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Ohana Pitzer  Pipeline   2012   [By  Amber  Grubb]   [Our  experience  together  as    one]  


Growing up     My  most  life-­‐changing  moment  was   when  I  was  at  the  age  of  6  years  old.     I  started  out  my  first  time  in  a   banning  unified  school  district.     Starting  off  my  fifth  grade  year  was   hard  but  losing  my  mother  that  year   was  even  harder,  that  year  I  made  a   choice  that  was  my  life  changing   moment.         I  was  constantly  made  fun  of  because   instead  of  wearing  cute  and   admirable  clothing  I  wore  overalls   and  my  hair  tied  back.    I  eventually   shut  myself  from  the  outside  world   but  at  the  same  time  the  outside   world  kept  trying  to  enter  mine.    I   remember  getting  absent  from  school   a  lot  and  my  father  was  disappointed   but  understanding.    I  knew  that  I  had   to  change.    

Returning to  Pitzer  was  the  best  decision  I   had  ever  made.  Our  first  day  together  was   frightening  but  at  the  same  time  it  was   comforting  because  I  knew  that  something   about  these  two  weeks  we  spend  together   that  brings  us  closer  and  the  things  we  learn   gives  us  a  sense  of  identity  and  pride  of  our   culture.   ●  

I began  sitting  up  straight  in  class,   started  to  participate  in  activities  and   socialize  with  other  people  but  most   importantly  I  had  to  be  a  role  model   for  my  younger  sister.    To  show  her   that  she  can  be  strong  when  there  is   chaos  all  around  us.  I  tried  my  best  to   guide  her  through  the  emotional   struggle  she  had  to  face.         My  mother’s  birthday  is  on  July  1st,   and  me  and  my  younger  sister  grab  a   single  white  rose  and  place  it  beside   her  name.    My  mother  would  have   been  48  this  year.  

Amber Grubb  

A digital book made by a student in the Native American Youth Pipeline to College at Pitzer College and Western University - Summer 2012

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