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Welcome to the eighth issue of NNN. This month we are delighted to present you with our first bumper issue packed with events, info and educational articles. Some of you may have heard my BBC Radio Berkshire interview on Sunday 20th March discussing the origins and purpose of the magazine. That was my second visit to the beautiful & impressive building at Caversham Park which you can read about here : http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/ radio4/2010/11/bbc_monitoring_at_caversham.html and Louise Chandler has invited me back to speak at the first anniversary of NNN magazine! As the weather gets warmer, we can anticipate bigger and bigger issues as more events are planned and people start to come out of hibernation - literally! The recent budget saw a small victory in the campaign to freeze Airport Passenger Duty (APD) but the campaign does not stop there. You have seen the power that signing a petition or writing to your local MP can have. Sotherby’s turned tail on their decision to sell off precious artefacts from Africa due to public pressure. When we continue to use our collective energy to pursue positive outcomes for all, we will see a change in our individual circumstances. Once this issue is released, do check the FaceBook page for daily updates. You can do so by following the links below: https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=24398472144&ref=ts Please note; my own personal FaceBook page has changed to https://www.facebook.com/ Nubian.NationalNews Have an amazingly awesome April!

Alison Wednesday, April 13 · 6:30pm - 11:00pm

The information in this magazine should be regarded as confidential and is intended for the addressee only unless explicitly stated. If you have received this message in error it must be deleted and the sender notified. The views expressed in this message are personal and not necessarily those of NNN unless explicitly stated.

Let’s Talk About It... Action In The Community Social Evening Freddy’s Bar Harrow, 190-194 Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2RH. 6pm – 11pm Action In The Community invites one and all to ‘Let’s Talk About It’. This is an opportunity to socialize and meet new people in a fun and relaxed environment. Come and have constructive /controversial discussions with people who are not afraid to challenge you! If you missed the first one you don’t wanna miss this. Places are limited so book early.…. To reserve a place inbox your details via Facebook or email info@aitc.org.uk. Alternatively call 07949 005 117 or speak to an Action In The Community representative.

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THE BEST MOTHER THAT I LOVE When God set the world in place, when He hung the stars up in space, when He made the land and the sea, then He made you and me. He sat back and saw all that was good, He saw things to be as they should. Just one more blessing He had in store; He created a mother, but whatever for? He knew a mother would have a special place to shine His reflection on her child’s face. A mother will walk the extra mile just to see her children smile. She’ll work her fingers to the bone to make a house into a home. A mother is there to teach and guide, a mother will stay right by your side. She’ll be there through your pain and strife, she’ll stay constant in your life. A mother will lend a helping hand until you have the strength to stand. She’ll pick you up when you are down, when you need a friend she’ll stick around. A mother is one who listens well, will keep her word; will never tell. A mother never pokes or pries but stands quietly by your side, giving you the strength you need, encouraging you to succeed. A mother is one who can be strong when you need someone to lean on. You’re more than a mother to me; a reflection of Him in your face I see, a love that knows no boundaries. I’m glad that you chose to be all this and more to me. You share a love that knows no end, you’re more than my mother, you are my friend. Written by Susan Jordan

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A TRIP TO THE MOTHERLAND Africa is the fastest growing tourism region in the world, and analysts of the industry foresee this record growth to continue this decade. But Africa still is a mostly unknown travel destination for most people. Africa has already some classic destinations, which are mostly confined to North Africa’s pleasant coast, the Indian Ocean island pearls, East and Southern African safari hotspots and a growing number of coastal charter destinations in Egypt, Cape Verde, The Gambia, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. And actually, if you are prepared to accept some extra preparative works booking tickets and spend some extra time on getting there, Africa’s less known destinations are worth every penny compared to the well established ones. One great advantage by travelling off Africa’s beaten track is the authenticity and hospitality always experienced. No one can give you a warmer welcome than Africans. And in no place are you safer from crime than among local Africans outside the large cities and tourist destinations. In a decade or two, Africa will be as densely travelled as other continents, with charter destinations along much of its Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian Ocean coasts. As in other parts of the world, genuine ageold culture will succumb to national and globalised culture. An era will end. Therefore, use your chance to visit the unique destinations of Africa while they are still unique and before everybody else has done it.

RHUMSIKI, NORTHERN CAMEROON We start our travel guide with a trip to the far north of Cameroon, where the beautiful village of Rhumsiki is the centre of one of the world’s most spectacular trekking landscapes and the Kapsiki people is the guardian of one of the most genuinely African cultures still found. SÃO TOMÉ ISLAND This Gulf of Guinea island, hosting one of Africa’s quietest and safest capitals, is the perfect and genuine African version of a Caribbean or Pacific pearl. Excellent beaches, lush volcanic rainforest and farms, warm Portuguese architecture, Creole culture and African hospitality.

food and a perfect mix of urban life and provincial tranquillity. LAKE TANGANYIKA The world’s largest and second deepest lake provides you with the opportunity of one of the most exotic cruises you have ever experienced, probably without meeting any tourists at all. A ferry from 1913, pleasant swims, sports fishing, chimpanzee safaris, lovely landscapes and good cooking is among the treats offered you on and along the lake. Find out more about this Tanzanian and Zambian destination here.

NIGHTLIFE OF LOMÉ, TOGO Although Lomé is a secret haven for both culture and beach lovers, this time we focus on nightlife. The reason is that West Africa’s sparkling nightlife should be on the world’s top-ten tourist attraction list. Among very many good candidates, we chose Lomé for you as a perfect place for first-time visitors.

SOMALILAND ADVENTURES No, it is not a joke! The breakaway republic of Somaliland is a safe and amazing travel destination that not should be confused with violent and chaotic (southern) Somalia. What Somaliland lacks in tourism infrastructure, it returns tenfold in adventures, culture and spectacular destinations, spanning from coral reefs and beaches to scenic trekking mountains and ancient towns.

ZULULAND AND SWAZILAND In the outskirts of the principal tourist destination South Africa, the little visited cultural adventure hotspots Zululand and Swaziland are found. Easily accessible and highly moving!

GABON’S TROPICAL COAST Gabon is where the Congo Basin rainforests hit the Atlantic coast in a patchwork of beaches, mangroves, rivers, lagoons, forests and savannas. The result is a spectacular coastal landscape with unique biodiversity.

SAINT-LOUIS CITY OF SENEGAL Saint-Louis, the capital of French West Africa during centuries, is a splendid example of the African-European interaction during colonial times. Its old centre a UNESCO World Heritage site, being an outstanding example of colonial architecture and a major cultural centre for West Africa. In addition, Saint-Louis has endless beaches, good

And large parts of the coast are national parks where government promotes ecotourism. But tourists have not discovered this pearl yet, so it is now time to go before luxury resorts pop up behind great fences. For more details, visit http://www.afrol. com/features/36463 source Afrol News

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Saturday 2nd April 2011

CELEBRATING OUR MOTHERS CARIBBEAN DINNER & SHOW Pappeo’s Live Lounge 169-171 Caledonian Road London, United Kingdom 7:00pm - 10:00pm This is going to be an elegant affair featuring live performers that include BLACK SLATE (legendary 80’s reggae band), soul reggae and soca crooners, DELROY PINNOCK and CUTTY WILLIAMS. We also have the illustrious blues reggae & jazz singer AVA GOLDING, steel pannists PATRICK AUGUSTUS (teacher speaker and author of “Baby Father”) who will be joining Ebony Steel Band’s DELPHINA JAMES and jazz Pannist DANIEL LOUIS to create a unique Steel Pan trio. We also have the opportunity to enjoy ex UB40 Trumpeter PATRICK ANTHONY and last but not least your Jamaican sax man & co promoter extra-ordinaire blowing the place up with my Club Skaville instrumental vibes.

Saturday April 2nd 2011

MINDSET: THE CONFERENCE Soul Survivor, Watford, WD24 7GP We are facing an epidemic. As fast as the young Church grows, the mental health problems this age group face seem to grow faster. Self-harm, eating disorders, substance misuse, anxiety and depression, low self-esteem - the list is long. What were once considered exceptions now almost seem to be the norm. How can the Church respond? Youth leaders often feel ill equipped and out of their depth. Churches label this age group as being full of problems. Mental health services are overstretched. Yet the Church is uniquely placed to reach, encourage and help this age group through local congregations, networks and festivals. Premier Mind and Soul have teamed up with Soul Survivor to offer this one-day conference on emotional health. This conference aimed specifically at youth leaders but suitable for anyone with a pastoral interest in youth and young adults, will encourage and equip you with a day of keynotes and seminars, focussed on education and practical application.


Make sure you get your tickets for the only church event that celebrates the achievements of black Christian women across the denominational spectrum here in the UK.

Saturday 2nd April 2011

If Eric Benet’s career can be defined by anything, it’s the purity of emotion.


He’s consistently made music that speaks to love and speaks from the soul and on Lost In Time he does it once again. Featuring duets with Faith Evans, Chrisette Michele, Ledisi and the O’Jays Eddie Levert, Lost In Time is at once a sumptuous homage to and an expansion of the sweet soul of the 1970’s.

Courtyard, Bow Lane London EC4M 9AL off Queen Victoria Street From 9pm- 4am.

Catch him live in concert on: Saturday 16th April : O2 Academy, Bristol Sunday 17th April: Indigo2, Greenwich

Music by 5th Avenue, Satisfaxion, Active Force & DJ Reazons. For tickets and information call Hotline 020 7854 1112 Winnie 07956801660 Rick 07956 564 420 Gilly Gill 07950 276625


London Hilton Kensington Hotel, London W11.

Tickets and information is available from: www.thepurpleclub.co.uk / Club Skaville 07956 812 870 or 07958 549915

London Elite Family would like to welcome you to the first London Elite Party of 2011

Saturday 2nd April 2011

Attendees will enjoy a 3-course meal, gospel entertainment from X-Factor finalist Beverley Trotman, Lurine Cato, saxsophonist Millicent Stephenson and Janine Dyer, plus an inspirational awards ceremony, and gospel DJ. A total of nine awards will be presented including the categories of Music, Business, Christian Leadership, Overseas Mission, Young Women, and Life Turnaround. For tickets and group bookings of three or more. Visit www.wisewomenawards. org for details. Sunday 3rd April 2011

Thursday 7th to the Saturday 9th April


Broadway Theatre, Catford, London SE6 4RU. 7.30pm & 3pm on Saturday Box Office: 020 8690 0002 Website: www.broadwaytheatre.org.uk

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IN CELEBRATION OF MY SISTERS Hackney Empire, 291 Mare Street, London E8 1EJ

Featuring comedy, dance and music to celebrate International Women’s month. Booking information: 0208 985 2424

COMMUNITY RADIO HELPS TO RESTORE PEACE A community radio project in Senegal’s troubled Casamance region is trying to help the peace process there by encouraging dialogue in an atmosphere of ongoing tension and violence. Pasted to the wall inside Fogny FM, a radio station located just south of the Gambian border, are the words “radio is an art” scribbled in French. But for thousands of listeners living amidst West Africa’s longest running civil war, the station is far more than art. It is central to hopes for peace. Fogny FM is one of nine community radio stations scattered across conflict-ridden Casamance in a network dedicated to peace. Since 1981, separatists in Casamance have been fighting Senegal’s national government over land rights. Bouts of violence and killings have devastated the region’s economy, culture, and society. Casamance was once the breadbasket of Senegal. It had a thriving agricultural economy and a rich cultural heritage. Now, people are afraid to travel between villages for fear of hidden landmines or attacks by rebel bandits. Animosity and fear have heightened tension and made communication difficult. Six years ago the U.S. aid organization World Education started their community radio network. They recently released a documentary, entitled Casamance Voices of Peace, which traces the project’s evolution. Their goal has been to bring people together, by giving them a platform to speak from, and improve their access to information. In Senegal, like in many developing nations, radio is the best way to keep people informed. The American-based non-profit group, Development Radio Partners, says the number of community radio stations in Africa grew by nearly 1 500 percent between 2000 and 2006. In Senegal, where over half the population is illiterate, there is the highest number of private radio stations in all of West Africa. In Casamance specifically, the airwaves

are an essential way of keeping people updated on the conflict. It is also a way of staying aware of developments in health, agriculture and education, and a venue for discussing controversial or taboo topics. Francesca Diouf hosts a regular show on Kambeng FM, a network member located in central Casamance. Diouf says since she started broadcasting about the risks of female circumcision she hears far less tamtams in her village. The sound of these drums usually indicates that a mother has taken her young girl to be cut. Each of the World Education stations is communityrun and driven, addressing issues relevant to their local listeners in local languages. Casamance is one of the most ethnically diverse parts of Senegal. UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, estimates that some 15 ethnic languages are in danger of disappearing in this region alone. One of these is Bainouk, which is spoken by roughly 1 700 people. At Kairaba FM, in Diouloulou, they deliver a one-hour program broadcast entirely in Bainouk. Bakary Sonko Diambary works at Kairaba FM. Diambary says when the Bainouk show is on their phone lines are flooded with Bainouk people. It is one of few times they can all talk together and share in their cultural identity through the language. Broadcasting in many languages is considered an essential part of the peace process in Casamance. Salem Mezhoud is regional editor of UNESCO’s World Atlas of Endangered Languages for North Africa and the Middle East. “Very often conflict arises out of misunderstanding, and misunderstanding means sometimes misunderstanding what has been expressed in one particular language,” said Mezhoud. “If everyone received specific messages about anything - about culture, politics, international development, or the development in their own area, in their own languages they understand it better. But moreover, they understand the other people as well. I

think broadcasting in many languages may promote harmony, may promote understanding and may promote peace.” Community network stations aim for the widest range of voices possible, presenting men, women, and young people as well as political and religious leaders and even members of the separatist movement.

Bertrand Diamacoune is a member of that movement who regularly calls in to express his views. “Throughout this whole process, and our search for peace and reconciliation”, Diamacoune says “the community radios have supported us. Everywhere we go in this region, they have given us the chance to speak out and let people stay aware of what we are doing - from our side.” Louis Tendeng, another member of the separatist group, is a big supporter of the project. Tendeng says that if the radios were there from the beginning, it could have helped avoid many of the problems they face today. Since the Casamance conflict began over 30 years ago, tens of thousands of people have left their homes and fled into neighbouring countries including Gambia and Guinea-Bissau. The radio network broadcasts across borders to encourage these migrants to come home and help rebuild the villages and farms that have been abandoned. Luis Carlitos, director on the Kassoumay FM branch in Sao Domingo, Guinea Bissau, says the radio stations play an important part in building cross-border relations. They have helped people realize they must work together. According to Carlitos, community radios support a sense of unity that Africa needs Source: Voice of America (VOA)

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C E N S U S C A M PA I G N U R G ES N O N-R E L I G I O U S TO SAY S O Spectacular performances make this stage show a winner - over 92 shows later and still in demand!!!!! VML Entertainment is proud to present from the USA Marcia P. Samuels acclaimed musical stage play, Tell Hell I Ain’t Comin’. This thrilling Broadway caliber musical has entertained and inspired audiences from the first show to its ninety-second performances across USA including performances in New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago and Atlanta. Tell Hell I Ain’t Comin’ is a thought-provoking journey that introduces characters from everyday life and chronicles events that led to their assignment to Hell. Some people you will expect to see there while others will certainly surprise you. The musical explores the spiritual journey of a devout man of God who appears to have passed away and arrives at Heaven’s Gate, where he discovers he must enter another gate that leads to Hell. While in Hell, he meets a series of colorful characters that all have a story to tell as to why they don’t belong in Hell, and if given a second chance, their earthly life would be different. Through a series of emotionally charged scenes, comedic encounters, moving songs, and dazzling dance numbers, our man of God discovers hope and his glory. This musical is sure to make you laugh, cry, stand up on your feet and shout. With an all-star cast both from the USA and UK the production boasts heart wrenching scenes, powerhouse songs, big dance numbers, and a powerful story that will touch your very soul. Tell Hell I Ain’t Comin inspires us to be brave, to fight the fight between good against even, confronting our inner villains of our past and present – it’s a musical of great inspiration. Perfomance take place from Thursday 7th to the Saturday 9th April 2011 at the Broadway Theatre, Catford, London SE6 4RU. Curtain time: 7.30pm & 3pm on Saturday .Box Office: 020 8690 0002 or visit www.broadwaytheatre.org.uk. Read more about Tell Hell I Ain’t Comin on the official website at www.dontugo.com

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As census forms begin arriving on people’s doorsteps in London, two billboards advertising the British Humanist Association’s (BHA’s) Census Campaign are being unveiled. Bearing the slogan ‘If you’re not religious, for God’s sake say so’, which encountered censorship elsewhere, the billboard outlines a number of ways in which census data on religion has been used; and urges passers-by, if they are not religious, to say so on the census. The Census Campaign is seeking to raise awareness of the importance of the census data, which is used at national and local level to justify policy and resource allocation. The campaign also seeks to encourage those who are not religious to say so on the census being held this month, and not to give a religious response by default or through cultural affiliation. The campaign captured headlines when companies owning the advertising spaces at railway stations rejected the adverts, claiming that they did not want to feature any ‘religious advertising’ and, on the advice of the Committee of Advertising Practice, the slogan ‘for God’s sake’ was refused by media buyers, with claims it may cause ‘widespread or serious offence’. However, through an alternative media agency, the BHA had already been able to book two billboards in central London bearing their original message. Andrew Copson, Chief Executive of the BHA, says of the billboard: ‘We are thrilled to be able to reveal this billboard, which outlines the main messages of the campaign. We hope that it will help Londoners realise that the way they answer the census question on religion is vitally important and will have tangible effects on their future lives. We are asking people to be honest and if they are not religious, to say so. Ticking ‘No religion’ means that their voices will be heard and we will have a more truthful picture of what people really believe today, which cannot be misused by government and policy-makers.’ The billboard reads: The Census asks you a leading question: What is your religion? The results from the last Census were used to justify: increasing the number of ‘faith’ schools, keeping unelected Bishops in the Lords, and spending tax-payers’ money on religious organisations. If you’re not religious, for God’s sake say so. In the 2011 Census tick ‘No Religion’.

BLACK STAR FEAT MOS DEF AND TALIB KWELI + DE LA SOUL + RAKIM - HMV HAMMERSMITH APOLLO - 10TH MAY 2011 A TANTALISING BILL OF HIP HOP ROYALTY. Black Star’s Mos Def and Talib Kweli reunite in the UK for the first time since 1999 for one night only. De La Soul brings its snappy brand of old skool cool to the fore and Rakim – widely respected as one of the best rappers of all time - completes the line-up for this exclusive show. Unmissable. Black Star Black Star is a collaboration of emcees Talib Kweli and Mos Def. The title is a reference to the Black Star Line, the shipping line founded by Pan-Africanist, Marcus Garvey. The name Black Star brings to mind notions of Afrocentric pride. These notions are brought to fruition by messengers Mos Def & Talib Kweli. Mos Def was introduced on tracks by De La Soul and Da Bush Babees which placed him in line to carry on as part of the next generation in the Native Tongues movement. Together they came to form Black Star bringing intelligent rhymes, classic battle rap dexterity and uplifting messages. De La Soul In 1987, a trio known as De La Soul formed from Long Island, NY roots and changed the landscape of hip hop as we knew it. Now, for over 20 years they have rocked us with their De La songs full of inscrutable samplings, whimsically irreverent lyrics, social commentary, light rhythm and laid back rhymes. They have gained respect within and outside the hip hop community with their contributions to rap, as well as jazz, funk, soul and alternative genres. Not only are their musical innovations acclaimed and respected worldwide, but they paved a path for many alternative rap groups who come after them. Their ’89 album ‘3 Feet High and Rising’ is an unquestionable Hip Hop masterpiece going beyond the standard sampling of James Brown’s “Funky Drummer” to include snippets from Hall & Oates, Steely Dan, Sly and the Family Stone and Liberace(!) and contained massive international hits with the likes of ‘Me Myself and I’, ‘Say No Go’ and ‘The Magic Number’. Rakim Universally referenced as one of the Masters of the Microphone and an influence and inspiration to his peers and followers alike, Rakim first exploded onto the scene with the release of iconic Eric B. is President in 1986 with long time collaborator Eric B. The single marked a turning point in the Rap world - raising the bar for future emcees and revolutionizing the way rhymes are delivered to this day. No serious discussion of the music’s greatest performers is held without a deferential accounting of his achievements, and no serious rap artist grips a microphone without channelling some of his legend. With recent tributes such as NAS’s U.B.R., collaborations including Alicia Keys’s New York State of Mind, a Platinum Edition of Paid In Full and his newest LIVE album “The aRchives: Live Lost and Found” keeping the world’s eye on the one many call GOD, Rakim Allah prepares to reset the standard again. www.issuu.com/nationalnubiannews • nationalnubiannews@yahoo.com • 9

TRADE CORRIDORS WILL BOOST AFRICAN MARKETPLACE South Africa is helping neighbouring African countries to develop various transport corridors in a bid to boost regional integration and create a larger marketplace for Africans, the Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies said today. Speaking at the 5th Africa Economic Forum, Davies said poor transport links between African countries had long stifled trade between the continent’s states. He said South Africa’s assistance in developing transport corridors aimed to remedy this. This includes the rolling out of the North South Corridor, which will link central Africa to the port of Durban, via Zambia, and the Trans-Cunene Corridor, which will link the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with South Africa through Angola and Namibia. Davies said the completion of Trans-Cunene Corridor would effectively give South Africa a road and rail link to Angola, one of Africa’s fastest growing economies, as the corridor would link with the existing Trans-Kalahari Corridor between Botswana and Namibia. Added to this, African states, he said, also needed to work together to set common standards and develop common strategies, through a body such as the Council of African Ministers of Industry - which is made up of trade and industry ministers from Africa.

market on the continent, pointing out that the expansion of the domestic market had been central to recent economic growth in emerging countries. While it had fuelled growth of over 8 percent an annum in India, growth last year in Brazil’s domestic market had helped cushion Latin America’s largest economy from the effects of the global economic crisis, while China was now trying to develop its domestic market after seeing the limits of growth through exports developed countries, Davies said. McKinsey’s “Lions on the Move” report, which was released last year, had already identified expanding domestic markets as a one of two key drivers in Africa’s recent growth spurt - the other factor being the minerals boom. Davies said the development of a grand trade agreement between SADC, the East African Community (EAC) and the Common Market for East African States (Comesa) would open up a market of 26 countries consisting of 500 - 700 million people. He said negotiations were set to kick off around the middle of the year, adding that the agreement was expected to initially focus on trading goods. Davies said Asia had recently overtaken the EU as a key trade destination for South Africa, and China, in 2008, became South Africa’s number export destination and import source. He said 36 percent of South Africa’s exports were to Asia, 27 percent to the EU, with 18 percent of exports destined for subSaharan Africa.

Presently South Africa exports three to four times the value of goods that it imports from neighbouring Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries.

Manufacturing in terms of South Africa’s trade composition had been increasing in recent years and now made up about 60 percent of the country’s trade, but South Africa’s trade to developing countries and Asia was still dominated by primary products, he said. South Africa and Africa had to development more equitable economic growth and add more value to the minerals it mined, he said.

Davies said the massive trade imbalance was as a result of inadequate transport infrastructure and supply capacity in neighbouring countries, as well as their inability to produce goods that can sell in the South African market.

Davies said South Africa needed a job-rich growth strategy to tackle high structural unemployment, which he believed could be traced back to cheap unskilled labour in the mining sector back in 1970s.

He said it was essential that Africa focuses on creating a local

Source: BuaNews



There is an oft made comparison between Ghana and South Korea, whereby at independence Ghana was richer than the Asian giant. But in recent years Ghana has moved to reverse off its post-independence failures by ensuring political stability, reforming at a rapid rate (Ghana was listed as one of the top ten business reformers in the world in the World Bank Doing Business report 2008) and revamping its cities. This is attracting investment and resulting in growth rates of close to 6% an annum.

Since independence 40 years ago, Mauritius, with no mineral resources and far from major markets, has flourished using trade preferences from Europe on its key sugar and textile sectors. Thanks largely to its enviable political stability, the World Bank and other groups now rank Mauritius as Africa’s top country for economic freedom, ease of doing business and good governance.

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Thursday 14th - Saturday 16th April 2011


teaching artists how to make money from business University of East London: Docklands Campus, University Way, E16 2RD. During this three day event, delegates will get behind the glitz and glamour of the music to learn how it actually works, and how to generate an income from their music talent. On 16 April, the Commercial Sense Project will be dedicated to the UK’s growing gospel scene, and feature speakers who will share how artists can make their mark

AN EVENING WITH CARROLL THOMPSON “FEELS SO GOOD” the highly acclaimed new album from Queen of Lovers Rock CARROLL THOMPSON will be launched on the 29th April 2011. Performing Live at the Jazz Café on Friday April 29th singing all her Lovers Rocks classics…I’m So Sorry, Hopelessly in Love, Simply in Love, Just al little bit, Happy Song. Yesterday, Your Love, plus brand new songs from her forth coming album ”Feel so Good’ with special surprise guests joining her on stage! Book your tickets now from the Jazz Cafe! www.jazzcafe.co.uk or telephone 02074856834

in the world’s biggest market for gospel music, America. Speakers during the first two days of the conference will include So Swiss of So Solid, Keith Harris, ex manager of Stevie Wonder and Dennis Collopy of Menace Music Management. Talks will be also be given by representatives from leading music organisations like the PRS (Performing Rights Society), MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society), British Phonographic Industry (BPI), the Music Publishers Association (MPA) and many more. Topics that will be covered include, How to get into the Charts, How to Write a Good Song, The Role of A Publisher, The Implications of Piracy, Getting your music onto radio and so much more.

The event is being organised by Isaac Odeniran, who runs Zoe’s Gospel Promotions, the not for profit arm of Zoe Records, a label that specialises in producing and promoting gospel music. He shared, “It’s through my experience running Zoe Records that I realised how difficult it can be for artists who perform ‘niche’ music to make a mark in the music industry.” “My experiences have made me recognise how important it is for artists to not just concentrate on the art of performing and getting bookings, but to also understand how the music business actually works so that they can make money from their craft to fund, develop and market their music, as well as make an income from it.” For more details visit www.comercialsense.org.uk Ticket Hotline: 020 8534 2194/2316

Adele Harley British-born singer songwriter Adele Harley studied music from the age of five. As well as singing she plays violin, flute, piano and guitar and over the years has performed in numerous bands including a three year residency at the legendary Leeds club ‘The Underground’ alongside Corrine Bailey Rae. Her love of reggae music led her to work as a session vocalist for local reggae artists and has seen her perform at both the Leeds and London Carnivals. Adele has also toured Europe as a session singer opening up shows for artistes such as Betty Wright. Adele has often been compared to such greats as Marcia Griffiths and Janet Kay though she is a successful artist in her own right having just released her stunning debut album ‘COME INTO MY LIFE’ (Autumn 2010) which was produced by the UK’s highly acclaimed Mafia & Fluxy. The partnership with Mafia & Fluxy has also seen Adele’s songs feature on the compilation albums R&B to REGGAE, STRICTLY VOCALS, STRICTLY LOVERS ROCK and STRICKLY ONE DROP and on the JA to UK album alongside artists such as Richie Spice, Turbulence and Gyptian. Adele’s singles ‘It’s not the same’ and ‘I can’t make you love me’ have also been released on JAH BLESS (Pickout Records), Lloyd Campbell’s Joe Frasier (VP) Records and the R&B HITS REGGAE STYLE compilations Adele has just returned from Jamaica where she’s been recording with the iconic Rory from STONELOVE. As many UK artists know too well, breaking America and Jamaica is quite a task in itself but Adele is rapidly building up a fan base in both countries and will be returning to the home of reggae in the coming months for more recording. With some very exciting collaborations already in the pipeline, 2011 looks to be a very exciting year for Adele. Listen to her latest single, ‘Live Good’ by visiting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF_QgnPThbk&feature=player_ embedded#at=52 www.issuu.com/nationalnubiannews • nationalnubiannews@yahoo.com • 11


SOMALI POVERTY RELIEF Somali Poverty Relief is a registered charity in England and Wales and has its head office in London. It also has offices in Kenya and Somalia. The charity works in Somalia and is keen to co-operate with governments, international and regional bodies, organisations and individuals to tackle hunger and starvation in Somalia be it emergency relief, economic development and infrastructure programmes. It is the opinion of Somali Poverty Relief (SPR) that there is no substitute for food aid in coping with humanitarian crises and in some cases of chronic hunger. Food aid has undoubtedly saved millions of lives and performs other valuable functions such as helping to keep children in school and supplementing the diets of expectant mothers. Food aid is a crucial part of helping tackle world hunger; however it is long term effects of the recipient countries need to be understood. When not for emergency relief, food aid undercuts local farmers, drives them out of their jobs and into poverty. Food aid shipments can disrupt local markets and undermine the resilience of local food systems, especially when it arrives at the wrong time or reaches the wrong people. It can also displace commercial exports and distort international trade. Wherever possible food aid should be provided in the form of cash or food coupons. Cash-based transfers or food vouchers can stimulate local production, strengthen local food systems and empower recipients in ways that traditional food shipment cannot. Another possible method of food-aid could be buying the food staff from local markets as this can be of great benefit to agricultural development in many low-income developing countries. However, such purchases are not always desirable as they can increase local prices. In agricultural development, Somali Poverty Relief will strive to contribute to the creation of manufacturing and processing knowledge base in Somalia. This charity will also help the introduction of mechanised farming and sustainable development in agriculture, fishery and the exploration and efficient

use of the natural resources of the country. In agriculture, Somalia Poverty Relief will support the creation of the following technologies and resources:

• Harnessing of ground water, capture

• •

and storage of rain water, innovative irrigation techniques, use of drought resistant crops, better farming, food production and food preservation techniques. Farming commercial crops to raise hard currency to re-invest in mechanisation of farming, education in agriculture and skills needed to effectively use mechanisation machinery. To find international markets for commercial crops and hence improve the livelihood of farmers so that young people will take skills in farming and food production. The use advanced knowledge of animal husbandry, .i.e. harvesting and storing animal feed in the seasons of plenty to be used for seasons of drought, farming animal feed for commercial purposes, creating ranges and keeping animals in confined spaces. Advanced knowledge of food and dairy processing and preservation. Better access for farmers to markets and capital, appropriate technologies, crop diversification, securing land tenure, adequate irrigation, the infrastructureand capacity building to connect to local, regional and international markets and supply chains, and better information on the current and future levels of demand for their crops.

Somali Poverty Relief is promoting good governance, transparency, economic development and will name and shame criminal leaders, military men, groups whether religious or tribal who hold the Somali nation to ransom for their own interests and for the interests of foreign entities. For more information visit: http://www.somalipovertyrelief.org/

12 • nationalnubiannews@yahoo.com • www.issuu.com/nationalnubiannews

With immense oil wealth and a massive population (and therefore potential market) Nigeria is a country not to be overlooked, despite its notoriety for corruption and the splurging of petrodollars by the country’s elite. Goldman Sachs considers Nigeria among the next 11 quickly emerging economies (N-11) after the BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India, China (Egypt is the other African country on its list). Goldman Sachs predicts that Nigeria’s economy could by 2050 become one of the largest in the world, outstripping those of France, Canada and others with a GDP of $4,64 trillion.

Rwanda In 1994 close to one million people lost their lives in a 100-day genocide in Rwanda - 15% of the population. Yet, today Rwanda, under the leadership of Paul Kagame is rebuilding itself and former enemies are working side by side. Although heavily reliant on coffee and tea for the vast majority of its foreign exchange revenues, the country is intent on building a knowledge-economy. Between 2001 and 2006, the financial and insurance sector grew 13,3% a year and mining grew 41% a year.

Angola Planes to Luanda are always fully booked and hotel rooms are not easy to come by, reason being, that the whole world wants to do business in this southern African country. Angola, which emerged from a 27-year civil war in 2002 and successfully held elections in 2008, is one of the fastest growing countries in the world with a growth rate of 18% expected for 2008. This is largely as a result of it having recently overtaken Nigeria as Africa’s number one oil producer but the country is also moving quickly to diversify its economy and rebuild its infrastructure.


NECTAR SMALL BUSINESS AWARDS 2011 The Nectar Business Small Business Awards 2011 have now launched, and the hunt is on for the UK’s top small businesses. Now in its third year, the awards will again recognise the achievements of exceptional small and medium sized entrepreneurs, and will reward five winners each with £2,000 cash plus 50,000 Nectar points. The competition is open until 30th April 2011, and the judges, including leading businesswoman Karren Brady, will be looking for those businesses that are innovative and have made outstanding achievements in business. Karren Brady commented: “I’m honoured to be part of the judging team for the Nectar Business Small Business Awards 2011 as they recognise hard working entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout the UK who work tirelessly to make their businesses a success. Small businesses are the driving force behind the UK economy and too often their work goes unnoticed.” All UK SMEs, social enterprises and entrepreneurs can enter in each of the following five categories:

• Small Business of the Year - a business employing no more • •

than 250 people and more than one year old Start Up Of The Year - a business employing no more than 250 people and under one year old Entrepreneur of the Year - an individual, or individuals, with a new business idea who runs a small business with no more than 250 employees

• Contribution to the Community Award - a small business

or social enterprise whose product or service is sold or supplied with the aim of making a positive contribution to the community it serves Online Business of the Year - an online-based business employing no more than 250 people that is more than one year old

Alongside Karren Brady, the judging panel will consist of small business journalist Guy Clapperton, James Frost, Marketing Director at Nectar and John O’Keeffe, Merchandising and Marketing Director UK and Ireland at Office Depot. James Frost, Marketing Director at Nectar, said: “Nectar Business’ Small Business Awards 2011 will shine a spotlight on thriving small businesses, entrepreneurs and social enterprises. This is their opportunity to showcase how they’ve beaten the odds by working hard, identifying gaps in the marketplace and capitalising on imaginative, innovative ideas. Furthermore, we hope that the awards will continue to inspire more people to consider setting up their own business.” If you think your business has got what it takes, don’t miss out and enter now! Log on to www.nectar-business.com/SBA2011 for more information on the awards and details of how to enter.


bajaicanblessings for the best in cultural & carnival paraphernalia

This sum covers the entertainment, Value Added Tax, rental of facilities and infrastructure and according to promoter Al Gilkes the event also generates hundreds of jobs during its staging in Barbados annually. Speaking after the official launch of the five-day festival at the Mount Gay Visitor Centre, Spring Garden St Michael, Gilkes, a director of FAS event organizers, said yesterday that his company employed as many as 200 people at a single event like Reggae On The Hill. In relation to the festival as a magnet for the increasing tourism arrivals, Gilkes said he was heartened by the presence of personnel from the tourism sector headed by Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy. “They are now fully with us”, Gilkes said. Gilkes also said that it was FAS’ intention to have a successful event this year. He said he was not going to “dilute” the festival inspite of arguments by some to hold back in light of the “economic downturn internationally”

Tel: 07717 218 104 email: bajaicanrad@aol.com www.issuu.com/nationalnubiannews • nationalnubiannews@yahoo.com • 13

NIGERIAN PUBLISHER AIMS TO GET SOUTH AFRICANS READING Nollybooks takes the British Mills & Boon model of chick-lit romance written to a formula and adapts it for the urban South African context, with recognisable – if aspirational – characters, settings, language and culture. But it further adapts the model for a less literate society with the “bookazines” format, with a letter from the editor – Sis’ Nolly – in the front and word games, quizzes, a glossary, book club talking points and celebrity news included at the back.

Launched in 2002, Daily Sun is by far South Africa’s largest paper, with daily sales of some 500 000 – three times that of its nearest rivals – and a readership of over 3-million people. Like Daily Sun, Nollybooks seeks to attract readers with a low price – R50 a book, between half and a third of the cost of a conventional novel – and content that speaks to their lives. “I named this company Nollybooks because we must write our own stories and make them accessible,” Makura told City Press. “The best way to get people to enjoy books is to give them content they enjoy.”

Makura, who has an Honours degree in politics, economics and law from Buckingham University in the UK, is on a mission to get “aliterate” young South Africans – particularly girls and young women aged 16 to 24 – back to books.

Makura points to the fact that more than 3-million South Africans are illiterate, 8-million functionally illiterate, and many millions more aliterate – they can read books, but don’t. It’s this last, vast market that Nollybooks targets. “We’ve identified a big gap in the market and the time it takes before young people can afford to buy at Exclusive Books,” Makura said. “It’s pricey and intimidating.” Creating an entirely new market of readers out of ordinary, aliterate South Africans has been done before – to huge success. The country’s first tabloid newspaper Daily Sun revolutionised the local publishing industry by tapping into the market of working-class readers, people who had never bothered with newspapers before.

The plots of the books are fun, upbeat and very local. In The Spy Who Loved Him, journalist Thuli Mabena takes on a job as domestic worker for wealthy businessman Luasi Nkosi, all the while spying on him and reporting back to her readers on how the rich and famous treat their employees. In Looking for Mr Right, Cassandra is fed up with making wedding gowns for other women while she stays single. Online dating seems a good idea – “until she realises that what glitters in cyberspace isn’t gold in the flesh”. Neo in More Than Just Friends is excitedly awaiting her childhood friend Nceba’s return to South Africa, expecting the awkward-looking boy she grew up with. She is “stunned to see a devastatingly handsome man, and the two immediately rekindle their friendship ...”

The series, launched in October 2010, is an imprint of MME Media and the brainchild of Nigeria-born Moky Makura, a writer, TV presenter and producer, PR pioneer and, now, publisher.

“For many young people in this country, the last books they read were probably at school,” she told City Press a few months before the Nollybooks launch last year. “It is likely the books were not books they would have chosen to read, so it may also have been a negative experience – so they stop when they leave school.”

including The Perfect Holiday Romance, The Spy Who Loved Him, A Man Worth Knowing and More than Friends. Most were written by first-time authors. The Nollybooks team see nurturing new writing talent as part of their goal to spread literacy in South Africa, so they encourage new writers, offer writing tips on the website and recently held a writing workshop at the National Book Week in Johannesburg.

Like the hugely successful international franchise Mills & Boon, all Nollybooks are put together according to a formula that dictates plots, character and writing style. The name of the imprint reflects her inspiration from the success of local storytelling in her the film industry of Nigeria, her home country. “I believe we Africans want to see ourselves reflected in the content that we consume,” she said. “Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, was created by Nigerians telling their own stories to themselves. It’s an incredibly successful, self-sustaining industry. It shows that despite questionable production values, people want to see themselves.” The bookazine format is also an attempt to fit with the readers’ lives, being smaller than most books and so easier to fit in a handbag and read on a bus or taxi to and from work. The glossary of more difficult words included with each book will be useful to members of an aspirational generation, young second-language English speakers keen to improve their language. And dictionaries are rarely found in homes, let alone on public transport. Nollybooks have so far published 11 titles,

14 • nationalnubiannews@yahoo.com • www.issuu.com/nationalnubiannews

“Formulaic writing works,” Makura told The Times. “It captures readers. It gives them a guarantee. They know what to expect. It’s like watching a soap opera. There is a little bit of the same in each book, and this is like what Enid Blyton does for young readers, too – helping to creating reading habits.” But unlike Mills & Boon, and despite many lines given to the protagonist’s attractions – “How did he keep his body so trim and rugged with all the time he spent in court; settlement after settlement?” – there is no sex. “We are sensitive to the reality of South Africa, to Aids and to young girls,” Makura said. “The sex happens after the story finishes.”

Pandora’s Box by Ade Solanke, directed by Ben Evans On holiday with her streetwise son in Lagos, a British-Nigerian mother is in turmoil. Should she leave her only child in a strict Lagos boarding school, or return him to the ‘battlefields’ of inner London…? A family spanning three generations and two continents meet together in Lagos for the first time in over thirty years. But the joy of reunion also unleashes long-suppressed truths. An exuberant mix of comedy, tragedy and family drama, Pandora’s Box reveals the heartbreak behind the difficult choices all parents must make – and the price their children pay.

London via Lagos is a daring festival of new plays by BritishNigerian playwrights offering three radically different visions of the relationship between Nigeria and the UK. Over ten weeks, from Tuesday 3rd May to Sunday 10th July 2011, at Oval House Theatre, London via Lagos brings to the London stage three innovative and contemporary plays; each with its own perspective spanning the political, the personal, and the domestic. All three dramas investigate today’s Britain and all reflect the vigour and passion of Nigeria. London Via Lagos Festival is presented by Oval House Theatre, BEcreative and Spora Stories. Oval House is a local theatre for an international city dedicated to working with the most exciting companies from London, the UK and beyond to present innovative new performance work across two theatre spaces. Reflecting contemporary London, Oval House presents theatre that is increasingly international in focus. BEcreative develops and presents theatre in London, the UK, and abroad – making international theatre for a local audience. Led by Creative Director, Ben Evans, BEcreative offers bespoke artistic and managerial support to risk-taking theatre makers challenging the mainstream. Spora Stories, based at the Young Vic, develops original African diaspora drama for stage and screen, inspired by the global impact of popular Nigerian cinema and British theatre. London via Lagos Festival celebrates the plays of three extraordinary up-and-coming playwrights. 15 • nationalnubiannews@yahoo.com • www.issuu.com/nationalnubiannews

Little Baby Jesus by Arinze Kene, directed by Ché Walker Little Baby Jesus is a lyrical triptych of monologues revealing the inter-connected lives of three inner-city teenagers, capturing the exact moment each becomes an adult. Three magnetic personalities are brought to life through the imagination of Arinze Kene, author of the acclaimed sell-out play, Estate Walls and nominee for Most Promising New Playwright and Best New Play (Estate Walls) at this year’s Off West End Theatre Awards. Little Baby Jesus is the recipient of the Mark Marvin Rent Subsidy Award. Arinze Kene is also an actor and currently plays ‘Connor Stanley’ in EastEnders. Fixer by Lydia Adetunji, directed by Dan Barnard and Rachel Briscoe When militants attack a new oil pipeline, British journalists and international spin doctors rush to the scene: everyone wants the inside story. Chuks, a fixer, could make a lot of money by acting as a go-between for foreign journalists and local groups. But as more players get involved, the stakes get higher and the risks get bigger. Set in northern Nigeria against a backdrop of global turmoil and corruption, Fixer is a fast-paced drama that asks questions about journalistic integrity, loyalty and the price of human life. For tickets and further information please contact Kim Morgan PR on 020 7277 9559, 07939 591 403 or email kim@kimmorgan-pr.com

The deadline for the May edition of National Nubian News will be 1700 hours on Friday 22nd April 2011. All stories, features or articles should be sent to: nationalnubiannews@yahoo.com

RAGASHANTI ORDERED OFF THE AIR BY BROADCASTING COMMISSION The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica (BCJ) has directed the management of Nationwide News Network [NNN] Limited (no connection to National Nubian News) to immediately discontinue transmission of Kingsley ‘Ragashanti’ Stewart’s popular call-in radio programme, ‘Ragashanti Live’. In a statement this afternoon, the BCJ said that it had decided to take action following after receiving numerous public complaints over the last two months and after having conducted its own review of NNN’s programming during the period February 7 to March 2. Transcripts of the offending programming was also supplied to the media. Ragashanti Live was held to have breached regulations by transmitting material that includes: profanity; may be harmful to children; is likely to incite violence or criminal activity or lead to a breach of the peace; and that which is malicious, scandalous or defamatory matter. NNN was also held to violate part of its license agreement which requires its to encourage positive values and attitudes. “As a result, Nationwide News Network Limited has been cited by the Commission for at least 18 serious breaches of its licence and of the broadcasting regulations,” said the BCJ. NNN has also been warned that it could have its license revoked should it fail to comply with its terms of license. The Broadcasting Commission has warned Nationwide News Network (NNN) Limited that if it fails to take the specified remedial measures and or fails as a station to maintain the required public broadcasting standards, it risks a recommendation by the Commission that its licence be suspended,” said the BCJ. Source: reggaeme.com/ Jamaica Observer Friday 8th April 9.45am - 1pm

FREE HALF DAY SEMINAR ON INTERGENERATIONAL PRACTICE The Stephen Lawrence Centre, 39 Brookmill Rd, Deptford SE8 4HU.

Age Exchange would like to invite you to a FREE half day seminar on Intergenerational Practice. The seminar will combine presentations from leading organisations with expertise in different forms of intergenerational practice, with practical workshops for participants (see programme on link below). The seminar will focus on arts and community based activities used to promote, learning, creativity, and understanding between the generations. Whether you are an arts professional, teacher, university student, community worker, or work to develop intergenerational projects for a London Council, this seminar will be beneficial in helping you learn and explore new ways of working, as well as enjoy sharing practice and expertise with like minded professionals and students. The seminar is part of the programme of events for AGE TO AGE - THE LEWISHAM INTERGENERATIONAL FESTIVAL (4th April - 17th April) This is a new festival coordinated and managed by Age Exchange for Lewisham Council. Please open the link to find out about the seminar, how to book, and the wider festival programme, of workshops, events and performances. For more information, visit www.age-exchange.org.uk

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Sunday 10th April 2011

NEWHAM CLASSIC 10K FUN RUN Come and join Tessa and a host of celebrities for a fun filled Sunday. This year the route will go via West Ham Park, Stratford High Street, and The London 2012 Olympic Park. If you are looking for a way to raise money for your own Charity - why not use this opportunity to do so. You can use the NC10K to raise funds for any charity close to your heart. There will also be cash awards for category winners and the opportunity to meet celebrities on the finish line. For more information http://www.newhamclassic10k.com Tuesday 5th April 2011


19:20 19-20 Great Sutton Street, Farringdon, London. EC1V 0DR 7:00pm - 11:00pm Make some noise...Go Crazy...and Keep it Cosy! For those who don’t know, Cosy monthly live entertainment show is the place to be on the first tuesday of every month, offering the ideal environment to relax, chill out and enjoy First Class live entertainment. Structured around comedy, music and poetry Cosy provides a unique combination of jaw dropping talent from the UK and across seas. Cosy is a guestlist event. Entry is not guaranteed for unannounced guests. (join guestlist @ http://cosyshow.com/ guestlist)

One year after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, 1m people remain displaced and the country recently experienced an outbreak of cholera. Sonia Dixon Fairweather made a single resolution this year to raise £3,500 with a view to helping UNICEF and their local partners in their work to rebuild Haiti. How? By taking part in a sponsored trek to Machu Picchu, Peru in May 2011. ‘My training is now underway’ said Sonia, ‘and last month UNICEF UK selected me as fundraiser of the month as, in their words, I am ‘shining a spotlight on Haiti and the ongoing effects of the 2010 earthquake, which regretfully is no longer in the public gaze’. Sonia’s fundraising efforts for the UNICEF Haiti Children’s appeal will help UNICEF in their work with local partners to improve the lives of vulnerable children, their family and the wider community’. Sonia is seeking help to fulfil her promise by sponsoring her efforts online through her fundraising page at www.supportunicef.org.uk/SoniaTrekking4Haiti Your donation small or large will make a difference to UNICEF’s work to help rebuild Haiti and the people who are still recovering from the recent cholera outbreak.

• £10 buys an emergency water kit for a family •

£25 buys a month’s supply of peanut paste, a lifesaving food for a malnourished child.

To find out what motivated me to embark on this fundraising challenge, read the recent article I penned for a websitehttp://www.obv.org.uk/news-blogs/haiti-help-raise-fundsneedy-children. For further information or to make a donation by cash or cheque, please email me at soniatrekking4Haiti@hotmail.co.uk

Thursday 7th April 2011

Saturday 30th April 2011



Rudys Revenge 168 High Holborn, LONDON WC1V 7AA 7:00pm - 10:00pm Join Partnas in Rhyme, for Rum Punch for an explosive night that’s guaranteed to leave your creative taste buds refreshingly intoxicated and yearning for more. This months show, hosted by Comfort, Partnas in Rhyme present to you, a full, impressive line up of some of the UK’s most talented Rappers, Poets and Singers - including Feature Performances, fun, jokes, Shabbas and the Open Mic segment, for all you enthusiasts who have some creativity to share. For more information visit, http://www.facebook.com/event. php?eid=196526317036277&index=1

17 • nationalnubiannews@yahoo.com • www.issuu.com/nationalnubiannews

The Club Pastures Way Luton LU4 0PF From 8pm till Dance Cyan; Nice Again! Take a walk down memory lane and relive the music, the vibe and atmosphere of Luton’s premiere Caribbean nightclub. Features live PA’s by Five O favourite Pete Campbell and the legendary Jimmy London. Music supplied by Five O Club resident DJ, Blackatan and Dego Ranks from Unique FM. Music policy is Soul, Reggae, Soca both old and new. A party night is guaranteed! For more information telephone Ricki on 07803 568 784 or Tan on 07908 448 264

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE ORAL HISTORY ROAD SHOW Northamptonshire Black History Association (NBHA) has launched an Oral History Road Show and they are looking for sponsors and volunteers to promote the organisation. The NBHA Roadshow will bring the culture of the islands together with their music dancing and story telling. Come and listen to the history of our local people who came from the Caribbean Islands in the 1950’s - 1990’s. Northamptonshire Black History Association (NBHA) have interviewed people since 2002 to find out how life was when they first arrived in this country. With the help of audio guides and images the NBHA Roadshow has brought these stories to life and is taking them out into the community. The road show began in March and is due to continue through to June. Future events are as follows:

• Saturday 09 April 2011, 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm Wellingborough African Caribbean Association (WACA)

• Thursday 21 April,10:30 am – 3:00 pm Weston Favell Library • Friday 03 June 2011 The Guildhall, Northampton • Saturday 16 June 2011 Central Library, Northampton, Your support could be a physical presence or support and advice in a particular expertise. In the future if you can spare the time to facilitate a workshop for young people in the community, it would be greatly appreciated. For more details please contactGeorge Watley email:george.watley@northampton.ac.uk

MIND YOUR BUSINESS Business Opportunities Events:

Tuesday 5th April 2011 2-6pm Hyson Green Community Centre, Gregory Blvd, Nottingham Tuesday 12th April 2011, 2-6pm, Queens Walk Community Centre, Queens Walk, Meadows, Nottingham Have you ever wanted to earn extra money? Be your own boss? Start your own business? But haven’t got a business idea, don’t know where to start,don’t have the skills? Meet experienced consultants & explore a variety of tried and tested business opportunities that are ready for you to take up. • Low risk & established branded businesses • Full training & support • Flexible to suit anyone’s life style • Free business coaching Free refreshments & buffet lunch A one stop event not to be missed—book yourself a free place without delay Ring Max on 0777 24 76390 or Marceline on 0115 9423771

STOP PRESS Gold Onyx will be going to the British Film Institute on Saturday 2 April 2011 from 10.30 - 2 pm to take part in short history presentation on the African services Men and Women who played a vital role in World War II. There’ll also be a Veteran from Jamaica present.

NATIONAL BLACK PEOPLES DAY OF ACTION For those who came and those who missed it! Jet Black Ink Multimedia have uploaded some footage of the event for all to share. Part1: The Meeting Point http://www.youtube.com watch?v=ZhHDZrj9t-s Part2: The Rallying Cry http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=QCKSyo8ABQc Part3: 439 New Cross Road (Remembrance) http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=B2jds54lCIg Part4: The March http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=Fsl4U9Hr26g LOOK OUT FOR NEXT YEAR!!!!!

GUARDIAN BME JOURNALISM SCHEME The Guardian newspaper has launched a new apprenticeship aimed at raising the numbers of Black and minority (BME) ethnic journalists. The new scheme offers 12 places for students or graduates from BME communities and will run for 2 weeks during the summer. Successful applicants will learn about the different aspects of journalism, gaining key insights into the workings of the newspaper, website and its multimedia department. Each student will also be assigned a mentor. At the end of the two week internship students will be offered the opportunity to the Guardian offices and spend an additional week with the news desk they felt was the most useful and relevant to them. For more information, visiti http://www. obv.org.uk/news-blogs/guardian-bmejournalism-scheme

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DEAF PARENTING UK’S AWARDS EVENT 2011 NOMINATION OPEN NOW Deaf Parenting UK is celebrating their 10 years Anniversary and to make it more special, we are organising a first-ever Deaf Parenting UK Awards Event to celebrate our 10 years anniversary, recognising people for their contribution to improve the quality of life for Deaf parents ranging from front-line service, community based and strategy levels. There are 7 awards aimed for either individual Deaf parents or professionals working with Deaf parents and service providers (including health, social services, education, community/ charitable organisations/ groups). Sabina Iqbal, Chair/Founder of Deaf Parenting UK: I’m delighted to tell you that Deaf Parenting UK will be celebrating their 10years anniversary and what is a better way to celebrate is by hosting a fantastic Award event. Deaf Parenting UK have been set up as a small project in 2001 and now grown to an pioneering organisation and well-known across UK and worldwide, providing support to Deaf parents, parents to be and professionals working with Deaf parents. With the award event, we are honouring the positive contributions of Deaf parents, parents to be and professionals who work with Deaf parents to our community and I sincerely encourage you to share with us the stories of those people making an amazing, positive difference to all our lives. Making a successful nomination can change the life of a candidate, giving them the confidence to pursue their chosen career and life path with renewed energy and passion. This is a great gift to offer a friend, colleague or even yourself, so please do let us know your stories of courage, achievement and tenacity. We find them inspiring and it is important to recognise them for their valuable contribution to improving the quality of life for Deaf parents and community. Samantha Cameron, wife of Prime Minister: “Many congratulations to Deaf Parenting UK’s 10 Year Anniversary. It is fantastic that these awards give recognition to those people who have made such a valuable contribution and positive difference to the lives of Deaf parents, their children and their communities. I hope you all have an enjoyable day”. Jo Frost, Supernanny Star: ”My heartfelt congratulations to Deaf Parenting UK on their achievements over the past 10 years in effecting change and opening the doors of communication and equality for all.” Trevor Phillips, Chair of Equality and Human Rights Commission: “I would like to extend my congratulations to Deaf Parenting UK on their 10th Anniversary, and take the opportunity to pay tribute to their achievements in providing support and empowerment 19 • nationalnubiannews@yahoo.com • www.issuu.com/nationalnubiannews

to Deaf Parents. Through its rights based approach, and the provision of practical services and support, Deaf Parenting UK has made a significant contribution to the realisation of the rights afforded to disabled people and children through domestic human rights legislation. I am delighted that Deaf Parenting UK has chosen to celebrate their Anniversary by recognising the achievements of deaf parents, service providers and campaigners. By effectively harnessing the energy and commitment of individuals, communities and organisations, we can achieve effective and sustainable change. I look forward to hearing about this exciting event, and reading about the inspiring achievements of the nominees and winners.” Nominate yourself or someone worthy of the award: Nominations are now open to individuals (including Deaf Parents, families, friends, neighbours, Samaritan) and Organisations (including Health, Social Services, Education, voluntary organisations & community groups). To submit your nomination now, please log onto our website: http://www.deafparent.org.uk/awards2011/index.html, read DPUK Awards page first before making your nomination from the Nomination Page. Deadline for nomination: 15th July 2011.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: APRIL April 1, 1950 - Charles R. Drew, who developed techniques for processing and preserving blood, died. April 2, 1984 - Georgetown coach John Thompson becomes first Black coach to win NCAA basketball tournament. April 3, 1826 - Poet-orator James Madison Bell, author of the Emancipation Day poem “The Day and the War”, born. April 4, 1968 - Martin Luther King assassinated. April 5, 1951 - Washington, D.C. Municipal Court of Appeals outlawed segregation in restaurants. April 6, 1909 - Matthew A. Henson reaches the North Pole, 45 minutes before Commandeer Peary. April 7, 1885 - Granville T. Woods patents apparatus for transmission of messages by electricity. April 8, 1974 - Atlanta Braves slugger Hank Aaron hits 715 home run, surpassing Babe Ruth as the game’s all-time home-run leader. April 9, 1898 - Paul Robeson, actor, singer, activist, born. April 10, 1947 - Brooklyn Dodger Jackie Robinson becomes first African American to play major league baseball. April 11, 1966 - Emmett Ashford becomes first Black umpire in the major leagues. April 12, 1983 - Harold Washington becomes first African American mayor of Chicago. April 13, 1950 - Historian Carter G. Woodson, author of The Miseducation of the Negro, died. April 14, 1775 - First abolitionist society in U.S. is founded in Philadelphia. April 15, 1964 - Sidney Poitier becomes first Black to win Academy Award for Best Actor for Lilies of the Field. April 16, 1862 - Slavery abolished in the District of Columbia. April 17, 1983 - Alice Walker wins Pulitzer Prize for fiction for The Color Purple. April 18, 1864 - More than 200 Black Union troops massacred by Confederate forces at Ft. Pillow, Tennessee. April 19, 1972 - Stationed in Germany, Major Gen. Frederic E. Davidson becomes first Black to lead an army division. April 20, 1894 - Dr. Lloyd A. Hall pioneering food chemist, born. April 21, 1966 - Pct. Milton L. Olive III awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for valor in Vietnam. April 22, 1922 - Jazz bassist and composer Charles Mingus born. April 23, 1895 - Clatonia Joaquin Dorticus patents photographic print wash. April 24, 1944 - United Negro College Fund Incorporated. April 25, 1918 - Ella Fitzgerald “First Lady of Song”, born. April 26, 1888 - Sarah Boone patents ironing board. April 27, 1968 - Vincent Porter becomes first African American certified in plastic surgery. April 28, 1839 - Cinque leads mutiny off the coast of Long Island, NY. April 29, 1899 - Duke Ellington, jazz musician and composer, born. April 30 1952 - Dr. Louis T. Wright honored by American Cancer Society for his contributions to cancer research. www.issuu.com/nationalnubiannews • nationalnubiannews@yahoo.com • 20

IMITABLE TALENT REACHES NEW HORIZONS arc Gallery will commence its 2011 series of art exhibitions with ‘Horizons’: a show that spotlights recent works by Ayoola Gbolahan. The work of this Nigerian abstract expressionist painter is known throughout his homeland for its unpretentious frankness, textured surfaces and audacious use of colour. As our first exhibition of 2011, along with setting the benchmark for the coming year, ‘Horizons’ also marks significant milestones in the artist’s own career; it is his first British solo show. arc Gallery continues to showcase some of the best contemporary African and Diaspora artists. It is our aim that this

exhibition will play a key role in sharing in the pleasure and appreciation of Gbolahan work - extending the horizons of the British art scene. Gbolahan work maximises the communicative power of the human figure. He places his elementary and colourful figures in close proximity on the canvas without undue concern over factors such as perspective, temporal or physical setting. Instead, the abstractly depicted main character in his ‘stories’ surround themselves with symbols and motifs that convey issues such as aggression, religion, heritage, sexuality and social relationships. His figurative abstraction often endows

his paintings with a sense of recognition across a universal spectrum, yet at the same time, expressing an uncanny sense of mysterious wonder. These are just a few of the fine qualities that art lovers will appreciate in Gbolahan, whose striking work is very much suffused with cultural significance and meaning. We earnestly hope you will join us in witnessing this rising star reach his New Horizons. ‘Horizons’ at the arc Gallery opens to the public on Friday 8th April 2011 until Tuesday 3rd May 2011.

FOCUS ON KWAME M.A. MCPHERSON Kwame M.A. McPherson, is a author, poet, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and mentor, who William Frederick Cooper (author, 6 Days in January, There’s Always A Reason) describes “With an eclectic array of stimulating stories, a talented new scribe introduces himself to the world of literature in fine form. You will enjoy his work.” Marie Quetant (Further Education College, England) further asserts, “Kwame is an amazing writer, bringing his and other peoples’ experiences to the forefront in the way he recites his stories. He does this by providing affective images in simple yet powerful ways. Without a doubt, he is a writer for ALL generations and definitely is an inspiration for our young people.” Writing began as a hobby from a young age, whilst living in Jamaica, and Kwame only started recognising his love of writing when he first witnessed and appreciated how others enjoyed his way with words. Years later entering a Heinneman Book Publishers Short Story Competition (1991), he secured a Runners-up spot, for a short story synopsis called, Ah Nuh Soh Parson Get Him Gown. Still unconvinced, he entered yet another poetry competition, again securing another Runners-up spot (ACER, 1994), for the poem, Black Angel. Growing from his life experiences in those intervening years, it was only in 2007, upon securing yet another Runners-up position (PoeticSoul www.poeticsoul.ca, 2007), for Her African Beauty, did he begin to focus and take his writing seriously. At which stage he won first and third place for short story contributions, The Disillusioned Teen and Elmer Fudd Goes Hunting, respectively (PoeticSoul, 2007). A blessing he couldn’t turn away from, writing kept calling him to be all he was ordained to be. Kwame completed his earliest poetry compilation, Our Eternal Legacy (2007), printed in November 2007. His second book but first short story collection, Deep Roots, Strong Tree (2007), was launched in April 2008. A hit, it’s a mixture of short stores based on life lessons and experiences spanning the Caribbean, North America, Africa and Europe. As a contributing creative writer, Kwame has written for Candace Magazine (London, UK), AFAR (USA), Asta News You Can Use (www. astapublications.com, USA) and NEX Generation (Caribbean). Also including a contribution to A LIME JEWEL (www.alimejewel.com, UK), an fund-raising anthology for Haiti. Kwame has also featured on radio and Cable TV (CHRY - Toronto, Canada; HCity Radio.com, SLR Radio and BEN TV, Calabash - Word Power 08 (London, UK), conducted book readings, poetry performances as well as participated in open mike sessions. His second short story book, Yawd Vibes and another poetry compilation (dedicated to young people), To Our Fallen are to be launched in 2011. In addition, he is also working on an outstanding series dedicated to African Caribbean people in the Diaspora (launch date TBC). As a traveller throughout the Diaspora and to the Motherland, he wishes to share his experiences with readers, to uplift, empower and enlighten them. As an Entrepreneur, Kwame has always been involved with business and is now working on establishing his business, WRITE2BFR3, to be a global brand. 21 • nationalnubiannews@yahoo.com • www.issuu.com/nationalnubiannews

Franklyn Edwards Developing Rapport Okay, so we’ve considered the benefits of being positive and alert to opportunities, in the article “Positive out of Adversity” and the benefits of networking in “Is Networking Fundamental to Our Business or Career Development?” In continuing that line of thought from previous articles, let’s reflect on how best to quickly establish and develop rapport. Okay, let’s consider the practicalities of attending any networking event. First and foremost, you must remember to attend with a handful of business cards. It would be meaningless to attend without business cards they make the exchange contact details quick and easy. It is by far the simplest way of swapping contact details. Business cards are one of your most effective marketing tools so armed with an appropriate amount, go networking. Another important consideration of networking is being prepared with a well rehearsed, ready to use mantra in response to enquiries made about your line of work. Without having a well prepared response, you may not appear confident and could lose credibility. So, be prepared and practice your response so it is clear in your mind before use. Remember, ‘first impressions are lasting impressions.’ Okay, so armed with your business cards and stock answers, you’re working the room. You introduce yourself and start asking questions of those you engage in conversation. You find that developing rapport doesn’t happen easily or by accident. When we meet someone for the first time, it is often difficult to strike up a meaningful conversation. Occasionally it will feel like extracting teeth, yours! The person you engage my wish they were somewhere else, be preoccupied with someone or something else, or any number of other

reasons. Don’t be discouraged by this, just move on and work the room. Developing dialogue requires effort and practice. So it’s necessary to pay attention to all aspects of human behaviour and use this knowledge to help you quickly establish rapport. When we first meet someone, there is always a little hesitation and uncertainty in how we interact. But don’t dismay, there are a few things we can do to make our interactions fluid. We can do things like occasionally smiling and nodding our heads to show understanding. These simple gestures connect us with others and are collectively referred to as active listening. Okay, so having initiated dialogue and displayed active listening with a smile and or a few nods, we can also occasionally repeat what we hear as a way of encouraging confirmation; this demonstrates we are showing interest. There are other things we can also do to enhance our conversation. By maintaining eye contact and leaning slightly forward towards the person speaking we create a subliminal connection. Collectively these things create a subconscious link between speaker and listener, putting both on the same wavelength. We should always stand or sit in an open position, with our hands by our side or lying on our laps. With more experience and greater confidence, we can introduce a small amount of mirroring the other person, to our conversations. Mirroring is the term used to explain the action of mimicking the movements or pose of the person we engaged in conversation. This creates a subconscious link and enhances our conversations.

Does this make sense and sounds familiar? If it does and you are probably familiar with NLP or have seen television programmes discuss this issue. I’m sure you are probably even aware of the studies carried out on human interactions and heard about the behaviour we exhibit, when engaged in conversation. Well this knowledge puts at our disposal, skills and tools we can use to quickly establish and develop rapport. Right, our dialogue is progressing nicely and we make a mental note of the responses given. At the end of our conversation before moving on to the next networker, we take time to jot down the salient points captured on the back of the business card exchanged. This note will later become an invaluable aide-memoire should we need to contact the card giver again. If you make contact, then mentioning some of the points made will give the impression of having great memory recall. If you need the support of someone with the experience of a card donor, it is easy to identify the person with the relevant skill-set. With your collection of business cards, you now have a rudimentary skills database and a quick search through will easily identify someone with the experience you require. Okay, following the networking meeting you add to your skills database, possibly made contact with a few people by email and perhaps made a few telephone calls. How do you now go on to develop and manage a professional relationship? There are a few things to considered and will be developed in our next article on ‘relationship management.’ Until then, go networking and practice the tips mentioned above.

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Saturday 30th April 2011

BLACK HEROES WALK A 5 Kilometre Sponsored Walkathon BROCKWELL PARK, HERNE HILL, SE24 12pm - 5pm In celebration of our 10th year anniversary, the 100 Black Men of London will be holding a 5 Kilometre Sponsored Walk with a ‘Black Heroes’ theme. Men, Women, Friends, Supporters, Parents and Children are all invited to take part in this innovative and educational event to help us raise money to support the work that we do. So if you have enjoyed our Mentoring Programmes, Education Through Film events, Black History Challenges, Youth Debates, Quality Time or Family Fun Days and the many other programmes that we deliver, why not join us for this unique event and raise money for us at the same time. To download the flyer visit http://www.100bmol.org.uk/ images/stories/Black_Heroes_Walk_-_Flyer_-_2011.pdf For further information on our mailing list, visit our website www.100bmol.org.uk. You can also find us on Facebook or call us on 0870 121 4100 or email us on walkathon@100bmol.org. uk.


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Saturday 9th April 2011

TUC RACE RELATIONS COMMITTEE: FUNDRAISING DANCE Congress House, Great Russell Street. London WC1 8pm - 2am Wine and Champagne Reception Special Guest DJ - Ronnie Herol (BBC 1Xtra) Please call the following numbers to purchase tickets Micky - Mobile No. 07764 927 729 Dawne - Mobile No. 07810 850 646 Carmen - Mobile No. 07817 288 312 ACLT Office - Office Tel No. 020 8240 4480 SPONSORED BY THOMPSON’S SOLICITORS

WEST INDIAN WOMEN’S CIRCLE IMPROVING QUALITY OF LIFE FOR ELDERS Health Awareness Events 2011 April 2011 Depression Awareness Week: 11/04/11 – 27/04/11 Feel Good Friday - Friday 15th April 2011 – Depression Awareness Event – Feel Good Friday May 2011 Stroke Awareness Day: 10th May 2011 Feel Good Friday - Friday 13th May 2011 – Stroke Awareness Event June 2011 Diabetes Week: 13/06/11 – 19/06/11 Carers Week: 13/06/11 – 19/06/11 Feel Good Friday - Friday 17th June 2011 – Diabetes Awareness Event

West Indian Women’s Circle Improving Quality of Life for Elders Registered Charity: 280204 September 2011 World Alzheimer’s Day – 231st September 2011 Feel Good Friday - Friday 23rd September 2011 – Alzheimer’s Awareness Event October 2011 Breast Cancer Awareness Month World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2011 Feel Good Friday - Friday 7th October 2011 – Mental Health Awareness Event Feel Good Friday - Friday 21st October 2011 – Breast Cancer Awareness Event November 2011 There will be no health awareness events during the month of November as we’ll be having our Christmas Fayre / Cake Sale.

July 2011 Sickle Cell Awareness Month Dementia Awareness Week: 03/07/11 – 09/07/11 Feel Good Friday - Friday 8th July 2011 – Dementia Awareness Event Feel Good Friday - Friday 22nd July 2011 – Sickle Cell Awareness Event

December 2011 World Aids Day – 1st December 2011 Feel Good Friday - Friday 2nd December 2011 - Aids Awareness Event ***************** March 2011 Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Feel Good Friday - Friday 25th March 2011 – Prostate & Ovarian Cancer Awareness Event

August 2011 No health awareness events will take place this month as we will take advantage of the summer weather and hold a family BBQ open to the public and also arrange outdoor activities and trips for the elderly to enjoy.

For more information, contact De’Onne Thompson-Springer Project Coordinator, West Indian Women’s Circle, Asantewa House, Fobney Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 6BZ Tel: 0118 959 0525 Email: deonne.springer.wiwc@gmail.com Website: www.wiwc.co.uk Registered Charity No. 280204


You can attract whatever you want in your life – more money, a better job or career, a better relationship, or improved health. Often, the key to this is very simple. Our patterns of thought, beliefs, attitudes and emotions cause us to attract what we want – or what we don’t want. But our emotional patterns and our habits of thought and belief can be unconscious. In my workshops on Finding Creative Solutions, I teach practical, effective methods for working with your thoughts and emotions.


As Black people, we have particular issues which relate to our experience of racism. Our ancestors survived vicious brutality in slavery, and we carry deep wounds. These patterns continue to affect us, our families and our communities until we heal them. Stress and anxiety about money problems, work or employment issues or other stresses can also block us and undermine our ability to attract what we want. However, help is at hand. We live in a very loving universe, and when we are open to trying new things, when we are willing to explore, when we engage our spirit of adventure, we can achieve our unlimited possibilities.

form of energy healing. It is very simple to learn, and is highly effective at tackling a huge range of issues including money and financial issues, as well as physical and emotional healing. EFT is just one method we can use to bring about enormous changes in our lives. Workshops on Relaxation/Finding Creative Solutions: http://www.blacksuccess1.com/ relaxationworkshops.htm Success Strategies for Black People: http://www.blacksuccess1.com/ achieveyourgoals.htm Here’s to your success!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a

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PERSONAL TUTORING AND TRANSLATION SERVICE The need to learn a modern foreign language has become more of a necessity than a choice. In the current socio-economic globalisation, speaking an additional foreign is a valuable asset and there are many reasons why people want to learn a language. Some may just want to visit another country and thus learn a language to converse with natives and expand their network of friends. For others who are thinking of settling in another the country, an additional language may broaden their prospects of finding a job because many companies look for additional languages as essential requirements. Furthermore speaking another language does not only help with finding with job but it is a push up the promotion ladders as employers acknowledge the advantages and benefits of modern foreign languages. Nowadays, French is one of the most popular languages globally spoken in all the seven continents and many other countries in the world. Parole Française is a company offering various services from translating to private tuitions to individuals, companies, schools, etc. Whatever your reason for learning French, we will cater for your specific needs. Parole Française, is dedicated in giving you the best. At Parole Française we pride ourselves in our diversity and commitment to our customers. We do not discriminate about sex, age or ethnicity. Our tutors come from diverse backgrounds and have a very solid grounded knowledge of the French Language. We only employed the best tutors. We go through a stringent selection process to find the tutors who can carry our reputation. We check references and request Enhanced CRB checks to ensure that our tutors are fully equipped to work for us. Are you having trouble to communicate because you do not understand French and your clients, patients do speak English? We are here to help and ensure that everything goes well for your client and yourself. We offer face-to-face interpretation individuals who need an interpreter to convey their message properly

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to avoid misunderstanding. We can interpret at interviews, meetings, appointment with GPs, solicitors. We offer a swift and clear interpretation to companies, Police, Social Services. We are located within the borough of Hillingdon and at a stone throw of Heathrow airport. We can be contacted at short notice for any urgent face-to-face interpretation. If telephone interpretation is more suitable for your kind of business, we can accommodate. We tailor our services to cater for your specific needs. Translation is our business. We will translate from French to English and English to French. We offer fast, precise translation of your documents from paper to paper. We operate virtually, too. Just send us your documents via e-mail and you will receive them back in the language you require within your specific time-scale. We provide high quality translation in any format. We teach French at all levels. Whether you are a beginner or you already have some knowledge of French but would like to develop your skills further, we endeavour to give you complete satisfaction. You cannot fail with our method which will take you step by step into structured lessons prepared for your individual needs. We even run after-school classes for working mothers who are not home when schools finish. We can help their children if they are learning French at school or we can give them their first taste of the French language. Also, we can prepare students for their GCSE, AS and A Level examinations. We are flexible and can adapt to any Scheme of Work or particular schedule. We can work with local schools to deliver the curriculum. We are Enhanced CRB checked and provide a service second to none, with no constraint on time, resources or effort. We cover many areas in West London, Middlesex, Iver and Denham and we tutor at clients or tutor’s homes, schools, clubs etc. Visit www.parolefrancaise.co.uk and email Maryse at marysenumas@parolefrancaise.co.uk or call 07525023014 for further details!

Tuesday 12 April 2011

THE ROBERT LEVY FOUNDATION FUND RAISING RECEPTION AND DINNER At The House Of Lords, London From 6:45pm Hosted by Baroness Helen Newlove a valued supporter of the Robert Levy Foundation and the work it does within the community, especially around the work with young people. Baroness Newlove has stated “’I am delighted to endorse the Robert Levy Foundation, and in particular Ian, Patricia and Nathan Levy. They have turned the appalling tragedy of losing a beloved son and brother into positive activities and opportunities to encourage young people in Hackney to lead successful lives. The promising life cut short for Robert, lives on in their loving support for others. Robert and his family are truly inspirational and I hope you will join me for what promises to be a wonderful night of celebration of this young hero’s life, and to continue this important work”.

Perhaps you would consider offering your time. Your skills and expertise could prove invaluable in helping the Robert Levy Foundation achieve its initiatives.

By attending this event you will have the opportunity to gain an insight into the Foundation’s work.

The Robert Levy Foundation was set up to increase the awareness of such terrible crimes through the core principles of good community and education.

• Hear about our future plans. • Have the opportunity to network with other organisations. • You will be able to consider the level of support you

• •

or your company may be able to offer the Foundation, thereby enabling us to continue the delivery of our planned programmes. Any support you may offer will help us to achieve the Foundation’s primary goal, that is to help young people into training and employment. You will be able to speak to some of our supporters and get their views about the support they offer and the satisfaction they gain from being involved with the Foundation.

How You Can Get Involved You may be in a position to donate prizes for our auction to be held on the night – all proceeds go directly towards the Foundation’s goals for 2011.

Robert Levy, aged 16 years was murdered a few yards from his home in Hackney whilst trying to prevent a fight between two youths. The bravery of their son has inspired Ian and Patricia Levy to create the Robert Levy Foundation so that the issues surrounding knife crime are highlighted and brought to the attention of everyone. Almost on a daily basis, the popular press and media report that knife crime is still prevalent within our society.

Our approach is to be pro-active in preventing our young people from falling into criminal activities. The wishes of the Foundation are that through this Gala Event, and by working within the community, young people can be encouraged to find appropriate ways to become better citizens, thus preventing further loss of life. We hope that you will be able to join us for what promises to be a truly spectacular evening and support us in providing life-changing opportunities for our young people. Please contact Melissa, our events co-ordinator for further booking information by emailing her at melissa.lewis@ robertlevyfoundation.org This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Further information about this event and the work of the Robert Levy Foundation can be seen by visiting our website http://www.robertlevyfoundation.org

The Robert Levy Foundation Telephone: 08706 260 709 Website: http://www.robertlevyfoundation.org Email: info@robertlevyfoundation.org www.issuu.com/nationalnubiannews • nationalnubiannews@yahoo.com • 26

NNN SUPPORTING THE BLACK POUND This month the NNN introduces a new campaign to highlight the need for we in the African and African Caribbean communities to support the development of Black led enterprises. In this and forthcoming issues, we will be sharing news of initiatives and campaigns that will show ways in which we can support the Black Pound and encourage those enterprises who benifit from our support to invest the gains back into the community. We begin by introducing two initiatives which offers an insight in how best we can support these enterprises and also encourage us to find Black led sources for all our products. Boogles Ltd Boogles Ltd established the Black Pound Group as an answer to the ‘gap’ in the networks that already existed. There were groups for women, groups for young people,groups by area e.g. Wandsworth Chamber of commerce, groups by time e.g. BNI breakfast groups, groups by sector/ profession i.e. solicitors, but no regular group for black businesses. Networking groups is a big industry, and Boogles recognises this. Boogles Ltd is a bookkeeping company, which handles money i.e. pounds for all communities, and would like to encourage more businesses to do business with black businesses, and thus to circulate the black pound. The name “black pound” derives from the concept of having the pink pound (gay / lesbian market), the grey pound (the older age ‘silver’ market), and also the

black pound ... tapping into the lucrative potential of the African / Caribbean / Black British market. That is why Boogles established the Black Pound Business Network. The idea is to bring people together wherever possible. BUT, let us know if you are doing this already, and we’ll lend our support to you. As there is no point in reinventing the wheel! www.theblackpound.com This website began back in November 2006 by two friends who worked on the site in their spare time. What started out as a collaboration of minds, ideas and skills has developed into what can best be described as an online Afro-Caribbean centre. The aim of the website is to provide the UK’s African & Caribbean communities with an online home for people to visit, gather information, share views, opinions and experiences, learn about black history, ancestry and role models, and celebrate the achievements of black people throughout the UK. We are doing this because we want to recreate the sense of spirit, solidarity, strength and pride that our communities displayed when they first emigrated to the UK back in the 1950’s-60’s. Back then, they came together to face the adversity of being a small minority in an initially hostile Britain head on. They paved the way so that future generations could flourish and prosper, however it could be said that today we are losing that direction, spirit and drive to better ourselves and move forward. We want to change this by providing you with a platform to share information, knowledge and experiences and ultimately work towards making the UK’s Afro Caribbean communities a stronger group and start realising our potential today. The UK is becoming more multicultural by the day and the black culture has a lot to offer to the mix. The website is here for people

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from all walks of life who embrace the Afro-Caribbean culture, people, music and food. We strive to promote our positive attributes, get people talking, networking and trading together. We all need and use similar products and services such as hair grooming products, food, music and holidays, but we are not always getting as good a deal or the variety enjoyed by our American counterparts. With your help we intend to change that. By sharing the information we collate and that information passed on by you we can develop the UK’s largest and most concise directory of products and services aimed at the black market. From now on really look at every pound you spend, ask yourselves these questions.

• • • • •

What did you spend it on? Where did you spend it? Did you make a saving? Did you get a large variety to choose from? Were you treated fairly and with respect?

Most importantly you need to be considering if the Afro-Caribbean community stands to benefit from knowing about your transaction and if you think we do, get in touch with us so we can share the information online. The Black Pound directory will enable us all trade online for specialist Afro-Caribbean and general products and services quickly and safely. The Black Pound also wants to empower the next generation by showcasing the achievements of individuals, celebrities and businesses that encompass the positive determination, academic and business success that black people can and do offer this country. The Black Pound will be the link to what makes us a multi-layered and caring community consisting of black, white and mixed raced individuals. Through this website we can break down attitudes, find a voice, empower the next generation and share information to benefit everyone.

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