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HEROES OF YOUR TIME : Nelson Mandela  Nelson Rolihlala Mandela or most known as Madiba in his Xhosa clan was born the 18th July of 1918 in Mvezo, South Africa.  He was a politician who fought against the political system of apartheid before he became the President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999 and he has been one of the historical leaders against the domination of white minority and the racial segregation.  He is now aged 94.

Hero of our time By Tom Saur and Nicole Oliveira Ribeiro

What Nelson Mandela fights for :

ďƒ˜ Nelson Mandela fought all his life against racism, poverty, inequality and as a full member of the black community he also defended the cause of the Human rightsand freedom of expression for black people because the white minority always had a strong political domination and black people couldn't express themselves.

ďƒ˜ Mandela tried to dismantling apartheid'slegacy which was a politic of separated development affecting populations according to some ethnical and racial requirements in some geographic areas.

Mandela’s achievements : ďƒ˜ Nelson Mandela studied law to become a lawyer and served the National African Congress, but when the Congress has been forbidden and after the echec of the peaceful struggle, he co-founded and leaded the "Spear of theNation" to organize campaigns of sabotageto end with apartheid's system. ďƒ˜ He has been arrested by the South African Police and condamned to forced labor in perpetuity and became a symbol of fight for racial equality, he beneficed from an international support. After 27 years of jail he was released in 1990 and received the Nobel Priceof Peace to have ended with the apartheid's system peacefully. He became the 1rst black President of South Africa in 1994 and leaded a politic of national reconciliation between whitepeopleand black people, he fought against economic inequalities and against AIDS. He supported the National African Congress after he retired from political life and continued supporting associations against poverty.

Give your personal explanation of why he is considered as a hero : Nicole :

« Nelson Mandela is a hero because thanks to him, today, black people and white people are considered equal. »

Tom : « Nelson Mandela is a hero of our time because this president has made peace in several fields. »

Mandela by Flore, Nicole, Tom, Quentin  

Presentation of NELSON MANDELA