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'Be The Traveler' Concierge Unique fall experiences on the fjord

While visiting the Hood Canal, everyone wants a meaningful highlight and memory of their vacation or event. Paddling the pristine fjord of Hood Canal, conquering the 5,951' peak of Mount Ellinor, or enjoying oysters harvested on the morning tide at Hama Hama Oyster Co. – the Hood Canal region is one of the most beautiful and unique areas in the world.

Imagine opening the door to your cozy waterfront cabin. The fire is laid, a bottle of wine chilling on the counter, the fridge stocked with your evening meal. You have arrived just in time to catch the last rays of sunshine as they gently set over the snow dusted Olympic Range. The kids tumble out to explore the beach, the adventure has begun.

You can spend hours online planning the perfect family getaway or you can use what's becoming increasingly popular for busy individuals – a concierge service.

It's like the perfect date. The concierge finds your ideal match – interests and budget – to create a long term relationship. You'll have a hard time wanting to go it alone again.

Recently TRACING THE FJORD caught up with Kerry London Myers, Operating Partner at Hood Canal Events based in Union. She and Jeff Nunnemaker have created a robust business as Hood Canal guides over the last two decades. Not only does Jeff lead guests on day and overnight adventures to Olympic National Park and Forest peaks, but their team also arranges moonlight kayak tours, scenic glamour picnics and match guests with lodging that suits a nostalgic image of the Hood Canal escape. Put simply - they're in the concierge business.

Each spring the 'Traveler,' grasping his walking staff, appears on Mt. Washington and smiles benevolently down on the fjord. It is actually a rock formation that is visible only for a few months every year, and most notably from Union, WA. The Traveler appears when just the right amount of snow has melted and disappears as summer approaches. There are a variety of oral myths and legends about The Traveler's return passed down through the generations by both the Native and Western populations living along canal. Hood Canal Events included the iconic Traveler in their logo to embrace the best of Hood Canal’s lodging, dining, farm fresh produce, art, and unique ways to enjoy your travels to the area. With each call, Kerry and Jeff show visitors how to be the Traveler.

Gather around the 90-year-old fireplace as the glow reflects off the polished log beams – this is the perfect place to reconnect. hoodcanalevents.com

Hood Canal area is host to over a hundred unique vacation rentals – each with its own style, budget and amenities. Some are waterfront cabins, others are homes nestled in a wooded setting off the beaten path and many can be simple yet fun campers or tents. A Google search reveals an overwhelming array of options. However, sifting through the ones that suit your needs is not so easy. And sometimes – shockingly - the internet lies.

You have a finite window to make memories. Don't waste it. Working with a Concierge Specialist, like Hood Canal Events, take the guesswork out of locating the right lodging –perfect beach access, house size, pet friendly environment, seasonal activities, shopping and dining. FJORD

Relax on the covered porch overlooking Calm Cove 

"Fall and winter months are premium seasons to rejuvenate the soul,"remarks Kerry London Myers, "guests can disconnect from the city life and take advantage of the off season rates. Many guests desire to have the home away from home feeling but long to still have that summer-like activity or comfort. Vacation rentals are ideal as you able to add an array of customizable services including grocery pick-up and stocking, floral arrangements, shellfish or farm harvest deliveries, child care, picnics, chartered cruises (to properties with docks), exclusive boutique shopping, wine tasting and much more."

Hood Canal Events hosts six properties for owners and has access to dozens more. But their expertise doesn't stop there. Operating a successful catering business, Kerry specializes in arranging 'Glamour Picnics' complete with tent but without the clean up! "We know there is always something special to celebrate," she adds,"so let’s make it extra special with farm fresh local food, wine, beverages, mud boots and eclectic décor." From private chef prepared meals to take out cuisine, a fun Hood Canal picnic is the go to for unique dining experiences. With limits set only by your budget, Hood Canal Events' team of culinary experts creates a scene to surprise your loved ones – vintage linens, thoughtful signage, rich history, and rustic prop – not to mention a memorable farm to table meal overlooking spectacular views. Whether it be setting up at waterfront beach properties, secluded trails or simply an intimate dining room – creating a romantic, memorable experience is never seasonal. "Let it rain, let it snow," declares Kerry enthusiastically, tossing her mass of auburn curls, "if there’s a will - there’s a way to still picnic all year long - PNW style!"

Your picnic matches your tastes

When vacationing, it’s about reconnecting and gathering. So it seems natural that you take a break and leave the details to a chef who can allow you to focus on family and friends. Pre-planning is the key when hiring a private chef, especially in small towns like Union, Hoodsport or Lilliwaup. With enough notice you can embrace the Hood Canal region’s bounty of seasonal offerings such as wild mushrooms, oysters, clams, local beef, winter brews, and fall harvests from surrounding farms.

Enjoy the process of menu development while creating an interactive table scape to express your personal creativity to share with those around you. Being the Traveler can be this simple – through food, beverage, gathering and a smidge of concierge assistance to set the scene! From a four course served meals to thoughtfully prepared meals dropped off at your vacation rental, you’re well on your way to a relaxing weekend of watching eagles, herons and other natural wildlife.

Customize and seek local know-how. That’s the secret when planning your fall and winter trip to Hood Canal. The perfect getaway can be achieved by connecting, planning and utilizing every resource the Hood Canal community has to offer. You’re only one phone call, text or email away from being the ultimate Traveler. Do you need Kerry's number? Call (360) 710-7452, and next time someone asks, just reply, "I know someone local."

Kerry and Jeff, owners and operators of Hood Canal Events

Explore more HOOD CANAL EVENTS is an event and recreation company based out of Union on Hood Canal. With over two decades experience, HCE designs custom PNW visitor packages that center on local farm to table food, craft beer/wine/spirits, art, culture, and area recreation. hoodcanalevents.com