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PACIFIC MEMORIES FISHING AT SEA We loved the Great Pacific With her waters running free Enjoying white caps, whirls & twirls While fishing out at sea.

Reeled in a large Sea Cucumber The delicacy of the sea Edible but incredible Wonders never cease to be. THE POET: - SYLVIA November 12th, 2004

This is the place to linger While ships go sailing by Through times you wish you were a bird Cause they know how to fly. A herring skiff is what we're in As safe as we can be But down below, you never know What's lurking in the sea. With reels, hooks, lines and sinkers Our fishing rods were set Cast into the deep waters Dear knows, what we may get. Anticipation now in store With tugging on the lines below As God is our creator We very soon shall know.

*Heart Healthy Fresh Baked Cookies & Confections

I DIDN'T GO TO CHURCH TODAY I didn't go to church today, I trust the Lord to understand. The surf was swirling blue and white, The children swirling on the sand. He knows, He knows how brief my stay, How brief this spell of summer weather, He knows when I am said and done We'll have plenty of time together.


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3 Heart of Fashion Jen's Fabulous Finds

4 Out and About Alaska Majestic Denali National Park

5 Why Etsy? What are some benefits of an Etsy Shop?


5 Mother's Love 3 Things That Capture Our Hearts

6 Ask a Question

Ask the Nurse, You Asked & We Answered

7 The Bride Short Story by Ernur Anik

9 Bea's Gift Baskets Heartfelt Company Review


10 Recipe Corner

Lemon Meringue Pie

11 Amazing Nature

The Canadian Lynx and the Bobcat

12 Tech Tips Apps for Back-To-School

13 Featured Foundations Sunlight Home One Step Stronger


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letter from the editor

Wow, summer's almost over! We just bought the kids' school supplies, a few new backpacks, and went through their old clothes to see what fits still. This month I met several new friends online within my Social Media sites. On Twitter, I chatted with the Author from the book Coming to my Senses. I loved reading her book and learning all about the different perfumes and her passion for sharing what she knows. I also have been chatting with My Social Cloud via twitter and having fun using their online service. On Instagram I met a new friend, Shannon, that runs a cute Etsy shop called Sassy Lemonade where she sells Sassy Jewelry. Over the months on Facebook I've made new Fan Page friends and this month I'll be doing a review of Bea's Gift Baskets. It's fun being able to connect with people as soon as you like their fan page. It makes the world seem somehow smaller, and everyone just a bit closer.

With love, Nicole Flothe

Managing Editor

Happy Birthday to my cousin, Tara's, son, River. This month I was captured by this photo of River. He is a sweet boy and a beautiful addition to their loving family. It was an easy choice when you look into his bright blue eye and his warm smile. Read more about a Mother's Love, 3 Ways They Capture our Hearts.


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Peridot Stone Gladiolus Creamsicle Day

Smile Week Peach Month

Jennifer Tutino - Jen's Fabulous Finds e Shelly Aristizabal - You Asked & We Answered Beth Gatrell - Tech Tip of the Week Cheryl Flothe - Out & About, Recipe Corner, Amazing Nature Ernur Anik - The Bride

Elvis Week Happiness Month Goat Cheese Month source -


by Jennifer Tutino



Jen's Fabulous Finds

I found all of my fab finds this month at Target. They definitely hit the bullseye! What I love about Target is the way they interpret today's fashion trends to meet the needs of their clientele at a great price point. (1) Dress me up, dress me down, either way X marks the spot for this transitional dress that will take you from summer into fall. I would pair it up with a funky little scarf and a denim jacket once the cool weather hits. Add some boots & you are good-to-go! This dress was only $24.99!!

3 4


(2)You'll definitely add some fringe benefits when you rock one of these handbags! It is a fun alternative and it will add a little flair to your wardrobe. This is Mossimo for only $29.99. I love this blue suede color. It works just like a neutral color when you pair it with a dress like the one above or a great pair skinny jeans or jean leggings. (3)Speaking of jean leggings, or "jeggings," these are so hot right now!! Pick your color, pick your print, just make sure you pick a pair!! They are really comfortable. It's a better version of the 80's styles that I actually love. (4) I also love these jersey tee's. There are so many styles to choose from. They are a great casual look with a contemporary edge and they really look good on all body types. And for $12.00? You can't go wrong! (5) Don't forget to accessorize, Stacks & Stones! Talk about a fab find!! These stacking rings are inexpensive and look so cool! $7.99 even cooler!!



MAJESTIC DENALI NATIONAL PARK by Cheryl Flothe Denali---standing white against the brilliant azure blue sky---first loomed into view north of Anchorage, highlighted by the gold leaves of a brilliant autumn day. We were in high spirits as we drove, excited about the prospect of what the next day would bring! I had finally won the Denali Road Lottery. After the bus traffic shuts down for the season, winners and those with them can drive the 85 miles of road ending at Wonder Lake on one of the four days of the event. Mine was one of 1,600 names chosen from a pool of 10,000 people. Our son, Jim, excited as my husband, Glenn, and I were; flew up from Florida to share the Denali experience with us. As we arrived at the Park entrance our excitement was palpable! Since we hadn’t been in the Park for many years we had no idea what to expect. Our first stop was the Wilderness Access Center, a large rustic wood structure nestled in the surrounding trees. After waiting in a short line with other lottery winners, I was told I’d won the lottery twice. I didn’t quite understand what the agent was talking about until she explained the second win was the fantastic, bluesky weather we were having for our day at the Park! We left feeling doubly lucky. We wasted no time the first night and drove fifteen miles into the park before making the long drive in the next day. We saw moose, antlers glowing in the setting sun---we were excited about the next day. Denali was gorgeous in the alpenglow of sunset that night! After staying at a nearby hotel for the night, we headed into the park first thing the next morning, just as the frost was melting and the sun was coming up. Within ten minutes of checking in with the rangers, we spotted two huge bull moose! Denali at sunrise came into view, so we pulled over to catch a few photos and saw our first Dall sheep of the day going over the mountaintop. What a way to begin our day!


The area below us was a braided alluvial plain with branches of the river meandering throughout the valley. Numerous spruce trees were scattered between areas of grass. As we climbed to 2,940’ feet we saw more Dall sheep grazing on the mountainside. At 3,900’ feet in Sable Pass two gray coyotes lounged on the hillside below. People in cars lined up to take pictures, and brought out binoculars and spotting scopes, but everyone was orderly. We all enjoyed seeing these animals in their natural habitat as the sun rose a little higher in the sky. We would repeat this process when wildlife was spotted throughout the day, but the animals didn’t seem to mind---we kept our distance. During the whole trip snow-covered Denali came into full view many times. We were definitely “Members of the 30% Club,” a title given to those who actually see the mountain. Only 30% are that lucky! When we stopped to look at several Dall sheep on the mountainside we saw a shadow of a large bird overhead. Looking up, I spotted my first majestic golden eagle. It was distinctive because of the white spots under the wings. Within fifteen minutes we saw our first grizzlies of the day---a sow and a pair of two-year old cubs. They were off in the distance, probably eating soapberries, one of their preferred foods. Vehicles ahead minutes later pulled off to watch a healthy sow with her two-year old cubs eating something in the brush and digging in the bank. We could hear the stream, and the bears chewing, digging, and knocking over rocks. Spectacular scenery thrilled us as we drove the road into Wonder Lake then out again. Blueberries and cranberries were plentiful and fall colors turned the landscape red and gold. On the way back to the entrance of the park, we were lucky to see more bears, sheep, moose, and a Canadian Lynx. Our special Denali National Park adventure will stay with us for a lifetime. We hope to win the Lottery again someday!

Featured Etsy Sites...

Heartfelt Etsy Sites

by Nicole Flothe

Have you ever heard of Etsy? If not, it's an online marketplace for do it yourself and handmade goods. Similar to Ebay, Etsy provides an easy way for talented crafters and artists to sell their designs. I've bought a few things on Etsy, one was handmade soap from a local maker her in Naples, Florida. Another was an Artist that when you send in pictures of your kids eyes she makes magnets for the fridge. I love them and will cherish how their eyes looked at such a young age. 1. What is Unique about Etsy?

On Etsy, you can find completely unique (or at least very small run) items. I love this part of Etsy; I take great pride in wearing a pair of earrings only a few other people in the world own. - Jenn from 2. What Benefits do I get from having an Etsy account and buying from other Etsy owners? Etsy has a community of Artisans hand crafting items for sale. When you create an account you can begin to add those Artists you like to your circle and favorite items. Owners have the opportunity to make new contacts and broaden their potential customer reach.


k Sassy Lemonade k Naples Clay Place k Naples Sea Life Lights

Shannon often adds new items to her Etsy site! She's addicted to designing Jewelry, so check back daily, there might be a new piece up. ♥ ♥ I Love her slogan..."Let's Bring out your Sassy Side."♥ ♥


Jim Rice has been creating environmental ceramic pieces, including fireplaces, wall murals, pool tiles, fountains, animals and more. The Clay Place mission is Creating Unique Artistic Usable Pottery.

Naples Sea Life Lights

Kaye Gardner creates unique Sea Life Light box designs. Each light box is custom crafted with a splash of color from a large starfish or a perfect shell. So cute & useful.

other's Love by Nicole Flothe 3 Things That Capture Our Hearts...

Laughter -

A child's laughter is sure contagious, the whole room brightens up with the giggles of little ones.

Smiles -

There is just something special about your child's first smile. The moment you see their lips turn up, their whole face brightens. It's truly a magical moment.

Hugs -

When a child first comes to you for a hug, it warms your heart. As a Mother, I love giving hugs, but when I get one in return, it's a true delight!


Tara and our Cover Boy River



sk the Nurse! by Nicole Flothe RN

Help! Why Does My Workout Cause Weight Gain?

I found this great article called, "4 things you need to know about the number on the scale," written by Jessica Smith.

Have you been exercising, eating right, maybe you've even lost a few inches, but when you step on the scale, (gasp!) it says you've gained a few pounds? Don't panic. "Gaining" a few pounds on the scale can be misleading, especially if you're DOING ALL THE RIGHT THINGS. Here are four things you need to know about your changing weight: 1. Water can alter your weight by as much as 10 pounds (or more). "Water makes up approximately 65-90 percent of a person's weight, and variation in water content of the human body can move the scale by ten pounds or more from day to day," says Jeffrey A. Dolgan, a clinical exercise physiologist at Canyon Ranch [LINK] in Miami Beach, Fla. 2. A lot of factors can influence your weight —including your workouts. Have you ever noticed that right after (or even a day or two after) an intense workout the scale goes up? That's normal, and it doesn't mean you've put on ‘weight,' Dolgan says. 3. Muscle does NOT weigh more than fat. "A common comment when looking at the scale is that ‘muscle is heavier than fat,' which is misleading," Dolgan says. 4. The scale says nothing about your fitness level or body composition. As noted above, the scale can't tell you how much of your body weight is muscle versus fat, which means if your goal is to improve your fitness level, it's not the best tool for measuring improvements.



ou Asked & We Answered. by Shelly Aristizabal of Healthy Living Concierge

Q: I feel like I’m eating “clean” while out to eat. Why do I feel so bloated afterward? A: If you’ve already mastered choosing high quality and balanced meals off of the menu while at a restaurant, you’re on the right track! Doing so will stabilize blood

sugar levels and allow you to burn fat while feeling you’re best. So why are you still bloated after a “healthy” meal? What you may not realize is that despite your best intentions of eating “clean," restaurant meals typically contain much higher amounts of salt than what you are used to eating at home. A high sodium meal causes water retention which results in bloating, particularly in the abdominal area. How can you beat the bloat while still enjoying your favorite restaurant meals? In addition to choosing balanced meals and watching your portion sizes, ask your server to request that your order is prepared “light on the salt” or with “no salt added at all." Most chefs are used to personal dietary requests and are happy to comply.


Q: What can we do about all the bugs? Visit our Blog and you can have a chance to win NoNoSeeUm!

Our sponsor, is offering a Giveaway. A safe and natural alternative to toxic bug repellant chemicals and Non-toxic DEET free and non-chemical Hypoallergenic formula repels bugs with organic essential oils.

The Bride by Ernur Anik The bride is sixteen, it is her wedding day and she is yet to meet the groom. She sits on her horse, dressed in traditional red, a veil of beads, like elongated fingers are shielding her face. She is trembling from fear, shock and exhaustion but nobody can see her vulnerability. An endless expanse of bodies surround her, she cannot focus on a single one. They look the same - vague outlines of gridded forms. It has taken her nineteen days to reach this village, travelling through threatening terrain, up and down uncertain mountains, through paths rarely used. The heat was crippling but she knows it could have been worse, it could have been winter. It is unseemly that she only had Mustafa to escort her; he is over fifty years old, her father’s most trusted servant but he is a man. Short, strong and adept with a knife. The journey on horseback did not tire him like it did her. He left as soon as they arrived. Only a year earlier, before his second marriage, she had been the most precious possession her father had. He, a man of wealth, owned most of the land in the village she was born in. He was a harsh man, a warrior, a survivor of the war but he had always been tender with her. He indulged her every whim except for one, he never spoke of her mother – that was forbidden. But the villagers quietly gossiped so she heard things, things she wasn’t supposed to know, dark things, things that could not be true.

So they watched the child as she grew more to look like her mother, becoming more and more wary of her. They averted their eyes if she crossed their path and muttered prayers in Arabic, clutching the blue glass eye they all wore, to ward off the Djinn. It did not matter that she was little, that she was lonely, that she was sad. They thought her father spoiled her and that one day he would beat his knees in regret. They believed his devotion to her to be unnatural, he required a distraction - he needed a wife. The Other’s arrival was unexpected, she was not much older than the girl and almost as pretty and things would change forever. “I knew there was something strange in her as soon as I saw her,” the Other said to the wives and daughters, who drank sweet coffee, sprawled on her rug, and reclined on her cushions. They did not welcome strangers but they welcomed the Other and divulged the history of the man she had wed. They fed her dislike with gifts of Turkish Delight and ripened figs and they all agreed-her step-daughter could not remain. The Other, confident in her new role, allocated tasks to her unwanted daughter, tasks that even the servants would not touch. When her step-daughter refused she would pinch her when no one watched. The young girl unveiled the bruises to her father and he frowned. He did not believe her and he struck her for the first time. She did not show him the bruises that followed; she kept them concealed along with her tears.The Other had settled into the house and there was no space left for her. Her father was pleased with the Other and his attention had drifted.

Not long after, the village endured sorrow after sorrow. The rains ceased, the crops died, the earth split from thirst and the children began to perish. They suspected the workings of evil spirits; they suspected the first wife and they did not forgive her, not even when she too succumbed to illness, her child born six weeks too soon.

“Why must I go to Askender?” the girl asked her milk-mother who braided her hair. The old woman was the only person who dared love this child. “You be a young woman now, you must be married.” “But there are stories of Askender, that it is cursed, that the sun does not shine, that it lays beneath an unending cloud. They say that no one ever goes there and that if they do and stay the night that they never return.” “I thought you no longer listened to gossip.” “I do not but I wondered why my father would send me to a place with such a reputation, to marry a boy I have not seen.” “I will protect you do you trust me?” “I do trust you but I will be far away, how can you possibly protect me?”

No one but her husband mourned her. When the rains returned, the children thrived once more, but the villagers did not forget and lived within a fear, constant and unwavering that the darkness would return.

She reached into the folds of her blue skirt and pulled out a thin gold chain. There was something attached to the end of it. “As soon as I learned of your marriage I had this made. You must keep it with you at all times.”

Her father had returned from the war with a new bride mounted proudly on her horse - with raven locks, feline eyes and a smile which suggested secrets. The villagers watched shocked as the breeze toyed with her unbound hair. They did not like strangers.



The young girl reached for it, it rested lightly in her hand. At the end of the chain was a glass eye the size of her fingernail. Those who were superstitious believed it protected them from the evil-eye, from bad things happening, from dark spirits. “Isn’t it supposed to be blue?”

e t i r o v *Fa

“It is not what you think. I had this made in likeness to your eyes. It does not ward off evil spirits; it shows you evil spirits, the ones that hide in people.” At any other time with any other person, she would have laughed but the manner in which her milk-mother spoke made her cold. “How does it work?” “You pin it on the inside of your gown, against the skin near your heart. It will act as a warning so you are prepared. It will show you the aura of the ones around you. If the aura is grey, they be evil, if the aura is white, they be good.” She took the green glass eye and promised her milk-mother she would do as she asked. It felt small in her hand. She reached the village at dawn beneath a cloud grave and low, and she barely had time to breathe before alien women were preparing her for her wedding. She was a pliant doll in the hands of strangers who handled her intimately as they waxed and washed her body, tugged and fashioned her hair. They stained her palms and fingertips with henna and slipped her scarlet wedding gown over her submissive figure. All the while she thought of the green glass eye, hidden in her bag, waiting to be pinned onto the inside of her gown. They did not let her be until the veil became a barrier, secured around her head. They tutted and clucked in admiration and she pleaded she needed to pray. When they left her alone she pinned the end of the chain and the eye rested cold against her breast. Although she did not believe, she felt comfort in the gift. In their eagerness they have forgotten to feed her and her head becomes light and her eyes blur; she balances precariously on her horse. The mare has rested, but nineteen days has proved too long and she reflects her owner’s exhaustion. The bride watches the world with shades of interrupted red; the veil tickles her nose and chin as it sways. The drums beat and the women dance around her as a procession is formed. Her horse, guided by unknown hands, walks sluggish and unwilling towards the groom who awaits her. It is dusk and the clouds continue to hover, the air becomes damp and cold. The procession’s progress is slow and a


swirl of mist forms to envelop the bride. It is summer and she is yet to see the sun-it has set before challenging the clouds. At a distance a blur approaches, it is hazy, it is red and she knows that it is the groom and the procession that follows him. Her stomach resists and her nerves make her nauseous, she is not ready to see him. She hears the explosion of rifles as it shatters the air, her horse neighs. She leans forward and caresses the animal’s neck to calm her, to calm herself. The veil gapes slightly-there is a movement of grey to her right. The beat of the drum persists. Her head swings to the right. She sees only the outline of women who cry out and welcome the rifle. She looks back ahead, the groom is closer but she cannot make out his form. She leans forward and her veil gapes once more. There is a shade of grey to her left. Her head swings in that direction, the veil impairs her view. In frustration and fear, although it is forbidden, she lifts her veil. Around her are the women, the ones who first met her, the ones who dressed her, the ones who brought her here, but it is not them. Their eyes are hollow and their outline emits a smoky grey. She looks in the direction where her groom approaches and sees the darkness pushing through the mist. Another shot is fired and her horse bolts, she lets her soar. Moving with the rhythm of the mare, she leaves the grey behind and steers towards the mountain path she has descended from. Her veil is swept behind and flaps like wings before taking flight and forsaking the bride. It lands gently somewhere behind her and is shredded not long after by hooves in pursuit. The bride is in panic, like the mare she rides, and neither see the danger. They stumble to the ground. For one moment all is dark. She opens her eyes to the clouds that loom above. She cannot move and closes her eyes once more. Somebody falls to his knees beside her but she is afraid to look. A warm hand touches her cheek softly. “Are you hurt my bride?” There is pain in the question, in the beauty of his voice. There is longing in his words and she opens her eyes. He leans over her watching with the eyes of a bird-large, round and unblinking. They move across her features in fear and yearning, terrified that she is wounded. “Speak, dear one, where does it ache?” Her lids flicker, the white border around her groom astounds her and she is unable to look away.

“You are so beautiful,” she says and he laughs. “Men are not beautiful,” he replies, but he is wrong. He is beautiful, all gold and brown with eyes as black as coal. He strokes her skin beneath her hairline and it warms her limbs. Feeling returns to her arms and she feels stronger. He holds her hand and guides her, she is able to sit. There is a distant cry and she looks to see a dark swarm approach but she feels no fear bathed within his light. Her milk-mother was right; the green glass eye can see the evil that resides in others it can see their auras. It can see the good that resides in them also. She does not care about the others and the darkness they carry, her groom is shrouded in light. He holds her hand still and she looks down. His hand permeates a soft pale glow but the hand he is holding with such tenderness, her hand, is leaking a sickly grey.

Heartfelt Company Review

Ernur Anik is an English teacher and writer who was born and lives in Melbourne, Australia. Daughter to migrant Turkish parents, she grew up reading classic Turkish fables until she discovered gothic English novels and both genres influence her writing today. She has numerous published stories and a completed novel. She is currently working on her second novel – an eerie, psychological thriller set in the most southern and isolated part of Australia. See Heartbeat Magazine's Question & Answer for Ernur Anik on our Blog.

Some of our Favorites...

by Nicole Flothe

I met Bea while I was making new acquaintances on a Fan Page Promote page. I loved the look of her fun gift baskets and we began chatting. It was around Bea's Birthday, as I remember, she was getting a lot of Happy Birthday wishes. I was impressed with her baskets as well as her company, and thought it would be a perfect fit for our Heartfelt Company Review. What makes Bea's Gift Baskets Special? They offer so many specialty gift baskets! When I visited her site, she listed being a proud member of the National Association of Professional Women. They have been selected for the 31st Annual Emmy Award Gift Bags, and they are proud to Sponsor Danny Bohn Racing 659. How does Bea's Gift Baskets give back? If you visit their blog, you will see they have several giveaways and fun events. This gives their customers a chance to win a special offering. Visit them at


Romance & Love

Thank You Gifts

Childrens Gifts

Sports Gifts


Recipe Corner by Cheryl Flothe

Grandma's Lemon Meringue Pie Pie Filling Ingredients: 1 cup white sugar 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 3 tablespoons cornstarch 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 cups water 2 lemons, juiced and zested 2 tablespoons butter 4 egg yolks, beaten 1 (9 inch) pie crust, baked 4 egg whites 6 tablespoons white sugar Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). 2. To Make Lemon Filling: In a medium saucepan, whisk together 1 cup sugar, flour, cornstarch, and salt. Stir in water, lemon juice and lemon zest. Cook over medium-high heat, stirring frequently, until mixture comes to a boil. Stir in butter. Place egg yolks in a small bowl and gradually whisk in 1/2 cup of hot sugar mixture. Whisk egg yolk mixture back into remaining sugar mixture. Bring to a boil and continue to cook while stirring constantly until thick. Remove from heat. Pour filling into baked pastry shell. 3. To Make Meringue: In a large glass or metal bowl, whip egg whites until foamy. Add sugar gradually, and continue to whip until stiff peaks form. Spread meringue over pie, sealing the edges at the crust. 4. Bake in preheated oven for 10 minutes, or until meringue is golden brown. Filling Recipe by Emile S. in

Visit us online and enjoy our Recipes!



A BRIEF HISTORY OF MERINGUE The first mention of meringue I have found was in a recipe called, “white biskit bread” in a recipe book written by an English Woman, Lady Elinor Fettiplace, in 1604. Twenty-six years later, in 1630, Lady Rachel Fane wrote a collection of recipes with a similar, slow-baked meringue-like recipe called “pets.” Neither of these women was connected, as far as anyone knows. As long as there have been egg whites, sugar, and wisps, it’s assured that adventurous cooks would try to use them together at some point. The name “meringue” came from a chef of King Louis XIV, Francois Rassialot, who published his recipe in 1692. Another of the first meringue recipes was written by Gasparini in 1720, but it was destroyed during WWII. Cookbooks and recipes were written mostly by chefs for other chefs until the 1700’s, when it became common for others to do so. Thus, the spread of the delicious confection we call “meringue” has passed down through the ages. Sources: The History of Meringue: Not Just a Lady's Dessert, by 1actressinoregon, Yahoo Contributor Network; and Wikipedia.

*Amazing Nature*


Canadian Lynx (Wikipedia)

Bobcat (Wikipedia)


Lynx are secretive animals---In 56 years living in Alaska I’ve seen only two or three Lynxes! This year, Lynxes have appeared in our area more than in any other year. My daughter saw one watching her from a little hill as she got out of her car in our driveway, and saw another up the road from our cabin a few days later. My granddaughter almost ran into two on the highway while driving home one night; then my husband saw one cross the trail in the woods as he hiked one morning. These appearances got me interested in learning about these amazing, little seen, cats. Why were we seeing them more often? Of the four Lynx species in the world, the Canadian Lynx (Lynx canadensis) and the Bobcat (Lynx rufus) are the only two in North America. They are also the smallest Lynxes in the world, varying from two to four feet in height. The Canadian Lynx ranges from Alaska to Canada and the northern United States and has been reintroduced in Colorado. The Bobcat can be found from southern Canada, most of the Continental U.S., and into northern Mexico. Living part of our time in Naples, Florida; we’ve seen bobcats there more often--sometimes in our own yard! Lynx and bobcats have short tails, but the Lynx’s tail is shorter than the Bobcat’s. Both species have shorter front than back legs for quick sprints and crouching rather than long runs. There is a ruff under their necks with black bars; both have triangle-shaped ears with distinctive pointed tufts of black hair; and their chests, insides of their legs, and their stomachs are white. Their paws differ in size, according to climate in their range, as do the colors of their bodies---in the north


they may be a darker brown with some dark spots, and in the south they would be lighter brown to beige or gold with spots. Also, hair density and length are longer and thicker in the north than in the south. I’ve discovered the reason we’re seeing more Lynx is because of the increased population of their favorite prey, the Snowshoe Hare, in recent years. Although they will eat other prey such as rodents, birds, deer, even carrion; they prefer the Snowshoe Hare, especially since it’s the most plentiful and filling prey available in the winter snows. As the Snowshoe Hare’s 10 year population cycle increases, the Lynx population also goes up. Lynx females breed with only one mate a year, not at all if prey was scarce the previous year. They can have one to eight cubs in the spring, many of which will die in years with less available prey. With so many Lynxes out there, there will be fewer Snowshoe Hares in the next few years, and we will not see as many Lynxes for a while. Too bad---I’ve enjoyed seeing both this year. In contrast, The Bobcat’s breeding season is longer. The female may breed more than once with different mates, with a first litter of one to six in the spring, and sometimes a second litter in the fall. Their prolific breeding abilities prove their ability to adapt to the environment and food sources. Their prey ranges from insects, rabbits and other rodents, and fish; to deer fawns and domestic livestock, such as sheep and goats. Interestingly, I’ve learned that they, too, prefer rabbits to other prey. Another contributor to the Bobcat’s larger population is the areas in which they range have milder climates than in the north where the Canadian Lynx are, so finding food is much easier. That’s why we see Bobcats more than Lynx! From now on, when I see Lynx and Bobcats; I will have a better understanding of them, their ability to adapt to their environment, and the effect they have on their prey populations. I am reminded and awed by the interdependence of all living things on Earth. Sources: Alaska’s Mammals, A Guide to Selected Species, by Dave Smith; and Wikipedia.


Into Tomorrow's Back-To-School

And please don't forget that unfortunately a large number of kids are dealing with bullying! There is a lot of information available online to help. Some great sites to look at include; Stop, Coalition for Children, and Yahoo Voices. Happy Back-To-School from your friends at "Into Tomorrow"!

with Tech... by Beth Gatrell Many kids are heading back to school and hitting the Web is a great place to find all the helpful information you need. Most school districts have websites listing important information students and parents need to know like schedules, bus stops, lunch information, volunteer information, dress codes and more, including links to each individual school's website. Some school districts also give you the option to sign up for email from the district or schools informing you of important information, as well as giving you the ability to follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Parents and kids can check out sites like NASP and California Teachers Association for information on helping kids with learning and doing homework. Fun sites, including Yahoo, Brain Pop and Hippo Campus, have cool interactive study tools kids will love. has some great tips on helping kids study, along with those listed on WAHM. High school students can take a look at Study Guide, which features full stories, notes, literature, sample assignments, study guides and more for popular schoolwork. Organization is a must for students and parents, using sites like Google and Keep and Share will help your whole family enter important dates and information to share with anyone from any computer or mobile device. Cozi is a great online calendar and organizational tool for families that includes to-do lists, tips, blogs and information from other members as well as a free mobile app. You can even customize and print your own free calendar at My Free Calendar Maker or Calendar Labs.


Back-To-School Apps We hope you enjoy some of our favorites... 3






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6. Feel Electric 7. Historypin

To view more information about iPhone apps visit We all have heard about the Golden Hour, but when is the Golden Hour? I use an app on my phone called Magic Hour. It tells you the Golden Hour for sunrise and sunset. - Sarah Halstead

Featured Foundations by Nicole Flothe

I recently asked Julie Thomas from Project Outreach if she could recommend a great foundation to feature. She suggested Sunlight Home. Linda Hall is the Director of the not for profit long-term Maternity Home located in Naples, Florida. Their mission is to provide a long-term residential Program that rehabilitates "at risk" pregnant women and teens, empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and abuse, through spiritual development, education, counseling, as well as training in job, life, and parenting skills. Sunlight Home does not receive any federal or state government funding, and has been able to operate the program that serves as many as 35-40 residents and their children a year through private donations and private grants. Many churches and organizations have partnered with Sunlight Home to assure a safe, loving home atmosphere for the moms and their children in crisis. To learn more visit and also friend them on Facebook. One Step Stronger is a Defenders for Children Project to help teens. Toni Clark, one the founders, helps spread the message of hope and support to those in need. On their website they have topics for Teen Concerns, like cyberbullying, internet safety, bullying, child abuse, and so much more. A great description is on their site...One Step Stronger is a safe place created by a group of teens just like you that have personally faced many challenges and concerns. We wanted you to know that you and your friends are not alone and we do care about you. We realize how difficult it may be to get help and answers and we want to make it easier for you. Each page of concern will have a phone number and a organization that has helped many other teens with the same challenges or questions.

Behind every smile is a story; behind every pair of eyes there are struggles. Many teens face challenges against abuse, depression, drugs, peer pressure, bullying, and more. One Step Stronger is striving to make people aware of these silent battles that teens are fighting, so that we can build a community, a world, of people who care and want to take steps into positive directions. One Step Stronger is the weapon in this war of teen struggles.



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