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SPECIAL PREVIEW: MORE THAN HUMAN Welcome to this Special Preview We have reached the stage of human progression where we are standing on the precipice of a disaster. There is a day of reckoning approaching rapidly, where one more forward stride of supposed technology progression, will tip humanity over the edge into unimaginable horrors. However just like the onset of a rain storm brewing in the horizon, where one can detect the signs whether it be the smell of rain in the air, the disappearance of birds chirping or the leaves and branches on the trees rustling, we already can see the clues regarding the dangers that lie ahead with genetic engineering. However there is something in man’s makeup in wanting to take the risk of confronting consequences later on, whilst enjoying the spoils of technological advancement in the present. In collaboration with some of the worlds greatest researchers in the area of genetical, physical and spiritual development, “More Than Human” is a new 4 part report from Rema Marketing which totally confronts a convergence of parallel strategies to re-engineer modern man and go one better than the creation of Adam and Eve, in producing a human being capable of things not deemed to be humanly possible. Just like the pyramid of power in Freemasonry there are varying levels of initiation and understanding in the science world and this report will not waste time assessing the foot soldiers at the base of the pyramid, who to defend and justify what they believe are the beneficial strides forward in conventional genetic engineering and human progression. Instead we go as high up as possible to uncover evidence and admission from those in the “know how”, that there is really a spiritual objective to corrupt the human race by all means necessary. Whether it means combining human DNA with animal DNA, combining human DNA with plant DNA, combining humans with silicon technology, man trying to tap into his own spirituality through the wrong channels or the attempt by malevolent spiritual beings, to wreak havoc with human body, the common theme that emerges through the chaos and confusion is that ultimately man is committing the unforgivable sin of attempting to become God. This preview has no chance of explaining to you everything about this agenda because its just a preview. However what we hope to achieve is give you some glimpses into a explosive cauldron of debate about the development and evolution of the human race. From a biblical perspective there are certain passages which talk about the sins of the fathers being passed on down to multiple generations downstream such as Exodus 20:5. Today we stand at a point in time where we through a desire to achieve godhood status will not only destroy ourselves but also destroy future generations to come. It’s a sobering thought! The More Than Human report preview is a publicaon of Rema Markeng For any queries regarding this service please contact us at ©Rema Markeng 2012. All Rights Reserved.


SPECIAL PREVIEW: MORE THAN HUMAN BLACKBERRY UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT Patricia Piccinini (born in 1965 in Freetown, Sierra Leone) is an Australian artist and hyperrealist sculptor. Her art work came to prominence in Australia in the late 1990s. In 2003 she was selected as the artist to represent Australia at the Venice Biennale.

A parahuman or para-human is a human-animal hybrid or chimera. Scientists have done extensive research into the mixing of genes or cells from different species, e.g. adding human (and other animal) genes to bacteria and farm animals to mass -produce insulin and spider silk proteins, and introducing human cells into mouse embryos.

Her major artworks often reflect her interests in issues such as bioethics, biotechnologies and the environment and has contributed to the debate about the possible horrors that are on the genetic engineering radar. Piccinini’s silicone sculptures imagine a not-sodistant future where humans have mastered genetic manipulation and can create animal human hybrids to serve their every emotional, social, and ecological need. Her transgenic creations are often Parahumans have been referred to as "humananimal hybrids" in a vernacular sense that also at the same time tender but repulsive. encompasses human-animal chimeras. The term parahuman is not used in scientific publications. The term is sometimes used to sensationalize research that involves mixing biological materials from humans and other species. The term was used in a National Geographic article to describe an experiment in 2003, during which Chinese scientists at the Shanghai Second Medical University successfully fused human cells with rabbit eggs. And in 2011, more than 150 humananimal hybrid embryos were created in British laboratories since the Human Fertilisation and In April 2012 she gave a lecture which she Embryology Act 2008. discussed her interest in genetic engineering. She considers genetic According to scientists there are several reasons for engineering as a which parahumans or chimeras might be created. subject of the present The current forms of chimera exist for medical and and future, yet as an industrial purposes, e.g., production of drugs and of idea that evokes organs suitable for organ transplantation. imagery drawn from past sources such as Other experiments aim to reveal knowledge about Greek myths and the function of the human body, e.g., by creating legends, monsters in mice with a human-like immune system to study the margins of AIDS or with a brain incorporating human nerve illuminated manuscripts, and folklore in which cells. Restrictions on cloning and stem cell research people become animals and animals become have made chimera research an attractive people. alternative.



SPECIAL PREVIEW: MORE THAN HUMAN Blackberry Under the Spotlight The second avenue is what we call Silicon Modification: Silicon is an abundant nonmetallic element found throughout the universe. On Earth, it is the second most common element, exceeded only by oxygen. Along with its various compounds, it is used in a wide variety of industrial applications including metal alloys, circuits, soaps, and glass. It Firstly what we call Carbon Modification: Carbon is probably most well known for its use in computer is the building block of Carbon forms the backbone chips, and lent its name to the Silicon Valley. of biology for all known naturally occurring life on Earth. Complex molecules are made up of carbon bonded with other elements, especially oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, and carbon is able to bond with all of these. Whatever your views are on genetic engineering and cloning, one thing that cannot be denied is that there is a strong and growing under current to modify the human to something different than before. This under current can be categorized into four clear avenues.

Because animals humans and plants all share the same characteristic of being carbon based living organisms there has been a stubborn willingness by man to bypass the very boundaries which God had set to separate the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom and the human species from each other. More and more evidence is being disclosed of significant atrocities being committed behind closed doors in guarded underground facilities in undisclosed locations where genetic researchers have created what can only be called “monsters” in laboratory conditions. Under the guise of “medical research to create organ transplants or cures for human ailments”, researchers are moving towards the fulfilment of what Patricia Piccinini promised would happen and which she exhibits in her art galleries across the world.

The Transhumanism agenda is one which seeks to remodify human beings by integrating mankind with computer generated technologies. The Singularity is a future event which transhumanists believe that mankind through the power of technology, will move from a state of ignorance to a new state of power with the ability to achieve a number of incredible feats for the full benefit of mankind. This is known as the coming Singularity and is a future event in which the very code to integrate man and machine will reach its fulfilment.



SPECIAL PREVIEW: MORE THAN HUMAN Blackberry Under the Spotlight The third avenue is what we call Spiritual Modification: The human being is a whole being composed of body and spirit. We are spirit beings encased in a house of tissue, bones and cells. The physical form we see is just a temporary outer casing but what really gives us identity and consciousness is our spirit. When God created Adam he was initially like a waxwork. Simply a lifeless vessel made of clay, until God breathed into him his spirit and Adam became alive.

experiences seem to mirror the same constant characteristics? Is there a growing spiritual attack to corrupt the human race in this modern age or are these alien abductions account simply hallucinations or programmed trauma based experiences.

For decades fields of research such as hypnosis and psychology have attempted to understand the power of the human mind and human consciousness in an effort to better understand human behaviour. Through the influences of Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud, much of the work in this area was based on the hypothesis that man an was just a physical being with a brain and consciousness that had evolved through the “More than Human” is the latest special report to be released by Rema Marketing which addresses evolutionary cycle. these developments to transcend man in something beyond and above how God created us in the Garden of Eden. Whether it is the ability to create humans with both human and animal characteristics, the ability for the human mind and body to be integrated with biochips or computer programs, the ability to for humans to tap further into their spirituality as a means of transcending physical boundaries or the union between humans beings and extra-terrestrials, there is one common denominator behind all of this. The deification of man, the ability for man to ultimately reach a status of godhood. However, as ground breaking research in the study of the human mind shows evidence that the human being is not just a physical entity, there is a growing acceptance amongst secular psychologists that the human being is a multi dimensional entity, and if the non physical representation of the human being can be modified to create a positive effect on the physical, then this dualistic nature should be explored and tapped into further.

The lie of the serpent is that “For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil”

“More than Human” shatters the illusion that all of these strands are independent coincidences and provides damming evidence that there is a sinister agenda to reprogram human beings into something which is alien to what the God of the Bible originally The fourth avenue is what we call extra- created. terrestrial modification: When the bible says that the coming of the Son of Man shall be as the days Some of the evidence provided shows a disgusting of Noah can we see a clear thread between the time and horrific attempt to transform man into a vessel of Noah and what we see today with the UFO that would destroy the ability for the holy spirit to inhabit. phenomena. Why do many of the alien abduction



SPECIAL PREVIEW: MORE THAN HUMAN Blackberry Under the Spotlight Could the Mark of the Beast be in reference to the modification of the human genome or some type of modification to the human structure which makes the human being repulsive and repugnant to our creator? Something that corrupts the human to the point where he or she is unrecognizable by Almighty God.

Is it possible that within the next fifty years we will be seeing performances in Olympics track and field events which will literally, beggar belief? For instance is it really possible that the men's 100m world record could dip from the present 9.58 to under 8 seconds and if so how?

We have to at this stage inform you that whereas with previous reports we may have asked you to share the information with young people and teenagers we have to apply a warning to “More than Human”. We would recommend that if you are going to share it What about the creation with others than yourselves that the persons are of life forms that are full physical born hybrids above the age of 18. especially hybrids that are part human and part animal. Does the hybrid have a soul? Can the This is because there are some rather gruesome hybrid receive salvation if more human than animal? details and images related to the topic. Genetics, genetic engineering, transhumanism and the What about the recent news that scientists have modification of the human species is something now conquered the ability to store data on DNA. which borders on the horrendous when you have a Yes DNA. What impact does this have on present full birds eye view of the complete picture of what is media storage devices such as disk drives, DVDs, actually happening at this moment in time. USB flash drives? Does the storing of data on DNA have any significance as far as population control is concerned? What incredible new diseases and epidemics could this trigger as man seeks to expose the building blocks of life to foreign non biological data? What about plans to integrate the photosynthesis process and chlorophyll producing process from Additionally in we have also managed to retrieve plants into the human genome. What is the single information from leaked wires from Wikileaks. You tremendous risk of creating DNA hybrids between may be aware that Julian Assange head of human beings and plants? Wikileaks has presently sought refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London where the British What about the coming Singularity. Could this police technically cannot get to him unless he sets actually be the very revelation of the “image of the foot outside of the embassy. This is due to a rape beast” without most bible prophecy experts even charge against him in Sweden which was lodged being aware of its significance? What does the Bible coincidentally, shortly after Wikileaks had come mean when it says that power was given to the across and released an avalanche of incredible image of the beast to speak? Will the coming damning leaks confirming on a number of levels the Singularity single be the most extraordinary truth about governments conspiracies concealing development of synthetic intelligence and the first the truth on a number of major issues. creation of a life form that is non human but fully aware and conscious? So prepare yourself for some real hair rising revelations. The 4 part report covers and addresses There is nothing much else we can say except a number of pertinent questions. A few of which are within the next week you will come across as following. something which needs to be handled with due care!


“Even minor tampering with nature is apt to bring serious consequences, as did the introduction of a single chemical (DDT). Genetic engineering is tampering on a monumental scale, and nature will surely exact a heavy toll for this trespass." Dr Eva Novotny, Astronomer and campaigner on GM issues for Scientists’ for Global Responsibility, SGR

"I see worries in the fact that we have the power to manipulate genes in ways that would be improbable or impossible through conventional evolution. We shouldn't be complacent in thinking that we can predict the results." Colin Blakemore, Waynflete professor of physiology at Oxford University and President of the British Association for the Advancement of Science.

"Over the last fifteen years, I and other scientists have put the FDA on notice about the potential dangers of genetically engineered foods. Instead of responsible regulation we have seen bureaucratic bungling and obfuscation that have left public health and the environment at risk." Dr. Philip Regal, Professor of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior at the University of Minnesota

“The creation of an animal-human being represents a natural border that has been violated, the most grave of violations.” Bishop Elio Sgreccia, president of Pontifical Academy for Life, May 2007


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The More Than Human report preview is a publicaon of Rema Markeng For any queries regarding this service please contact us at ŠRema Markeng 2012. All Rights Reserved.