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uestionnaire on Newsletters "Free Our Brethren" Pra y er Operation Tallies: (January, 2009) When we mailed out our last Newsletter we enclosed a VOLUNTEER RESPONSE FORM for those who would like to volunteer for the "FREE OUR BRETHREN" Prayer Operation. On the reverse side we had a questionnaire asking readers to comment on the Newsletters. This is a tally of those responses and a noting of the comments we received. Leith assembled and transcribed all of this for your information and enjoyment. It is sort of "Ministry Report Card" if you will. Thank you for responding. All told we received 96 responses, these are the results:

Question #1 : How would you rate our bi-inonthly Newsletters: Excellent: 89 OK: 7 Fair: 0 Poor: 0 Could be written better: 0

Questions #2: We offer a variety of articles, how would 'oii rate them? Preparation articles/reports: (Rate 1-10) (1)0, (2)0, (3)0, (4)!, (5)0, (6)0, (7)3, (8)9, (9)11, (10)68 We Get Letters: (Rate 1-10) (1)0, (2)0, (3)0, (4)0, (5)I, (6)0, (7)4, (8)7, (9)11, (10)48 Manifesting Christ: (Rate 1-10) (1)0, (2)0, (3)0, (4)1, (5)0, (6)0, (7)0, (8)4, (9)7, (10)78 Walking With Jesus: (Rate 1-10) 7 0 8 9 0 3 0 5 0 4 0 ( ) , ( 2 ) 0 , ( ) , ( ) , ( ) , (6)0, ( ) . ( )0, ( ) , (10)79 1 0

Question #3: We used to write `Movie Reviews' would you like to see us do some `movie reviews' in the future: Yes: 45 No: 41

Questionnaire on Newsletters - Page 2 Tallies (continued): (January, 2009) Comments Section: Question #1 : How would you rate our bi-inontlrly Newsletters—comments? Phil V. "Really enjoy home meeting tapes also." Deborah YV "Too much detail/info, repetitious at times." Warren S. "Consistently timely--what God is saying now." Karen V. "At ti mes there is so much info it can become confusing." Dale B. "Most of the time very good to excellent." ,Zayda_ 0. "Excellent without being too repetitious." Jo S. "Find it very well organized." Lance T. "Don't change anything-good as is." Brenda J. "Wonderful, insightful, practical info, relevant updates, Holy-Spirit-led

information." Phil L. "Can't wait to get to it." Katlhryn. An, Swnuel R. "I would not know how you could improve." John & Debra S. "I find them informative, educational, inspiring, confirming." Claudia-MARIE P. "Excellent faith builder." Andreil' & Faith F. "We always look forward to and are grateful for the newsletters." J. M. G. "Always look forward to reading updates." Paul H. "Especially what Jesus gives to you." Myrna B . "Always look forward to getting it & usually read it right away." Phil R. "Grateful, grateful, grateful." Donna G. "I am so thankful for the ministry & the inlornlation." Paul N. "I appreciate them much." Jenni cr L. "You are a blessing to me!" Dennis J. "They are at the top of my reading list." Russ B. "If it was easier to condense things like the review of past prayer operations, people who didn't know the history could order the complete reports/pay for detail if it was needed. Many of N.Q.P. are familiar." G arm "Keep up the great work in Jesus' Name!" Vince & Janet T "Job well done." Laurie AL "Appreciate the insights."

Questionnaire on Newsl etters - Page 3 Tallies (continued): (January, 2009) Comments Section continued Comments on Question #l : How would you rate our bi-monthly Newsletters— your comments? (Continued) Margie B. "Very insightful but I don't always understand all the references being

made to things in the spiritual realms. i.e. explanations offered this time about beastman were helpful." Helen S. "So deeply appreciated." David C "Great, maybe a little shorter." Don G. "These are spiritual truths—wonderful!" Man) Jo F. & Denn A. "We look so forward to it in its entirety!" Ma Ann M. "Love them & look forward to receiving them." Gretel-RAPHAEL L . "I love getting the newsletters! They are a "love" letter from Jesus." Mavrnie F. "I look forward to each issue." Jim W "I always look forward to all." Jim-REPHAEL . "Always learn much—always see Jesus in them." Wilma W. "They reveal much to me as I am a relatively new member of the NOP." James H. "Most often when it arrives, I drop what I'm doing and read most all of it cover to cover." Lisa W. & Lawrence R. "Al! subjects are great teachings/sharings to me!" Ronald & Ellen P. "Sometimes too repetitive in one newsletter. Some information

given multiple times." Cy nthia G. "I love hearing everything you have to say." Ina Dean B. "You have been very good about keeping up with my address changes. Thank you." Stefan Y. "Love it." Mary Lee J. "People from all walks of life can benefit from the newsletters. The newsletters bring understanding of what bay be expected in each life."

Mary S. "I simply don't know how you could improve. Very well written; readable print you cover the essentials of what we need to know on a subject." Davis J. "Very good." Helen S. "I live for newsletters."

Bill S. "Actually superb—better than excellent!" Scott M. "I enjoy them, you work very hard."

Questionnaire on Newsletters - Page 4 Tallies (continued): (January, 2009)

Comments Section (coiitirzued): Comments on Question #1 : How would you rate our hi-monthly Newsletters— your comutexts? (('orz tin tied) Man' B. "You guys have taught us very much!"

Donald B. "Keep them coming. I get more insight from there." Debbie R. "I look forward to them." Al B. "Can't get enough!" Corn nrreutsoni Question #3: We used to write `Movie Reviews'—would you

like to see us do sosrre 'movie reviews' in tlie.future—comments? Phil V "Looking for totally CLEAN Christian & non-Christian movies." Deborah W. "It's up to you—so much garbage out there to weed through.. .15 it worth your time? Movies will pass away soon." Rachel R. '`They are very interesting, but I rarely go to see a movie." Karen V. `' Very helpful, at times very prophetic in their content." Ma; orie W. "Waste of time." Dale B. "Most aren't worth seeing." Zavda 0. "Sometimes, when there is something good to see." Jo S. "Don't take time for movies."

Sharon M. "Not necessary but were always interesting." Leith L. "I like to know which movies are distasteful and which movies have God in them, and to get your discernment on them." Brenda J. "Very helpful, nice to know of good movies for the family." Kathry n, Atn y , Samuel R. "It's nice to have warnings about what comes out." Jeff& Ten V. "If time allows." Claudia-MARIE P. "Not especially, there is hardly anything worth seeing. But did appreciate your reviews." Andrew Faith F. "Please write about movies that you've enjoyed and are worth seeing. Don't worry about the rest." Jason E. "11 you want to." Steve 0. "1 don't care, up to you if you have the time." Ivlvrna B. "Please don't, I struggled with that & still can't understand why. Still confused & don't understand the lottery." Richard-CHAD 0. "James Bond." Phil R. "If you have time."

Questionnaire on Newsletters -- Page 5 Tallies (continued): (January, 2009) Comments Section

{continued :

Comments on Question #3: We used to write `Movie Reviews'—would you like to see us do some `snovie reviews' in the future—comments? (Con (ii,ued) Donna G. "I refuse to go to movies because of all the bed-jumping and because they

are so phony," Al G. "If you want to."

Jennifer L. "If you have time." Russ B. "Only if it is no trouble. Seems I in 50 are good enough to think about." Gary S. "On a limited basis as Lord directs. (Time is precious.) Jeff S. "Not much good out there anyways." Vince & Janet T. "Weeds out ordering crappy CDs from Netflix." Laurie M. "You don't have time for this. If led, put comments in the newsletters." Steve & Peg G. "Always enjoyed the reviews." Margie B. "Interesting but not a high priority." Helen S. "Never go." David C. "Most movies are either too violent, sexual, or anti-Christian or mucking traditional Christian & constitutional or moral values." Don C. "I am just not a movie goer." Pamela-DEBORAH D. "Only if ti me permits." Mar y Jo F. & Deno .4. "We seldom if ever go because of the ungodly content." Mary Ann M. "Movies that are good are getting fewer & fewer. We watch old ones." Gretel-RAPHAEL L . "Only if you have the time." John P. "I do not watch many movies so no opinion." Mamie F. "As you have time." Jim W. "Unlikely that we would go to movies." Jim--REPHA EL. "Enjoy your insights." Wilma W. "Thanks for keeping us informed, C-J & N-T!" James H. "There's only a few Godly movies out there, most all contain `bad stuff'. Exceptions: Chariots ofFire, Horton Hears a Who (anti-abortion), Christian movies." Steven A. "Space is too precious for the rest of the newsletter." Pete & Ann S. "Yes, but not crucial." Ronald & Ellen P. "Definitely helped us choose movies especially ones not to see." Cy nthia G. "I enjoy hearing your viewpoint." Carol M. "Never go to movies."

Questionnaire on Newsletters - Page 6 Tallies (continued): (January, 2009)

ConunentsSection (continue: Comments on Question #3: We used to write `Movie Reviews'—would you like to see us do some `movie reviews' in the future—comments? ned) Ste an Y. "I'm a big movie fan." Marla Lee.! "We need these reviews to expose religious seductions." Bernice E. "I think you have enough to do."

Man S. "I seldom attend movies." Davis.!. "The spirit of Christ reveal to you what's best for this people." Man Rose S. "Would prefer the "Walking with Jesus" articles as you are led."

Bill S. "We had almost given up on seeing movies. Thank you for your recommendations, We saw both examples, Narnia & Amazing Grace because of your reviews and we liked them both." Mary B. "Don't use too much room for this." Janine S. "Only if you feel led to do so." Donald B. "If you can find one to pass on." Debbie R. "I don't go to movies so it doesn't matter!" Al B. "We do not go to movies!"

Comments on Question #4: Are there any subjects you would like to see us write about? Please note your interests below: Melodic C. "Walking with Jesus—Manifesting Christ—maybe list of recommended

authors with book titles—how to abide." Deborah W. "Something along the lines of Personal ... I . Deliverance ministry (Pigs in the Parlor, Frank & Ida Mae Hammond. 2.Unity-humility-love in the body.

3 . Would like to pray from John 17-put on daily prayer sheets?" Rachel R. `' Please create some more scenarios during famine/occupation and tell us how you or Jesus would have us handle them—preparation category. I'm very happy about the new "Walking with Jesus"—those types of subjects are so edifying & encouraging. I've been seeing some flashing, brilliant lights and your article has helped confirm what I thought I might be seeing." Warren S. "Preparing for living in community and after the time of occupation." WM & Joni S. "What was it like for us in Heaven before we came to earth? And did we all volunteer or was it somehow a punishment for rebellion?" Marjorie W. "EMP-electromagnetic pulse—how to protect our electronics."

Questionnaire on Newsletters - Pa e 7 Tallies (continued): (J anuary, 2009) Coin inents Section continued Co nmelits on Ouestioi1 #4: Are there any subjects you would like to see us write about? Please dote your interests below (continued): Dale B. "Did you ever do a paper on Adam being Satan?" Zavda 0. "Insights in the prophetic prayers that will bring spiritual nourishment and a personal closeness to God." Leith L. "My favorite article for insight into my personal relationship with Jesus is "Manifesting Christ", although I thoroughly enjoy all articles from your ministry. I learn much from C & N's insights because you're prophets of God, and God has shown you much. I like the letters put into the newsletter from other ministries as well. I would like to hear more of what is happening in the news that the media does not cover the stories of." Jo S. "Since there is so much teaching on the rapture, would like some clarificationthey are very accurate on scriptures." Sharon Al. "Whatever is on the Lord's mind窶馬ot too interested in anything else." Lance T. "Gardening, cold weather survival, guns & protection, heating, any organized green pastures starting." Brenda J. "Do's/don'ts during the occupation of the U.S., medical tips regarding radiation poisoning, bird flu, etc. Website for the Staff & Sword Ministry." Phil L. "Conception v/s birth. Salvation v/s overcoming." Kathi-vn, in ,. Samuel R. "I would like to see a review of the birthing of the manchild company, how it is to come about. I am curious about Los zetas, a gang from Mexican Military that has taken over Laredo, TX. I foresee them spreading through the U.S. by taking over gangs that already exist." 1:L & Ter V. "Jesus' return." Claudia-MARIE P. "Just keep working with God to help us be ready step by step." 14ndrew & Faith F. "Transportation during war time (will stores be able to restock?) Will trucks be able to cross state lines? The difference between walking in my soul (flustered & confused) and walking in my spirit (peace, inner knowing)." 窶「 . M. G. "Where to receive "real - news? Radio, paper or tvs? (Can't get to internet often.)" Jason E. "I know this isn't the topic: but could C-.I sit next to the microphone, like N-T does, so we can hear hire just as clearly as we hear her? N-T is wonderfully crystal clear. Why is it that C-J, the main speaker, must sit far enough away from the microphone to make it harder to hear him? (This is the cassette tapes that I'm

uestionnaire on Newsletters - Page 8

Tallies (continued): (January, 2009) Comments Section (continued): Comments on Question #4: Are there any subjects you would like to see us write about? Please note your interests below (continued): meaning.) Sometimes C-J will come over to ask N-T a question, and then it's like, o my gosh, it is possible to hear him clearly. Well anyway, your microphone is fine, my speakers are fine. ..maybe it would work out to sit closer to the mic, please?" Teresa R. "The power of the Blood of Jesus." My rna B. "Maybe ideas on simple living that works ways to make it over, make it do, do without, etc. i.e. 1 TBSP flour + 1/4 C water =1 egg, as long as you have I egg in recipe already." Paul H. "Anything you tell us about being able to survive outside the comfort zones Jesus has set-up." Richard-CHAD 0. "Finances, where to retire, move to; staying strong in Christ. Praise the Lord!" Donna G. "I would like to see you offer for sale, some organic cherry seeds, & seeds from your other fruit trees, also organic concord grape seeds." Patricia P. "Please give more information on the "green areas of safety." Al G. "Listen to reverse & listen to what Obama and the crowd say backwards." Dennis J. "When civil government fails, how are we as a church to organize that we may help others? How was the early church organized during the Fall of Rome?" Russ B. "More of the nitty-gritty of `hard times' needs to be covered—spiritually and physically." Gary S. "NWO, United Nations, Enemy using the lie of `global warming' to push their agenda. And, any words from Jesus." Sr. Marguerite M. "Continue-"Walking with Jesus!"

Vince & Janet T. "More tips & reminders on what many are doing to prepare. Where are exact locations of safety in Arkansas, N.Y. & others besides WA.? We have relatives up & down entire east coast. Friends & their relatives need to know closest areas & tell them where to move to. They've been pre-warned & need to know what citIes." Laurie M. "Enjoyed the new one: Walking with Jesus." Mike B. "Please tell us more about the things you've seen in the Heavenlies and also about the pre-existence and war in Heaven."

Questionnaire on Newsletters - Page 9

Tallies (continued): (January, 2009) Comments Section (continued: Comments on Question #4: Are there any subjects you would like to see

us write about? Please note your interests below (continued): Eli.abeth G. "I think you are doing a wonderful job and it is all very much

appreciated." Charles A. "How to pray for President-elect & government? How to pray for God's

leaders now? His hidden leader and his partisans? Difference between the body of Christ & the Bride of Christ? How about adding the "Manifesting Christ" to the website?" Steve & Pegg G. "Most interested in hearing Jesus' Word . Also interested in prey creation info, and Adam as Satan info (did he turn into Satan after he died? How did that work?)" Margie B. "I don't understand the Lucifer/Satan distinction although, I read the article about "Adam" previously. More on how to move in the spirit & active warfare. Can you supply a complete catalog ofyour publications? On line articles are helpful too." Phil V. "More details of life in the USA from now to occupation & beyond spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally." Cecil S. "Give /share all info on Oliver North as a "beastman", what did he do? What, when, where, how? Is he a "born again" Christian? He sure fooled me!" David C. "Jeremiah Wright's agenda—also on Alan Keyes & some African-American candidates for the Presidency-Secretary of state." Dori C. "I read & ponder & reread ministry newsletters. Thank you Jesus for the Staff & Sword Ministry and NOP." Pwnela-DEBORAIH D. "Whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to do is great. I get edified by all of it." Mary Jo F. & Denn y A. "Really everything is so informative, thought challenging—we have learned so much and the truth has set us free, plus it's so fun when the Holy Spirit gives us something, then you confirm it. We would like to see it remain the same primarily." Mari, Ann M. "I'm praying for all of God's overcomers to be free of debt to man. Words from others with similar faith & part of the awakened remnant, it's encouraging. Gretel-RAPHAEL L . "Anything you write about it fine—always learn from them, thank you! Please more about creation."

Questionnaire on

Newsletters - Page 10

Tallies (continued): (January, 2009)

Comments Section .(continued: Comments on Question #4: Are there any subjects you would like to see us write about? Please irate your interests below (continited): John P. "Walking with Jesus, keep them coming! Great!" Maymie F. "Note of people of interest in view of prophecy." Jim WW "You seem to cover the things needed very well. More "Walking with Jesus", anything that causes me to draw nearer to Jesus. You do a very good job. Thanks." Jim-REPHAEL . "Expand on specifics of laying foundation stones for Jesus' return." Wilma W "I'm so blessed to see you often & to be able to ask any questions that I have personally. Praise God & I give Him the Glory." JoAnn G. "What happens after we leave this earth & enter Heaven? I never thought about living in His light & others not being in that light but in a dimmer light existence." James H. "I appreciate it when you include material of other prophets, like Dan Boller, David Eclls, etc. and disclaimers. (Ex-for Kim Clement)." Steven A. "Love/abiding. People's experiences and insights for/in moving." Pete & Ann S. "Rapture history." Lisa W. & Lawrence R. "Walking with Jesus' is very enjoyable reading to me. I wish it could be in a book form in the future, so I can send to my friends as a gift. Also teachings on `spiritual warfare' or `mind battlefield' would be of interest to me. Israel (spiritual & physical/earthly Jerusalem.)" Cy nthia G. "Discerning false prophets from real prophets (which you are of course). In listening to old tapes & CDs and newsletters of yours you mention Rick Joyner as being a brother & also mentioned Bob Jones. I am not sure they are true prophets & may have gone off track. Maybe the whole vineyard movement has gone off track." Forest C. "I would like more on prophets. This is my interests, to know right or wrong ones." Ina Dean B. "You already hit the nail on the head with your new "Walking with Jesus." Many thanks." Ste fthi Y. "More about your coming (beginners) to Christ." Mary Lee J. "Prophetic visions and clues to interpreting their symbolism and i niagery."

Questionnaire on Newsletters - Page VI

Tallies (continued): (January, 2009) Comments Section (continued): Cointnents o,i Question #4: Are there any subjects you would like to see us write about? Please itote your interests below (continued): "Sometimes you'll mention a subject or event passing. For all of us who have been receiving the newsletters for years; is it possible to put in parentheses a date where you dealt with it more fully? May the Lord Bless you even more abundantly than I've been blessed by your good stewardship of your gifts." Davis J. "To expose the false religion that you all know about." Helen S. "Can't think of any—all good." Mar Rose S. "Various topic in preparation articles/reports which will probably cover in the future. Thank you, very thorough." Bill S. "Where did this rapture doctrine come from and how did they go as far as they do with it? Where is it in the Bible? No evidence we know of! I was surprised to read it first surfaced in the church in the 1850s. So it is recent. It seems counter to God's way of doing things. Thank you." Man , B. "More teaching on the I2 dimensions. More info on what you saw in Heaven." .Janine S. "Keep up the great work!" Al B. "Would like more on the website to pass on to others: history of past prophecies & future ones to be completed (A sequence if you will to be purchased.) Possessing sealing kits for those sealed & commissioned. Thanks." Mangy .' S.

END OF COMMENTS : Note b y Cliuck-JOHNEL: First, thank you for your replies and comments. Man questions asked, many requests - we will work to do what we can as it is possible. In order to publish this report we have had to shorten the WE GET LETTERS to just 8 pages for this Newsletter cycle. There is a little room on this report (the balance of this page and page 12) so I will try to address some questions here and now. Writing the WALKING WITH JESUS reports is a Holy Spirit leading, but it is equally difficult. On one hand I'm willing to share all that I know, remember, and

Questionnaire on Newsletters - Page 12 Chuck-JOHNEL {continued: experienced in Christ with no holding back; and at the same time I'm careful to not make anything of myself. This makes sharing a bit of a struggle for me personally.

Note f y

Dennis J asked: (Quote) "When civil government fails, how are we as a church to

organize that we may help others? How was the early church organized during the Fall of Rome?" (Unquote)

Comment b yC-J: When JESUS talks about the "church system of man" He is talking about the domination/Lordship ofrnen over His people happening within His Church. The Church itself has a unique organization - it is composed of cells, small groups of believers (2-10) who gather to pray, fellowship, worship and teach/be taught. It is so effective a system (Holy Spirit inspired) that Lenin organized the Communist Party on the cell basis drawn from his experience in the church (he was a seminary student before turning to the Devil). This cell system was so effective it made it possible for less than 1% of the population of nation to gain near total control over the 99%. I like to refer to what happened in Nazi Germany after the fall of Hitler and the occupation of Germany after the war ended. The Nazi government was destroyed and so there was no civil organization remaining. The occupation force realized that the Church was the only organization capable of governing the nation after the fall of the Nazi's and so the Church organization substituted for the government which had ceased to exist. What I'm saying is that the JESUS' Church has a natural affinity to govern and is itself a governing Body. The small Christian home groups that meet all across this nation arc in effect the cells that have existed since the founding of the Church some 2,000 years ago. One question touched on the Rapture Doctrine. As near as I can tell it first surfaced in the 1850s and swept the Church worldwide (big money was behind it). The origin is really hidden; but the effect of this doctrine has been the premature/untimely death of tens of millions of Christians world wide. Note: MURDERED Christians not Martyred! It also appears to encourage sloth in Christian growth and indifference to God's Word. All told it is as devilish a doctrine as you can find when really looked at in its effects on God's people. That is my view. Amen. IF ci


th '



Jan 2009: Qwestionaire On Newsletters Issue #126 Jan, 2009  
Jan 2009: Qwestionaire On Newsletters Issue #126 Jan, 2009  

Question #3: We used to write `Movie Reviews' would you like to see us do some `movie reviews' in the future: We Get Letters: (Rate 1-10) (1...