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Human Power Solutions

Sandra Kearney, CEO/president of Human Power Solutions, has made it her life’s work to help others thrive in better work environments.

Kearney found her love for “helping companies and helping people get better at what they do” while working for a training and development company by way of her former business coach.

During that time, she pursued a master’s degree in organizational leadership. A few years later, she decided to put forth her own vision and venture out on her own. In December 2019, she launched Human Power Solutions to provide training and development for small and large sized businesses. Kearney strives to always provide unparalleled customer service and is devoted to serving her clients well.

“It’s about creating an engaged workforce,” shares Kearney about her company’s mission. “We work to attract, hire and retain talent for companies. We help companies create a great culture and understand that in order to do soin the auto body world, you must provide training and development skills. Body shop techs want to learn more, and as the industry changes, you should provide them with the technical training they need – but also with communication, team building and other skills that go along with running a business.

“We don’t just look at the skill building side; we also work on the personal end to help employers really make a difference in their employees’ lives.”

Kearney was the featured speaker at AASP/MA’s November General Membership Meeting (see page 12) where she spoke to auto body shop owners about how they can obtain funding for I-CAR and Verifacts training from the Massachusetts workforce training fund which is financed by businesses’ tax dollars.

“I noticed hospitality and technical industries, like auto body shops, weren’t being served at all. Most didn’t know this funding existed. Small shops have very thin margins,and after hearing more about how underpaid these shops are during the recent membership meeting, I have developed even more of a passion for helping auto body shops.”

Because companies need to retain their staff and be able to keep up with the changing times, Kearney suggests the importance of pursuing training and development for a company’s employees. She’s helped two AASP/MA shops obtain grants for roughly $100,000 toward I-CAR and Verifacts training. Human Power Solutions also works with body shops on obtaining their OEM certifications, and the company specializes in soft skills, team building and safety training.

Human Power Solutions recently came on board as an AASP/ MA Vendor Affinity Program Silver level participant. Kearney believes full well that it is important to support associations that represent local small businesses.

“AASP/MA is really trying to do the right thing on behalf of helping local businesses. I love their advocacy.”

Kearney has been there herself as a small business owner and can relate to what shops deal with.

“Local businesses are the lifeblood of their communities; therefore, it’s important to support associations like AASP/MA who work to support them.”

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