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Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually think yourself thin? And leave all the grunt work and sweat at the gym, along with the guilt? Well, YOU CAN! You have to believe in yourself before you can attain your dreams. How you talk to yourself has an indelible affect on your self esteem and self beliefs. Think back to grade school: Remember the story about "The Little Engine That Could?" That little engine kept telling himself I think I can...I think I can......and in the end...he did.... The same that you can do for telling yourself yes you can.... yes you can.....yes, you can lose the weight that you want to lose. Too frequently people beat up on themselves when they do not do things perfectly or if they have a "slip" and do not follow a program exactly as they should have. What the CRITICAL part of that equation is how they talk to themselves about it. If they keep telling themselves they have no willpower...then guess what? they won't have any... At the same time..If they tell themselves they CAN DO IT.....guess what...they will! Either way: you are right! How you talk to yourself...and what you say to yourself...will determine what path you will go on. Since we want to WIN at the weigh in, here are positive ways to think yourself thin: 1.Congratulate yourself everyday! My husband is very good at this. He will be the first to say how good his project came out or how well he did at it. He positively reinforces himself all the time. He has no weight issues. You can also give yourself small little rewards and perks on your journey. It helps to keep the motivation going and insures your future success. 2. Forget Perfectionism. Remember this: Done trumps perfection every time.! Perfectionism is one of the hardest things to achieve for so many people. If they are not "perfect" it is not going to work. I can assure you that most of life's accomplishments would not have been accomplished if those people believed they had to be a perfectionist. I always advise my clients to think of when they were children and they were first learning to ride a bike. Did they just hop on and ride perfectly the 1st time? NO WAY!

They experienced a few falls, a few bumps, gradually learned to balance better and better, and then to go faster, and how to negotiate curves, etc etc etc......they gradually learned and got better and better. Until they could go it alone. So it is with weight loss. Life happens on the way to goal weight. No 2 days are exactly alike. So you are writing your script as you go. How your day goes, is how it goes in the plan. Period. NO right or wrong....just the way it is. What you do next is what is important. It is how you react to what happens in your life......that will determine your ultimate outcome. 3. Finish, finish, finish what you start! Following up is important. If you never finish what you start, you will never experience that sense of accomplishment. That oh so good feeling that you are worth something because look at what you just accomplished. Being your own best cheerleader and believing that you can is good...but you have to follow through with action! You will need to eat less and move more in the overall picture. But how each day plays out....that is a script that you will be writing as you go. You CAN think yourself into the right frame of mind to optimize your weight loss. Yes you can. Yes you can. 4. Affirmations keep you moving forward. Positive Affirmations are one way to reinforce your selfbelief. Simple, self validating statement repeated as often as possible, preferably daily. You keep reinforcing to yourself all the good changes in your life and how good it feels to accomplish them. You can...and you will....succeed. Take 10 minutes and write out on your calendar what affirmation you are going to practice each day for the next 30 days. You will be incredibly pleased with your progress. 5. See yourself accomplishing the task: visualize it! Ask any famous athlete ( Michael Jordon used this a lot) or Olympic winners and they will tell you how important it was for them to be able to visualize their success. They could SEE themselves winning.....therefore they knew it could come true...because if you can see can become a reality. The same is true for YOU and YOUR WEIGHT LOSS. Take a moment each night before you fall to sleep...and visualize yourself winning at the weigh in. And soon you will find yourself doing more and more each day that takes you nearer to your goal. And before you know will have a wonderful healthy body and future for you to enjoy.

With 10 years experience in the weight loss industry, Gretchen delivers fire tested, people tested strategies that work in real life. She is passionate about helping people with their sugar sensitivities and addictions and to help them prevent illnesses, such as adult onset diabetes. She arms you with skill power so you do not have to worry about will power. None needed with her program. For more tips from Gretchen, check out her blog:

Her mantra is: When you conquer the conquer the pounds! And then you enjoy vibrant health!

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==== ==== Program Youself Thin - Please Click Here to Get Your Guide ==== ====

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