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One Step Beyond...

One Step Beyond... er heavy monst is the heavy is . h T et . ! re is st th e off th Watch watch that . u’ve come in ’t yo t n if ar o d st o , r S u . te yo d et ub Hey aroun ten buster . Yo ttiest sound u lis n l e el n e h O W T . . . t s d es ea n n sou el the h beat . Of mad eginning to fe rock-steady t, es in And you’re b ck ro e feet . To th to move your ! step beyond

My Girl My girl’s mad at me . I didn’t wanna see th to say . She th e film tonight ought I’d had . I found it hard en ough of her . lovely to me? Why can’t she . But I like to st ay see . She’s in . And watch and then . My t.v. on my own girl’s mad at m . e Every now . Been on the hardly said a w telephone for ord . I tried an an d hour . We tr ied but I could explain? . Why not be heard . do I feel this pa W in hy can’t I ? . ‘Cause ever understand . S he doesn’t real ything I say . S is he e . She takes it al mad at me . W doesn’t e argued just th l the wrong way e other night . . My girl’s . We talked an I thought we’d d talked until it got it straight was light . I th we’d talked it ought we’d ag out . Now whe re ed n . I thought I try to speak . She says I’m un She says that aware . And no I don’t care . w she says I’m weak

Night Boat to Cairo

Night Boat To C airo!! . It’s just go ne noon . Half of the river Nile past monsoon . Here comes . On the banks th e boat . Only ha toothless smile . Only just one lf-afloat . Oarsm m an grins a or e . To this deso the river Nile . D late shore . Last oesn’t seem to ca bo re . No more w at along his last half mile ind in his hair . . The oar snap As he reaches s in his hand . B the sound does efore he reache n’t deafen his sm s dry land . But ile . Just pokes his hand . Floa at wet sand . W ts off down the river Nile . Floa ith an oar in ts off down the river Nile

Believe Me little whisper, u hear . Every yo at th d or w ery u, I love you I tell you, girl, ev to deceive yo at s th lie g in no th t ry n’ ai ve E ere lieve me on yself clear . Th ue, you can be tr is y sa I at let me make m ord th odbyes . Life that . Every w getting my go I’m ow N . s too much for ous lie my love, why ds tell me jeal be . I ask you, n ca as ll du that . My frien ll, as l they say, . I y dear . Was du If you take in al . y er is m in e without you, m em n’t know this w . Not to leav it’s not true . I do , ng rli da y not take me no m e, m that one my way . Pleas . I lost my girl fro d ar he t no ve guess I’ll be on I ha a heavy blow, . Sue’s a name . And I’m takin’ ow kn t n’ girl called Sue do st er . Christmas come back, I ju this cold weath in on go t word . Will she n’ . I ca friends tell you yself together d cheer . Your an ve lo of e oh . I’ve got m a tim no no no no . ce a year . It’s No no no no, . es by od go comes but on my ow I’m getting jealous lies . N no no no no No no no no,

Land of Hope & Glory es, Shorty, ep . Attention . Bridg ing to get some sle try s recruit . To w wa I ne . a t e? go tim What’s the you can see we’ve As . r the Mo , us all a on ps legs apart . And tell Nutty . Jackson, Thom s behind backs and nd ssed Ha . gra ry e on glo d me an t man till so this land of hope sir . I was an innocen sure u, yo am I s, t, Ye . ou ? ab sir it , ed me story . Who y . If I hadn’t mouth ne mo a or big po me or so po ng ry . Well, you me of a plan . Of earni land of hope and glo s thi n’t ed Ca . ss t mi fas ve ak ha bre without doubt . I’d cold shower down to sharp at six thirty . A en if it doesn’t agree Ev . u yo en giv sod . Here you’re up s at’ t wh e ty . I suggest you ea . In between this tim have you looking dir up until twelve thirty g ttin ge ars ye be o e Tw u’r . yo s thing with you . ‘Cos it’s all am about life, good m . And you can dre of hope and glory d, lan Of . life n you stay up in your roo tio en att to nd sta s thi Given to thing dirty . I pick of me teen age life . by . I think I’ll do some gs dra e tim lope n the , red . A bog roll and enve . I was getting so bo ke me self a smoke ma tch I’ll d wa An n . ca tts u yo bu , y ening drags on at the floor for juic my time . As the ev cold elf ss pa urs to yo ss lps Pa he . s lly thi stick it . All with a little bit of be e with pans people d I’ll get through a little telly . Or danc , learn the game . An lain mp co n’t Do f to bed, . ys rda last it’s nine thirty . Of with a hint of yeste on the clock at long re conds the se g tin few a sit s for wa ly I . another day and glory . But on pe ho of d lan s the, a thi A . ve I lea at six thirty straight to sleep . As to let me know, sharp gs rin ll be the e for am I in ecstasy . Be me on, lights out , come on you lot, co two, a six, a ta . Quiet

The Prince Buster, he sold th e heat . With a ro ck-steady beat . erupting . But not An earthquake is in Orange street . A ghost-dance is to help us with yo preparing . You go ur feet . If you’re no t t in the mood to da grab yourself a se nce . Step back, at . This may not be uptown Jamaic you a treat . Bust a . But we promise er bowl me over w ith your bogus da my feet . Even th nce . Shuffle me of ough I’ll keep on f runnin’ . I’ll never . So I set it up mys get to Orange stre elf to say . For the et man who set the it up to you out th beat . So I’ll leave ere . To get him ba ck on his feet . Bu with your bogus da st er bowl me over nce . Shuffle me of f my feet . Even th runnin’ . I’ll never ough I’ll keep on get to Orange stre et . Bring back th want the . Bring ba e . Who is the . W ck the Prince...aah e h!

Hey you seen Jane? . No man, ok I’ll catch the tra in . Can you wait a long time? . No, we gotta ca tch a flight . Well, that’s roots man . No man it’s fruit . So give my stone a , I’ll save it for tonight

Tarzan's Nuts

In the Middle of the night Nice man George, newsagent on the corner, . Not very rich, but never any poorer, . Jaunty old George, a happy sixty-three, . Not very tall, but healthier than me. . He whistles timeless tunes as he saunters down the street, . Springs in his legs and elastic in his feet. . But in the middle of the night, . He steals through your garden, . Gives your hosiery a fright, . And doesn’t say pardon . As soft as a breeze, With an arm full of underwear, . On his hands and knees . Dreams about the knicker scare . Hello there George, newsagent on the corner . How’s the old car, yes the climate’s getting warmer . Chatty old George as you get your morning paper . Read about the knicker thief, underwear taker . Bids you ‘Good day’, as you wander out the door . Never closes early, always cleans the floor . But when darkness hits the town . And there’s washing on your line . Get your knickers down . Before the dreaded sign . When the clock strikes eight . And you’re snuggled up in bed . He’ll be at the garden gate . Filling underwear with dread . Nice man George, newsagent on the corner . He was closed today, maybe gone to mow the lawn . I had to go further down the road to get me current bun . Hello - Isn’t that George on page one ? . No it couldn’t be, but yes it is . Difficult to see from these photofits . But they are after him . Of that you can be sure . They’ve called him on the phone . They’ve knocked on his door . But he’s gone away . Gone to stay with some mates . He got the papers early . And saw his own face.

Bed & Breakfast man

y mind . s ago . I didn’t reall ar ye to ed us I st d to give I know . At lea had to be fed . I ha he se Well there’s a man ur co Of . e loafer . I’ve und all the tim used to call him a ey He used to come ‘ro Th . fa so y m just can’t ed to kip on e of his ways . He m so him a bed . He us t Bu . en th dad . d . A lot since y . He didn’t like his pa to d heard he’s change re fe of ’d he master at his her day . That shame . He was a mend . Told the ot no ve ha t n’ did man . He er had . He bed and breakfast e th He earned all he ev s wa He . nd owed his ha game . He never sh an... d and breakfast m be was, he was the

Razor Blade Alley Oooo I didnt talk too much, in fact not at all . but to to be no fool . M ask for the price, oneys no time to I was waste, or to shoo got The know ho t up the wall . Yo w, the place, Te u’ve acher take me the way from th to your School e alley back to he . She led r house . Must no not be seen com t be seen going ing Out . She sa in must id I looked might ‘im gonna give y but thin . She to you a second he ld me lping’ . Oooo Raz there . Razor B or Blade Alley, I’v lade Alley neither e been of us cared . It the wrong place was the prime tim . It was my first e, but time, and I hope shy to check in, m y last taste . I’m but this pain of just to pissing razors is a Knight withou cutting in . Ooo t shining armou h Felt like r on at the time dream, floating . Sh e thought she w up on cloud nine as in a . Now I awake . razor cuts deep She is nowhere er everywhere. . But the

rOCKIN' IN A I used to work nig hts with my dad . It was the best blokes on their bik job I ever had . Un es came through til them . Said “Come on what’s new” . Well down to youth, br come on, come other, see on, come on, let’s Went to the danc have some fun to e like they said I sh night . ould . It cost me a . The band were bob, but it was qu jumpin’ and a-jivin’ ite good around . Their 20 sound . Well com Watt amps really e on, come on, co made a me on, let’s have have a cup of tea some fun tonight and then I’ll chan . Well, I’ll ge m o-ah-on . Till all th e name . And I’ll put my records oe geezers in the fla aht complain . “Wish gone” is the moan that rockstar bloke . Let’s have some was fun tonight . Sold a bike . I found so all my records and me blokes who wo I bought uld do what I like the hall . He said . I saw the rigger we can rehearse who ran there any time at come on, let’s ha all . Well come on ve some fun tonig , come on, ht . We’re really ro She says we are cking now, I’ve go the best band she’s t a bird . ev er heard . I’ve got time . But my mum a bike and I’m ha keeps saying “Roc ving a k ‘n’ roll’s a crime!” on, come on, let’s . Well come on, co have some fun tonig me ht . (All right, all nig on, come on, let’s ht!) . Well come on have some fun to , come night


(Oy !) in the pub, about seven thirty . Mother makes sure that his face ain’t dirty . Him and mother go everywhere . Holds her hand without a care . Lived with mother for fourty years . The neighbourhood said that he must be queer . Normal folk a-just don’t like that . Glad he can’t hear behind his back . When mother dies, he will have a cry . ‘cos he’ll be on his own . He’s frightened stiff, would he come to this? . Will he lose her to the heavenly home? . In the pub, about seven thirty . Mother makes sure that his face ain’t dirty . Him and mother go everywhere . Holds her hand without a care . Lived with mother for fourty years . The neighbourhood said that he must be queer . Normal folk a-just don’t like that . Glad he can’t hear behind his back . When mother dies, he’ll have a cry . ‘cos he’ll be on his own . He’s frightened stiff, would he come to this? . Will he lose her to the heavenly home? . Once went out with a London girl . Dirty weekend in a hotel . Broke it off when she got shirty . She was twelve and he was thirty . Right after that he was bedsore . He wouldn’t go out with girls no more . From that day since, he never has . He wants to do a-something dirty

mADNESS ll ness, they ca adness, mad M . s, s es n es n ad ad M . call it m mean to me adness, they is what they at they call it h T s, Madness, m . es e n se ad ness, m s plain to It’ ad . M s . es a n h aad h s, out to explain it m ness . I’m ab call it gladnes ad ey m it th ll it ll s, ca es n ey mad s, th adness, I ca ness, madnes madness, m , ad ey M rs . H te . s is es in in n ra m mad their b . Propaganda ne is losing s, da ministers an ag a-That someo p se . Madnes ro P . a ver you . ‘Cau ha-ha-h o el al I’m ye k w s, al o w es kn n a I d n gla gon adness . Then , pa-daeavy due . I’m ell if this is m W . I’ve a-got a h ugher s es n ad s gonna be to call it m It’ ey . th er h s, won’t g u es n ro e mad ffer . Oh no, I gonna b s su It’ a . n s n o es g n ’s d ho filled with gla e, a-you... be the one w na be the on . And I won’t n a o g d e ad ar au p Yo da, ffer . ho’s gonna su be the one w


One, two, three, four . ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR . us roar . WE’RE TH We’re the Chipm E CHIPMUNKS, HE unks, hear AR US ROAR . So Sound off, CHIPM und off, CHIPMUN UNKS . One, two, three, four . ONE, KS . two, three, four . TWO, THREE, FO ONE, TWO, THRE UR . One, E, FOUR . One, tw have a good time o, THREE, FOUR tonight boys? . YE . D’you P, WE SURE DID . boys? . YEP, WE Do you think the tim SURE DO . Soun e is right, d off, CHIPMUNKS . One, two, three, . Sound off, CHIP four . ONE, TWO, MUNKS THREE, FOUR . On TWO, THREE, FO e, two, three, four UR . One, two, TH . ONE, REE, FOUR . Chipm unks are go!


1 One Step Beyond... beat . Of madness . One Hey you, don’t watch that . Watch this! . This is the heavy heavy monster sound . The nuttiest...


1 One Step Beyond... beat . Of madness . One Hey you, don’t watch that . Watch this! . This is the heavy heavy monster sound . The nuttiest...