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You can do this. Have faith. You can get your degree. You can find a better job. You can be your personal best.

Susan is achieving her goals.


“You can do it, even if you’re working full time or a single mom like I am. It’s achievable; it really is! FOCUS offers a lot of resources that you can take advantage of.” — Susan, Christian Counseling

You can complete what you started. FOCUS Degree Completion at Northwestern College provides an affordable, flexible academic experience that meets the needs of adult learners. Whether you want to increase your earning potential, advance your career or make a career change, you can fit your education into your life and achieve your goals. You can do this. Have faith.

You can experience the Northwestern Difference.

“The cohort system is amazing, just to have that group of people you’re in class with through the entire

Completing your education at Northwestern will make a difference in your life. Here, you’ll experience:

program. You really feel


a family relationship

FAITH FOUNDATION Since 1902, Northwestern has been Christ-centered and biblically based. Every course helps you understand God’s role in what you’re learning.

with them.”


ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Enjoy learning from professors with real-life experience. They are professionals in their fields—authors, researchers and experts— committed to helping you reach your goals.


AFFORDABILIT Y AND VALUE Research shows that higher education is an excellent investment in your future. Northwestern’s adult programs on average cost less per credit than other private Twin Cities colleges—making FOCUS Degree Completion a great value!


COMMITMENT TO FLEXIBILIT Y You can complete your degree in two years by taking classes just one night a week. Classes are offered on Northwestern’s campus in suburban St. Paul.


COHORT LEARNING Your education is strengthened by sharing your learning experience with a group of people in the same program of study. As a cohort, you grow together and develop a network of colleagues and friends for life.

Sarah, Ministries


Shane found a better job.


“I now look forward to new work experiences where I can learn and grow with others, utilizing the skills and talents God has given me.” — Shane, Human Resource Management

You can make a great investment. If you want to change your career prospects, prepare for further study, or grow personally and professionally, a Northwestern education can help make that happen. By focusing on the things that matter most, you’ll see a return on your investment in all areas of your life.

Tuition & Financial Aid

“I value my

FOCUS is affordable. You can find tuition rates online at, or contact an admission counselor at 651-631-5200 or

FOCUS education and experience. I

There are several financial aid options available to adult students, including Federal Pell Grants, Minnesota State Grants, Federal Stafford Loans and private financing to help fund your education, depending upon qualification. Our financial aid professionals will work with you to make your education a reality.

look at the journey as a start in a new direction; it’s like a

›› ››

Download a financial aid application at Northwestern FAFSA Code: 002371

CONTACT FINANCIAL AID: PHONE 651-631-5105 | 888-362-8715 FAX 651-628-3369 E-MAIL ONLINE

new beginning.” Susan, Christian Counseling

Your Connections Count If you have family members who are Northwestern students or you work in full-time Christian ministry, you may qualify for special discounts. Many major Minnesota corporations offer employer-provided tuition assistance for college expenses. Check with your organization’s human resources department to see if your company offers this benefit.


John learned to “juggle.”

“I could see the economy was changing and to enhance my value as an employee and set myself apart from others I chose to return to school. God has made the path smooth to achieving my education goals and working out time commitments.” — John, Business Administration


You can prepare for the future. I’ve been offered two new jobs while

Areas of Study

in school, both


of which are


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration



Bachelor of Science in Business Management

from where I was at


Bachelor of Science in Christian Counseling


Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies


Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management


Bachelor of Science in Marketing


Bachelor of Science in Ministries


Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Criminal Justice Emphasis Health Psychology Emphasis Marriage & Family Emphasis

the beginning. My writing, speaking and presentation skills have improved significantly as a result of this program.


Associate of Arts in General Studies


Certificate in Christian Counseling

Shane, Human Resource Management

The FOCUS program at Northwestern combines deep faith with in-depth knowledge as you learn with and from people who share your personal and professional values. A Northwestern education offers: ›› ›› ›› ››

Preparation for advancement in your career Leadership skills that will set you apart Deeper understanding of God’s Word Clear knowledge of ethical and moral standards for your profession


“The academic rigor is there. The professors have been very knowledgeable and the environment of the classroom allows you to get input from your classmates.” Al, Ministries

Eric gained new perspective.

“The instructors bring a real-world experience to the classroom, taking everyday situations and helping us see the answers from a biblical aspect.” — Eric, Psychology/Marriage & Family; Christian Counseling Certificate



Business Administration

Business Management

A degree in business administration equips you with skills and knowledge needed for analytical problem solving and business decisions. You will learn how to investigate and explore different approaches to current business issues. The curriculum integrates essential business concepts and Christian principles with business operations.

A business management degree prepares you for leadership in public, private or nonprofit organizations. With an emphasis on the role of leadership for business and organizational planning, learn how to be effective in problem solving, communication, management techniques, team building, and developing and implementing business strategies. Biblical coursework helps you apply Christian values and ethics to situations in business settings.

Graduates are prepared for academic and professional opportunities such as: ›› Banking manager ›› Market research analyst ›› Retail manager ›› Sales executive ›› Credit analyst ›› Project manager

Graduates are prepared for academic and professional opportunities such as: ›› Education administrator ›› Insurance underwriter ›› Management analyst ›› Operational services manager ›› Purchasing agent ›› Corporate communications manager



Christian Counseling

Communication Studies

The Christian counseling program provides a strong biblical and theoretical foundation for a counseling ministry, primarily in churches and parachurch settings. Address a wide range of issues faced within the church and in other counseling settings, using skills based upon biblical principles and relevant theory.

A degree in communication studies allows you to develop basic communication skills in speaking, writing and public relations. Explore how to be an effective and ethical Christian communicator in today’s society. Skills you’ll gain include critical and creative thinking, research, writing, speechmaking, group facilitation and interviewing.

Graduates are prepared for academic and professional opportunities such as: ›› Church conflict resolution ›› Personal counseling ›› Spiritual counseling ›› Graduate study

Bachelor’s Degree Programs


Graduates are prepared for academic and professional opportunities such as: ›› Copywriter/copy editor ›› Public administrator ›› Public relations manager ›› Event planner ›› Press secretary ›› Publications editor

Visit for complete requirements and course descriptions. Some of the roles graduates have attained may require additional education or training.


Bachelor’s Degree Programs



Human Resource Management


A human resource management degree prepares you for professional human resources opportunities in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Study employment law, business ethics, recruiting and selection techniques, best practices for compensation and benefits and more—all within a Christian context.

A degree in marketing prepares you for opportunities in marketing in public, private and nonprofit organizations. Create marketing concepts, reach your target audiences, generate responses and organize successful marketing campaigns. Benefit from your instructors’ academic expertise and real-world experience as you learn how to reach a global audience.

Graduates are prepared for academic and professional opportunities such as: ›› Director of human resources ›› Employment and placement manager ›› Recruiter ›› Employer/employee relations specialist ›› Compensation and benefits manager ›› Employee assistance plan manager ›› Human resource information system specialist

Graduates are prepared for academic and professional opportunities such as: ›› Account executive ›› Advertising manager ›› Brand marketing manager ›› Market research manager ›› Marketing specialist ›› Meeting and event planner ›› Production/project manager



Psychology— Criminal Justice Emphasis

Psychology— Marriage & Family Emphasis

A psychology degree with criminal justice emphasis provides training in theories and methods of psychology and criminal justice. Study the criminal justice system, juvenile delinquency, corrections, criminal law and deviance as you examine how to apply psychological principles from a Christian perspective.

A degree in psychology with marriage and family emphasis provides training in theories and methods of psychology and counseling. Study the nature of human growth and development and methods of assessing personality and problem areas. Integrating a Christian perspective in these areas, you’ll also explore strategies of counseling children, adolescents, adults and families.

Graduates are prepared for academic and professional opportunities such as: ›› Corrections officer ›› Parole officer ›› Youth counselor ›› Law enforcement officer ›› Crisis counselor

Graduates are prepared for academic and professional opportunities such as: ›› Child protection worker ›› Gerontology specialist ›› Social service worker ›› Child care professional

Some of the roles graduates have attained may require additional education or training.




General Studies

A degree in ministries provides a foundation for work in church and parachurch organizations, as well as graduate work in theological or professional areas. Develop knowledge and skill through a three-pronged curriculum that includes biblical studies, theological studies and professional applications such as philosophy of ministry, communication in ministry, counseling and ministerial ethics.

If you are just beginning your college journey, the Associate of Arts in General Studies offers foundational course work in communication, history, art, literature, mathematics, science and Bible in approximately 32 months. Courses are offered in a classroom setting through the cohort learning model and are designed with a Christian worldview that integrates faith with learning.

Graduates are prepared for academic and professional opportunities such as: ›› Pastor ›› Children’s ministry director ›› Curriculum writer ›› Missions coordinator ›› Youth director ›› Camp director ›› Christian education administrator

If you choose to continue your studies you will be eligible to move directly into one of the FOCUS Degree Completion programs.



Psychology— Health Psychology Emphasis

Christian Counseling

A psychology degree with emphasis in health psychology provides training in theories and methods of psychology and stress and pain management in a clinical setting. Study physiological, psychological and social causes for pain and stress and methods for effective treatment.

Degree & Certificate Programs


A Certificate in Christian Counseling provides you with a biblical and theoretical framework for Christian counseling, primarily for personal enrichment or professional development. The core courses in the certificate program prepare you for continued study in the FOCUS program. Sixty previous college credits are required for this certificate program.

Graduates are prepared for academic and professional opportunities such as: ›› Educational therapist ›› Employee assistance counselor ›› Social service worker ›› Wellness counselor

Visit for complete requirements and course descriptions.


“If God is leading you to go back to school, I would check out Northwestern College! Get in touch with the FOCUS admission counselors—it’s actually a very simple process and they make it as painless as possible.” Kathleen, Business Management

Alex experienced sincere support.


“My professors were so encouraging—they were praying for me. Knowing that I have that kind of support really made a difference for me.” — Alex, Psychology

You can get the support you need. We support your college experience every step of the way. From the time you first speak with our admission staff until graduation and beyond, Northwestern’s people and resources will be a key part of your journey. YOUR ADMISSION COUNSELOR Your admission counselor guides you through the process of becoming a Northwestern student. You’ll get individualized attention as you explore your options and proceed through the admission process. The admissions team provides any information you need before beginning life as a student. STUDENT SERVICES Once you’re admitted to Northwestern, Student Services assists you on your educational journey. Your academic advisor understands the challenges you face—juggling life, career and school—and will help you select courses, learn about campus services and connect with the resources you need. CENTER FOR CALLING & CAREER Our expert career counselors can help you explore your calling, learn about jobs and internships, investigate graduate schools and more. The Center for Calling & Career will help you learn more about who you are and what you do best, using tools such as the StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) and more. Learn more at DISABILITIES SUPPORT SERVICES The Disabilities Office for Support Services (DOSS) is available to work with students who require additional support for classroom and program success. More information is available at

Get the credit you deserve. FOCUS students complete 45–55 semester credits. Additional credits may be earned through several options including those listed below. A total of 125 semester credits are required to graduate. Your life experiences will contribute value to your studies. There are several sources we evaluate to make sure you receive the credit you’re due, including: ›› ›› ›› ›› ››

Free transcript evaluation DSST Credit by Exam Program CLEP (College Level Examination Program) Prior Learning Assessment Military training

Just beginning your college journey? Students with minimal or no college credit can complete 60 credits at Northwestern to earn an associate’s degree before entering a bachelor’s degree program. GRADUATE STUDY Many FOCUS degrees provide an excellent foundation for graduate programs at Northwestern or other colleges and universities. Visit to learn more about Northwestern’s Center for Graduate Studies. If you plan to pursue graduate education we recommend working closely with your advisor to select courses that will fulfill requirements for your future educational goals.


You can begin your journey. “I enjoyed the challenge of

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returning to school. What

We’d love to meet with you and answer your questions.

Your questions are welcome here! Let us know how we can help you in your decision-making process.

they say about old dogs ››

learning new tricks is not true—that myth has been busted! I enjoyed learning

IN PERSON Visit with your admission counselor at our Graduate & Continuing Education offices, just south of Northwestern’s main campus: 2803 Lincoln Drive, Roseville, MN 55113

from other students ››

and from teachers who have been in the real

ADMISSION EVENTS Attend a Preview Night or special admissions event. Visit for a schedule of events.

PHONE 651-631-5200 888-362-8715 E-MAIL ONLINE MAIL 3003 Snelling Avenue North St. Paul, MN 55113-1598 IN PERSON 2803 Lincoln Drive Roseville, MN 55113

world, working real jobs ››

outside of academia. The one thing I valued the most is the Christ-

OUT AND ABOUT Find us at education fairs, conferences and music festivals. We’ll even meet you at your favorite coffee shop if you can’t come to us!

centered education and reinforcement of ethics.”

Apply Today

Apply online at or request an application by phone, 651-631-5200 or 888-362-8715.

John, Business Administration


We look forward to helping you say, “I did this!”

Admission Process Admission Criteria

How to Apply

Financial Aid Forms

Northwestern considers all of the following in the admission process for FOCUS students:

Your complete Northwestern College application file will include:

These additional forms are needed if applying for financial aid:


…… Application Form …… $30 application fee …… Life Experience and Faith Essay …… GPA Essay (if applicable) …… High school transcript— required if no previous college or fewer than 6 college credits …… Official college transcripts


›› ››

›› ››

Evidence of a new birth in Jesus Christ Likelihood of a successful college experience Official transcripts from all accredited and unaccredited institutions previously attended Ability to contribute to the life of the college Willingness to abide by the patterns of life and conduct of the Northwestern community, as outlined in the Declaration of Christian Community (


FAFSA form completed online at (FAFSA Code: 002371) Northwestern College Graduate & Continuing Education Financial Aid Application, available at

Once your file is complete and has been reviewed by the admissions committee, you will be notified within one to two weeks of your admission status.






651-631-5200 888-362-8715

Northwestern College exists to provide Christ-centered higher education equipping students to grow intellectually and spiritually, to serve effectively in their professions, and to give God-honoring leadership in the home, church, community, and world.

FOCUS Viewbook 2011-12  
FOCUS Viewbook 2011-12  

Viewbook for Northwestern College FOCUS degree completion programs.