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At-a-Glance. What is the most relevant and differentiating idea that will surprise consumers or challenge their current thinking or relationship with the brand?

Tension. What is the psychological, social, categorical, or cultural tension associated with this idea.

Question. What is the question we need to answer to complete the assignment?

Talk Value. What about the brand could help us to start a dialogue between the Partnership and our target, among our target and/or within popular culture in general? It could be the little rationalizations that people use to support their emotional decision. Could be myth or folklore.

RentSpec can improve your life through renting.

Most websites claim to be able to improve your life people are skeptical. Being an early adopter of websites is no longer cool. People are concerned about the pitfalls of renting.

How does RentSpec bolster renting’s image and become the tool everyone uses to search for and advertise rental items?

RentSpec has the most users in its category. Renting is passive income. You make money even when you aren’t working. That is a radical idea that the working class doesn’t understand. RentSpec is a gateway to passive income. RentSpec educates you about renting and prepares you to handle any possible problem. You get use of an item for a lot less than the cost to purchase the item. Renting saves time. Get the right tool for the job. RentSpec gives you choice. It makes it easy to compare rental items to find the one that best suits your needs. Renting saves the environment by quelling overproduction and waste. People will rent almost anything. RentSpec will help you advertise or locate whatever it is. Renting can provide access to limited edition items the owner may not want to sell but would be willing to rent. Travelers can benefit from RentSpec when they desire items that are not easily shipped. Justify luxury purchases. Buying and advertising rental items can be a tax write-off and may make $$. Rental items don’t take up space. Keep yourself organized - Feng Shui Keep your items in use by renting them out: “A rolling stone gathers no moss”

Brand Brief  
Brand Brief  

Brief distilling the essence and direction of RentSpec marketing endeavors. The structure of this brief was developed by CP+B's award winnin...