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Fritter Away!

By: Martine Mackenzie

Zorana Alimpic has been a fan of donuts since she was just a little girl. Her mother, Dusanka, would whip them up in the family kitchen as a special treat for her young daughter. Well, that love of cooking entwined with family tradition has opened up for the public, the world of Fritters on the Lake.

This truly is a family affair! Zoran and his wife Dusanka, (who no longer works within the shop but remains the inspiration) their daughter Zorana and her husband Yusuf, along with their son, Nolè operate this wonderful little business at 217 King Street, in historic Niagara-on-the-Lake with apple fritters being the specialty of the house. “It is one of my mom’s magical creations, a family favourite that blends our Serbian and Canadian heritage,” says Zorana.

Opening up a food-based business had been a dream of this family for years. Dusanka was known to be a phenomenal cook who loved to spread joy by sharing her fabulous dishes with family and friends. But, as with many things, life gets in the way of dreams. Zorana went away to school, and Dusanka faced health issues, and the time and money were no longer there to devote to this dream.

After completing her education, Zorana emigrated to South Africa where she met and married her husband and began her family. However, the planets aligned in 2021, with Zorana and her family moving back to Canada and in June of that same year, Fritters on the Lake opened up to a loving and welcoming reception from the locals of NOTL. Soon, word spread about the goodies coming out of this establishment and the line-ups for service began.

Their menu consists of original fritters, topped with maple, caramel or chocolate syrup, and a lake special with vanilla ice cream.

“My mom does not have formal culinary training and my dad has no entrepreneurial experience but they both love two things––food and people,” says Zorana. “At the tender age of 64, my dad became a first-time entrepreneur and made their dreams come true by sharing their beloved fritters, our family’s comfort food”.

A trip to Fritters on the Lake is a must for everyone, locals, and tourists alike! What a special treat!