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We in there ’doe P

Kierra Leggett Editor-in- Chief

resident Barack

hometown of Chicago. He

America the best has yet to

Obama may have

was accompanied by his wife


a lot of problems

and two daughters.

he has to deal with, but as of Tuesday, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is no longer one of them. With 303 electoral votes, Obama won re-election and secured his place in the White House for another four years. At about 1:30 a.m.

“We are an American

Romney won 206

the people’s work.” With the Republican Party gaining control in the

electoral votes and 48

House of Representatives and

family, and we rise or fall

percent of the popular vote.

Democrats strengthening

together as one nation and

In his brief concession

its control in the Senate, the

as one people,” Obama said. “Tonight, in this election, you, the American people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up,

Wednesday, Obama

we have fought our way back,

addressed the American

and we know in our hearts

public from a stage in his

that for the United States of

speech, which he gave at about 1 a.m. Wednesday, Romney urged Americans to unite. “The nation, as you know, is at a critical point,” Romney said. “At a time like

willingness of Congress to set aside party ties will be crucial to the effectiveness of the legislative branch during Obama’s second term. In keeping with his

this, we can’t risk partisan

slogan throughout the 2012

bickering and political

campaign, Obama told the

posturing. Our leaders have

crowd Wednesday of the

to reach across the aisle to do

challenges that will likely

Obama continued page 3

My Sticker Collection Letter from the Editor


s a little girl, one of

responsibility, it wasn’t until

(a girl can never have too

my favorite hobbies

after I had cast my ballot and

many). However, after voting on

was collecting

received my “ I voted,” sticker

Tuesday, I decided that I would

stickers. There was little that I

that the impact of what I had

begin collecting stickers again.

enjoyed more than filling one

just done really hit me.

Not necessarily the Lisa Frank

sticker book up, so that I could get another. Fully aware of this, my mother would always give

Women were not granted the right to vote until 1920

ones from my past, but instead “I voted,” stickers.

and for many years African-

Though I’ll never be able to

Americans had to endure great

collect enough for all of the

difficulty to cast their ballot. I

individuals who fought hard

voted at 20-years-old, with great

for the right to vote, but were

than a decade since I last

ease, and one of the people on

never fortunate enough to do

cracked the spine on a sticker

the ballot for President of the

so, it’s the thought and that vote

book, or for that matter since

United States of America was a


I have been rewarded with a

black man.

them to me as a small treat for doing something good. Though it has been more

sticker for doing something good, on Tuesday I got to relive on my favorite childhood

My sticker, I decided, was not just a symbol of the fact that I had voted in the presidential


election, but also of all the blood

Like so many of my peers, I

lost and tears shed by persons

voted in a presidential election

before me so that me and other

for the very first time. Though

people like me could have the

I knew walking into my voting

right to vote.

location on Election Day that I was doing the right thing by upholding to my civic

Now , about the only thing I consciously collect, are shoes

Nubian Message

Sentinel of the African-American Community at North Carolina State University KIERRA LEGGETT | EDITOR - IN - CHIEF DEERRICKA GREEN | MANAGING EDITOR


Only with the permission of our elders do we proudly produce each edition of the Nubian Message. Dr. Yosef ben-Yochannan: Dr. John Henrik Clark: Dr. Leonard Jeffries: The Black Panther Party: Mumia A. Jamal: Geronimo Pratt: Tony Williamson: Dr. Lawrence Clark: Dr. Augustus McIver Witherspoon: Dr. Wandra P. Hill: Mr. Kyran Anderson: Dr. Lathan Turner: Dr. M. Iyailu Moses: Dokta Toni Thorpe and all those who accompany us as we are STILL on the journey to true consciousness. COPYRIGHT 2011 BY NORTH CAROLINA STATE STUDENT MEDIA, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Obama continued from page 1 on him winning in the key battleground states of Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Iowa, North Carolina and New Hampshire. In the end, he won every one of them except North Carolina. Fox News reported that an overwhelming number of young and minority voters were the driving force in this year’s election. These are votes the Obama team campaigned hard for in the months leading up to Election Day. Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton and the President himself all made trips to N.C. State and other campuses in North Carolina and the U.S. N.C. State student Khalia Braswell, who saw Obama speak during his visit to campus in 2011, supported the President in this year’s election because of his policies that help students. “His policies have made my financial aid increase, and some of my healthcare needs are now free,” Braswell said. Braswell, a computer science major, was also happy to give Obama her vote because of his focus on science and technology. “[Obama] has an interest in science, technology, engineering and math, which is also important to me as a graduating senior in computer science. He understands the importance of STEM in taking this country forward,” Braswell said. In the hours leading up to the announcement of Obama’s reelection, N.C. State students gathered in various places around campus for election viewing parties. The brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. hosted one of these parties in D.H. Hill library. Students on other campuses across North Carolina Drawing by Travis Gatling

arise in his efforts to move the country forward. “Now,

we will disagree, sometimes fiercely … as it has for

American youth and the perfect example of a real

more than two centuries, progress will come in fits and starts. It’s not always a smooth path.” Colton Palmer, an alumnus of N.C. State, was not only proud that Obama was re-elected, but also that the younger generation played such a pivotal role in it. “I was happy to see our generation push hard for a second term,” Palmer said. “I believe a lot of people thought we weren’t going to show up this go round, but we did. I’m proud to be an American and even more proud to be a young African-American. President Obama is a great example for African-

man, a strong black man.” Like Palmer, junior communication major Nija Toshumba was also excited to learn that the President would have a second term to continue moving the U.S. forward. “ I personally thought it was amazing [that Obama won],” Toshumba said. “I had my doubts

congregated to watch the results of the election as well. When students at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro learned of President Obama’s re-election, they took to their campus reflection pool, splashing around in the water in celebration. Celebrations for President Obama’s re-election will

because of all the negative things I heard and saw, but

likely carry on well into January for Obama’s second

I never truly gave up hope. I can’t wait to see what he

inauguration Monday, Jan. 21.

has in store for the next four years.” While Obama won early in Vermont, Maine, and Connecticut, his re-election was heavily contingent

Left: Students at N.C. A&T celebrating Barack Obama’s re-election in their reflection pool. Right: Members of Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity Inc. at the Election Viewing party they hosted on Tuesday.

Obama will make history once again, now, as the first African-American man to serve two terms as President of the United States of America.

The Good and The Ugly:

Social Media Users and the Fear of a Black President

DeErricka Green Managing Editor


he 2012 Election became the

is in my throat,” tweeted Dani Beysolow,

your praises, there are 100 haters trying

exists, these things exist. As long as

highest-trending topic on

a junior studying psychology.

to bring you down.

people think “n*ggerf*g” is amusing to

Twitter Tuesday night, with

more than 20 million tweets. In some states, “n*gger” was close behind it.

“Nevertheless our President is back, and for another four years, our President is black.”

Tensions remained high for

media played a vital role. Voters tweeted comments about long lines, Instagrammed their ballots and, in one crazy case, uploaded a video of a voting machine in Pennsylvania gone haywire. Social media users all over the world stayed glued to CNN and other news networks well into the night as the results of a close race unfolded, taking breaks only to communicate their feelings of aspiration and anxiety. “Why did I turn on CNN? My heart

tag on a college campus, racism and hate speech exist.

supporters of the president as Mitt

as just some general rabble-rousers

Romney took an early lead in the

took to the Internet to express their

Electoral College count. But as the

displeasure. Some of the most negative

not an aspect of our society that can be

night went on, the President caught up

comments made heavy use of racial slurs

changed overnight­- or even over four

and Americans continued to hold their

and hate speech.


breath. As soon as it was announced that President Obama had secured Ohio’s votes, supporters knew it was all over.

Throughout Election Day social

Proponents of Gov. Romney as well

“I guess Nate Silver isn’t so crazy, huh?” wrote former NFL star Warren Sapp. First-time voters, especially, had cause for celebration. “Today my voice was heard!” wrote ECU freshman Tyana Spellman. “I get to tell my grandchildren and great-grandchildren that I was a part of history. I was there when the first black president was elected, and I helped put him back in office!” Though the majority of citizens agree with that sentiment, there are always going to be haters in the mix. You know what they say: For every person singing

There are some of you who may have

As citizens, we have to realize this is

The natural instinct for some of us is

been hopeful that the re-election of

to strike back against these comments,

President Obama would be an indication

often in anger. People’s fear of a black

that racism no longer exists in this

president, however, is not worth words.


Their views may never change. The

Unfortunately, as shown in Tuesday night’s display of negative comments, in which social media users referred to the President as “monkey,” “n*gger”

unforgettable moment that occurred on Nov. 7 will also never change, despite their ignorance on social media. Haters are entitled to their opinion,

and everything in between, as well as

however offensive. That’s the nature of

comments expressing fear of the future

our society. Nevertheless our President

destruction of the United States, it’s clear

is back, and for another four years, our

racism is still alive and well.

President is black.

As long as our First Amendment right allows us to express whatever it is we desire, racism and hate speech exist. As long as the need to be rebellious

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Ammendment 64 and Initiative 502, Pass it Around Shawn Murray Staff Writer As the dusts settles in the aftermath of

to yesterday’s election results, both

a federal offense. Those who are opposed

Amendment 64 and Initiative 502

Election Night, many Americans are still

states openly accepted the legalization of

to these laws bring up this, and countless

as a step into the future of legalizing

talking, not only about the re-election of

marijuana for medical use. Individuals in

other reasons, as to why the amendments

marijuana nationwide.

President Barack Obama, but also a few

these states could obtain the drug with

should not be in affect.

smaller key victories that spawned from

the use of a state-issued card. California

the Democratic victory.

has a similar system in place. With the passing of these amendments, it is now

“... it is now legal for citizens to roll up in the privacy of their own home...”

legal for citizens to roll up in the privacy of their own home, partake in bong-rips, and have a smoke-session at the end of a long stressful day. There are however, some stipulations of the new amendment. Smokers 21 and

Not only were the first disabled and

above may have no more than an ounce

Asian, pansexual, and lesbian senators

of the substance in their possession.

voted into office, but new laws were

Citizens can also legally grow six plants

passed as well. Maryland and Maine

in any privately locked space, as well

joined six other states in the legalization

as gift up to one ounce to other users.

of gay marriage, with a similar measure

Consumption is permitted in a manner

in Washington pending. Minnesota

similar to alcohol, with comparable

became the first state in the country to

penalties when driving. Taxes are

reject a statewide constitutional ban on

also enforced on marijuana products,

same sex marriage.

reportedly up to 15 percent on the price

Many eyes were also on Colorado and Washington on Tuesday. Amendment

of any byproducts. Complications arise when taking

64 and Initiative 502 in were approved

into account that Amendment 64 and

(respectively) in these states, legalizing

Initiative 502 are state laws, whereas

the recreational use of marijuana. Prior

holding or distributing marijuana is still

Those who are opposed say the

Colorado and Washington, in my opinion, serve as “pet projects.” The

legalization of recreational marijuana

illegal transporting of weed is a multi-

contradicts the anti-drug campaigns

million, if not, billion dollar industry.

that are spread throughout public school

Legalizing Mary Jane will not only

systems. Also, many critics believe that

boost the economy and help eliminate

this action will lead to a boost in crime

the nation’s debt, but also help lessen

rates and drug addiction, as well as take

the power of illegal traffickers. Also,

away the coveted title of healthiest state

approving the use of recreational

held by Colorado.

marijuana nationwide would allow for

Supporters have a different outlook,

the imprisonment of harsher offenders.

saying that the grass is greener on the

Amendment 64 and Initiative 502 are

other side. Counter arguments suggest

prototypes of what nationwide marijuana

that the taxation of marijuana would

laws should be- a strict distribution

boost the state’s profit by a large margin,

policy with a legal age limit, as well as

as well as open and create new jobs in

taxation to help each state earn profit,

the state.

the same as alcohol use.

With the legal pot smoking age

Could Colorado and Washington help

marked at 21, pro-marijuana activists say

change America’s negative connotations

that this will help keep the drug out the

of marijuana and bring the plant into a

hands of underage smokers. At the same

more positive light? Only time will tell

time, they predict that legal distribution,

as officials observe both states and weigh

similar to that of alcohol, will help cut

the outcome.

down on teen addiction levels.

Many celebrate the passing of

The Power to Change

International Students Weigh in on Presidential Election Sehdia Mansary Staff Writer In this year’s election the United States’

some students, the hype surrounding

to elections in their native countries, in

felt apathetic toward the voting process,

election was a hot topic to Americans and

televised debates, rallies, and political

regards to voter apathy among American

she said, “there is no [effective] right to

foreigners alike.

advertisements this fall was unusual

students, several foreign students

vote [in China]. Keep that in mind.”

as compared to the calmer political

felt quite strongly. Lydia Hughes is

atmosphere at home.

familiar with a parliamentary system of

The US’s image in the international community is steadily becoming more defined. This caught the attention of

While many international students on

Voter apathy statistically only applies

government, due to her upbringing in

to a small percent of the American

England. She believes that if the right

population. While some individuals feel

international students at NC State, and

campus found the hassle to vote irritating,

to vote is not exercised, then there

as though their vote plays a small role

although their own home countries have

they no doubt watched the American

is no right to complain about the

in the electoral decision, the numbers

also been experiencing governmental

presidential race as closely as its citizens.


that depicted a close race on Tuesday

elections, many foreigners have been

The consensus for the international

glued to ours.

students was that Barack Obama would

Throughout the past few months of

night do not lie. As shown through these Qian Yu also communicated little

students, the power of the free vote has

be their pick for re-election. They agree

interest in the election of her home,

an authority that crosses international

observation, many international students

that Obama’s platform represents not just

citing the fact that the President of China

waters. Every vote counts and every vote

living on campus have found the electoral

American ideals, but global ideals.

is ultimately chosen by delegates in the

has the power to make a difference. Every

National People’s Congress, despite the

vote has the power to change.

process in the United States to be vastly different than that of their homes. For

While many expressed nonchalance

electoral process. To those students that

The Haute Seat: First Lady Style Not even the First Lady of the United States can escape The Haute Seat. Christopher Lynn Staff Writer


ith the Presidential Election

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ

finally coming to an end, I

of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), or Mormons,

think it’s about time I address one of the

wear temple garments, which end just

most important issues of this year’s presi- above the knee on women’s clothing and dential campaign— the fashion sense of

have cap-sleeves with either a rounded or

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney.

sweetheart neckline.

For the past year, their style has had

Romney manages to not only incorpo-

to remain secondary to the political plat-

rate the principles of her religion in her

forms of their husbands, however now

style, but also keep her outfits both mod-

that the election is behind us, it is time

est and interesting. She does this with her

that it come to the forefront.

color palette, which holds a wide array of

While of course a presidential candidates stance on issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and healthcare help deter-

colors from bright fuchsia to a deep teal. A good example of how she uses color to spice up her wardrobe is the

mine for whom a citizen will vote, for the dress she wore at the second presidential style savvy the image of a candidates wife debate. While both she and Obama wore can sway their vote just as much as the

the same shade of bright pink, Romney

“real” issues.

clearly wore hers with a more flawless

As if this election wasn’t close enough, effort. both Ann Romney and Michelle Obama

Donning a short-sleeved sheath dress,

showcased relatively good taste in cloth-

with a swooped crew neck, her simplistic

ing and style throughout the race for the

look was paired well with a wonderful


statement piece - a jade necklace. Often

“Though as a whole these two ladies exude high fashion and class, a Haute Seat just wouldn’t be a Haute Seat without a little of my “constructive criticism.”’ Over the course of Barack Obama’s presidency, Mrs. Obama proved to the

vative style however, Ann Romney gave Obama a run for her money. The fact that Ann Romney dresses conservatively should not be a surprise

than ever.

It has been speculated that Anna Wintour has blacklisted Ann Romney, causing fashion

secret that Wintour loves and supports to my next point...

Michelle Obama is no stranger to de-

ites. Though these designers have many

Republican and the mother of five. Some

that mesh well with her personal style.

because she always seems to wear long sleeves, cardigans and skirts that hang below the knee however, this works for Romney.

their mother borrow their shoes. Oh, and

Though as a whole these two ladies exude high fashion and class, a Haute Seat

said “Bury those kittens somewhere deep in the ground.” Regardless of the nation’s decision last night, I am electing both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney to the Haute Seat.

Romney, who are not strangers to high fashion, have been known to wear double prints, which is one of my pet -peeves.

In a photo seen in Time Magazine, signer labels, Michael Kors, Jason Wu and Romney is seen wearing a navy and Tracey Reese are just some of her favor- white-checkered jacket, paired with edgy pieces, Obama often chooses those

wife, or someone stuck in the 1950s

13 at the White House.

just wouldn’t be a Haute Seat without a designers to stay as far away from little of my “constructive criticism.” her as possible. In related news, it is no Both Michelle Obama and Ann

considering that she is 63, Mormon, may say that she resembles a Stepford

she fuses both of these styles into one

flawless execution. An example of this is if you haven’t heard, back in July, some staying true to designer Oscar de when Obama wore an elegant Michael Mormons buried a live cat in cement. I’m la Renta, Romney has made the Kors, black georgette, pleated, one-shoul- not certain, but I have a hunch that they sheath dress more fashionable der dress with a golden Dior belt on June may have misheard the order when Mitt

nation that she knew a thing or two about the Obamas 100 percent, which leads me how to dress. Despite her more conser-

grams, so effortlessly. My favorite is when no idea why Malia and Sasha keep letting

Many view her as the most fashionable First Lady since Jackie Onassis. Her

a navy skirt with white floral prints. Though she was going to church, her outfit was blasphemous. Obama, as she cheered on Team USA

during a tennis match, wore a black ensembles are usually classic with a slight and white gingham and polka dot dress, flair of her own. Obama has also been paired with a polka dot sweater—talk known to show off her toned “guns” in sleeveless dresses. What really stands

As a fashion-forward person, her con- out about Obama however, is her ability servative style is not necessarily my cup

to wear first lady attire during diplo-

of tea, but as a person with morals and

matic events, then turn on her Sasha

religious beliefs, I understand her choices. Fierce-like persona in less formal pro-

about a triple fault. Along with double print, both of these women love sporting kitten heels. Anyone between the age of 13-65 should not be wearing a kitten heel. Frankly, I have

The First Lady @MichelleObama tweeted this following the announcement of President Obama’s Reelection: “More than anything, I want to thank you all for everything. I am so grateful to every one of you for your support and your prayers.” –mo

A Nicki Minaj Type Can’t be Tamed into First Lady Destiny and Austin have a conversation about the type of woman men really want. Destiny McNeil and Austin Green Staff Writers Austin (A): I’m tired of getting on Twitter and seeing girls tweet about how they want a “real man” or “Barack” in their


lives, but in reality they carry themselves


like they want a Lil Wayne or something.

and wants her butt to hang out for attention.

Destiny (D): What do you mean? Guys do the same thing. They say they want a Michelle Obama but then thirst over girls like Nicki Minaj.

A: I mean in the club or at parties the Nicki types have half their butt hanging out, are half-naked and drunk. What dude

“...until we are presented with a good girl, a guy will just keep doing what he is doing. If a school is full of nothing but grimy guys, it’s only a reflection of the girls.”

wants to put up with all that on a regular basis?

A: You can flaunt what you have without wearing see-through leggings. I’m all

D: First and foremost, that is not every

about flaunting, but you can do it without

girl. As it relates to club and party attire,

looking like you are about to work at the

who doesn’t want to get dressed up and

pyramid tonight.

flaunt what they have? There’s nothing wrong with going out, looking cute and

D: So, you want to put restrictions on

feeling good. What you described sounds

what a girl should wear if she wants to

to me like a sloppy girl, one who can’t hold

attract a good man? Ha! We all know guys are idolizing and fantasizing over the

Nicki Minaj type. You guys always claim

must be hiding out.

you want a good girl, the wifey type, but do not act like it.

D: If you guys want a Michelle so bad, why not look beyond those leggings you

A: True, we do. But, I guarantee when

dissed earlier and open up your ears.

guys are thinking about Nicki, its not for

Listen to what a girl has to say. Journey

the reason of making her a wife. A lot of

through her thoughts and see what she’s

females are portraying themselves as a

about. Guys are so concerned about how

side chick, not a main.

fat the booty is, that they don’t get to know a girl for what matters. That’s why you

D: Ok fine. I’ll give you that, but you’re

think the good girls are hidden, because

not looking at the majority of the female

you guys are so blinded by the superficial

population at N.C. State. The majority of

that you cant see the real.

us aren’t as trashy or as “slutacious “as the girls guys are feigning over. I know plenty

A: All right, stop with the Oprah talk. The

of good, classy, wifey-types and they are

biggest man whore in the world would

single. Michelle’s are out there but I don’t

give up his ways if he found the right one.

see guys paying them attention or going

However, until we are presented with a

out of their way to peruse them, the same

good girl, a guy will just keep doing what

way I see them pursuing the ratchets.

he doing. If a school is full of nothing but grimy guys, it’s only a reflection of the

A: We go after what we are presented with. If all we see are the Nicki types, we have no other choice. The Michelle types


The End of the Elect ion


For months now Americans have been bombarded with politics. Now that the 2012 presidential election has finally come to an end, we have comprised a list of all the reasons we are glad to see it go. Staff Report

No more accusations from Donald Trump- hopefully. The Donald was very active during the past election season. Not only did he nominate himself for president, but he also started an investigation into the citizenship

No more insensitive coments about rape. Rape is always a topic of discussion in any presidential election, but this year even more so. U.S. Repersenative Todd Akin offended many with his comments about “legitimate rape,” and Richard Murdock did as well when he said that rape was a “Gift from God.”

No more being harrassed in the brickyard. Since August, students have been bombarded with the question, “Are you registered to vote?” Now that the election is over they will no longer have to be asked this question multiple times a day.

No more Instagram memes. The lastest social media site to gain popularity, Instagram has been filled with political memes during the presidential election. No one and nothing has been off limits.

No more wacky celebrity endorsements. From a bikini clad Stacey Dash publicly announcing her support for Mitt Romney with a photo shoot, to Katy Perry rocking a skin tight blue leather dress, complete with the Obama logo, almost all of Hollywood has jumped on the campaign trail. Now that the election is over maybe they can all get back to making movies and perhaps Clint Eastwood can

No more of Herman Cain’s mistresses. Hermain Cain ended his run for the presidency after four women made accusations of sexual misconduct against him. Cain denied all accusations.

No more stupid lists like this.

Nubian Message 11.8.12  
Nubian Message 11.8.12  

We in there 'doe