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Pure solutions for natural beauty products

Natural is not a trend – it’s a fundamental requirement. Going beyond the basic natural origin of ingredients, consumers expect more from cosmetics brands. People are focusing on labels, ingredients and production methods, embracing niche ways of living and eating. The movement is about more than just food – it’s a seismic shift in why, where and how people consume. Such as the ‘local is lekker’ and ‘love or buy local’ movements, embracing nature is here to stay.

Our throwaway culture is also becoming a contentious issue and consumers are looking for sustainable, ethical and responsible ways to conserve the planet’s resources. They are affiliating themselves with companies that share their cultural and ideological values. These consumers are hungry for natural beauty and consider natural ingredients to be healthier. As a result, food textures and ingredients derived from plant and vegetable sources are some of the best ways to make the connection. Yet there can be no compromise on efficacy.

Leading natural colour cosmetics brands on the market include Raw Cosmetic, which takes natural formulations a step further by including extracts of acai and goji berries and kale and Kakadu plum in its extensive range of makeup. Skin Food Fresh Fruit Juice Extraction Tint and Blush features natural fruit extracts and gives vivid colour with no caking. Juice Beauty has opted for phyto-pigments instead of artificial ones to colour its eyeshadows and lip products. The eyeshadows are packed with vitamins C and E and coloured with Eclipta daisy and moringa phyto-pigments. Cape lilac and aubergine phyto-pigments are used to colour the lip products. Rituel de Fille’s Forbidden Lipstick is both bold and daring. This and the rest of the brand’s colour cosmetics are said to be handcrafted with natural ingredients and free from phthalates, synthetic dyes and fragrances.

For South African colour cosmetics brands inspired by these global natural beauty brands, Sensient Cosmetic Technologies offers a new generation of powdered natural extracts based on vegetable juices. These extracts have proven ‘care’ benefits and provide pleasing colours in colour cosmetics.