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Are you still using traditional chemicals?

Radical Waters’ ground-breaking ECA technology is fast becoming the choice solution for many blue-chip companies as an alternative to conventional, halogen-based chemical disinfectant and cleaning agents.

ECA is suitable for a wide range of hygiene applications, especially where the use of hazardous chemicals poses a risk to the environment, product and personnel safety. Many micro-organisms develop a tolerance or resistance to conventional chemicals as a result of continuous exposure. ECA solutions have a unique mechanism of biocidal action distinct from chemicals. The technology has proven its consistency in destroying bacteria, biofilm, spores, fungi, viruses and yeasts.

ECA solutions are Kosher and Halaal approved, providing a safe, fast and powerful alternative which is highly effective in the fight against food and beverage contamination and spoilage. Without the correct sanitisation, a rapid build-up of micro-organisms will occur. This can result in severe recontamination of the foodstuff when reusing equipment.

Sanitising is best carried out just prior to equipment use because a variety of micro-organisms may remain on food processing surfaces after cleaning.

Once implemented, Radical Waters’ ECA solutions have proven to reduce the incidences of foodborne illnesses by eliminating up to 99.9% of all dangerous tested bacteria, while also ensuring optimum final product quality due to reduced levels of contamination and spoilage. ECA is safe and can be applied directly to food and food surfaces.

It is non-toxic, free rinsing and does not affect the nutritional status, colour or texture of the final food or beverage product. Interestingly, ECA has also shown to improve certain products’ shelf life.