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De-clutter your home

Joanne Harte, based in Hitchin, established Systematic Homes after becoming a parent for the first time. Joanne realised how much she wanted to share her tips and passion for being organised with others.

As a mum of a young child she understands fully how juggling so many different things can become overwhelming and sometimes all we need is a helping hand to get back on track. Have a read of Joanne’s blog for some ideas to kick start decluttering your home:

Now that the Christmas festivities are a distant memory, this is the perfect time to clear out the clutter of 2019. It can feel a bit overwhelming when our homes are cluttered, but if we keep it simple, set some dates and plan a little, it becomes easier to get started. Studies show that when you declutter it lifts your mood, makes you feel less overwhelmed and clears your mind to focus.

You could start by:

• Planning: Set the time aside to declutter, it’s important to plan when: a day, a morning or a couple of hours, whatever works best for you and your family;

• Keeping it simple: Start with a drawer or cupboard, don’t take a whole room apart and then run out of time to put things away organised;

• Setting up a charity box or bag that you can keep adding too: Most charity shops take old clothes that can’t be sold, but can be ragged and can still get money for this;

• Getting the family on board: Get each member of your family to look at a drawer or cupboard with their things in and start good habits now. If you all work together it gets done faster and gives everyone in the home ownership of their things.

Sometimes we need some quick fixes to give us the motivation to dig deeper. If this is you right now, I would recommend starting with things that are in sight:

• Clear worktops of paperwork, sort them into thee piles; to do, filing, shredding or recycling;

• Take old messages, children’s artwork and invitations off the fridge or noticeboard;

• Get rid of books you have read;

• Recycle old newspapers and magazines;

• Declutter the coat hooks, send old or outgrown coats to charity, put summer jackets away and only have everyday coats you need easy access to on the hooks;

• Do the same with the shoe rack and also the dumping shelf/window ledge you may use in the hall. Give each family member a small basket or drawer to have keys, bus pass, phone charger, work/school ID to put everyday things in. This will stop the dumping shelf becoming a dumping shelf again.

The kitchen is the hub of a family home and often the place people leave things that they need to remember, it’s also where all the functional family things happen like cooking, eating, homework, socialising, the list goes on. Keeping the kitchen clutter free is often a priority for families I work with. Here are a few quick tips to make space in your kitchen:

• Donate things you won’t eat to a local foodbank, if suitable;

• Donate or sell kitchen gadgets you have not used over the last year;

• Go through that junk drawer and use baskets to keep it organised;

• Clear worktops, only have out what you need every day;

• Discard any chipped mugs, glasses or dishes.

Decluttering is so good for your well-being; once you get started you will start to reap the benefit. As you declutter your home, you will also be decluttering your mind.

Written by Joanne Harte: Founder, Systematic Homes