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Raleigh Unites in time of Crisis CJ Guion | Staff Writer The city of Raleigh is still in the process of recovery after a tornado ravaged through the area on April 16th. Many homes and businesses were damaged. Shaw University was forced to end eight days early due after several dormitories and the university’s student center was damaged. In a report released by the city of Raleigh last weekend, it was announced that the area received over $115 million dollars worth of damage to homes and commercial establishments. An estimated 138 homes and six businesses were damaged, and another 2,269 homes and businesses received either major or minor damage. Northeast and Southeast Raleigh were the areas that were hit the hardest. Residents and students in the Triangle area have branched together to help out the victims of the tornado. Last week, students from around the Raleigh-Durham area joined together to clean up The Boys and Girls club of Raleigh on Wednesday and Shaw University on Thursday. Students from UNC, Duke, St. Aug, Shaw, NC State, Meredith, Peace, A&T, and North Carolina Central were able to place their rivalries aside for a couple of hours to help out the community in their time of need. It is said in times of crisis we rush to the aid of others, but fail to help our own. In this case, the Raleigh residents and students in the area have truly proved that this saying is false. On Friday, Radio One of Raleigh hosted a tornado relief food drive at Kroger on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Some people donated entire carts of food and water, taking the time to think of others rather than themselves.



Al Sharpton Vs. Cornell West Madavia Johnson | Staff Writer

Al Sharpton is easily manipulated by the people in the White House and is giving him a bad look as an African In recent news there has been a strong and heated American leader. Sharpton responded as if Cornell was debate between Al Sharpton and Cornell West, two seeking security behind the ivory towers and not speakprestigious leaders within the African American coming out. Sharpton believes that addressing some certain munity. The debate took place on MSNBC on the Black issues is not Obama’s job, but the job of African AmeriAgenda. The debate stemmed from points of views of can leaders such as himself. Sharpton felt that Cornell Obama and the Health Care system. West was scared to step out and speak about issues Questions were asked concerning whether the that are affecting the African American community. government was helping or hurting the poor people He also expressed that Cornell West is sitting around with the new plan. Al Sharpton came from the point of waiting for bills to pass instead of being active within view that they are cutting funds in certain places, and the African American community and politics. Cornell that the rich people should make more economical sacri- West disagreed and stated that Obama, being president, fices. He stands by Obama is obligated to address things Republicans are shooting a lot of his and his effort to improve that are going on in the African healthcare, he says that ideas down, which is making it hard to American community. all Obama needs is time. Cornell West is often see the change that he has promised He made the reference to seen as a more respectable man from the beginning. the Civil Rights movement in the public eye than Al Sharpand how it took nine years ton, but Al Sharpton’s point for Martin Luther King of view is very valid. President along with others to reach their goals. Cornell West had Obama is taking a lot of hits and to me he is taking them a different opinion he believes that Obama has made well. He is an African American, but he just can’t focus empty promises to the people, and that black leaders on events such as African Americans being frisked by such as Obama are being silent about the issues that are police. That is a job for other African American political going on in lower class African American Communities. leaders such as Al Sharpton and Cornell West. Obama He feels as if Black leaders are focusing on the middle has other issues to worry about such as passing bills to class and not the working class. There are many people improve all of America. This year has been a very chalwho feel as if Obama is being spineless and weak in lenging year for Obama and policy making due to the rethe White House’s decision on Health Care and helping cord amount of filibusters that has been made this year. impoverished citizens. Republicans are shooting a lot of his ideas down, which Al Sharpton felt as if too many people are is making it hard to see the change that he has promised putting the blame on Obama and expecting him to be from the beginning. responsible for jobs that are not his. Cornell felt as if

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Workers clean up the damage from a destroyed tree on the steps of the James E. Creek Learning Resource Center at Shaw University

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april 27, 2011

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Annual Ebony Harlem Awards Program 2011 International Year for people of African Descent

Jasmine Harris | Managing Editor On Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 6:30pm in the Campus Cinema, the African American Student Advisory Council (AASAC) presented the 2011 Ebony Harlem Awards Program. The program was also an installation ceremony for the new officers of AASAC. The ceremonial hosts included representatives from the Society of African American Culture and the Heritage Society.

Here are the winners of the 2011 Ebony Harlem Awards: Drama Kelvin Carter & Carizma Thomas Literary Talent Mario Terry & Kateria Poe Dance Roshane Williams & April Gaddy Instrumental Music Jeremy Currence & Khalia Braswell Vocal Music Trevon Nelson & Shiona Caldwell Art Rasoul Butler & Kandice Ross Service Tyrik Hicks & Danielle Thomas Leadership Reginald Parks & Brittany Strachan Distinguished Person Elvin James & Rickiah Wingfield Nash N. Winstead Academic Achievement Reginald Howell & Jasmine Flood Outstanding Athlete Colton Palmer & Amira Chowyuk Design Edward Okafor & Vallyn Murphy

The NCSU Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People won this year’s Organization of the Year. Advisors and executive board members of organizations within AASAC were also honored, as well as next year’s AASAC executive board which include: Chairperson: Mario Terry Vice-Chair: Krystopher McRae Secretary: Tova Williams Parliamentarian: Sharka Holmes

Congratulations to all AASAC organizations, to all Ebony Harlem nominees and award winners and to the AASAC executive board, old and new (including our very own editor-in-chief) for an amazing year and another amazing year to come.

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april 27, 2011

“If you’re Black get Back” Yolanda Ray | Staff Writer Skin color, hair texture, and body weight are attributes in which African American physically differ from other ethnic groups. Within the African American community there is a lot of diversity regarding all of these dimensions, specifically skin complexion. The variability based on skin complexion has separated our community with implications associated with darker skin, brown skin, and lighter skin. Ultimately, unity within the African American community is vital regardless of differences in skin complexions and skin tones. The unity or lack thereof in the African American because of skin complexion dates back to the enslavement of African descended people. Tension from race relations existed across many plantations amongst the enslaved individuals as a result of differences in skin complexions. Interactions between individuals that worked in the house varied dramatically from those that worked on the field. Often times, the owner of the plantation separated the workers based on the color of their skin. Those with lighter skin often had preferential treatment compared to the other enslaved individuals. Having the opportunity to do housework or care for the children and not have to deal with the harsh realities associated with working long days in the cotton field. It has been noted that many cultures show a bias toward lighter skin, specifically in many Asian cultures. It is very unfortunate that the skin- color advantage is still very prominent in United States society today. William Darity Junior is a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He stated that Hersch’s findings were similar to a study he had recently co-authored on skin tone and wages among African Americans. Darity said,

“We estimate that dark-or-medium skinned blacks suffered a discriminatory penalty of anywhere from ten percent to fifteen percent relative to whites.” Furthermore, “This suggests people cue into appearance and draw inferences about capabilities and skills based on how they look.” From research it is currently unclear whether these actions are conscious or subconscious. Due to the fact that these discriminatory practices are very difficult to prove very few lawsuits occur. In addition, Studies in the late 1990s found that there were economic advantages in being a light skinned African American. For example, “Family income of fair-skinned African Americans was 50% greater than that of dark-skinned African Americans, and their personal income was 65% greater than that of dark-skinned African Americans.” In addition, gender plays a significant role in differences in skin colors bias. The association between skin color and attractiveness was not as strongly correlated for men. African American women have taken much of the heat in respect to skin color, hair texture, and facial features. In due course, I hope that our nation can come together in unity and love and embrace one another regardless of subtle differences, especially in the African American community. We need to help one another instead of demean each other based on trivial characteristics such as skin complexion. Skin complexion does not matter. We are all capable of getting the job done whether it is professionally, academically, or socially. Each skin complexion adds a different dimension to our population, along with a different and unique set of experiences associated with the African American race. If we do not love the skin we are in, then who will?

African American Status Report How are African Americans looking on paper? What are the statistics in the community? Alexis Teasdell | Staff Writer It is a true blessing to be able to attend an institution as great as North Carolina State University, but what about students who wish to also attend our university, or staff who wish to work here. The 2011 African American Status report for our university has just been released and holds some interesting information. Many of us encourage family and friends to apply to this school in which we love, and yes, it shows. The amount of African American freshman applications is on the rise and has been for a few years. Now one may wonder, if this is true, than why are there so few African-Americans walking across NC State’s campus? The reason that there are only a percentage of eight African Americans at NC State is because the amount of freshman enrolled and accepted into NC State has not grown. This does not mean that it is dropping though. Fortunately,

the amount of African- American students has stayed constant but eight percent is still not enough. It has been said that the reason why these numbers are staying constant is because many African Americans are not prepared for college and therefore aren’t accepted. African Americans only account for 6.5 percent of students to achieve a 3 or higher on Advanced Placement exams and only 24 percent of African Americans take the S.A.T. An institution like ours pays attention to this. Thankfully, our school is taking some initiative to help African Americans into our university. Due to the Regents of University of California vs Bakke Case, NC State is not allowed to admit students who aren’t qualified into the university. All students at our school deserve to be here and race has no influence, so NC State has produced programs in order to help prepare students for applying to college as early as kindergarten. From K-12 outreach to hosting high school and middle school groups, CALI grant, SPACE pro-

gram; Science House, and TRIO, NC State is honestly trying to increase the amount of African Americans. NC State also looks at applications in a more holistic way. Grades aren’t the only thing that get you in. Extracurricular activities and school involvement are also considered in the admissions process. Some may say that there is a gap in which schools NC State is visiting and talking to. Others may argue that NC State isn’t putting enough effort into the programs. Personally, I would ask what we can do to help. As it has been said many times before, it is our duty as African Americans to save ourselves and help one another. When asked what we can do, as students, to help it was said that we can get involved in the programs that NC State has in place, such as SPACE or TRIO. There is also a lot of help in students going back to their old high schools and middles schools to talk about college.

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This Week In Black History April 24th The United Negro College Fund is Founded April 25th Charles “Chuck” Cooper first African American drafted by NBA April 26th Students seize administrative building at Ohio State University April 27th The Release of W.E.B Du Bois’ Souls of Black Folk ; the book crystallizes opposition to Booker T. Washington’s program of social and political subordination. April 28th Supreme court ruled in Jim Crow case stating that all facilities for Blacks and Whites must be equal. April 29th First Day of L.A Riots following the acquittal of four cops accused of beating Rodney King April 30th The Cosby Show comes to an end after a eight season run

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april 27, 2011

Report Can’t We All Just Get Along? Question continued from pg. 3of the Week Mentoring is also a great way to help students prepare for college. Middle school is so important to make sure that students understand what needs to be done to get into college because colleges see grades from ninth grade and higher. Therefore, as the academic world becomes more competitive students will need to work harder to ensure an opportunity to go to our institution. NC State is also trying to increase the amount of students who choose to enroll here. That number has remained constant as well. State is trying to increase these numbers through letters to admitted students of color and programs throughout their senior year. One of the programs is Embrace NC State, formerly known as African American visitation day for us. Before it was a program divided into three parts for African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans but now it is one. Students still get the opportunity to see that NC State does place a focus on diversity and also get an opportunity to see students of their race involved on campus as they learn how to get involved as well. Okay, so we have our eight percent accepted and enrolled, but what happens when we get here? There are so many factors put in place to make sure African Americans stay at NC State and graduate from NC State. From the supportive environment, African American Symposium, USC courses, the peer mentor program, organizations and clubs, the list goes on. Many students at NC State love the atmosphere and environment. Alright, so what if I work here? African Americans account for 16 percent of staff and the distribution across job categories is very uneven. Merely eight percent of new African American staff are hired. This amounts to 28 new African American professors. The African American turnover rate is 11% compared to 12% for all employees. Unfortunately, a higher proportion of African American EPA professional, clerical, service/ maintenance were dismissed that other staff and a higher proportion of African American SPA professional staff resigned than other SPA professionals. It was highlighted that one of the reasons why it “seems” that there are fewer African American professors on campus is because they are reclassifying themselves under other races. Another factor of employment as a professor at State is tenure. In 2009 no tenured or tenure track faculty left NC State, three were then classified as Hispanic or international, one was hired for tenure track and six were awarded tenure. In 2010, the statistics changed a little. While one tenure teacher was hired, one tenure teacher resigned and another retired. Two tenure track teachers resigned and only one tenure track teacher left for another position. But after all of this three more teachers were awarded tenure. This keeps a balance of African American professors at NC State. Some say that that isn’t a good thing because there should be more African American professors at NC State, while others applaud NC State for not losing African American professors. These are the interesting statistics that affect us school as well as our community. To find more information on the topic you can go to and brainstorms things that we can do as a community to help as well as things that we can praise NC State for doing.

Kierra Leggett | Staff Writer

Most famously known as the man that survived a brutal police beating in March of 1991 and for the phrase, “Can’t we all just get along?” Rodney King and the injustices he suffered helped unite the black community in a crusade for their rights. Now, eleven years later it seems everywhere you turn African Americans are being pitted against one another, especially those with a certain fondness for the limelight. From the snarky remarks being exchanged between film directors Spike Lee and Tyler Perry to the steadily intensifying feud between Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Nene Leaks and notorious diva Star Jones, the drama cannot seem to be escaped. The sad thing is that these individuals are supposed to be professionals in the black community, yet cannot grasp how to end the tactless bickering that continuously takes place between them. A devoted fan of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice,sadly, early on in the show, I could not help but notice the slow progression of hostility and animosity building up between the three African American women on this season’s show. First between LaToya Jackson and Nene Leaks, then LeToya and Star Jones, and before long all three of the ladies were feuding. As the end cred-

its rolled on this week’s show, and the preview for next week’s episode rolled, my heart literally dropped. As if we haven’t seen this before (circa Nene and Phaedra Parks Real Housewives of Atlanta season 3), reality star Nene Leaks and lawyer Star Jones going back and forth with each other like two boxers in the ring, tit for tat. Of course, Donald Trump who already feels he’s in good with “The Blacks” wanted to use the footage that he felt the rest of “The Blacks” could relate to with the two ladies acting foolishly as the preview for the upcoming episode. People are always complaining about the negative stereotypes that are often associated with the African American culture, foolishness like that is the reason why. Academy Award Nominee, Spike Lee, is so quick to point the finger at once homeless and now multi-millionaire film director Tyler Perry, saying that Perry’s film promotes black stereotypes. Honestly how does he feel that bashing and downgrading Perry’s art any different. People need to learn to give credit where credit is due, and sometimes reverting back to the preschool policy of “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” wouldn’t hurt either. I am sick of shows like Basketball Wives and supposed to be influential figures like Nene and Star tearing each other down. Focus that energy somewhere else.

Baylor University refuses to recognize LGBT community Sampson Bloh | Staff Writer Last week Baylor University became the latest Christian University on the hot seat for refusing to welcome gays and lesbian clubs on campus. The Administration from the religious university not believes the idea that homosexuality is a sin but is refusing to allow gays and lesbian students to express their sexuality, and have made it known that it is determined to fight homosexuality on campus. Many LGBT students and activist at Baylor University say that they too are determined to get the recognition that they deserve. They want to be able to be themselves without worrying that the administration is watching. Many students say that they are concerned about the possibility of punishment. Coming out of the closet, for some students is not an easy thing. They want to the option of being able to hold hands and walk about on campus with love ones as well as being able to associate with the gays and lesbian communities, but they fear that they could face disciplinary actions from the school if the school is notified of their homosexual orientation. For some students, it is their schol-

arship that they worry about the most. The university could be deny scholarships and funds as a means of setting an example of LGBT students and other activists. Also, other students worry that they could face the worse disciplinary action which is getting kicked out of school. Students want to be able to move about on campus without feeling unwelcome because of their sexual orientation. This is a very interesting situation because Baylor University, despite its promise to welcome student from all stars and stripes is not keeping its promise. It is very sad that the university in unwilling to allow the formation of LGBT clubs on campus. It is the students’ right to be who they are and it is their right to have options of forming organizations that make them comfortable. But on the other hand student should also realized that Baylor is a Christian university and has the right to take any claim against homosexuality that it feels necessary in order to protect its religious beliefs. But at the same time Baylor and other religious colleges need to realize that the world has changed. The majority of their student

body would never be hard core Christians. Also, a person’s sexual orientation does not dictate if or not a person should serve of walk among god’s children. They student body would have many different orientations and even ones that might be against the school’s policy. Baylor is a university, a scholarly environment not a church. In fact, even churches are opening their doors to homosexuals so there is no reason why a university cannot. Also, the students are paying for their education there at Baylor and as long as Baylor University continues to take money from students, the university should recognize these student’s rights to form organizations that would help them feel comfortable.


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april 27, 2011

Film Forum Spike Lee vs. Tyler Perry

Darius Dawson | Layout Editor It is not fair to call the dispute between Shelton “Spike” Lee and Tyler Perry a feud. The thing that African Americans, particularly young African Americans, fail to realize is the history behind African Americans in the cinema. Spike Lee is quoted as saying that, “each artist should be allowed to pursue the artist endeavor. But I still think a lot of stuff on today is coonery buffoonery”, on the show World View. It is popular belief that this was said in reference to Tyler Perry’s film, but in the interview Spike Lee never mentions Perry’s name. It is likely that he was referring to him and the media has helped fan the flames, however, it is important to look at both filmmakers’ points-of-view existentially. Spike Lee is from the first wave of the film school generation. He grew up witnessing racial inequality, and him being one of the first black males doing serious pieces since Blaxplotation did not help. He had to struggle against the grain. He succeeded, however, and what he created when he succeeded were portraits of real life. He does this through his new wave cinematography and his hyper-stylized neo-realistic plots. In his film, Bamboozled, Lee touched on the absurdity of the Hip-Hop generation; something that he, in part, is a product of. There is an unspoken racism that perpetuates this cycle of negative black people being shown in the media, and blacks looking to get entertainment work go along with it. This basically covers the plot of the film and what the entertainment business is in reality. At the end of the film there is a montage of old films and cartoons such as D.W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation, Bugs Bunny out witting a big lipped and slow black Elmer Fudd, and babies as dark as tar eating watermelons. These images are shown in film classes and students analyze them based on aesthetics and cinematography, almost forgetting the hurtful content. This same thing happens today in contemporary film classes. Spike Lee is coming from an era, where he, fresh out of film school was one of the most influential black filmmakers since the Blaxplotation period. Tyler Perry’s story is equally as compelling. As a child he received very severe beatings from his father; so severe that he once attempted suicide to escape them. This accounts for his demonization of men as a recurring motif in many of his films. His

mother would take him to church several times a week and this severed as a refuge away from his father. Perry also claims to have been molested by his friend’s mother as a child and three men during his childhood. Perry does not have any formal training; he dropped out of high school, but still earned his GED. He began writing letters to himself as self-therapy to cope with what he had been through in his life. He eventually moved to Atlanta where he got into stage producing. From there he went on to do films. The aspect that makes Tyler Perry very relatable to the African American community is his use of religion. Religion is one of the most influential things in the African American community. He did not see many images of positive while still realistic black figures on the screen, thus the characters surrounding Madea, Perry’s franchise tag so to speak, are expressions of real people that he knows and wants to be shown. The problem that arises when these two men clash is their understanding of film and history as it relates to black culture. The thing that drove the old segregationist film was keeping the black community separated and fighting each other. This occurs in The Birth of a Nation when the black delegates are fighting over chicken in the state senate. Tyler Perry does promote stereotypes, advertently or inadvertently. He has the black buck, over-sexualized, violent and typically evil. There is the jezebel, who is basically the black whore. There is also the sammy and mammy figure. This is Madea and Joe’s characters. However, Madea seems to be the anti-mammy in a sense that she does not conform to the will of those around her. Spike Lee’s pit fall is that though he encourages the artistic endeavor in words he does not really support what he says. Lee has had clashes with Clint Eastwood and Tyler Perry about what they include in their film. If it is their artistic vision then they should be allowed to include what they want. The key for both artists is to keep creating what they believe to be right. Ticket and merchandise sales are not the goal. The goal is to create positive images of blacks on the screen in some way so that future generations of black filmmakers and entertainers can continue to find work in the business.

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Donald Trump’s Ridiculous run for Presidency Sampson Bloh | Staff Writer Despite the fact that many had rebuffed the Birther claim, New York’s big man, Donald Trump had been calling the President a foreigner for past few weeks. Mr. Trump stated that the notion that the President is an American citizen could be the worse prank that the government has ever pulled on American people. He had requested that the President show his birth certificate and that the President had shown is not a valid birth certificate. This man is serious and he is doing this all so that he can position himself as a candidate for the 2012 Presidential Election. It is said that Trump has sent investigators into Hawaii to investigate whether or not the President was really born in the United States, despite the fact that evidence has been shown to him many times. It is amazing how much Trump has risen on the political scene lately, as well as in public opinion polls.

Earlier, many thought that Mr. Trump was joking when he burst into the political scene claiming a run the presidency. This is now becoming a reality day by day as he had been doing better than many of the prominent Republican candidates. As far as his chances of winning the Republican presidential candidacy and possibly the presidency, chances are slim to none. In fact, Trump has no chance at all. Trump and his supporters are pushing him way too hard. It’s ridiculous that he is playing this game with fellow Tea Partiers regarding the notion that President Obama is a scary non-American foreigner who has illegally taken the White House. This would sound good in the ears of the Tea Party folks and others but overall, it does not serve well for Trump. It could hurt him politically and it could hurt his business. As for the Republican candidacy, Trump’s presence should slow down the process of Re-

publicans choosing their candidate quickly so that they can get the campaign process going on. Also, many Republicans could end up turning against him, in fact; prominent Republican leaders are not in support of trump. They do not think he can beat President Obama in 2012 and yes, there is no way that Trump would be able to beat Obama. Beside, trump’s name is seen as a joke in America’s popular culture and the man is not Presidential material. But if Trump manages to somehow win the Republican Presidential candidacy through a divinely and a Halleluya surprise, it would be a definite surprise. The White House and Democrats would be very happy because they would get an easy win in 2012. The birth certificate issue that Mr. Trump is raising is an attempt to gain some political benefits for 2012 but it could end up hurting him badly.


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april 27, 2011

Placing Blame on the Victim CJ Guion | Staff Writer This past week, over the Spring Holiday, breaking news was released that WKNC DJ and Technician columnist Dwayne Samuel Daughtry a.k.a Triple X was arrested and charged with a sexual offense on April 19th. According to reports from police, Daughtry assaulted another student in his residence whom he knew from mutual acquaintances. The unnamed student reportedly fell asleep at Daughtry’s residence after leaving a party and woke up hours later to find Daughtry sexually assaulting him. He is currently being held at the Wake County jail on a $100,000 bond. This is where the drama begins. Following the release of Monday’s Technician, many students were angry and upset regarding comments made by Captain Jon Barnwell of Campus Police who stated that “the best thing for students to do is to make sure they do not put themselves in a situation where you could be victimized.” While it obvious that his comments could have been blown out of proportion, one could say that in a sense Barnwell placed blame on the victim. Many times in rape cases, it is common

for slight blame to be placed on the victim. Spectators like to question the actions of the victim preceding the attack. Questions arise such as “Was he/she walking alone” or “did he/she lead him on.” Another issue involved with this case is the fact that alcohol was involved and the victim was drunk. However, this does not give anyone the right to freely violate anyone who does not give them consent to do so. Yes, the victim chose to drink, but he never signed up to become another victim of sexual assault. The victim should have the right to sleep in peace, without having to worry about waking up to find someone forcefully touching him without his knowledge. It can be very difficult for victims of sexual abuse to reveal the truth, and this can become a bigger burden when you have public officials making comments such as this, taken out of context or not. Yes, we live in a world where we have to be cautious of possible dangers around us at all times. However, we must stop placing the blame on victims of rape. In most cases, rape victims know and trust their violators. Sometimes, it’s just best to say little or nothing at all in cer-

Dwayne Daughtry. Image courtesy of

tain situations. It’s easy to say that you should watch the people you choose to associate with and it’s easy to say that you should take certain precautions in certain situations. However, you never truly know what you would do in situation until you face it head on.

inspirational quote of the week

“a family can never be united with its’ brothers and sisters divided.” Jenifer Lewis- A Different World

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. returns to Campus after Hiatus Photos by Kareem Williams

Ebonie Christie, majoring in Criminology, is revealed

Left to right: Brianna Phar, Applied Psychology major; Rachel Yon, Criminology; Jennifer Price, Civil Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics; Jessica MccKoy, Fashion apparel textile management with a concentration in Fashion development and product management; Paris Valesquez, Psychology; Kiara Harvey, Zoology; Tierra Pressley, Biology with a concentration in human biology; Crystal Stroman, Communications with a public relations concentration and a minor in journalism; Alaina Poe, Business Administration ; Shauntia Walton, major in biological sciences; Ebonie Christie, major in Criminology; Alex Holloway, major in biology all stand in line

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april 27, 2011

The Collegiate Image


Alexis Teasdell | Staff Writer

Being scholars in a collegiate environment is an amazing opportunity. To walk this campus with the confidence that there is a bright future waiting for you is outstanding. But with an upgrade in education, we should make sure that we appear just as studious as we are. With that being said, as styles come in and out what’s always been in style is what’s inside. I would just like to give some opinionated advice on what could improve an outer appearance.


There is nothing more attractive than an intelligent strong male, but a polished appearance brings something extra to the table. 10 Things Every Man Should Strive To Have In His Closet 1) A Suit- When buying suits, it may be best to start with a basic color/pattern. A nice suit that fits always brings something extra to an interview or presentation. Try basic colors to make sure that it isn’t too distracting. It’s okay to try different colors but it’s a personal suggestion to start basic first because bright, loud colors aren’t acceptable everywhere. Also, make sure to get a good fit. Not everyone can afford a tailor but simply asking for help from a sales associate may help. 2) Pants, Pants, Pants- Wearing pants around the waist is a must. Your style is your style, rather it be skinny jeans to a baggy jean, but to have a more professional image, please, wear your pants around your waist. A fitted or straight leg jean has always looked great and probably always will. 3)Dress Shirts- A blue or white dress shirt is always a good look. Worn with a suit, slacks or khakis, dress shirts are a serious, professional add to your collegiate attire. Make sure that these are also an appropriate fit. Baggy shirts can make your appearance look sloppy, while too tight may just look wrong. 4) Cargo Shorts- These are a great look for the Spring, Summer, and Fall. With a polo, a t-shirt or a long sleeve shirt, cargo shorts are a versatile, comfortable add to your collegiate attire. As I say about all pants: Around the waist is best. Basketball shorts or red plaid underwear hanging out of the top of your pants does not add to your collegiate appearance. Some clothes choices are not your fault, rather it be income or simply not knowing, but there is rarely an excuse for pant sagging. Pants were made to be worn around your waist, not your thigh, knees or ankles. If you can’t walk without holding them up or wobbling, try something different.


10 Things Every Women Should Strive to Have In Her Closet 1) A black pant suit- This is great for dressing up or down. You can wear them together or just the blazer for a sophisticated look. You can also wear just the skirt/ pants for a more casual dressy look. 2) A little black dress- This is also another versatile add to your collegiate image. You can dress it up and wear it to something professional or dress it down and wear it to a nice dinner. What is important though, especially if wearing it to a professional setting is length, size and cleavage check. A finger tip length is often suggested. If you are unsure, than knee length is normally always acceptable. Make sure that your cleavage is not out as well. If it draws YOUR eyes to it, it will drive other’s eyes to it as well; not a good look. Ladies, your mind is beautiful enough that you don’t need to display your body. A conservative look can do wonders. 3) A Classic Button Down Shirt- This is great with a pant suit, jeans, or leggings (if the shirt has length) with a black belt. This adds a little something extra if going to a casual get together and is still comfortable. 4)Jeans- Be sure to get the best, most honest fit for jeans. As women of color, this can be a struggle because of curves. Read the style of jean and see if it is made for your body type. This helps you avoid the dreaded “rear out of the jeans” look. And getting an appropriate size also helps you avoid the muffin top. It might even be a good idea to take your best, most honest friend with you to pick them out. 5) A Cardigan Sweater- Michelle Obama does an outstanding job with this. It’s a classic and timeless look. Over your button-up shirt, dress, or even a t-shirt, cardigans are a beautiful add to your already beautiful look. 6) Jewelry- Earrings, necklace, pearls, silver, gold. Expensive isn’t necessary. If going to something professional, try to avoid distracting jewelry. And for ladies like me who don’t have pierced ears, Clair’s, Icing, and Belk’s have a nice selection to add to your wardrobe.

5) Sweaters - When late fall hits, men with sweaters are an attractive yearly style. Once again, I’d suggest you start with basic patterns as you advance into more stylish ones because basic is always in style. V-neck, crew neck, all add to your collegiate image as you walk campus.

7) Footwear- We have a large campus, so flat attractive shoes are a must. Although the summer is a great time to break out the sandals, don’t neglect closed toed shoes. They’re appropriate for professional times as well as rainy days. If buying sandals get an honest fit. Nobody knows what size shoe you wear, but everyone knows if the shoe is too small. ALL OF YOUR FOOT SHOULD BE ON THE SHOE. Toes off the front of the shoe and heels off the back of the shoe is not a good look. If the store doesn’t have your size it is okay to shop around.

6) Footwear- Sneakers with a suit is a temporary stylish add but when that fades, make sure that a pair of black or chestnut bench-made shoes are apart of your wardrobe. Loafers or Sperry’s (or Highland Creeks) are also a versatile shoes to have in your closet. And also, sneakers are something to keep in the closet.

8)Hosiery- Leggings, panty hose or tights add a lot to your collegiate image. Panty hose and tights add a classy conservative look and patterns are fine with these. I’d personally suggest you avoid leggings with a short shirt in professional interactions. Remember that this is a different time but people from an older generation may be taken back with leggings as pants.

7) A Tie- I understand that not all men know how to tie a tie. A tie is a nice transition of an outfit from a business casual attire to business. As I said before, basic patterns should be where you start shopping and then broaden your collection. As much as I love NC State ties, others may not feel the same. 8) Belts, Suspenders/Braces- Anything to keep your pants around your waist. These can be expensive, so bargain shop. Remember that suspenders clamp to your pants and braces button. Many men prefer braces.

9) Leisure wear- Not everyday is your day, and that’s understandable. That’s why leisure wear is a great add to your attire. Victoria Secret’s Pink Collection, New York and Company, and Old Navy’s leisure wear is perfect for a quick run to Lil’ Dino’s, or a trip to a friend’s dorm.

9) Jewelry- It’s okay for a man to have jewelry. It’s not completely necessary but it can be a nice add. Rather it be a wood piece, silver cross or even a nice watch to let the world know that you know what time it is. 10) Coat- A nice coat is necessary because you know how cold those walks to D.H. Hill can be. Keep something that is you can live with for the winter that will go with most of your stuff. Now, speaking as a woman, I know that dressing perfect is hard. I personally fall short like every one else, but attire is still important. A conservative look is always nice. Class will always pass, so keep it appropriate.

10)Purses/Wallets-Different purses are appropriate for different things for instance. Don’t carry a huge purse to a party. For that sort of gathering a clutch big enough to carry your phone, identification, and $10 is perfect. If you feel like you can’t keep up with that, try getting one with a strap big enough to go around your wrist. Big purses are good too, rather it be for going to the mall or even a meeting where you may need to carry a folder or notebook. You may want to invest in a good wallet if you carry a big purse though, for organization purposes. A big purse can be a black hole and often when attending programs on campus you need to swipe your card or show ID. Having a good wallet can save tons of time. A hand bag is also a great look elbow to forearm extended. All these are great adds to your closet. As a reminder: expensive is not always best. A great place to shop for clothes is Target because the clothes are still nice but at a less expensive price. You don’t have to get a knock off brand either. A polo without an emblem is sometimes better than a polo with an conspicuous fake emblem. You know who you are and brands don’t define you. Overall, I want to restate that it is what’s on the inside that matters. Stay classy and continue to excel in your collegiate environment with your collegiate image.


nubian message

april 27, 2011

He’s Just a Man

Life Is Fine

I went down to the river, I set down on the bank. I tried to think but couldn’t, So I jumped in and sank. I came up once and hollered! I came up twice and cried! If that water hadn’t a-been so cold I might’ve sunk and died.

But it was Cold in that water! It was cold! I took the elevator Sixteen floors above the ground. I thought about my baby And thought I would jump down. I stood there and I hollered! I stood there and I cried! If it hadn’t a-been so high I might’ve jumped and died. But it was High up there! It was high! So since I’m still here livin’, I guess I will live on. I could’ve died for love-But for livin’ I was born Though you may hear me holler, And you may see me cry-I’ll be dogged, sweet baby, If you gonna see me die. Life is fine! Fine as wine! Life is fine!

Langston Hughes

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MATE MASIE “what I hear, I keep”

A symbol of the wisdom, knowledge, and prudence. The implied meaning of the phrase “mate masie” is “I understand”. Understanding means wisdom and knowledge, but it also represents the prudence of taking into consideration what another person has said.

Don’t mind him baby, He’s just a man Was a term I’ve heard for years. Being forced to understand foul words and harsh blows. When he comes home, Nobody knows. He’s just a man So you support his lies, act submissive for his guys, because it is in a woman that a man confides. He’s just a man So I must understand why he can bring bruises to her face, criticize her weight, and says I love you and he’ll never again make that mistake. He’s just a man So he may have tendencies to run around, have trouble holding the house down, As he uses all his power to keep her head down. He’s just a man So if this is the example he sets for her son than she has two views of who her son may become: A provider out of spite, or a lover by day to friends and abuser by night. She depends on the media that the world despises to show my son another way. She hopes her son will grow strong enough to get the family out someday. Because her friends say she’s stupid for letting her kids see him treat her this way. But they don’t understand It didn’t start this way. He started off charming and in charge Like a man should be She saw the women in her family beat before and I thought “Never me” But the first time he said would be the last time and the last time it was through prayer that those blows weren’t her last time And now Its normal to expect but its still a shock when she gets to the next time And there are stories saying that this cold world makes men beat And they say that it was due to slavery that her man feels weak And she says “it’s because he doesn’t feel like a man that my man hits me” And he says that he still holds her hand because “baby you get me” And they say statistically, that my man will hit me But every thing’s so fuzzy I just try to understand But until then I for some reason I’m just told He’s just a man

Alexis Teasdell

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Nubian Message - April 27th  

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