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Cool as a Moose

By Martine Mackenzie with Cool as a Moose

Let’s face it! A trip to Niagara almost requires that you return with some form of tacky souvenir for friends and family, and although there are a number of stores that can provide you with just such trinkets, you’ll want to stop in at Cool as a Moose!

Cool as a Moose is Canada’s #1 Souvenir Store, and with a store in historic Niagara-on-the Lake, you can pick up unique apparel, gifts, and souvenirs in a fun and compelling atmosphere.

With stores across Canada from coast to coast, you’re sure to find something for everyone, including gifts and souvenirs representing Victoria, Whistler, Banff, Niagaraon-the-Lake, Quebec, Halifax, and Prince Edward Island. That’s what makes this shop so different from your standard souvenir kiosks – each location offers tailor-made, quality products that represent things that are unique to whichever town you are visiting. From logo t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and glasses, to food products originating in Niagara such as various tender fruit jams, maple syrup, fudges, etc. You are sure to hit it out of the park with whatever you bring back from your travels to Niagara.