived and traded with Europe. From the year 800 down to the year 1100 the town is fortified several times with big banks.

Middle Ages Medieval Ribe, episcopal residence and commercial town, flourishes around the Cathedal. Through the Middle Ages Ribe is one of Denmark's most important commercial towns with a big harbour and connections to all of Europe.

Experience hall Ribe a day in April in the year 800. Experience the atmosphere of the Viking Age. Parts of the market place and a Viking ship have been recreated in full size and you are welcome to go aboard. Continue to Ribe a day in September in the year 1500. You stand in the middle of a building site in Ribe. Children are playing and the baker is offering you her bread from the shop.

Whether you know a lot or a little, are local or a tourist, a teacher or a student, young or old – a visit to Ribe Viking Centre will provide you with a unique experience and new knowledge about the Viking Age. You can wander round the reconstructed life-size Viking estate, peopled with Vikings with whom you can work and talk. They wear Viking clothes and work with reconstructed tools and techniques that were used back then.

You can breathe in the smoke and the smells coming from the simmering pots on the bonfires, where delicious meals are being prepared. You can meet the animals and see them at work. You can enter the houses, sit down, close your eyes, let your mind wander and when you open your eyes again, you will have been transported back in time, more than one thousand years.

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Vikinge museet  

vikinge museet og marked i ribe

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