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Fuelling Niagara

Gale’s Gas Bars Limited/ Gales Fuels is a well-known commodity based in the Niagara Region. Based in the heart of Niagara, Gales is a petroleum company that boasts 15 service stations (full serve AND self-serve), 4 convenience stores with more in the works, a wholesale fuel delivery service along with a home heating fuel delivery service. The driving force behind the Gale’s name is Jessica Friesen who took over the business from her father, Bob Gale in 2014. In 1967, Jessica’s grandfather was a distributor for Champion Oil out of St. Catharines. He owned his own truck and was just looking for a spot to be able to wash that truck. He stumbled upon a gas station on the corner of Thorold Stone and Montrose that happened to have a bay to wash trucks and he decided to buy it. And this is where the story begins, as from that flagship location, Jessica’s grandfather was able to acquire more stations and grow the Gale name. In 1980, Bob Gale, Jessica’s father came on board adding the wholesale fuel delivery division to the business. Jessica herself opted to not go into the family business initially. Instead, she chose a career in nursing, working within the Niagara Health System for several years.