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Coluche was a French humorist very popular. He was born born in 28 October 1944 in Paris and began his comic career in 26 years old.

Michel Gérard Joseph Colucci (coluche)

Coluche created “restaurants du Coeur” in 1985, it is an association for help poor people; give a food and restaurant tickets.

The money was collected with a bigs concerts “les enfoirés” and albums. Lot of singers take part in this move for help person in difficult.

Today “les restos du Coeur� had 40 000 volunteers and can help 600 000 persons. Coluche was a hero; he worked for help other persons. Coluche was dead in June 1986 in motorcycle accident. But his association is always active and continue help the people.

Coluche by Arthur, Mélissa, Xavier, Maxime  
Coluche by Arthur, Mélissa, Xavier, Maxime