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How much  life  do  you  have?   8   8?   Should  have  done  this  last  turn   You  should  have   Ohhhhhh   I  guess  that  was  just  a  gaff  on  my  part   That  was  pretty  close   Another  game?   Yeah,  do  you  want  to  switch  decks?   Do  you  have  a  legit  deck?   Mhmm   So  your  getting  married?   Yeah  we  have  the  invitations,  the  dress,  the  ring,  and  everything   That’s  great.  You  running  the  zombie  deck?   Yeah   Interesting   You  know  what  I  might  just  take  a  mulligan  here.   My  house  rules  are  you  never  get  a  mulligan.   Well  ok  then,  I’ll  just  have  to  deal  with  this  as  it  comes   Oh  yeah   I’ll  play  the  swamp,  your  turn.   Must  be  one  of  these  (laughing)   (Grunts  and  sniffles)   Oh  I’m  sorry  I’ll  play  this  one   o (Picks  up  phone)  Hey  what’s  up  Chris.  I  bought  a  magic  deck,  it’s   awesome.  No  I  am  not  hungry.  What  are  you  doing  right  now?  Are  you   going  to  eat  right  now?  Maybe  you  want  to  come  over  to  forest?  I’m   pretty  sure  Pat  and  Josh  are  here.  I  have  to  go  I’m  playing  magic.   Dude   You  can  simultaneously  block  with  two  creatures?   Yes   Ok  well  your  turn   Can  I  please  get  some  lands?  Good  God.   Oh  yay,  another  festering  goblin.   Oh  my  God  this  is  ridiculous   What  is  the  max  number  of  cards  I  can  have  in  my  hand?   Five   I  have  to  discard  one  then.   You  have  dual  lands?  How  do  you  get  those?   These  are  rare,  I  have  a  collection.   Your  go  bro   I  should  probably  reduce  this  to  fifteen   I  forfeit  this  is  stupid  

Random Conversation  

A random conversation between two men playing Magic cards.