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The Cake That isn’t a Cake

By Martine Mackenzie with Budapest Bakeshop

When you first walk into the Budapest Bakeshop’s locations, the sights and smells will overtake you. And of course, you will no doubt be looking for their famous Chimney Cakes. Surprise! You will not find traditional cakes when looking at this variety of patisserie.

The staff at Budapest Bakeshop is incredibly passionate about baking these Chimneys and they just know that once you taste one of their creations, you will be forever hooked on every sweet or savory bite.

Now, as much as they’d like to take credit for the invention of the Chimney Cake, they humbly do not! Its origins go back over 300 years to Hungary. What the Budapest Bakeshop did was to take that creation to another level of deliciousness.

Every single Chimney Cake is prepared, hand-rolled, and baked from scratch each day and throughout the day. This Niagara-on-the-Lake landmark is easy to find. When you arrive to the historic town, just turn down Queen Street and follow the smell of freshly baked goodness!

Your first glimpse into the bakeshop will allow you to see firsthand the entire process right before your eyes – the mixing, the rolling, the rising, the baking, the toppings and the fillings!

The choices are yours! It’s time you tasted the cakes that aren’t really cakes at all! budapestbakeshop.com