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Vicinity Art Show (2021)

Norris Cultural Arts Watercolor Gallery (2021)  If you see something that you’d like to buy, give us a call at 630-584-7200 or send an email to businessoffice@norrisculturalarts.com for more information.
Joan Bredendick "Walk on the Wild Side"
Watercolor ($500)
Barbara Mueller "Reverence"
Photography ($250)
Peg Sindelar "Complexity"
Acrylic ($400)
Jennifer Ross "The Red Winged Blackbirds Nest"
Acrylic & Eggshells ($600)
Barbara Work "Winter in Blackwell Forest Preserve
Digital print on canvas ($200)
Rosalie Waranius Vass "Spring Flowers"
Watercolor ($3960)
Jill Browne "Bruce Crossing"
Watercolor ($400)
Kenneth Kemp "Beach"
Photography ($125)
Mary Ellen Segraves "Evolution"
Watercolor ($300)
Barbara Holmes "Always Summer in the Caymans"
Watercolor ($525)
Natalie Lombard "Look!!"
Watercolor/art pens ($550)
Nancy Long "Chicago Botanic Gardens" 
Oil on canvas ($575)
Nanette B. Stephens "Old Farmstead"
35mm film ($395)
David Bower "Night Scene"
Collage/celluloid ducky swans ($4000)
Mary-Glynn Boies "Hedgegrow"
Acrylic ($600)
Nancy Turpin Marshall "Wine Country"
Newspaper decoupage ($1400)
Nancy Reid "What Lies Beneath"
Mixed Media ($2400)
Charles Cassell "Pixelated Landscape"
Watercolor ($900)
Daniel M. Wroblewski "ER 84"
Acrylic on canvas ($500)
Kathy Manning "Tchotchke"
Watercolor ($1400)
Denise Bellezzo "El Repollo Savoy"
Monoprint/inks/graphite ($800)
Pamella Bernard "Whiskey"
Colored pencil ($850)
William Worcester "Forest Magic"
Oil ($2200)
Eileen Jorgensen "Windsor Sky"
Oil on canvas ($2200)
Richard R. Sperry "Vonnegut's Garden"
Mixed media ($2400)
Kathi Kuchler "Clematis in Shadow"
Oil ($325)
Mary Powers "Oriental Flair"
Wax/oil ($500)
Tara Ginocchio "Towards the Light"
Oil & cold wax on paper on panel ($900)
Ken Wickham "Fall Colors"
Photography ($300)
Adele Soll Aronson "The American Dream--ERS"
Original digital art giclee ($650)
Todd A. Sherlock "American Abstract #614"
Photo montage ($1495)
Grace Cornelius "Don't Change"
Oil on wood ($1295)
Jean Griffin "The Seven Seals of the Apocalypse"
Pastel ($2000)
Carol Bayer "Moonbeams"
Acrylic ($400)
Chris Hodge "Transcendence"
Ball point pen ($1500)
Carol Bonick "Mrs. White and the Rope"
Colored Pencil & Acrylic ($1000)
Donna Beichel "From the Ground Up
Alcohol Ink ($500)
Catherine McLain "The Bike Path"
Colored Pencil ($1000)
Janet Cederlund "Honor at the Green Door"
Watercolor ($900)
Jamie Andersen "Pieces of Green"
Colored pencil/ink/gold foil ($420)
Sandra Runge "Getting Ready for Christmas
Acrylic ($1250)
Tony Armendariz "Modern Man"
Watercolor ($6000)
Susan Zwick "Branching Out"
Oil on canvas ($1200)
Perry W.D Wroblewski "Watch for Falling Perches"
Pen/pencil on paper ($200)
Julie Bargiel "Pops"
Aquatint etching ($150)
Elisabeth B. Dzuricko "Caleb"
Oil on Canvas ($600)
Peggy Lohman "Grandma's Teapot"
Colored pencil ($5000)
Nancy Hauser Martin "Alvin"
Colored pencil/ Pan pastel ($500)
Susan Schubert "Fire in the Hole"
Photography ($75)
Mary T. Wright "Blueberry Bliss"
Mixed media ($500)
Bill Van Dusen "Drain"
Oil on panel ($150)
Bill Bergeson "Confused Squares"
Barn wood ($150)
Peggy Dee "Braided Figure with Spoonbills"
Oil on canvas ($2600)
Gregory Chapman "Aloe Thera"
Ceramic ($350)
Anne Ressman Zabinski "Layers of Wind #1"
Ink on tile ($500)
Robert Wilson "Pandemic Diptych (Isolation & Distancing)"
Ceramic ($1150) 
Julie Kolze Sorensen "Blue Moon on Holiday"
Enamel on copper relief ($150)
Howard Russo "Mr. Featherhead
Glass & found objects ($2300)