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Cover Page The Staff and Sword Ministry/Special Report February 21, 2011

*** SPECIAL REPORT *** written by: Chuck-JOHNEL This photo (below) from "The Voice of the Martyrs Magazine" was buried in a pile ofpapers which freely accumulate on my desk when I'm writing reports/Newsletters. I found it today and wanted to share it, though it is far from pretty. Liberals/progressives like to persuade us that Islam is a great religion and is for freedom and democracy. That is hogwash. The vast majority of Moslems support the most violent elements of Islam while telling us that they are for freedom and an open society. That is what they say in English, but in Arabic it is a different story as they speak of jihad, killing and destroying the infidels (that is us and anyone not like them). This young woman (below), a Christian, underwent a Muslim attack on her village in Indonesia (fire bombing, shooting, beheading). She was badly burned but did survive. The "Voice of the Martyrs" are helping pay for her reconstructive plastic surgery.

Our brethren around the world are enduring constant murderous attacks by Muslims that are only rarely reported in the news here. Only through magazines Iike "Voice

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/Special Report

February 21, 2011

of the Martyrs" do we get a clear picture of what is going on and what these Muslims want to bring to America. The prayer warfare we waged recently to break the Islamic Empire is not going to take effect for just under a decade. In the meantime, we need to be vigilant in prayer and watching the enemy, aware they have nothing but murderous intent aimed at us, one and all. I remember that one young man who traveled to Iraq to support the Iraqi's against the Imperialist American military - the Muslims took him, tied him up and on film sawed his head off, and as he screamed in agony and terror they shouted with glee praising to their god of death, Allah. The Muslim Brotherhood, now undermining Egypt, is a vicious murderous cult of Islamic terrorists, who will tell you to your face that they believe inpeaceful coexistence but plan to murder you at the same time. They have something like 150 organizations inside the U.S. spread across our nation. In fact, the Imam who wants to build a Mosque near Ground Zero in N.Y. is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

THE ENEMY IS ON TH E MOVE We recently saw evidence of demonic intent to trigger an earthquake in California, but it did not develop. This tells me that the demon power, though pouring into this nation in huge numbers, is not fully organized. I believe that when we destroyed 144 demon princes in the "CRY JERUSALEM" Prayer Operation it crippled their ability to attack effectively for a time. That may change after March 1st. The Net of Prayer, through prayer and watchfulness, is bracing for the enemy attack, which aims to overwhelm us. At one point we won't be able to deal with every threat they can pose and this is when we need to yield to JESUS CHRIST and He will deal with them. In the Obamacare Bill is a clause that requires one buying or selling $600 in gold to

write a special report to the government. The State of Washington wants to write a law requiring such a report from anyone buying or selling $100 worth of gold. We can address much of this in prayer but in time there will be so many attacks on our freedoms that it will impossible to deal with them all. This is why we are preparing in prayer now to be ready to overcome through Christ. End of special report. God bless.

Feb 21st, 2011: Special Report  
Feb 21st, 2011: Special Report  

Our brethren around the world are enduring constant murderous attacks by Muslims that are only rarely reported in the news here. Only throug...