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February 2015

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Things You Didn’t Know About Vaginas Sensual Fitness: Increase Your Sexuality with Exercise The What, Why & How to Womb Detox!

Special Edition: Yoni Wisdom

How to YONI Steam at Home


Wisdom Renew Restore Rejuvenate

The Assorted Chocolate Affair Hedo Style Hedonism II Negril, Jamaica

w w w . U p s ca l e d e s i r e s . c o m

October 17-24 2015 (7 night stay or optional 5 night stay minimum)

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February 2015

Plus + Chef irvin Food Foreplay


things Pg 11 You didn’t Know about vaginas. sensual Fitness: Your Pg 15 increase sexuality with exercise

Pg 24

the What, Why & How to Womb detox!

special edition: Yoni Wisdom

How to Yoni steam at Home

Pg 21


Wisdom ReneW RestoRe Rejuvenate




Angela Elizabeth

Ja Bilal

Irvin J. Williams

Michael Santonato





Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, owner & creatress of Goddess Body Wellness www. GoddessBody. org. She provides natural, scientifically formulated, holistic alternatives to optimize health, beauty and longevity of our minds, bodies & spirits. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner & Educator.

Washingtonian and recent Media Studies graduate of the University of the District of Columbia. His diverse background includes areas of video production, journalism, brand marketing and promotion, Everything Urban | urbanscopex@ | www.

Formal White House Chef and Food truck owner, Chef Williams serves up New Orleans love with a global flare. Author and father of three is set to open his new Food Truck business Spring 2015. Location information www.

Founder of The Organic Method of Dating & Relationship Master. The Organic Method is a fun way for singles to learn how to meet each other easily and effortlessly while they’re living their life, and going about their day. www.theOrganic MethodofDating. com

Montique Stephon Trainer

“We want to teach men and women that they can do two things at once get in great shape and become better lovers,” said CEO & founder Montique Stephon with Zenity Fitness. “With this system its all about muscle memory. If you do something enough times it becomes like second nature.” www.

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Keema Quotes

Notes from the Editor

February 2015

Plus + Chef irvin Food Foreplay


things You didn’t Know about vaginas. sensual Fitness: increase Your sexuality with exercise the What, Why & How to Womb detox!

special edition: Yoni Wisdom

How to Yoni steam at Home


Wisdom ReneW RestoRe Rejuvenate

Editor In Chief Nikeema Lee, Art Director Upscale Desires Design, desiresdesignonline@ Photographer Ron Huntley,


n my vision board just above my desk. The very deck I type this editors note to you, there is a quote. It reads “BE THE GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS.” It tells me to be as fearless as I can be. The words demand that I exceed even my own expectations. I get to be the girl in my dreams.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. Helen Keller

Its always been a dream of mine to learn about the soul of a woman. What I mean by “Soul of a Woman,” the WOMB, the sacred space, the yoni. Yes the YONI. How much do we really know about it. We have dedicated the entire magazine to the topic. UPSCALE READING & LEARNING The Origin of the World:

Science and Fiction of the Vagina by Jelto Drenth

Sales Office Nikeema Lee (973) 531-7545

6 • Upscale Desires Magazine •

The Origin of the World is a revealing, intimate, and ultimately liberating study of female sexuality at its heart: the vagina. Working from the assumption that sex is pleasurable and fulfilling insofar as its participants fully understand how it works, sexologist Jelto Drenth gives readers a guided tour of the

complex, challenging, and often misunderstood “origin of the world.” This lightly written exploration can be seen as both an owner’s manual and a guide for the perplexed. Women and men alike will benefit from its entertaining erudition and from its fundamental mission of demystifying sex and sexuality in the service of greater understanding and, from that understanding, greater pleasure.

FiRST desires

a message for living your best life ever

Yoni: Your sacred place…that all Real Men need to know well.


by Ja Bilal

ow well do you know of that sacred place between your thighs? Your powerful energy held captive in disguise by inappropriate words and terms which have taken you away from the Supreme Law of the Universe that you Will. Please allow the Power of my words to properly align with your mystical energy, which will submit my nature to a natural rise allowing this ride to be all night long repeating its mission to rediscover and unlocking the Goddess from Within. Here on this Earthly plane for far too long, we have immaturely disrespected your sacred place in exchange for pleasure, the thrill, and an un-respectful high in moments just to get by. From the Sanskrit inscribed upon the dark walls of your Inner temple, your Yoni is a complements my Linga as we are meant forever to regenerate Eternal Life and Consciousness upon this place of abundance we call planet Earth and the stars beyond. My goal is to bring layers of infinite wisdom awakening the Souls of Our Men unaware of your beauty - who have been conditioned mesmerized and blinded by unorthodox methods spelled to disrespect Yoni.

No longer can we allow the violence brutality or shame opportunity to reign and lay claim by the Mad Men - whose wicked lust held over you for centuries. Your sacred place is meant for birthing movements and missions unto this vast Universe. Permit me time for touch and tantric healing. Let me massage and transmit frequencies there… with pure calm and the sincerity of spoken words, allow me to emit vibrations there. Let there be a new day for me to know you well.

No longer will we mistreat your Vulva - the source – the Supreme creator of Life. Fore the sacred secret power of you has enabled civilizations to survive; dynasties to rise conquer and fall - all while your beauty continues to be worshiped.

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Yoni Sanskrit: 8 • Upscale Desires Magazine •

soft creative sensual receptive changeable maiden mother breast earth heartfeeling crone darkness birth....death body bitch grace water witch circle hidden luscious artist expansive womb sacred blood sexual erotic goddess fertile moon music born to shopwild tears healers hyflower ritual beauty intuitive superwoman innocence anger slut lover wisdom sister hood bliss

yoni, literally "vagina" or "womb" Upscale Desires Magazine • • 9

m m a @D Follow our hottie @DammnDee


Online Coach & Weight Loss Specialist from Houston, TX USA

10 • Upscale Desires Magazine •

e e nD

Did You Know

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DINNER! Whether your’re married or just starting a new relationship you can always spice up your feast --- and Chef Williams delivers with sexy dishes

Filet Mignon with Mushroom-Wine Sauce of Love In a nonstick frying pan, saute 3 tbsp minced shallots and 1/4 cup mushrooms in 1 tbsp butter for about 4 mins, til tender. Add 1/2 cup of red wine and 3 fl. oz consomme. Simmer for about 5 minutes, stirring frequently. Remove the mushrooms from sauce, set aside. Boil wine mixture over high heat until reduced to 1/4 cup. Combine sauce with mushrooms in bowl. Set aside. In another bowl, combine 1/2 tbsp soy sauce with 1 tsp.cornstarch. Set aside. Sprinkle filets with pepper to taste. Saute steaks in remaining 1 tbsp butter over medium heat, about 3 minutes per side for a 1-inch thick steak. Reduce fire to medium-low heat; cook steaks until desired level of doneness. Remove from pan, keep warm. Add 1/4 cup red wine and 2 fl. oz beef consommé to the skillet, scraping to deglaze pan and incorporate tasty steak bits into the sauce. Bring to a boil. Boil for one minute. Add mushroom/sauce mixture, cornstarch/ soy sauce mixture, and the thyme. Boil one minute, stirring constantly, until thickened. Place steaks on plate and pour sauce over. Garnish with fresh thyme. Serves 2

Sexy Strawberry Tiramisu

The meaning of Tiramisu in Italian is “pick me up”-- and this dessert is sure to do just that. But don’t wimp out and buy cream cheese instead of marscapone. The flavor just isn’t the same. This makes about eight servings, but I didn’t scale it down because this dessert is meant to be shared... and shared. Give some to your kids (or your greedy neighbors) the next day. That is, if you don’t want this sweet and easy romantic dinner recipe all to yourself. fall apart), then place them in the Beat 2 room temp egg yolks with 1/4 cup powered sugar with electric bottom of a serving dish. mixer on med-high until yolks Spread half the cheese/strawberry are pale and thick. Add 10.5 oz mixture over the ladyfingers. marscarpone, beat til incorporated.

In seperate bowl, beat 2 egg whites until soft peaks form. Fold cream into cheese mixuture, then fold in eggwhites. Fold in the 15 hulled, cleaned and quartered strawberries. In sm. bowl, combine 2 tbsp añejo rum and 1.3 cup strong espresso. Dip seven of the 14 ladyfingers into the coffe/rum mixture (don’t dip the entire ladyfinger, or it may

Dip remaining seven ladyfingers in coffee/rum, then place over cheese. Spread remaining cheese over. Refrigerate four hours (or more), then sift cocoa over and serve. If desired, garnish each piece with half a strawberry. And pig out! This is one easy, romantic dinner recipe you’ll want lots and lots of.

Honey makes a great treat

that can be used to excite any long evening. The versatile bedroom candy can be infused with a number of ingredients including herbs and even chocolate. Fruit also makes a great addition because of its sweetness -- and making fruit-flavored honey is as easy as adding some of your favorite fruit to a pot of honey and heating it up.

Place 1/4 cup fruit in a pot with 1/2 cup honey and 1/4 cup water. Bring the mixture to a boil and let it simmer for approximately 30 minutes. Strain in a colander. Taste the mixture and if the flavor is not the desired strength, return it to the pot and gradually stir in more honey or fruit. Pour the mixture into a jar and let it cool, then store for a couple days before beginning your sweet erotic dessert.

POPSICLES INGREDIENTS: (Makes 6-8 pops)  • 2 cups sliced peaches (fresh or thawed from frozen) • 1 cup white wine*  • 1/4 cup orange juice • Popsicle molds • Wooden Popsicle sticks

DIRECTIONS: Combine wine, peaches, and orange juice in a blender and process until smooth.  Pour the blended mixture into your popsicle molds and place in the freezer for about 1.5 hours uncovered without the sticks or popsicle mold tops.  Insert the wooden popsicle sticks after the pops have had time to set up a little, so you can place them directly in the center and they will stay upright. Allow to freeze 3-4 more hours.

Sensual Fitness

Kegel exercises INCREASING YOUR SEXUALITY! When these muscles get weak, you can make them stronger and tighter again through exercises. Exercising and strengthen the muscles around the pelvic floor, which supports the bladder, rectum, uterus, and vagina will not only progress your health but also revitalize your sexual sensation. Women with weak bladders can also regain control through Kegel exercises to improve pelvic muscular areas. Exercising your pelvic floor muscles just 5 minutes, 3 times a day will make a difference to your bladder control because it will develop those organs.


’ve always being highly impressed seeing focused and committed women working out without distractions. However, exercising your big muscles and overlooking the influential small ones such as the pelvic area could cost you and could be leaving fulfilling appetite unattended. The muscles around these parts and below the pelvic area with several layers of muscles stretched between your legs up to your hip bones needs to be worked out.

“Have you noticed sometimes having tension running down the back of your leg? This could also derived from life’s occurrence such as pregnancy, childbirth, and being overweight can weaken vagina and anus muscles.” -Shola Rosanwo, Managing Director of The Skulpt, LLC

Practice using three workout positions daily: You can perform this daily exercises while lying on the floor, sitting at a desk, or while standing. With these three positions the probabilities of a stronger muscle around these areas is extremely high. You can also achieve results during your daily workouts and dancing. Best thing about Kegel exercises is that you can perform them anywhere and anytime. Contract the muscles for five seconds intervals, 10 times in a row, several times each day if you like. With consistence, you will develop endurance and then increase in lengthen the interval row times.

Tips to Consider • Weak pelvic muscles are causes of bladder control issues. • Regular exercises can and will build up pelvic muscles. • These exercises frequently improve bladder control. • Learn and develop how to focus and flex the right muscles during Kegel exercises by asking your doctor. • Tighten your pelvic muscles before lifting, jumping, and sneezing can prevent damaging pelvic muscles.

For more informations Twitter. LinkedIn. Face Book: the sKulpt

Sensual Fitness ON THE OTHER HAND

Hustling Hearts The dynamics of male and female sexuality and how it helps dictate how we make decisions.


e doesn’t understand why she chose that guy. She doesn’t understand how he could be with that woman. Men and women have different body parts. They have different responses to pleasure and the way that they receive and injest pleasure is different. Women are like a pot where her sensuality should simmer. Men are like a roller coaster where high highs dip to lows over and over again.  This paradigm explains EXACTLY why men feel the need to be less choosy when it comes to who they decide to sleep with.   How?  Well you could say that for both men and women sex with a person is a gamble. It is a roll of the dice, each person hoping for the best. Yet in this dice game, the dice are loaded...   It does not matter what the experience is a man can climax if he chooses to. He can be mad, angry, sad. She could have just robbed him... He can climax. So when it comes to the gamble men really never lose in the sense that he can evoke pleasure from just about any sexual experience with a woman.

Women can not. Women often have sex and do not orgasm, do not climax, and are left sweaty, angry, unfulfilled and sore. Women require a man that can use his tool effectively if she is to receive pleasure. She requires that he know how to touch her, speak into her, that he is in shape.   MOST WOMEN DO NOT CLIMAX FROM SEX.   They are trying to ensure they have the best chance to have a good sexual experience. A reason many women have turned up their noses at men (not the only reason) because she’s had sex with someone that was similar to his physical/ social approach and it was bad.   The solution for men is to understand a woman’s thinking, stop taking rejection personal and try to understand WHY. Communication and comprehension is key. Try and figure out the reasoning behind her decision. Once you do that you can address her concerns, you can help her to understand how you have skills that address her concern and find a win win.

  For women is in mastering your own body so that you can push yourself toward orgasm no matter the skills of your partner.   What does that mean?   It means that many women are subconsciously choosing men with attributes for better sex. This is less of a gamble. Many women have been consistent in turning men down who would otherwise be great for them. Women are in relationships with men who have attributes that in the past have resulted in good sex BUT  those attributes come with additional baggage that makes you miserable and ruining the sex from the inside out. We all have to take chances when it comes to life and relationships. We make the best gamble when we are activity engaging in knowledge of self and trying to understand those we communicate with. By adding some skills to your arsenal you can achieve sexual greatness. Be sure to check out Sexual Fitness Master & CEO of Zenity Fitness Montique Stephon


Reading Room

The road to becoming authentic Guidance on how to better one’s life and relationship(s) through selfreflection, honest communication, balance and dream building, is how I would describe this book. Readers will have the tools needed to make informed choices about themselves in order to determine the best direction to proceed with their current life and relationship situation. The Road to Becoming Authentic is a journey of SELF-DISCOVERY. It’s really just the beginning of what will be a cycle of beginnings and endings. This book comes with a playful theme. This imaginary trip reads as if you were on a voyage, making stops along the way. Know these stops are not detours but instead, collection and drop off points where exchanges will be made, items will be sold and opportunities will be purchased.

account of the points of interest, taking not just mental notes, but capture the moments that strike you emotionally and spiritually. Don’t let life weigh heavy on your heart, for change is only as close as you allow it to be. It will take you 30 Days to complete this book. Applying these principles to your daily life for the next 30 days will allow you to receive what you intend to have. 30 Days to Freedom: Becoming Authentic: Ultimate Guide to Falling in Love with the Real You is a traveler’s guide to breaking out of the emotional prisons we all have built for ourselves. Consider this a Get Out of Jail Free Card.

As the road before you unfolds, please take the time to look within and record your experiences. Take

New read alert

Young Black Woman & Hip-Hop Culture

by Dr. Fatimah Muhammad/ Dr. HipHop

This book looks at hip-hop culture’s impact on how young Black women’s identities are formed through media and society and how those identities are performed by young Black women. It offers practical insights that acknowledge and grasp the all and nothing / everywhere and nowhere places that young Black women occupy in the national and local news headlines, radio, TV, and social media atmospheres and representations.

Authentically Living Life on Purpose by LaShawn “LaLa” Middleton

This book was put together to show that you no longer have to just exist, but can find their purpose and start living their lives on purpose to the fullest extent while on this journey

here on earth. I not only wrote this book but I live by it. There are only 5 chapters and they will help put you in correct alignment with the Great Aligner in order for you to begin to Live Life on Purpose and navigate back on the road to your destiny. Upscale Desires Magazine • • 17



Love relationships Follow us @upscaledesires





Renew Restore Rejuvenate


20 • Upscale Desires Magazine •




a service that helps prevent and treat Womb imbalances. Vaginal or yoni steam baths are an old, respected treatment for women that can be traced back centuries ago to indigenous African, Mayan, Native American, Caribbean, and Asian cultures.

when to steam

Treatments They are excellent for uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse, endometriosis, vaginal tears or episiotomy, chronic vaginal/ yeast infections, hemorrhoids, and dark purple or brown blood at the onset or end of menses.

Vaginal steams are also good preventive care.  For those who have normal, pain free cycles, we recommend a vaginal steam be done four times each year just before menses. Menopausal women have reported passing clots and dark, thick blood even a year after menses has ceased.  It is easy to try This ancient wisdom for women’s health at home: simply steep herbs in a basin of hot water, and find a quiet place to relax with the steam below your bottom. Heal and be pampered at once! Pot Luck

Use one herb or any combination oregano, basil, marigold and rosemary, burdock leaves, motherwort, chamomile, yarrow, plantain, squaw vine, lavender and thyme– about a quart jar loosely filled.


Place pot under a chair with open slits – a cane, wood or plastic yard chair will work. Some women like to use the toilet by placing a pot inside the commode but others find it slips and slides around too much. The woman removes her clothes including underwear, from the waist down. Covered with a blanket from the waist down, she sits over the steaming herbs.

*this article is not a substitute for that of your medical doctor. We do not and do not claim to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any condition. Please see your medical physician for treatment.

“Better out than in,” is our motto.  The combination of steam and essential oils from the plants penetrate deeply into the cervix and uterus to dislodge indurated menstrual fluids and pathological accumulations that have not properly sloughed off with each monthly cycle.  Induration of the uterine membrane causes the uterus to cramp fiercely to expel the hardened or thickened accumulation.

Upscale Desires Magazine • • 21



ath B x Deto side in

e out th m o r f g in Sooth


othing is more relaxing than a warm bath… except perhaps a relaxing warm detox bath that also helps cleanse the body…

Seriously- these detox baths will help remove toxins from the body and they also tend to make

22 • Upscale Desires Magazine •

you tired so I suggest doing them before bed! If you struggle with toxins or skin issues these natural recipes are a simple, easy and inexpensive way to boost health! I’m always up for a warm bath, and these natural add-ons help improve health

Additional Detox Bath Notes •

The warmer the water, the more powerful the detox effect will be.

If you have chlorine and fluoride in your water, I recommend adding a few tablespoons of bentonite clay to any of these baths to help absorb the chemicals so they aren’t absorbed into the skin.

Any of these natural ingredients can be used alone or in combination for a cleansing effect.

All recipes can be doubled or tripled but this will increase the detox effect.

I recommend starting slowly with this or any health change.

Important: I am not a doctor or medical professional and the advice in this post is for informational purposes only. If you are pregnant or have a health condition, consult a doctor before adding anything to your health routine. Other names related to YONI vagina cunt pussy box snatch beaver poontang twat cooch cooter honey pot muff vertical smile bearded clam bear trap cockpit cooze gash quim fuckhole

No matter what it’s called, it deserves the Vagina Vitamin Upscale Desires Magazine • • 23



The What, Why, & How of


w/ Angela Baker MS, CHHP of


WOMBman’s WOMB, or uterus and associated organs/glands, begets human life on this planet and is not to be taken for granted.  In eastern alternative medicine philosophies, the womb is the seat of ALL creativity in a woman whether it’s creating life in the form of a child or bringing forth ideas, and plans into fruition. In holistic health, the uterus/womb’s hormonal, nutritional, physical and emotional needs should be tended to on a daily basis in order keep women in a healthy balanced state holistically. 

If the womb is out of balance due to nutritional, environmental, and/or emotional/experiential toxicity, the health of the female in entirety too is compromised. This means if a woman suffers from or dealt physical issues such as: fibroids, cysts, hormonal imbalance, painful menses, prolonged menses, infertility, abortion, hysterectomy, c-section, and/or uterine cancers; Or Emotional/Experiential issues such as: diminished creative drive, grounding issues, constant perceptions of lack, low libido, rape, and/or molestation; then her womb and entire emotional & physical body are NOT functioning in optimal capacity, and she should look

into cleansing her womb to release toxicity in this area (and throughout her body) to be brought into a balanced healthy state. One’s Nutrition is tantamount when dealing with any and all issues affecting our body mind & spirit. The healthier food you consume, the likelier you are to prevent dis-ease in all forms, as a majority of EVERYTHING you consume is broken down and becomes a part of YOU. Many refined foods that are taken out of the natural state, many times bleached, and loaded with preservatives, when broken down release toxic compounds in to the bloodstream and accumulate into cells/tissues/ organs until they have a deleterious affect on ones immune system, natural detoxing capability, and ultimately one’s overall health. Meat & Animal derivatives like cow/goat milk are highly acidic and carry a chalk full of added growth hormones and estrogen mimickers that wreak havoc on the female body, as these hormones throw off our natural estrogen and hormonal balance and gland function leading to dis-eases of the glands/organs associated with those hormones…(uterus, ovaries, thyroid) . Same with the toxicity in the environment whatever you

continue pg 26


Why Doesn't Wor


Three reasons (and there are more) why online dating doesn’t work and leaves people disappointed:

1 2 3

It’s very inauthentic. So many people are hiding behind a computer screen and are afraid of looking bad. They put up pictures that “look nothing like who they are in real life.” Many clients and people I’ve worked with have said these words because they are so disappointed when “they look and act nothing like in their profile.”

There are professional services that are offered where other people create the profile, message you and have actual conversations with you on behalf of the person who has the money to pay for the service. So you aren’t even getting to know the actual person you think you are talking to! But they’ll show up on the date alright.

People have tested this: There are AI (artificial intelligence) profiles that are made up by the online dating company, to make it seem like you get a response from someone as soon as you join, so you feel engaged with. But no one is actually there and you aren’t talking to a human being. You’re getting canned auto responses so that you stick on the site and feel like you’re getting your value’s worth.

What Works! Knowing this, and never having used online dating myself, I created The Organic Method of Dating. It’s a method of dating that I’ve used my entire life which has led me to attract great partners consistently. I’ve been teaching it to people for the last 3.5 years and it works with a high degree of success! It teaches you how to attract people naturally and easily, as you’re out there living your life, doing your thing in your day to day. It’s really simple. When you get your mind, heart and intentions in the right place, you can attract a great partner organically. The Organic Method is fun, easy and you will love what you learn about yourself and how to have a great relationship in the process. To check out a free webinar go to http://www.

“Since love grows within us, so beautiful that we shall love each other without having regrets again and again.” - Auliq Ice Upscale Desires Magazine • • 25

breathe and anything that comes in consistent contact with your skin gets absorbed and overtime is the ingredients have toxic compounds they will build up in the body system and wreak havoc as well. How do emotions or experiences translate into physical womb imbalances? All emotions are a product of hormones! The various Glands in your body excrete liquid hormones into the bloodstream to convey a “message” to different parts of the body. Holistically speaking, the location of major glands throughout the body is known as emotional

are meant to be released in the body and redacted when the message has been fulfilled, instead are ALWAYS circulating the bloodstream in or near organs/glands associated with that emotion. Emotions such as guilt, fear, unworthiness, shame, inability to give/receive love, and contempt; are all associated with the emotional centers of the womb; an overtime will contribute to imbalances/ dis-eases of the womb. To start the process of bringing a womans womb and overall health into optimal balance, she should first recognize and accept there is a issue. Next she should go about

she should consume herbs that have an affinity to cleanse or stimulate the body to heal the uterus, ovaries and vagina, and balance female hormonal systems. A mixture of Herbs/plants such as raspberry leaf, red clover, black cohosh, damiana, rose petals, rosehips, chaste berry (vitex), etc. Drink as a tea daily would be best. Alternatively ,I highly recommend The Goddess Body Cleanse Women’s Herbal Detox System as the best option to cleanse the entire female form as it comes with the Healthy Yoni herbal blend containing these herbs in addition to 2 other herbal tea blends & herbal fiber powder

"If the womb is out of balance due to nutritional, environmental, and/or emotional/ experiential toxicity, the health of the female in entirety too is compromised." centers (or chakras, “spinning wheels” of energy in eastern medicine). There are hormones for every emotion you can think of. For instance, when serotonin is excreted in large amounts, one experiences a blissful happiness. This happens in both directions, i.e. if you are experiencing a blissful moment you will excrete large amount of serotonin! A holistic approach therefore demonstrates how one thinks, feels and experiences, and more importantly one’s PERCEPTIONS of those experiences day in and day out for weeks, months, maybe even years have a physical hormonal reality in your body. This is how constant negative thoughts around an experience (guilt, shame, anger, fear) can cause physical ailments overtime. As these hormones, that

26 • Upscale Desires Magazine •

holistically detoxing her body and womb in particular. De-tox is simply to release toxicity so that the body can begin to heal itself and operate at maximum efficiency. It is extremely important for Womb Detoxification to be done on the physical & emotional levels, as we are multi-dimensional beings and our physical and emotional bodies are directly affected by our nutrition, environment, thoughts & experiences. A woman should seek to cleanse her womb and body of toxicity by way of a detox catered to her womb and entire female composition. She would do this by utilizing plants in the form of natures healing herbs and consuming a plant based diet for at least 21-28 days as that is the length of the female full hormonal cycle (2-4X yearly). During her detox

to cleanse and bring balance to the entirety of the female body! It also takes the guess work out of the healthy plant based eating regimen as it comes with a 12 page directions manual and plant based eating regimen and optional meal plan (available on www.! Emotionally she would detox her womb by the use of positive repetitive affirmations. Utilizing words that formulate phrases focusing on where she wants her state of health and emotions to be, and not what it is currently or has been. For instance, instead of telling herself “I hate ____ for raping me. I feel unworthy of love”. Begin to tell your self “I love every aspect of my body, I am healed and I am worthy of being

Keema Keeper

YONIWisdom loved. I am at peace with my past, and am blessed to have_______.” Also Emotionally/ Energetically she would utilize and/ or wear gemstones that have an affinity for the womb, creativity, abundance and love such as jade, rose quartz, emerald, carnelian, unakite, and crystal quartz to name a few. She can wear one or a mixture as waistbeads around her womb, keep them in her purse or pocket, meditate with them or leave them in her environment. GB

The Goddess Body Cleanse Women’s Herbal Detox System

The best option to cleanse the entre female form as it comes with the Healthy Yoni herbal blend containing these herbs in addition to 2 other herbal tea blends & herbal fiber powder to cleanse and bring balance to the entirety of the female body!

Womb Detox join the conversation Yoni Wisdom is not a new concept. It has been around for thousands of years. It has in recently years become increasing popular. Many different practitioner are popping up all over the world to provide this invaluable service to woman. We will be continuing the conversation weekly. Please visit our website to receive our weekly newsletter for the next discussion.

Upscale Desires Magazine • • 27

y r a u r b Fe


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The first half of February is great for you financially aquarius Jan 20 - Feb 18

if you don’t blow every penny you have. Control over spending extra money is key. If you can avoid that, you do well this month, and you can make plans later in February for what to do with it all. Save it for now, and do your homework before making any major decisions. It could be another month before you figure out what to do.

pisces Feb 19 - Mar 20

You’ve got a lot of energy to spare in February, and need to make sure that you keep yourself busy. Your body should constantly be in motion so you don’t get grumpy and irritable. The less you have to do, more you fight with people. Tire yourself out with plenty of physical activity, and keep going from dawn to dusk. You’ll sleep better at night that way too.

gemini May 21 - Jun 20

The future is in your hands in February, and you have the ability to shape it however you want. You’re driven, you’re focused, and you can take the long view, and you leave your emotions out of it so you can keep a cool head and make logical, informed decisions. Just don’t jump into anything too fast, and don’t avoid your feelings completely. It’s your life and future, so you should feel something.

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aries Mar 21 - Apr 19

Energy is low during the first half of February, and you’re more concerned with the abstract than anything tangible, your subconscious than your physical body, and pondering the universe than taking action. During the second half of February, you find the energy that you’ve been missing, want to experience life, and take a chance. You feel like being in the driver’s seat of your life.

cancer Jun 21 - Jul 22

Later in February, your ambitions surge and you begin to dedicate yourself completely to a goal. You want to achieve, experience the thrill of success, even if it’s something small. Life has been so trying lately, and you’ll gladly take a small victory right now. Just don’t give in to ruthless ambition, and don’t neglect the things that are most important to you: your home, family, emotional security, and comfort.


Apr 20 - May 20

Stop questioning yourself in February. You keep thinking you’re going down the wrong path, and feel like everyone is second-guessing you, but your insecurity is leaving you vulnerable to attack. Figure out why you’re so worried about your future and deal with it. Maybe you need to try a different road, remind yourself of your end goal, or take time to strengthen the foundation you’re building your life on.

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leo Jul 23 - Aug 22

virgo Aug 23 - Sep 22

February starts off with relationship trouble, commitment issues, feelings of inequality and unfairness, and an inability to compromise, even if you want to. You can demand too much from others, or they demand too much from you. You say things you don’t mean, or you do but you say them wrong. Bite your tongue before you find yourself in more hot water than you can swim in or you’ll drown in your own words.

You don’t mind being alone, and can be more comfortable that way at times, but not this month. You want to spend time with loved ones, have one-on-one attention with them, commit yourself to them, and forge better intimacy. You’re more willing to open up to them, and allow them to open up to you. It’s good, it’s healthy, and it’s just what you need, so let yourself have this.

libra Sep 23 - Oct 22


Oct 23 - Nov 21

While the first half of February still has work as your main priority, you can focus more on your loved ones and close relationships during the second half of the month. You can be comforted by them, and focus on them so you can deflect attention away from yourself. Just don’t completely ignore yourself for the sake of others. You can’t escape your problems that way for long.

During the first half of February, all you want to do is have some fun. You don’t have the patience or discipline for work, and don’t see the point. Your chores pile up, and you don’t care. During the second half of the month, that flips, and you don’t have the patience for play, and don’t see the point. All you want to do is work, and let your hobbies slide.

sagittarius Nov 22 - Dec 21


During the first half of February, you’d like to spend more time at home with family. You feel your best there, and you have energy to do work at home. During the second half of February, you want to let loose and enjoy yourself. Have some fun and give yourself a break. All of February, you want to stay in your comfort zone, and not do anything outside of it, craving familiarity.

Dec 22 - Jan 19

It’s all about your home and community this month. You’ll be active and have a lot to do, but you won’t venture very far. There’s too much to occupy your time at home, with your family, in your neighborhood, and with your neighbors. Volunteer for a community project or at your kid’s school, start some home improvement projects, and make the place you live in better. Upscale Desires Magazine • • 31

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