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Paranormal Underground Volume 1, Issue 1

June 2008

Laura Locke Investigates With Skepticism UFOs Over Texas

Also Inside: EMF Meters

Spirituality Across Cultures

Haunted Sites

Paranormal State Fiction: “The Kill�

The Many Names of Bigfoot

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June 2008 Paranormal Underground



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Case Files of the Unknown

Ghost hunter and member Laura Locke reveals insights from more than 20 years of investigating the paranormal.

Welcome to the premier issue of Paranormal Underground. This magazine is for you, so enjoy!

TV Watch: The hit A&E half-hour reality series Paranormal State breaks news ground with advertising campaign.



How many paranormal terms you can decipher? See the solution on page 37 to check your answers.

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Are We Alone?


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After dozens of Stephenville, Texas, residents witnessed UFO activity on January 8, the military offered an explanation, while MUFON investigated.

Are you a paranormal genius or a novice? Take our quiz and find out!


In each issue of Paranormal Underground, we’ll take a look at haunted sites around the world in an attempt to unveil the mysteries that surround them.


This month, we meet Cowbud, RTTingle, NoWhammies, and Binoo’mukua.

Test Your Paranormal Knowledge:

Haunted Sites

With names like Sasquatch, Yeti, Kaptar, Yowie, and the Chinese Wildman, Bigfoot is a worldwide phenomenon.

GhostDose member Binoo’mukua takes a hard look at the potential use of EMF meters in ghost hunting.

Member Profiles:



Paranormal Underground June 2008

By studying the beliefs of other cultures regarding supernatural belief and practice, we can better understand how we came to believe in these things in the first place.

Fiction: Featured Author 24 In Chad Wilson’s fictional story, The Kill, college student Adam finds out that his chaotic dreams are based in reality.

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Paranormal Underground Volume 1, Issue 1


ello, and welcome to the premier issue of Paranormal Underground, the eMagazine for and members. is the new sister site to We hope you like the new site, which will host this magazine each month. Our mission with this magazine is to feature GhostDose and ParanormalUnderground members and upcoming news and events, as well as discuss topics that interest our readers. Make sure to check out the GhostDose/ ParanormalUnderground News section each month for member news, site updates, and upcoming events. Along with spotlighting GhostDose members each month in the Member Profiles column, we’ll feature one of our fantastic storytellers in the Fiction: Featured Author section. This month, we get to know more about members Cowbud, RTTingle, NoWhammies, and Binoo’mukua in our Member Profiles, as well as read an exclusive story from Chad Wilson (Sithy) in the Fiction: Featured Author column. Chad engages our imagination through his paranormal fiction, The Kill. The TV Watch and Equipment Update sections take an in-depth look at our favorite paranormal shows and the latest ghost hunting gear. This month, we profile the successful A&E show Paranormal State, as well as the EMF meter and its possible applications in ghost hunting. Also this month, our Case Files of the Unknown section previews haunted sites, Bigfoot, and the Stephenville, Texas, UFO incident. Have you ever wondered about the origins of supernatural beliefs? In our Cultural Beliefs feature, GhostDose member and archaeologist Binoo’mukua takes a look at how the paranormal and spiritual beliefs of different cultures shape the world around them. I am also very excited to bring to you an Investigator Spotlight each month. In our first issue, we talk with member Laura Locke, who has been investigating the paranormal for more than 20 years. A skeptical believer, Laura is a psychology professor who also has her own psychology practice. Many thanks to Laura for sharing her vast knowledge and experience with us. We hope you enjoy the first issue of Paranormal Underground and look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions for future issues. E-mail with comments on this issue and suggestions for future articles. I would also like to give special thanks to Chris Johnesee (Handyman) for his work on developing

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June 2008

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June 2008 Paranormal Underground


TV Watch

Paranormal State Breaks New Ground By Chad Wilson


grieving mother suspects her deceased son may have fallen victim to a mysterious entity called “The Dark Man,” and she fears her son is being held in purgatory by this strange entity. This scenario is not a made-for-TV movie script, but a real-life drama played out in episode 4 of the new hit A&E series Paranormal State. The half-hour series details the investigations of the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) team, founded by Ryan Buell in 2001. Headquartered in State College, Pennsylvania, PRS’ mission is to “scientifically and spiritually explore the supernatural.” Comprised of two research branches or departments, the Field Investigation & Research Department (FIR) and the Parapsychology & Laboratory Research Department (PLR), Paranormal State focuses on helping people who are having experiences, paranormal or not. Taking a more journalistic and clinical approach, the show’s primary goal is to help people, not provide evidence. Rather than draw conclusions about the paranormal experiences, PRS leaves it up to the viewers to decide and discuss the possibilities. An Unusual Ad Campaign Breaks New Ground The advertising and market-


ing campaign for Paranormal State broke new ground in November 2007. A six-story billboard was erected at the corner of Prince and Mulberry Streets in New York City by BlueBlastMedia. Behind the billboard were two directional audio speakers that used ultrasound to produce a highly focused beam of sound. Passers-by who walked directly in the path of the sound would hear spooky, disembodied voices whispering suggestive messages such as “What’s that?”; “Who’s there?”; and “It’s not your imagination.” But, someone standing next to that person might hear nothing. The ad campaign was apparently the first to use the technology on a commercial billboard. Additional Episodes for Paranormal State Ordered Originally slated for 14 episodes, A&E ordered an additional six episodes after seeing the pilot and the first few episodes. Debuting on December 10, 2007, the show drew an estimated 2.5 million viewers for the first two back-to-back episodes, making it the third-most-watched show on A&E since 2004. The show is produced by Four Seasons Productions International and Go Go Luckey Pro-

Paranormal Underground June 2008

ductions, who are also the executive producers. The show was tentatively titled “Out There,” “Dead Time,” and “Paranormal U” before the name “Paranormal State” was finally chosen.

This billboard advertising Paranormal State on A&E featured two directional audio speakers that used ultrasound to produce a highly focused beam of sound. Passers-by heard spooky, disembodied voices whispering suggestive messages such as “What’s that?”; “Who’s there?”; and “It’s not your imagination.”

Each episode of the show is outlined by the production team first to ensure that a produceable episode will result, according to Co-Executive Producer Tina Gazzerro. “We try to identify where we get our discovery moments, our ‘Ahha!’ moments,” Gazzerro told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Information about the event under investigation may also be held back from the students investigators in order to create dramatic tension, and only situations that will have a conclusive outcome are investigated. “We may have information we don’t give to [the PRS team],” Gazzerro said, “but we need to make sure [the episode is] produceable.” Story arcs are also outlined for each “character” on the show, according to producers. The production team and the show’s researchers say that no pressure is put on the research team to act in certain ways or make paranormal discoveries. Paranormal State Captures Key Demographics A&E has high hopes for the new series. Cable television reality shows about the paranormal require only about a quarter of the budget for a scripted show of the same length, according to The show also draws muchcoveted younger viewers and skews slightly more female than male (a difficult demographic to draw for most cable networks not explicitly targeting women). The cable network reported that the 2.5 million viewers who watched the first two back-to-back episodes included 1.6 million people aged 18 to 49 (a highly coveted demographic by broadcasters and advertisers), according to USA Today. It also included 1.5 million viewers in the 25 to 54 age range, A&E’s target demographic.

Paranormal State Reviews “In this 30-minute, ghostbusting, gives-you-the-creeps reality show, PRS director-founder Ryan Buell and his team investigate supposed hauntings while Buell chronicles their activities in his ‘director’s log’ recorder, sort of like Captain Kirk in Star Trek or Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks.” — Owen, Rob. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, December 5, 2007. “Maybe Paranormal State is pure put-on. If so, it’s not deft enough. Maybe it’s trying for manufactured kitsch. If so, it has a lot of competition out in YouTube land.” — Genzlinger, Neil. New York Times, December 17, 2007. “. . . reality TV at its reel frightening best.” — Elkin, Michael. “Ghost Listeners.” Jewish Exponent, December 27, 2007. “. . . the perfect blend of bump-in-the-night scariness and cinéma vérité. It’s The Blair Witch Project meets Unsolved Mysteries. But if you scare easily, don’t watch this show alone.” — Toby, Mekeisha Madden. “Paranormal: It’s a Real Ghostbusters.” Detroit News, December 10, 2007. “The biggest drawback to the series is that it’s over-produced, with too many eerie sounds and visual effects. Is the heavy breathing something picked up by PRS microphones, or is it a sound effect added after the fact by the show’s producers?” — Owen, Rob. “Penn State’s Double Dose of National Media Exposure.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, December 5, 2007. “While I was watching the episode, I found myself feeling skeptical about the whole ghost thing but at the same time, feeling sympathy for the family that is featured.” — West, Kelly. “TV Review: ‘Paranormal State.’”, December 2, 2007. “As the Sci Fi Channel’s equally erratic Ghost Hunters series proves, the problem with ghosts and demons in real life is that they are rather camera shy. So in spite of the sophisticated audio and video equipment used by founder Ryan Buell and his paranormal team, the show’s spirit sightings boil down to a ho-hum collection of ominous noises, the occasional selfopening door, and pronouncements like, ‘There are bad things here.’” — Peterson, Karla., December 10, 2007. “. . . the ghostly effect created by the billboard [the show’s advertising billboard in New York] is much more convincing than anything actually seen in the silly show . . . and no one is saying the billboard is haunted.” — Weprin, Alex., December 15, 2007.

June 2008 Paranormal Underground


Investigator Spotlight

Laura Locke: Investigating With Skepticism By Cheryl Knight


aving studied the paraSomething’s There by Dan Greenof psychokinesis, telepathy, and the normal for more than 20 berg, which chronicled the author’s consciousness,” she said. years, GhostDose member journey into the occult. Laura Locke classifies herself as a “I found it fascinating and Laura Begins Investigating skeptical believer. started to become interested in the With Friends As a psychology professor and idea of ghosts and psychokinesis and Most of Laura’s paranormal practicing psychologist, Laura’s the like,” she said. experiences occurred after she began research into the unknown investigating at the age of 17. includes about 30 paranormal However, throughout her teeninvestigations and stints at the age years and into young adultKoestler Parapsychology Unit hood, Laura had a strange, of the University of Edinburgh recurring nightmare about and Rhine Institute where she being in a haunted place. studied psychokinesis and “The place would vary, telekinesis and the consciousbut almost all of the places ness, including out of body were real places, like this little experiences. storage room in my aunt’s Laura is currently a freebasement or a hidden room lance paranormal investigator, in a friend’s house,” she said. specializing in the psychology “The dreams were somewhat of hauntings. paralyzing, and I would never “I look for a psychological go into those spaces again after reason why someone might the dreams.” think that they are experiencLater, Laura discovered ing a haunting,” Laura said. that others had experienced “Sometimes people claim strange events in some of the hauntings as attention-seeking places from her dreams. But devices, some out of guilt for it wasn’t these experiences how they treated someone that prompted Laura to begin Laura Locke, age 43, works as a university psychology inwho passed on, some who can- structor and practicing psychologist. She has investigated investigating. the paranormal for more than 20 years. not let go of a loved one who “I was approached by a has passed on, and some as an friend to go with her group alternative reason why they make the Laura then started reading on an investigation since I was supchoices they make.” everything she could get her hands posedly level-headed, not scared of Laura’s fascination with the on, making it a secondary facet of much, and there were psychological paranormal began when she was her education. components to the haunting being a teenager reading a book called “I’m most interested in the study investigated,” she said.


Paranormal Underground June 2008

Laura’s first-ever investigation involved a private residence where a woman claimed that she was being stalked by a demon. The investigative team went to the house and discovered that the woman was into the occult. “She had tons of books on Santeria, Voodoo, Satanic Worship, and demonology, and she had all these personal protection symbols on the walls and floors,” Laura said. The team used scientific methods and found nothing out of the ordinary. They deduced the noises, creaks, and pops heard by the resident were the result of the house settling and an active heating system. They concluded that scratching noises emanating from the walls were mice and not demons. Ultimately, the resident refused to believe any of the team’s evidence that did not support a haunting. “It was my belief that she basically was so caught up in the different occult practices she was reading about that she magnified anything ‘normal’ in her house and attributed it to a demon,” Laura said. “Plus, she was an abused child and later in life appeared to seek out abusive situations. So having a demon following her around undoubtedly seemed much more palatable than having to face her own inner demons.” Working on this case led Laura to become interested in the psychology of hauntings, specifically what psychological reasons might be present to explain a purported haunting. Looking to Psychology for Paranormal Explanations Laura now conducts most of her investigations as a freelance paranormal investigator with many groups across the country, including the Long Island Society for Paranormal Research, the Paranormal Society of Long Island, Long Island Oddities,

Q&A With Laura Locke Age: 43 Born: Westport, Ireland Education: Doctorate of clinical psychology Resides: Long Island, New York Occupation: University psychology instructor and practicing psychologist Zodiac Sign: Taurus Family: Laura’s husband, Alan, is a philosophy professor. She has two step-children, Brandon and Brianna, and one cat and two dogs.

Who are your heroes? Anyone who stands up for what they believe in and isn’t afraid to fail.

What are your general interests? The paranormal, consciousness, the human mind, music, art, and writing.

What type of music, movies, and books do you enjoy? I like indie music, including M. Ward, the Arcade Fire, Calexico, Sufjan Stevens, Rosie Thomas, New Pornographers, Neko Case, and Imogen Heap. I also love old Waterboys stuff. I enjoy quirky indie movies. My favorite books are Good Omens, Stardust, Neverwhere, American Gods, Sandman graphic novels, and the Discworld series.

What television shows do you watch? Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted (campy tacky goodness), Criminal Minds, Scariest Places on Earth (again with the camp), most Star Trek incarnations, Pushing Daisies, The Amazing Race, and schlock reality shows. Who’s work in the paranormal field do you respect the most and why? Bill Roll, mostly for his work on the electromagnetic field and for his research and belief that what

Laura often investigates paranormal cases with her friends Mick and Brenna. While the team seeks serious answers to the paranormal, they feel it’s important to keep a healthy sense of humor. Mick, Brenna, and Laura have a bit of PhotoShop fun with a picture taken at the Williams House in Old Bethpage Restoration Village in Long Island.

are commonly called poltergeists might actually be recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis. In other words, poltergeist activity is more likely to be caused by humans than by spirits. I’m not saying that I necessarily agree with all of his conclusions, but he’s looking outside the ‘spirit world’ for explanations of things. His book, Unleashed: Of Poltergeists and Murder: The Curious Story of Tina Resch, is a very interesting read. He has been involved with the study and research of the paranormal since the mid-1950s, worked at Duke, was president of the Parapsychological Association and the Psychical Research Foundation, and taught at West Georgia, where I saw him lecture several times. I also really admire Susan Blackmore. Her studies and research into the consciousness are benchmark, though and her research into memetics — stories, art, culture, etc., that are passed on through non-genetic means — is also very interesting.

June 2008 Paranormal Underground


Investigator Spotlight

The range of equipment used and evidence gathered during investigations varies, but may include digital still photography, digital voice recorders, infrared, EMF, ion meters, digital thermometers, DVR, and thermal imaging.

Paranormal Investigation of New York City, Rochester Paranormal, the Institute of Paranormal Psychology, San Francisco Ghost Chasers, and Alaska Paranormal. She also investigates with university-based groups. Her investigations have included museums, schools, and taverns, but mostly involve private houses. During investigations, Laura’s primary role is as a psychological debunker. “I usually see if something can be explained through psychology,” she said. “There are a lot of psychological issues than can be used to explain a ‘haunting.’” Laura has seen many instances where psychological components


explain reported paranormal activity. In one case, Laura’s team investigated a house belonging to an elderly woman who was positive that her deceased husband was haunting her. “She had strayed from her marriage a long time ago and never told her husband,” Laura said. “When he passed away, she believed that he had discovered her infidelity and came back to make sure she never cheated again.” The investigative team conducted a full-scale investigation, and nothing was discovered that couldn’t be explained and/or debunked. In this case, Laura concluded that the women’s own guilt was haunting her.

Paranormal Underground June 2008

“I usually help to calm people when they think something ‘big’ is happening, because it usually isn’t,” she said. “My thought process is very logical, so I look for the possibility of a psychological correlation for happenings.” The shortest investigation Laura ever attended was only two hours. In this case, the team concluded that the homeowner was fabricating claims. However, the longest investigation Laura attended was a week-long investigation of a private house. “It was lengthy because there were children involved, the parents really didn’t want them involved in the investigation, and we had to work around them,” Laura said. The team ended up investigating while the family was visiting relatives, only on certain nights where the children weren’t present, or after the children were asleep. Ultimately, the findings indicated a possible residual haunting of the historical home. “There were some noises (footsteps and a gun firing) that we could not rationally explain,” Laura said. “We also picked up some audio on the video recorders.” Equipment Helps Investigators Document Activity The range of equipment used and evidence gathered during investigations varies, but may include digital still photography, digital voice recorders, infrared, EMF, ion meters, digital thermometers, DVR, and thermal imaging. Laura has participated on teams that use next to nothing in terms of equipment, as well as on teams that run the gamut. “You have to know what each piece of equipment does and how to use it so you’re not fumbling around trying to figure out something in the dark,” she said.

It’s also important to know what kinds of data to look for before using a piece of equipment. “If you don’t know how to read an EMF meter, for example, you’re not going to know what the numbers mean,” Laura said. “If you’re using a laser thermometer, you should learn how to program it to scan instead of constantly using the laser pointer feature because that laser can actually appear odd on video sometimes. And, you have to know how to read a thermal cam because the data can be misinterpreted and because gray scale should be used since it’s a bit more accurate.” For paranormal investigators just starting out, using the equipment is the best way to learn. Laura recommends learning how to use the equipment by using it at home. “Take EMF readings around your home to see how it fluctuates around certain appliances,” she said. “My laptop can give off up to a 6.0 on the EMF meter, so I know that there’s definitely higher readings around computer devices.” It’s also important to use the devices for baseline scans at locations being investigated before investigators go ‘lights out.’ “Use the thermal cam around the house and see how your pets and bedding and appliance appear in both color and gray scale,” Laura said. However, in some cases, no matter how much equipment is used on an investigation, reported paranormal events might not be detected. In one case, Laura was investigating a private house in Anchorage, Alaska, that included possible poltergeist activity. “There were definitely things flying across the room and doors slamming in conjunction with some high EMF spikes,” she said. “But there was nothing on high 8 or audio, and we didn’t see anything in the way of

Laura had a chilling encounter at Casa de Estudillos in San Diego, California’s Old Town while on vacation. She felt an extreme cold spot on a 70-plus degree sunny day, as well as a presence that followed her from room to room.

shadows or apparitions. This activity happened early in the evening and in the light.” One of two young girls who lived in the house was present during the investigation when the team witnessed the paranormal activity. However, as soon as the girl left the house, the activity stopped. “After that, we had a peaceful rest of the evening,” Laura said. “But, it must be noted that the objects that moved were not seen to move from their point of origin. I reported it as possible psychokinesis/telekinesis activity to the group, and they continued the investigation.” Eventually, paranormal activity ceased at the location as the two younger residents got older.

grueling evidence review process that typically lasts one week or more. The evidence review phase of an investigation is painstaking, according to Laura. The team must sift through all the evidence collected, including photos, audio, videos, IR footage, and EMF logs. “You don’t go over it once; you go over it again and again,” she said. “You play back the audio and run it through a program, like Audacity, looking for anomalies. And when you find something, you isolate it and loop it, looking for speech patterns and other noises that might explain what it is.” There are common explanations of audio irregularities, according to Laura. High static and whining noises surrounding a vocal pattern could point to a crossed signal, and muffled voices could be other team members in other areas of the site. With video evidence, orbs are usually dismissed as bugs, dust, or

Laura has seen many instances where psychological components explain paranormal activity.

Evidence Review Phase Is Painstaking Typical investigations last between one to two days or nights for active investigation, not including the

June 2008 Paranormal Underground


Investigator Spotlight water vapor. And video of shadows and movements of unknown origin are analyzed to ensure that a team member or other natural source did not create them. Sometimes, multiple team members look through the same evidence. Then, they often take another trip to the site to try to debunk the evidence that remains. “And since almost everyone on the team has a day job, we have to do this in our free time,” Laura said. “So, there’s no luxury of sitting in a room all day and going through the evidence. We work on it when we can.” Laura stressed the importance of documenting the date and time that evidence is reviewed and by whom, as well as keeping the number of people with access to the evidence limited to minimize the chance of evidence tainting. Laura Reveals Her Most Memorable Cases Many interesting cases have come Laura’s way, some leaving long-lasting memories. In a private house in Savannah, Laura’s team heard disembodied voices that were “absolutely disquieting.” EVPs recorded during the case included “Who are you?”, “Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?”, and “It hurts,” as well as some laughing and crying.

One of Laura’s recent investigations was at Raynham Hall (pictured). She also hopes to do investigations at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Whaley House, the Stanley Hotel, Casa de Estudillos, Winfield Hall, and Webb Institute.


Laura also had a chilling encounter at Casa de Estudillos in San Diego, California’s Old Town while on vacation. She felt an extreme cold spot on a 70-plus degree sunny day and a feeling of a presence that followed her from room to room. “It wasn’t malevolent in feeling, but it was creepy in a hair-on-theback-of-the-neck-standing-up sort of way,” she said. One investigation that will stick with Laura involved a private house in Avon, New York. And the memory did not involve paranormal activity. “I was there with a small private group, and there was a new

After 20 years of investigating the paranormal, Laura has developed a very healthy skepticism. member alone in the living room,” Laura said. “He was adjusting some equipment, heard a bang, and unfortunately got so scared that he wet himself. Turned out that the homeowners forgot to take the cat with them when they left, and the cat knocked over a vase.” EVPs Remain Strongest Paranormal Evidence to Date In Laura’s many years of investigating, she has not seen any video or photographic evidence that she can’t explain through logical analysis. “We’ve photographed orbs and shadowy figures, which could have some logical explanation,” she said. However, Laura and her fellow investigators have captured some

Paranormal Underground June 2008

For those aspiring paranormal investigators, Laura advises to keep an open mind and remember that 8 times out of 10, there’s a logical explanation for documented activity.

interesting EVPs, including “Get the hell out of here” and “Are you really here?”, as well as a few “yes/no” answers to direct questions. “Let’s just say that after 20 years of investigating the paranormal, I’ve developed a very healthy skepticism,” Laura said. “Either the ghosts are hiding from me, I’m a natural ghost repellent, or they’re just not that common.” While Laura may be skeptical about the paranormal, she will continue to investigate locations around the globe, including another trip to Raynham Hall in Oyster Bay and repeat visits to European destinations such as Leap Castle, Berry Pomeroy Castle, and Tatton Hall in Europe. She also hopes to do formal investigations at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Whaley House, the Stanley Hotel, Casa de Estudillos, Winfield Hall (formerly Woolworth Mansion), and Webb Institute (formerly “the Braes.” For those aspiring paranormal investigators, Laura offers a few words of guidance. “Don’t expect to see or hear anything,” she said. “Keep an open mind and remember that 8 times out of 10, there’s a perfectly logical explanation for the bump you heard in the hallway or the cold spot that you felt.”


Paranormal Terms


(Answers on page 37)














15 16 17 18

19 20


ACROSS 2 A non-human spirit entity that is usually more malicious and destructive than ghosts of dead human beings 5 A wailing spirit or ‘death omen’ 7 A person who is responsive to psychic forces with ESP abilities 8 An exact spirit double or mirror image of a person that is considered to be very negative 12 An ethereal substance associated with spirit manifestations 15 The study of the evidence for psychological phenomena that are inexplicable by science 17 A carefully controlled research project in which various methods and equipment are used to investigate reports of ghosts and hauntings 18 A photographed anomaly that theoretically represents the ‘spirit’ of a deceased person 20 The paranormal movement of objects by inexplicable means 21 Voices and sounds from beyond that are captured and recorded on magnetic tape

DOWN 1 An invisible emanation of light that seems to surround a person or thing; it is often thought to reflect a person’s personality 2 The ability or art of divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it 3 Referring to something that is beyond the range of normal human experience or scientific explanation 4 Communication from one mind to another through means other than the senses 6 Communication or perception by means other than the physical senses 9 A dream state in which one is conscious enough to recognize that one is in the dream state and is then able to control dream events 10 A spectral image of a person that materializes even though a physical body is not present 11 To lift or raise a physical object in apparent defiance of gravity 13 Reoccurring ghostly phenomena that returns to a location 14 The power of the mind to affect matter without physical contact 16 A spirit passes information directly to a medium or channeler who will then relay the information on to the listener(s) 19 A generic term referring to the visual appearance of a deceased human’s spirit soul

June 2008 Paranormal Underground 11

Case Files of the Unknown: Haunted Sites

This HAUNTED WORLD By Cheryl Knight


aunted locations pique the curiosity of paranormal enthusiasts worldwide. From the Stanley Hotel in Colorado to Leap Castle in Ireland to Machu Picchu in Peru, these mysterious sites capture our imagination and conjure images of the unknown. In future issues of Paranormal Underground, we’ll take a look at haunted sites around the world in an attempt to unveil the mystery that surrounds them. Here’s a sneak peak at some of

the sites we’ll be featuring in upcoming issues: • Myrtles Plantation • Paris Catacombs • Lucedio Abbey • Bran Castle • Tower of London • Goldfield Hotel • Hellfire Caves • Whaley House • Bell Witch Cave • Stonehenge We’ll also investigate several purportedly haunted locations and

present in-depth reports directly from Waverly Hills Sanatorium, the Villisca Axe Murder House, Gettysburg, The Whaley House, The Queen Mary, and the Bell Witch Cave, among others. We’ll show you evidence collected, including photos, EVPs, and journal entries, and you can help us analyze the evidence! If you have a haunted site you’d like us to feature, send an e-mail to and tell us about it.

Famous Sites Stonehenge

Waverly Hills

Myrtles Plantation


Paranormal Underground June 2008

Machu Picchu

Lucedio Abbey



Leap Castle

Bran Castle

Tower of London


Bell Witch Cave

Hellfire Caves

Paris Catacombs

Haunted Hotels

Stanley Hotel

Queen Mary

Goldfield Hotel

June 2008 Paranormal Underground 13

Case Files of the Unknown: Cryptids


What’s in a Name? By Chad Wilson


hat is it about Bigfoot that continues to pique the public’s interest? With names like Sasquatch, Yeti, Kaptar, Yowie, and the Chinese Wildman, Bigfoot is not just confined to North America, but is a worldwide phenomenon. The question that begs to be asked: Is he real? For if Bigfoot in all his incarnations and various myths is not real, then what is he? What is causing countless eyewitnesses to see what they see around the world? Sometimes, maybe even often, sightings might be hoaxes, but what about the times when no hoax is present? Hallucinations and/ or mistaking other animals for the

legendary creature are other possible explanations. In this article, we’ll dig down to the bottom of at least one of the puzzling questions pertaining to Bigfoot: Where do some of the names Bigfoot is known by come from? Bigfoot The name Bigfoot itself didn’t come into use until October 5, 1958, when it appeared in a copy of the Humboldt Times as a headline to an article written by the paper’s editor Andrew Genzoli. The article featured Gerry Crew, who had shown up at the paper’s office with a plaster cast of a footprint found in Bluff Creek Valley. Some

On September 16, 2007, a photograph taken by a hunter in Pennsylvania reignited debate over the existence of Bigfoot. Rick Jacobs claims to have taken the pictures using a camera hung from a tree with an automatic trigger. Bigfoot enthusiasts say it appears to be the real deal, but other experts say it looks like a bear with a severe case of mange.


Paranormal Underground June 2008

say the cast was faked by Ray Wallace, who was Crew’s boss. Sasquatch The term Sasquatch is a neologism, or coined word, created by British Columbian schoolteacher J.W. Burns, and is not a true Native American name. Burns collected Native American accounts of large, hairy creatures said to live in the wild. Burns’ Native American informants called these beasts by various names, including Sokqueatl and Sossq’tal. Noting the phonetically similar names for the creatures, he decided to invent one term for them all. Over time, Burns’ neologism Sasquatch came to be used by others, primarily in the Pacific Northwest. In 1929, MacLean’s Magazine published one of Burns’ articles, “Introducing British Columbia’s Hairy Giants,” which called the large creatures by this term . . . Sasquatch. Alma/Kaptar These are two of many regional names given to a large ape-like creature thought to live in and around the Caucasus Mountains in Kazakhstan, Asia. In the Caucasus, Almas (which in the Mongolian language means wildman) are well known by the local people, who tell numerous stories of an apparent familiarity between humans and these creatures.

Eyewitness accounts dating back hundreds of years describe Almas communicating with humans by means of gestures. There were even stories of Almas bartering food for trinkets. Other names by which these creatures are known, depending on the particular region, are Wind-Man, Abnuaaya, Bekk-Bok, Biabin-Guli, Gul-Biavan, Guli-Avan, GolubYavan, Kra-Dhan, Ksy-Giik or Ksy Gyik, Mirygdy, Mulen, and Voita. Yowie Reports of a Sasquatch-like creature have been numerous throughout Australia since European settlers first entered the continent. Yowie sightings were made by the Aborigines and remembered in their folklore. The term Yowie got its start in the 1970s, apparently because of the aboriginal word Youree or Yowrie, the native term for the hairy manmonster. An earlier name for the creature was Yahoo, which according to some accounts was an aboriginal term meaning devil, devil-devil, or evil spirit. It has been said that the name was borrowed from Jonathan Swift, whose Gulliver’s Travels book includes a subhuman race named the Yahoos. Other names for the creature include Yoser, Tjangara, Yay-ho, Koyoreowen (Southern Australia), Jimbra, Jingera, Turramulli, and Loan (Western Australia). Yeti The Yeti or Abominable Snowman is an apelike animal cryptid said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. The names Yeti and Meh-Teh are commonly used by the people indigenous to the region and are part of their history and mythology.

Nepalese have various names for Yeti, like Bonmanche, which means wild man, or Kanchanjunga rachyyas, which means Kanchanjunga’s demon. The name Yeti is derived from the Tibetan yeh-ti, a compound of the words yeh, meaning rocky or rocky place, and pe-tah, which translates as bear, the full name being rock bear.

Sometimes, maybe even often, “Bigfoot” sightings might be hoaxes, but what about the times when no hoax is present? Hallucinations and/ or mistaking other animals for the legendary creature are other possible explanations.

Chemosit The Chemosit — also known as Chimiset, Chimisit (meaning devil in the region’s folklore), and Nandi Bear (after a Kenyan tribe) — is considered by some to be Africa’s Bigfoot. However, its description varies widely from those of Sasquatch-like creatures. Other names by which the creature is known in Africa include

Duba (used by the Swahili and villages along the Tana river); Kerit, Shivuverre (Kakumega country, Kenya); Kikomba (West Africa); Koddoelo (Ngao state, Kenya); Sabrookoo (Kenya/Uganda frontier); Engargiya (Uganda); Gadett (Lumbwa district, Kenya); Ngoloko (Tanzania); and Kikambangwe and Ikimizi (Ruanda). And the List Goes On . . . In North America alone, names abound for Bigfoot, including Arulataq (Alaska), Grassman (Ohio), Momo (Missouri), Oh-mah (California), Old Yellow Top (Ontario), Skunk Ape (Florida), Windigo (Quebec), Woods Devil (New Hampshire), Wookie (Louisiana), Nuk-luk, Nakani (North West Territories), or simply Bushman. In South America, ape-like creatures have been reported in many areas and go by different names, depending on the region. Some of these names are: • Aluxes, Goazis, and Guayazis (dwarf-like man-faced animals) • Aigypans and Vasitris (evil man-like beasts) • Matuyus and Curupiras (wild men with their feet pointing backward) • Curinqueans (giants measuring 12 feet tall) • Di-di or Didi, Mono Grande, and the Mapinguary (Sasquatch-like creatures) What’s In a Name? As can be seen, there are many names for the legendary beast we know as Bigfoot. But what’s in a name? It is only how different cultures define something that is common across cultures: an ape/man-like creature that defies our descriptions or attempts to uncover its mystery.

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Case Files of the Unknown: Are We Alone?

Stephenville, Texas . . . Roswell Revisited? By Chad Wilson


he 17,000-resident town of Stephenville, Texas, was the subject of a recent UFO mystery, with more than 30 eyewitnesses reporting UFO sightings within a 50-mile radius on January 8, 2008. The ensuing military and government back-pedaling is reminiscent of the infamous Roswell, New Mexico, case. And while there were no supposed UFO crashes or alien bodies found in Stephenville, questions continue to mount. The object sighted near Stephenville was a mile long and half a mile wide, according to pilot and businessman Steve Allen. “It was positively, absolutely nothing from these parts,” Allen told the Associated Press, adding that its speed and cloaking abilities were foreign to him. Local resident Ricky Sorrells said he spotted a flat, metallic object hovering approximately 300 feet above a pasture near his home in Dublin. Sorrells said he used the telescopic sight on his rifle to view the object. While some residents reported seeing fighter jets chasing the UFO, Major Karl Lewis, a military spokesman for the 301st fighter wing at the Joint Reserve Base Naval Air Station in Fort Worth, initially denied the presence of F-16s or other


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aircraft from his base in the area the night of January 8. Lewis said the object might have been an illusion caused by two commercial airplanes; lights from the aircraft would seem unusually bright and may appear orange from the setting sun. “I’m 90 percent sure this was an airliner,” Lewis said in an Associated Press interview. “With the sun’s angle, it can play tricks on you.” Officials at the region’s two Air Force bases — Dyess in Abilene and Sheppard in Wichita Falls — also said none of their aircraft were in the area that week. The U.S. Air Force has not investigated UFO sightings since 1969 when it ended Project Blue Book, which examined more than 12,600 reported UFO sightings, including 700 that were never explained. That program started a few months after the 1947 crash near Roswell, New Mexico, of a UFO the government said was a topsecret weather balloon. Others have claimed it was an alien spacecraft. Military Changes its Statement on Stephenville Incident On January 23, Major Lewis contradicted his initial statement in a press release issued 15 days after the sightings in Stephenville. “Ten F-16s from the 457th

Fighter Squadron were performing training operations from 6 to 8 p.m., January 8, 2008, in the Brownwood Military Operating Area (MOA), which includes the air space above Erath County,” Lewis said. He also retracted his earlier statement that residents might have seen an illusion caused by two commercial airplanes and reflections from the setting sun, saying he should not have speculated about the reported sightings. Lewis said the error resulted from an “internal communications oversight” and that officials wanted to set the record straight “in the interest of public awareness.” Pilots Disagree With Military Press Release on UFO Event At least three pilots in Stephenville disagree with the military’s January 23 press release. Steve Allen, Don Stewart, and Todd Downs all say if Stephenville, which is about 70 miles southwest of Fort Worth, and the Selden area are in the Brownwood MOA, it’s news to them. All three pilots said that the MOA does not include all of Erath County, but only a small portion of Dublin; it does not include Stephenville or the Selden area. “Stephenville is 11 miles from the MOA,” Stewart told the Stephenville Empire-Tribune. Downs, who is an employee at Clark Field in Stephenville, said there is a GPS fixed point located on the airport grounds that the military uses, and while it’s not unusual for the jets to be in the area, he said the press release leads people to believe that all of Erath County air space is included in the MOA, which would be incorrect. Downs said jets fly through Stephenville on the way to the MOA. Downs said he does not understand why the military would

Roswell: The Case That Started it All


he Roswell case usually comes to mind when UFOs and aliens are mentioned. Located in the desert of New Mexico, this small town was the site of one of UFO history’s most well-known events, the supposed crash and subsequent capture of an actual alien spacecraft. Though much mystery surrounds this crash, it is the various cryptic events that followed that lend this story its myth and legendary status among UFO enthusiasts. The crash and some of the events that followed include: • July 2, 1947: A UFO crashes on the farm of Mack Brazel. • July 8: Major Jesse Marcel of the Army Air Force puts out a press release stating that a flying saucer had crashed in the desert 75 miles Northwest of Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF). • July 8: Walter Haut, public information officer at RAAF and the individual who circulated the famous press release claiming a flying saucer had crashed, is taken to one of the Roswell hangars by the base commander, Colonel Blanchard. There he sees part of the wreckage that “was approximately 12 to 15 feet in length, not quite as wide, about 6 feet high, and more of an egg shape.” Haut also sees two bodies of “victims” who appeared to be the size of 10-year-old children. • Glenn Dennis, an embalmer at the Ballard Funeral Home in Roswell, receives a series of telephone calls from the RAAF base mortuary officer inquiring about the best way to preserve tissue that has been laying out in the desert exposed to the elements. Dennis is also asked whether he has any “children’s caskets” in stock. • July 9: As media interest builds, senior military authorities issue

July 8, 1947, Fort Worth, Texas — Gen. Roger Ramey (kneeling) and Chief of Staff Col. Thomas Dubose pose with materials from a weather balloon and radar reflector. Some claim text contained on the paper in Ramey’s hand (boxed) confirms an alien recovery.

another press release, stating that the crashed object is a weather balloon. • July 11: The cleanup at the crash sites is completed. MPs and others involved in the cleanup are debriefed and told to “forget about it.” • 1997: The Air Force releases its third and final report on Roswell. “The Roswell Report: Case Closed” says that the reports of alien bodies recovered as a result of the claimed 1947 UFO crash near Roswell were the result of high-altitude parachute testing conducted by the Air Force during the 1950s, using mannequins instead of real people. The Air Force says a mental process called “time-compression” caused witnesses to remember dates incorrectly. The Roswell UFO case of 1947 has left many ufologists baffled. With the U.S. military contradicting themselves, conspiracy theories still abound today. The truth about Roswell might one day be revealed. Until then, we are left scratching our heads as to what really happened.

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Case Files of the Unknown: Are We Alone? issue such a release two weeks after repeatedly denying the base had any planes in the area. “I don’t understand why they would do that at all,” Downs told the Stephenville Empire-Tribune. “They’re not hard to know that they are there. It doesn’t make sense. I’ve seen them come by me before. They are real loud.”

military secrecy, and an attempt at a cover up after initial government statements, there is no way to know what really happened in Stephenville. However, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is now investigating the case and hoping to come up with concrete answers. “I find it curious that it took them two weeks to fess up,” said Kenneth Cherry, the Texas director of the UFOs Unrecognizable to Police MUFON. “I think they’re feeling the and Pilot Witnesses heat from the publicity.” Allen and friends reported Hundreds of local residents early on that F-16s were “chasing” showed up at the Rotary Club in the mysterious lights when they saw Dublin on January 19 to tell their them for the second time at Selden story to reporters and investigators. on the evening of January 8. “This is an amazing sighting,” Eyewitness Erath County Consaid Steve Hutchins, MUFON invesstable Lee Roy Gaitan told the tigator. “This is unheard of.” Associated Press that he first saw red MUFON’s investigation could glowing lights and then white flashing take a year. Even then, there may be lights moving fast, but no explanation for that even with binthe phenomenon, “I find it curious oculars, he could not they said. that it took them two identify the object to However, acwhich the lights were cording to Cherry, weeks to fess up.” attached. there were “basically — Kenneth Cherry, the same experi“I didn’t see a Texas director, MUFON ences by folks from flying saucer, and I don’t know what it great distances apart was, but it wasn’t an from each other, airplane, and I’ve never seen anyso that alone makes it a much more thing like it,” Gaitan said. “I think it significant sighting.” must be some kind of military craft While many in the town and sur—- at least I hope it was.” rounding area remain baffled by the Anne Frazor, a business owner sightings, other residents are having in Stephenville said that many fun with it all. Several local high school residents in town have seen military students made T-shirts that read: “Steaircraft zoom overhead from time to phenville: The New Roswell” on the time as part of training operations. front and “They’re here for the milk!” But she said that wasn’t what she saw on the back with a picture featuring a on January 8. flying saucer beaming up a cow. “I couldn’t begin to say what Whether or not the Stephenville it was, but to me it wasn’t planes,” sightings were a case of airliners Frazor told the Associated Press. creating an illusion in the sky, secret military experimental planes out MUFON Investigates Stephenfor a test run, or UFOs operated by ville Sightings alien intelligence, area residents are With first-hand accounts that not soon to forget the events that include pilot and police testimony, took place January 8.


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U Santa Ana, California, August 3, 1965 — Taken by highway traffic engineer Rex Heflin, while driving near the Santa Ana freeway. Heflin did not report his sighting, but the photographs were published by the Santa Ana Register on September, 20, 1965. This turned into a controversial case with photos confiscated and disagreements between different ufologists about the photograph’s authenticity.

Puebla, M 1994 — W eruption o Puebla, M this photo. glowing, y ject with a and windo taken both of many U

Ufology Mysteries

Mexico, December 21, While taking photos of the of Mt. Popocatepetl in Mexico, Carlos Diaz shot . This picture shows a yellowish, disc-shaped oba red hue toward the top ows or portholes. Diaz has h still and moving imagery UFOs.

Lago de Cote, Costa Rica, September 4, 1971 — An official mapping aircraft of the Costa Rican government took this photograph. The aircraft was flying at 10,000 feet over Lago de Cote. An investigation could not identify the object as a known aircraft. The photo is still recognized as authentic by most investigators.

Connecticut, 1987 — Randy Etting, a commercial airline pilot with more than 30 years experience, took the above photograph while walking outside his home. Lights on the object were shimmering like distortion from engine heat, but he could hear no sound. According to Etting, as the UFO passed over the interstate, cars in both the east- and west-bound lanes began pulling over and stopping. The UFO displayed a semi-circular pattern of very bright multicolored lights. A number of cars lost power and had to pull off the highway.

1972, Apollo 16, Moon mission dates: April 16-27 — Importance of mission: Explored the Moon’s rocky central highlands. NASA archives (photo No AS16-114-18423) Mission Apollo 16 on the Moon. Astronaut Charles Duke is photographed collecting lunar sample at Station 1. The UFO is seen at the right, top center. No explanation has been given for the object.

Los Angeles, California, February 25, 1942 — Alarm sirens installed in the event of a Japanese air raid are started as flying objects are seen in the sky. Anti-aircraft guns open fire on the unidentified flying objects coming from the ocean, and projector beams are searching the sky. Witnesses observe small objects flying at high altitude, of red or silver-plated color, moving in formation at high speed. The large object pictured was unhurt by many AAA projectiles, according to reports. This photo is known as the “Battle of Los Angeles.”

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Cultural Beliefs

Paranormal Diversity: Cultural Beliefs in the Supernatural By Binoo’mukua


factor in many cultures, culminating ave you ever wondered in the written word. about the origins of belief Other factors may have also in the supernatural? Think played an important role in our about it. How did it begin? Some of belief in the supernatural. Before the the very first and earliest known writonset of “known” civilization, people ings, which date back to more than existed in groups that specialized 5,000 years ago, chronicle belief in in hunting and gathering. Nomadic a supernatural world. What was the peoples, followers of the seasonal impetus for this belief? round, they traveled seeking the We know that a person’s culture migrating animals that their lives and beliefs are passed down from depended on. Over time, these parent to child, generation after early hunter-gatherer generation. We are groups became not born with the By studying the beliefs more sedentary, and knowledge of what we learn. of other cultures regard- territorialism was established. Somewhere ing supernatural belief The environin the long distant and practice, it helps us ment they now lived past, something in dictated their happened to to understand how we early humans to came to believe in these needs, including what was to be done begin the process things in the first place. with the dead. Estabof thought for lishing an area within the belief in the their living environsupernatural. Why ment for this purpose gave rise to do we believe in ghosts, the afterlife, the concept of “sacred space.” the paranormal, and other related A burial ground or cremation phenomenon? area would have been considered sacred by these people, as this was What Happens After Early Man where those they knew in life now Becomes More Cognizant? rested. It was a respected place, and One viewpoint on the subject is maybe even feared, for the archaeothat as early man became more coglogical record shows that offerings nizant of himself and his surroundwere made to many of the deceased, ings, the use of symbolism became indicating a belief in the afterlife. an important part of life. Art and Did this belief arise due to ritual began to become a prominent


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people becoming sedentary? Certainly, it may have been a factor, but why the need to offer the dead goods used in life? Was this done to ensure their success in the afterlife, or was it an offer of appeasement so the dead would not return and “haunt” the living?

Fudo Myoo became a primary object of worship in the Shingon sect of Esoteric Buddhism, which emphasized the use of magic to control supernatural forces in order to reach spiritual enlightenment. The Shingon sect became very popular among the Heian aristocracy because of its ritualized, mystical practices. Sculptures of Fudo Myoo were commonly used on temple altars and put outside buildings to frighten evil spirits.

Cosmogony Helps Us Understand Cultural Beliefs One way in which we can begin to understand these questions is through the study of Cosmogony. Cosmogony is the recording and telling of a culture’s belief in creation. Almost every culture in the world has a creation myth, and through studying these beliefs, many similarities to other cultures can be found. Earlier in this article, it was mentioned that some of the earliest writings reflected cultural beliefs in a supernatural world. One of these early cosmological beliefs comes from the earliest known writings to man. It is known as the epic of Gilgamesh, and is, perhaps, the oldest written story on Earth. Its origins are believed to come from the Ancient Sumerian culture, and it was originally written on 12 clay tablets (somewhere between 2750 and 2500 BCE) in cuneiform script. It is about the adventures of the historical King of Uruk. It chronicles the Sumerian beliefs on how the universe and everything in it was created. There are accounts of a classic battle between good and evil and an epic flood that destroyed the world, as well as how one man was chosen by the Gods to save humanity. Similar stories exist within other cultures throughout the world, and similarities abound. One theory that attempts to account for these similarities is known as “Environmental Determinism.” Stated simply, environmental determinism says that a culture’s beliefs and practices are determined by the pressures exerted on them by the environment they live in. This theory is stated beautifully in many of the early North American native people’s cosmological beliefs. While there is no classic struggle between good and evil apparent in these accounts, they do contain many

Somewhere in the long distant past, something happened to early humans to begin the process of thought for the belief in the supernatural. How, when, and where this happened is up for debate, but one way in which we can begin to understand these questions is through the study of Cosmogony. Cosmogony is the recording and telling of a culture’s belief in creation. Almost every culture in the world has a creation myth, and through studying these beliefs, many similarities to other cultures can be found. And, environmental determinism tells us that a culture’s beliefs and practices are determined by the pressures exerted on them by the environment they live in.

Gilgamesh, perhaps the oldest written story on Earth, is believed to come from the Ancient Sumerian culture. Gilgamesh is about the adventures of the historical King of Uruk. It chronicles the Sumerian beliefs on how the universe and everything in it was created. There are accounts of a classic battle between good and evil and an epic flood that destroyed the world, as well as how one man was chosen by the Gods to save humanity. Gilgamesh was originally written on 12 clay tablets (somewhere between 2750 and 2500 BCE) in cuneiform script.

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Cultural Beliefs similarities when compared to other cultural beliefs around the world. The following are two of the most noted of these beliefs. The Story of Iroquois — Earth Diver Taken from Iroquois — Earth Diver, The Indian Peoples of Eastern America: A Documentary History of the Sexes, edited by James Axtell, Oxford University Press, 1981. “The first people were the Sky People; they lived beyond the sky because there was no earth beneath. One day, the chief’s daughter became very ill, and no one was able to provide a cure for her sickness. A wise elder was consulted, and he told them to dig up a tree and lay the girl beside the hole that remained. The Sky People respected the elder and began to dig up the tree. Suddenly, the tree fell down through the hole and dragged the chief’s daughter with it. As the girl fell, she saw that below was only an ocean of water. Two swans were alarmed by the girl falling and

decided she was too beautiful to drown, so they swam to catch her. They landed her on the back of the Great Turtle, and all of the animals of the Earth gathered. The Great Turtle councils believed that the Sky Woman is a symbol of good fortune. He orders the animals to find where the Sky World tree had landed in the ocean and to bring it back with its Earthcovered roots. The swans lead the animals to the place where the tree had fallen into the ocean. First otter, then muskrat, and then beaver dove in search of the tree. Each animal came back to the surface without the tree and died from exhaustion. Many other animals tried, but they also died. An elder woman toad volunteered. She dove and remained below a long time. All of the animals thought she had been lost, when at last she surfaced and before dying, she managed to spit a mouthful of Earth onto the back of the Great Turtle. This Earth was magical and contained the power of growth.

The island grew and grew until it was large enough for the Sky Woman to live on. The two swans set the woman upon the island and circled it, encouraging it to grow into the world island it is today. Yet, the world was dark. Again, the Great Turtle called for the animals to gather. They decided to put a great light in the sky. A little turtle volunteered and climbed up to the sky with the help of the other animals’ magic. Little turtle climbed into a black cloud and crawled around the sky, collecting the lightning as she went. She made a big bright ball from the lightening and threw it into the sky. Then, she collected more for a smaller ball that she also threw into the sky. The first ball became the sun; the second ball became the moon. Then, the Great Turtle commanded the burrowing animals to make holes in the corners of the sky so that the sun and moon could go down through one and climb up again through the other as they circled. So there was day and night.

The Dogon are cliff-dwelling people who live in the south of Mali. The Dogon population is most heavily concentrated along a 125-mile stretch of escarpment called the Cliffs of Bandiagara, near Timbuktu. For the Dogon, every rock, plant, and animal is powerful spirit that must be respected. The Dogon continue an ancient Dama tradition that commemorates the origin of death. Dama memorial ceremonies are held to accompany the souls of the deceased into the ancestral realm and to restore order to the universe. These dance ceremonies often last for three days and involve dozens of dancers representing figures from the animal world, as well as male and female powers, and the afterworld. The masks also appear during baga-bundo rites performed by small numbers of masqueraders before the burial of an elder male Dogon. Without the Dama dance, the dead cannot cross over into the after life in peace.


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The Sky Woman lived on the island on top of the Great Turtle’s back. She gave birth to twins, one good called Tharonhiawagon, one evil called Tawiskaron. From the breast of Sky Woman grows three sisters: corn, beans, and squash.” The Story of Blackfoot — Earth Diver The next text is taken from Blackfoot — Earth Diver, Origins Canadian History to Confederation, 3rd edition. R.D. Francis, R. Jones, D.B. Smith, Harcourt Brace & Co. Toronto, 1996. “Long ago, there was a time when water covered the entire world. Napi the creator wanted to know what happened below all of this water. He sent a duck, an otter, then a badger, but all came up with nothing. Finally, a muskrat dove beneath the water and was down a very long time. He returned with a ball of mud in his paws. Napi took the lump and blew on it until it dried and was transformed into the Earth. He molded the hills, valley, and mountains with his hands. He created grooves in the earth for rivers and lakes. The first people were molded from this earth, and Napi taught men and women how to hunt and to live. Once Napi felt his work was complete, he climbed up to a mountain peak and disappeared.” Exploring Different Cultures and Their Beliefs By now, you are probably wondering what all this has to do with our beliefs in the paranormal. By studying the beliefs of other cultures regarding supernatural belief and practice, it helps us to understand how we came to believe in these things in the first place.

For example, it was mentioned earlier that one possible reason for the use of offerings to the dead was for appeasement. One of the biggest fears throughout other cultures is the fear that the dead will return to haunt the living. One cultural practice that illustrates this is that of the Inuit peoples. In order to prevent the living from being haunted by the recently deceased, an opening was made in the back of the dwelling in which the person died. The body was removed from the dwelling, and the opening was then sealed. This was done in the belief that it would confuse the spirit and prevent it from finding its way back to the home. Practices to prevent haunting can be found throughout other cultures and can vary greatly. However, the question still remains, what led us to believe in spirits in the first place? In future articles, we will explore different cultures and their beliefs in the world of the supernatural in an attempt to discover the origins of our beliefs in the paranormal. I hope you will come along for the journey. It should be fun, and maybe together, we will uncover the many origins of supernatural beliefs.

The Inuit believed that all things had a form of spirit, just like humans, and that these spirits could be influenced by a pantheon of supernatural entities that could be appeased when one required some animal or inanimate thing to act in a certain way. Some Inuit believed that the spirits of their ancestors could be seen in the Northern lights.

King Tutankhamun — The Egyptians believed that at the moment of death, the ba and ka, two parts of the person’s total identity, separated from the body. The ka was the life force. In order to function in the afterlife, the ka needed food, drink, incense, clothing, and perpetual ritual care. The ba can be understood as the soul or personality. Represented as a bird with a human head, it could leave the tomb and affect the lives of loved ones left behind on earth. It was only through the properly mummified body and well-executed funerary rites that the ba, ka, and body could be reunited. This allowed the deceased to become an akh, an effective and blessed spirit that could dwell in peace for eternity.

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Fiction: Featured Author

The Kill By Chad Wilson


unting, seeking, tracking down their prey, a flash of movement, and the chase is on. The pungent smell of pine needles fills their flaring nostrils. With their heightened vision, they glimpse far off ahead of them the flight of their prey, evidenced by the rustling of the underbrush. Dipping down, they pick up the scent of sweet, sweaty flesh before dashing on, a feeling of freedom and exhilaration consuming their being as they track down their kill. A harrowing scream; they stop. Unsure of their quarry’s intentions, they wait. Waiting . . . waiting . . . there she goes, running as if her life depended on it, which it did. They grin. There is no escape; she will die. Loping after her, they howl, the sound carrying in the crisp, cool night air. No one to hear her screams, or their howls, in this deep wood to which they had brought her. They are almost upon her . . . her perfume mixed with the scent of her fear. Stark horror radiates from her as she realizes she is about to die. Her eyes roll up in her head as they pounce, landing squarely on her. She squeals in terror; they rend. * * * Jerking awake, Adam realized his alarm was going off. Reaching over, he shut it off with a quick tap. Strange dream, though he had been hav-


ing a lot of weird dreams lately. Just the other night he dreamed he had been chasing cows. He swore when he woke up he could even smell the pasture, as now he could detect the distinct odor of pine needles. He was in the city; no pine trees here. Swinging his feet out of bed, he grimaced as they touched the cold floor. He had a paper due today for Professor Choe in psychology on the existential-humanist movement. Dressing quickly, Adam grabbed a Pepsi out of his mini-fridge and

Glancing at the board, he staggered back in shock as he saw a missing poster. The woman on it was the one from his dream. But that was impossible. He must have seen her on campus somewhere if she was a student. And the dream . . . Well, more than likely she had decided to go home and had just failed to notify anyone; it was known to happen from time to time. Sitting back down, he opened his notebook. He would worry about it later; now he had to make sure his psychology paper was perfect. Taking a sip of his Pepsi, he set about giving it a final look over. * * *

headed out the door, snagging his bag as he closed the door behind him. Going down to the common room, he flopped onto a couch and pulled out his Psych notebook. Too restless to study, Adam set his notebook down and walked over to the student bulletin board. He had been seeking a tutoring job to make extra money and needed to check to see if anyone had put up a post seeking help.

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Mist on an old forest path, the moon playing softly upon her milky shoulders as she turns to glance their way. Standing in the middle of the path, she does not see them in the darkness of the wood. Their low growl emanates from the woods. Her eyes widen; she turns to flee. Stepping out of the shadows, she screams as she spots them. Grinning their wolfen grin, they give chase as she begins to run. This one is especially attractive, a Romanian on student visa to the States. They recalled the days of their youth when they had been first turned, how new it had all been. One such as her had been the object of their first hunt, but enough of that, now was the time to kill. Surrendering to the bloodlust, they slip into the shadows of the forest once again.

Her scent is a musky aroma, luring them on. Drunk with its intoxicating luster, they crash through the brush. Ahead they hear her heavy breathing, her sobs of frustration. Circling, they quickly work their way around in front of her. She breaks into the clearing, but they are already there. Sobbing in defeat, she turns to run, only to fall down to the ground instead. Crying, she resigns herself to her fate. They could let her go; no one would believe her. They liked it when their prey thought they had a chance. This was not their way . . . their victim crying in the dirt. Slinking off into the shadows, they disappear into the forest.

slams into her, throwing her fifty feet down the road. They become enraged at loosing another one. Well, the next one wouldn’t be so lucky. The car screeches to a halt as they retreat into the wood, the darkness enclosing them as they fade into the forest. * * * Adam sat in the cafeteria thinking over his dream from the night before. It was the first time he had returned to the same dream in the same night. They seemed so vivid; it was unreal. And the end of it, the sick thud of the body hitting the pavement had sounded so . . . real. He remembered

* * * Waking up, Adam lay there puzzled by his latest dream. The Beast had never done that before. It had been a week since his last strange dream. Glancing at the clock, he realized it was only 3 a.m. Disgusted, he pulled his pillow over his head. Four more hours. He had been up late studying for his big comparative lit exam in the morning, so he needed his rest. Rolling over, he was soon fast asleep. * * *

They see her nearing the highway; a sign is just visible in the lights of a passing car. Sacramento 251 miles, Redding 413 miles is all they catch before the car passes . . . that and a derelict car, an old Mazda sitting nondescript on the side of a lonely highway. They’d better hurry before she escapes. With that, their hackles raised, they dart down the road to just behind her. She doesn’t see them as she waits for an approaching car to flag down. Headlights shine in the distance as they give a low growl. She jumps as she turns and sees them . . . screaming, she runs out onto the road. The approaching car

Adam lay there puzzled by his latest dream. The Beast had never done that before.

as a young boy watching transfixed as his dog Buster had been run down by a speeding car. The thud of car against body and the squish of organs rupturing had sounded exactly the same. Well, enough of that. He had political science later that afternoon, and he needed to concentrate. Opening his notes, he poured over what he had on Machiavelli. Try as he might, he couldn’t study, his thoughts going back to the missing student. He wondered if she had ever been found and also if there were any other missing students on campus. Closing his notebook, he grabbed his stuff and headed toward the library. * * * It was late the next week when the news of the missing student’s

death hit campus. She had been found mutilated up North in Sequoia National Park, found by a Park Ranger. Adam sat flabbergasted as he watched the story unfold on the news. What was even more shocking was that another coed from UC Berkeley had been hit by a car in the same area, a Romanian female in the U.S. on a student Visa. His head spinning, Adam made his way to his room to lie down. His roommate had left for the weekend and wouldn’t be back until late Sunday evening. Being from back East, Adam seldom traveled home except for some holidays or during the summer. So, he was alone for the weekend. That, coupled with what he had just found out, left him confused and scared. What he needed was to be around people, and where better than on Telegraph Avenue at Raleigh’s, one of his favorite places to relax. Grabbing a jacket, he hailed a taxi at the curb. As he entered the popular bar and restaurant, he was greeted by the aroma of hot food, beer, and sweat. Taking a seat, Adam waited for his waitress, a petite brunette, as she made her way through the crowded room to his table. Taking his order, an order of chicken wings and a beer, she worked her way back through the crowd, leaving Adam to his own thoughts. He needed to put all this behind him. His dreams had to be a coincidence. Maybe he had seen a story about the two students on the news. There had to be a rational explanation. Otherwise, this world was far stranger than he wanted to admit. He was startled from his thoughts by a firm hand on his shoulder. Looking up he noticed first the deep, thoughtful stare, and then the dark, almost jet black curls of a young male student.

June 2008 Paranormal Underground 25

Fiction: Featured Author Georghe was his name, a transfer student from Romania. He had thought Adam was someone else. Taking a seat across from Adam, they were soon talking about Poli Science. Hesitant and wary at first, soon Adam warmed to Georghe. It was with mild pleasure that Georghe introduced Anjelic; she was also a Romanian transfer. She walked demurely up to the table, giving Adam a coy look. Adam was immediately aroused as she slid up next to him on the bench. Giving him a smile as her dirty blond curls brushed against his arm, he could feel her slender form as it pressed lightly against his side. Taking in her scent, he found himself lost in her beautiful green eyes that were set in her soft round face. The rest of the night was a blur of activity as Adam, normally a light drinker, soon found himself quite drunk. The only moment of clarity coming when Anjelic snuck him a kiss on his cheek. Looking into her oh so green eyes, he felt himself falling into their intensity.

A flash of movement down the path. They bound ahead, searching for any sign of their prey. Curls silhouetted against the sky, a panicked breath misting in the chilled night air. A scream, and then the kill flees, stumbling over gnarled roots in an attempt to escape fate. Pouncing ahead, they are too late as the prey scrambles away, running and crying into the night. * * * Adam awoke to a scream off in the distance. Sitting up in the darkness, he wondered where he was. Still groggy from the alcohol, he sat quietly in the unfamiliar car trying to regain his senses.

* * * Green eyes, flashing in the light of the passing street lights. A girlish laugh, her soft body beneath his hands, her scent upon his fingers. Georghe in the front, driving to who knew where, and another unknown female in the seat beside him. Falling back into Anjelic’s warm embrace . . . a glance of black intensity from Georghe, sending a chill up his spine . . . and then sleep. * * *

The moon above is a small sliver against the blackness of the night. Tall trees in the misty wood hover above them. In the distance, a lone call from a night bird echoes through the air as they pad down the old forest trail . . . seeking.


Fear filled his soul as another blood-curdling scream sounded in the forest off to his right. Looking through the window into the darkness, Adam was startled to see Georghe slam into the side of the car with a look of terror in his wide eyes. Adam quickly opened the door to let Georghe in. A growl emanated from the darkness of the wood . . . they both turned to look. Georghe’s scream cut through the air as a mass of fur ripped him from the car door. Green eyes flashed in the light from the interior of the car. Adam sat in shock as Georghe screamed his last in the forest outside. Gathering himself, Adam slammed the door shut as something

Paranormal Underground June 2008

slammed into the back of the car. Afraid to look, he cowered in the seat as whatever it was howled in the blackness outside. The sobering reality of the situation hit him and he began to weep. Realizing that more than likely he would be dead soon, Adam tried to think of a way out. His mind racing, he leaned across the seat, looking for the headlights in the dark. Finding them, he clicked them on. He saw right away that they were sitting before a cabin in the woods. Turning the headlights off he sat back down and listened, trying to determine where the Beast was. Looking into the black night outside once again, Adam saw someone moving over by the cabin. Jumping across the seat, he flicked on the headlights. It was a scrawny girl with long black hair, an almost familiar face as if from a dream. He realized it was the girl from earlier who was sitting next to Georghe on their ride to . . . somewhere. She screamed as Adam honked the horn to get her attention. Thinking that she might have the keys to the car, he waved frantically, but she seemed oblivious to his presence. The roof of the car gave way as a heavy weight landed on top of it. He could hear the click-click of claws on the hard surface as the Beast moved slowly across the metal roof. The girl screamed again and fled into the darkness, whatever it was on top giving chase as it bounded after her. Now was his chance, he thought, as he threw the car door open and darted toward the house. Maybe there was a phone inside with which to call for help. He jiggled the handle of the locked door as he slammed into its wooden surface. Hearing a scraping sound behind him he spun around, fists clenched.

His mind reeled as he watched Georghe, or what was left of him, crawl across the path leading to the cabin. Steam wafted from Georghe’s exposed entrails, everything from the waist down missing. Vomiting, Adam tried to steady himself. Leaning heavily against the porch rail, he was startled to hear a scream from somewhere in the wood. He must find a way out of here, a road somewhere. Running into the darkness, Adam had a half-sense of déjà vu. He felt the gravel of the drive beneath his feet and followed it hoping to find a main road. Stumbling onto the asphalt, Adam found himself on a single-lane road. As he began jogging down the road, the brush stirred behind him. As Adam turned, a hulking shadow stepped out from the darkness of the trees. Staggering back, Adam fell into a ditch to his left. As he felt the base of his skull meeting a hard object, the world around him began to fade away. It was through blurry vision that he saw his pursuer approach, getting closer and closer, until blackness engulfed his senses.

Sniffing his body, she took in his aroma, his scent slightly arousing her. Her excitement grew as he started to wake. She wonders, what will his reaction be? * * * His eyes fluttered open, his surroundings a dark blur. Grabbing his head, he winced in pain as he felt wetness on his neck. Climbing unsteadily to his feet, Adam staggered back onto the narrow road. Trying to clear his thoughts, he tried to remember what he had been running from. His feet started moving underneath him, driven by a sudden urge to flee. A feeling of being watched strong at his back, he trudged on, almost in a daze.

She continued to stalk around his unconscious form, blood dripping from her protruding fangs.

* * *

Approaching the last of the prey, they were disappointed to see the young man unconscious in the ditch. They liked this one, sensing in him a kindred spirit. They had even gone so far as to enjoy the pleasure of his touch, it having been many a year since she had enjoyed the touch of another. Now she contemplated if he should die or live. She continued to stalk around his unconscious form, blood dripping from her protruding fangs. It had been a while since she last had a mate. But then, there was the problem of him trying to gain dominance. One thing she couldn’t tolerate was a male who tried to control her.

After what seemed like an eternity, he had found his way to what he took to be a main road, evidenced by the highway markings. Stopping for a moment, he took in his surroundings, a green highway sign reading Sacramento 251 miles, Redding 413 miles. A derelict car came into Adam’s view, an old Mazda sitting nondescript on the side of a lonely highway . . . He staggered back slightly as old memories, not quite his, returned to haunt his mind. * * * His scent strong on the air, mixed with his fear as realization struck, soon he would be hers . . .

Adam reeled as the Beast’s thoughts and visions invaded his waking senses . . . a connection, that is what they shared. At last, one in whom she could be herself. Racing through the trees she pulled up short as she felt his demeanor, his smell, change . . . DISGUST!!! Howling in rage and despair of love lost, she sprinted toward the male, her jaws open wide for the kill. * * * Falling to the ground, Adam scooted away in horror, trying to escape his fate. A scream escaped his mouth, hanging in the air for an eternity before his throat was ripped out. Blood splattering his face, Adam looked around for its source. Realizing it was himself; he felt his body going limp as his life fluids leaked out upon the hard surface beneath him. His vision going black, he struggled to stay awake. A coldness swept over him as he heard her excited breath above him. The last vision he had was of green eyes flashing in the lights of an approaching car, and then white fangs, blood flecked foam . . . * * *

A satisfied howl emits from the Beast as she dashes into the night. They would find his body, and the others, but she would be long gone by then. Soon, she must move on, maybe further up the coast. There would always be other hunting grounds as well as new prey to chase. Too bad she had to stifle the life of her most recent victim; he had shown so much potential as a mate. Shaking her wolf’s head in disgust, she lopes off into the darkness of the forest, looking forward to her next kill.

June 2008 Paranormal Underground 27

Equipment Update

Using EMF Detectors in P

TOOL o By Binoo’mukua


and magnetic radiation fabricated ith today’s increased by man, such as wiring and other interest in the paranorelectrical devices that give off electromal, and more research magnetic fields, and then offer a groups forming every day to investireading of the relative strength of the gate activity, the use of the Electrofield. Natural electromagnetic fields magnetic Field (EMF) detector is also exist and are believed to be crequickly becoming an essential part of ated by actions and elements existing almost every ghost hunter’s tool kit. within the Earth itself. Known as However, what do we know geomagnetism, these about the EMF naturally occurring detector, and most Electromagnetic electromagnetic importantly, is it fields can cause a fields rarely fluctubeing used properly by paranormal range of symptoms, ate and require a geomagnometer, investigators? This from general feelings and not an EMF article will explore the EMF Detecof dread and nausea detector, to measure tor and its history, to visual and auditory themInproperly. the 1980s, along with current hallucinations. several researchresearch on its use ers began studies in the realm of paraon electromagnetic normal investigation. fields and their effects on the human body. One of these researchers, What Do EMF Detectors Professor Michael Persinger at the Measure? Laurentian University in Canada, The EMF meter, sometimes suggested that when parts of the brain referred to as an EMF Detector, is a (especially the temporal lobe) was scientific instrument for measuring exposed to electromagnetic fields of electromagnetic radiation. Based on varying intensity and duration, subexperiments conducted in the 1830s jects reported experiences associated by chemist/physicist Michael Farady, with reports of paranormal activity. it was discovered that an intense Persinger showed that the source magnetic field can rotate the plane for these electromagnetic fields were of polarized light, and all matter conboth natural (geomagnetic) and man ducts a magnetic line of force. made (wiring, electronic devices, The EMF meter was originally etc.). Further independent studies designed to locate sources of electric


Paranormal Underground June 2008

showed that electromagnetic fields can cause a range of symptoms, from general feelings of dread and nausea to visual and auditory hallucinations. Ghost Hunters Increasingly Use EMF Detectors During this time, many paranormal investigators either misunderstood the research being done or misinterpreted the results, and began using EMF detectors in their investigations, thinking that the presence of an electromagnetic field correlated to the presence of the paranormal. This is not, and never has been the case. So far, there is no evidence that any form (ghosts, entities, shadows, etc.) of paranormal activity can emit an electromagnetic field; therefore, the presence of paranormal activity cannot be measured by the use of an EMF detector. Does this mean that the EMF detector is useless in paranormal investigating? Absolutely not. Taking what is known about the current research in the field on electromagnetic fields and their effects on the mind, the EMF detector can be a valuable tool when used properly.

Paranormal Investigations:

or TOY? Can an EMF Detector Help Find a Paranormal Presence? In order to understand the proper use of the EMF detector, we first must examine the proper use of scientific method in investigating. In science, “correlation” does not mean “causation.” In other words, if your EMF detector gives you a reading, does it mean that there is a paranormal entity in the area? No. It means that something in the area is causing a higher than normal EMF reading. Using the EMF detector to confirm a paranormal presence is not considered a “valid” scientific method. However, using it as a tool to record the environmental conditions of the area being investigated is a valid scientific method. Remember the research done. Electromagnetic fields can cause sensations similar to reported occurrences of paranormal activity. These fields are not definitive proof of paranormal activity.

The Quandary of Quantifying Paranormal Activity In paranormal investigating, the objects that we seek are considered unknown variables and have not to date been quantified (measured, weighed, etc.). It is important to remember that when using a proper scientific method, an object that has not been quantified cannot be measured, and no amount of equipment can be used to measure it. In other words, if you use an EMF meter in an investigation and get an EMF spike, it does not mean that something paranormal is present. It simply means that something is causing a higher-than-normal EMF reading in the area. Is that something of paranormal origin? We cannot say, because until a presence can be quantified, the type of energy it emits (if any at all) cannot be measured. Remember that in science, we build on the shoulders of giants. Using the research that has come before us, and building onto that research to establish correlations to be studied for the determination of cause, should be the goal of every true scientific investigation. Knowing the equipment used in an investigation and its proper use are the first steps in bringing paranormal investigating from the realm of pseudoscience to a level of true scientific investigation.

The K2 Meter: Genius or Hoax?


he K2 Meter became popular after Season 3, episode 12 of the Sci Fi series, Ghost Hunters. During the episode, the K2 Meter was used in an investigation of a home on Cielo Drive, the road that was the site of the infamous Manson murders of 1969. Invented by psychic medium Chris Fleming, the handheld device is a special type of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detector. The difference between a K2 meter and a standard EMF detector is that the EMF detector uses a needle to indicate the presence of energy whereas the K2 uses a series of LED lights (greenyellow-orange-red). Through their use of the K2 meter, the show’s investigators said they determined that Jay Sebring haunted the home, along with the spirit of Sharon Tate. As with most ghost hunting equipment, there is no way to verify the results of the K2 meter. If you’ve used the K2 meter, please e-mail us at and let us know your experiences.

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Member Profiles

Joyce Roster (Cowbud) Age: 43. Born: Waterloo, Iowa. Currently resides: Aplington, Iowa. Status: Married. Education: High school. Zodiac Sign: Gemini.

heavy metal music, and just having a good time. Paranormal things interest me a lot; I’m almost obsessed with it! Favorite music: Heavy metal but not screamer.

What are your favorite TV shows, paranormal shows, books, movies? I don’t watch a lot of When did you join GhostDose? TV, but I love reruns of Joyce (Cowbud) and her husband, Denny, and daughJune 18, 2007. George Lopez and Acter, Sara, pose in front of Angels Stadium in Anaheim, What brought you to GhostDose? California. Joyce is a believer in ghosts and the paracording to Jim. I watch normal and has had many experiences that have led It’s not Skiffy. Law and Order SVU, her “to believe.” and Medium rocks! What does your member name I read anything I mean? I collect black and white Talk about any paranormal experican get my hands on, V.C. Andrews cows, and I grew up on a farm. I like ences you might have had and how was my favorite before she died, and cows; they are my buds! they have affected you. I have had Stephenie Meyer is a favorite. I also too many experience to talk about Who are your heroes? My mother like Jean Auel and Stephen King. them all, but the one that stands and my Aunt Judy were and always I usually watch horror flicks; very out is when I was about 13 and was will be my heroes . . . strong women, seldom do I like chick flicks. having a seance upstairs at our old very strong (RIP). farm house. Any other favorites? I think tattoos How would you describe yourself? Nothing happened, so I said, are cool, and I love to watch LA Happy mostly, an optimist usually, “I don’t believe there are ghosts in Ink; Kat is so cool, and the reasons and a bit crazy. this house. If there is a ghost in this people get tattoos are so interesting. house, open that door!” And right Tell us about your family and what What are your pet peeves? People then, the door opened! you like to do. I have two grown chilwho think they need all the attention! dren and a cute, one-year-old grandWhat do you think happens to Liars and thieves. Also, when I tell son. I like Nascar, football, hockey, us when we die? I think we go to people about my experiences, and Heaven, but I hope we can come they come up with lame excuses. back here now and then to check on Are you a skeptic or believer? our loved ones. That depends. I’m a skeptic of the Do you have any words of wisdom Ghost Hunters shows because it that you live by? I always say never just seems fishy to me; however, lower your personal standards for I am a believer in ghosts and the anyone. Don’t lie. If you need to lie paranormal as I’ve had many exabout something, you shouldn’t be periences that lead me to believe. doing it. What areas of the paranormal Any exciting plans for the future? interest you the most? Ghosts, Yeah! I’m going to ghost hunt in Vilwhere they come from, and what lisca, Iowa, this summer! do they want? Joyce (Cowbud) holds her grandson, Nicholas. Occupation: Glazier, assembly line in a replacement window factory.


Paranormal Underground June 2008

Richard Thomas Tingle (RTTingle) Age: 34. Born: Melbourne, Florida Currently resides: Plantation, Florida. Status: Single, but very taken. Education: High school. Zodiac Sign: Gemini. Occupation: Insurance verification at Immunolabs. I call the insurance companies to verify benefits. When did you join GhostDose? November 2, 2007. I stumbled into chat during the Ghost Hunters Halloween show, had a fun time, and decided to join. Laps haven’t been safe since.

few different genres to exaggerated bits of fiction and slice of life. Favorite music: A little bit of everything. My tastes are all over the place. I have a guilty pleasure for cover songs. I have a few hundred MP3s of popular songs covered in ways you’d never imagine. Sometimes the songs come out better or sound completely different and all-new. What are your favorite TV shows, paranormal shows, books, movies? My favorite TV shows are Batman, Green Hornet, Ghost Hunters, M*A*S*H, Mythbusters, Quantum Leap, Tales of the Gold Monkey. Books: Fletch series, M*A*S*H

What does your member name mean? R(ichard)T(homas)Tingle. It’s my name, plain and simple. Who are your heroes? The Shadow! Oh ... the other kind of heroes! Edgar Allan Poe, Walter Gibson, Richard (RTTingle), pictured with his girlfriend, Kimber, loves to write, is a skeptical believer in and Jean Shepherd.

Tell us about your family and what you like to do. Used to be into prowrestling, and I actually did some work for the local groups in South Florida. But after a few years, it just wasn’t fun anymore, and the business as a whole took a really lame turn. I love to write . . . from silly soap operas and romance to fanfic for a

Talk about any paranormal experiences you might have had and how they have affected you. The one that still makes me wonder to this day is when my brother’s cologne was on his picture that we gave to my father the day before his funeral and a day after my father’s birthday. His cologne was already at the funeral home, and the picture didn’t even exist until the day before. Until my parents moved, we’d always have a strong dose of that smell as well in the house. Whenever we started laughing and having a great time, the smell would appear. Billy always loved being around the laughter and good times. It was always comforting whenever it happened.

What brought you to GhostDose? I kept seeing the links in the sigs of the people whose posts I enjoyed on Skiffy. I figured I may as well see how much fun they were having.

How would you describe yourself? Just your average, quiet, shy guy. A real big geek who likes to look through the indy papers to see what fun, weird things to do that weekend.

I’m a believer who is also a skeptic. I believe because of some personal experiences, but I think a lot of it out there is faked. John Edwards, I can’t stand him. I liked what Ghost Hunters was supposed to be, but isn’t.

the paranormal, and works in the insurance field.

series, The Shadow series, and all Edgar Allan Poe. Movies: Airplane, Batman Begins, Buckaroo Banzai, Caddyshack, Casablanca, Fletch, M*A*S*H, The Pink Panther series, The Purple Rose of Cairo, and The Shadow. What are your pet peeves? People who take things way too serious, and those who don’t believe I can enjoy myself without their vices. Are you a skeptic or believer? Both.

What areas of the paranormal interest you the most? The history of hauntings and the places. I love history, and I think the paranormal is an interesting link to our past. It’s, in some cases, the past unable to let go and to let time go on. What do you think happens to us when we die? It isn’t pretty. I used to have an article from Maxim about what does happen to the body when we do die and the breakdown process. Do you have any words of wisdom that you live by? Hakuna Matata. Any exciting plans for the future? One of these days, I’ll sit down, get to some serious writing, and hopefully get on a shelf somewhere. More member profiles

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Member Profiles

Karen Frazier (NoWhammies) Age: 42. Born: Seattle. Currently resides: Southwestern, Washington. Status: I have been extremely happily married for the past five years. Education: I attended Eastern Washington University, where I majored in education. But, I decided I didn’t want to be a teacher after doing my student teaching, so I am a writer instead. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius. Occupation: Marketing communications specialist. I work for an industrial automation company. I plan and write their technical and marketing publications. I also plan and do training for sales reps, write magazine articles, do PR, and do some Web and ad design. I am lucky because I get to do my job as a telecommuter. I live 100 miles away from my company and drive in one day a week for meetings. I also teach flute lessons. When did you join GhostDose? November 15, 2007. What brought you to GhostDose? An interest in the paranormal, coupled with a dissatisfaction with the atmosphere on the Sci Fi Ghost Hunters boards. I liked the people on GhostDose a lot better. What does your member name mean? NoWhammies is from the old game show Press Your Luck. The Whammy was the little monster that would come and steal the money. I just always thought it was funny that the contestants would yell No Whammies, No Whammies, STOP.


Who are your heroes? I admire Maya Angelou and anyone who uses their lives in a positive way. I admire my dad a lot. He has been a tireless advocate for the homeless and someone whom I aspire to be more like every day of my life.

in my tastes. I love Pearl Jam (and Eddie Vedder) and classical music. (I am a classically trained musician.) I also like most rock, especially classic rock. I like reggae; it’s happy music. I listen to a lot of newer stuff too — just not disco, country music, or rap.

How would you describe yourself? I think I might be indescribable, but if I had to do it in a word, I guess I’d say “chewy.”

What are your favorite TV shows, paranormal shows, books, movies? My favorite TV show right now is Top Chef. I also like Master Blast-

Tell us about your family and what you like to do. I am married. I have an 11-year-old son, a nine-year-old step son, and a rather crazy little dog. We’re a pretty busy and happy family — surprisingly little dysfunction. I spend a lot of time ferrying my son around to his activities — he plays several sports and several musical instruments (with private lessons and musical groups attached to each of them), so that takes a lot of time. In my spare time, I teach flute lessons and play piano and percussion. I also play in a carillon (hand bells) choir and work with a kids’ carillon choir. I also paint . . . poorly. One of my series of paintings I called The Ugly Shirt paintings. Another series I called the Bendy Wendys. I love to cook and decorate. I write poetry and some fiction, although I’ve found less time to do that as my kids have gotten older. I also like photography, hiking, bicycling, and golfing. My family refers to me as “Princess Rosepetal” because I also really like shopping and the spa. Oh, and I have a huge interest in quantum physics, reading, and learning. Favorite music: I am really eclectic

Paranormal Underground June 2008

Karen (NoWhammies) is busy with family acti music classes. Pictured with Karen are her hus paranormal includes ghosts, psychic phenomen

ers. Strap a rocket on something and blast it off — what’s not to love? I also really like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia; it’s a very funny show with a very wrong sense of humor. My favorite book of all time is A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. It is a book that stuck with

me — usually I forget what I read five minutes after reading it, but I really thought that was a great read. I don’t really have a favorite movie that I can think of right now. But, I’d say probably something by Monty Python. Any other favorites? I love wine; however, I can’t really have it anymore because it gives me migraines. We collect it, so Mr. Whammy is thrilled because it means he gets to drink it all! What are your pet peeves? Political action committees.

ivities, including her children’s sports and sband and two sons. Karen’s interest in the non, and how they tie into quantum physics.

Are you a skeptic or believer? I am a skeptical believer. I have had some experiences in my life that have led me to believe that there is more to this universe than meets the eye; however, I need logical, scientific explanations for everything. I am not satisfied with incomplete

or shoddy science. I do believe that many things can be explained through quantum physics, and today’s science just isn’t using the right type of equipment to detect and explain things that are happening. I think that probably 99% of activity that is thought of as paranormal activity can be explained away logically. It is that other 1% that really interests me. What areas of the paranormal interest you the most? Ghosts, as well as psychic phenomenon and how it ties into quantum physics. Talk about any paranormal experiences you might have had and how they have affected you. I believe that I lived in a haunted apartment when I was in my early twenties. It was old WWII military housing that had been converted into apartments. At night time, when I would be in bed, I would feel someone brushing up against my shoulder, feel their breath on my ear, and they would whisper, “I love you,” in my ear. Doors would open and close unexpectedly. Objects would appear in different places. It was pretty cool. That was what really sparked my interest in the paranormal because I sought logical explanations for that, found some, but not all. More recently, right after my grandfather died, there was a period of about a week when lights in my house started turning themselves on and off unexpectedly. You would hear the click of the light switch as the lights would go on and off. At the same time, we also started finding pennies all over the house in unusual places (and I am a rather compulsive housekeeper) on pillows, chairs, and the keys of the piano. One night, I dreamed of my grandfather, and I asked if it was him doing all of these things — it was a very vivid dream. He said yes, but

he was going now and wouldn’t be doing those things any more. But he wanted me to know he would be okay. After that dream, those things stopped. Again, I searched for logical explanations — but there really weren’t any. We all look for things like that after a loved one dies, I think, because we take comfort where we can. What do you think happens to us when we die? I think that we go rest up and study what we have done in this lifetime and learn from it . . . we go Home for a while. Then we make choices for the lessons we will learn in our next time and come back around and do it again. Ultimately, I believe we become one with the source from which we came, but I think it takes thousands of lifetimes. Do you have any words of wisdom that you live by? It is what it is. Any exciting plans for the future? We are actually taking a kid-free vacation this summer, so we are going to spend some quality time at Sun River golf resort in Eastern Oregon doing a little golfing and a little spa-ing. We also are going to do some hiking and plan to spend a few days at the ocean sans kiddos — may not sound like a big deal to others, but trust me, when you always have kids and a dog in tow, it’s a big deal. Other than that, we’re actually looking forward to things being fairly settled down — we’ve had a lot of big changes in our lives in the past five years, and settled down sounds really nice to me. Also, we’re currently doing a lot of remodeling and renovation in our house. We do it ourselves, so it’s been an ongoing process for the past five years. The kids learn lots of new swear words that way. More member profiles

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Member Profiles

Binoo’mukua Age: 48. Born: Fairmont, West Virginia. Currently resides: Southern Mississippi. Status: Married. Education: Bachelor’s degree in anthropology and archaeology, and a minor in history. Zodiac Sign: Gemini. Occupation: Archaeologist. When did you join GhostDose? October 22, 2007. I consider GhostDose my home on the Web and belong to no other sites. What brought you to GhostDose? I was lurking on Skiffy and noticed a group of people who were questioning the standard. They asked some very scientific questions, made some very scientific observations about a popular paranormal show, and were basically “blown off” by the powers that be. They started GhostDose so that they could express their opinions freely, and I followed. What does your member name mean? Binoo’mukua is a compilation of Eastern Shoshone words and means “Spirit Rider.” Who are your heroes? Franz Boas, who is considered the father of American anthropology, proved that the concept of race is nothing more than a cultural construct. Also, Civil War General Joshua Chamberlain. He was a religious scholar who lived by his convictions and metered justice with temperance. He believed that all people were equal and stood by his convictions during a time when the popular belief was to the contrary.


How would you describe yourself? This is a tough one. Describing oneself is always tough as perceptions about you will always vary from person to person. But, I like to think that I have a sense of humor, although cynical at times. I try to be non-judgmental and understanding, as I believe that all people and their beliefs are valid. I take my friends and my responsibilities to them seriously. I can be (and often am) slightly introverted until I get to know someone. But I make friends pretty easily and just like living life to the fullest.

Favorite music: I like everything from classical to country. Some of my favorite artists are Jackson Browne, The Beatles, Alison Krause, The Corrs, Six Pence None the Richer, and Patsy Cline. Also, I love the blues. What are your favorite TV shows, paranormal shows, books, movies? TV shows: Histories Mysteries, Destination Truth, Digging for the Truth, and Still Standing. Paranormal shows: While I watch many of them, I cannot really call any my favorite. Books: I have so many, they are too numerous to list. But some of my favorite authors are H.P. Lovecraft, August Derleth, Franz Boas, R.A. Salvatore, and Robert Frost poetry. Any other favorites? I like to fish and hike, pretty much anything outdoors, especially the mountains of West Virginia.

Tell us about your family and what you like to do. I love golf. I play every day after work to unwind, even though I stink at it. When I was younger, I spent a lot of time with my grandfather who was an avid golfer. He taught me many things about life that I still hold dear today. He is gone now, and I still miss him, but somehow on that golf course, I can feel close to him again. I also collect pulp-era horror novels. These are stories written in the early twentieth century, otherwise know as the pulp-era, when some of the finest authors in American literature were writing ghostly tales and horror stories. I also collect coins and like to play computer games when I have the time.

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What are your pet peeves? I do not tolerate prejudice. To me, there is only one race, the human race. Life is too short to judge others on what someone looks like, what they believe, or how they live their lives. Are you a skeptic or believer? I am neither. While I believe that paranormal activity merits scientific investigation, I know that in the field of science, the skeptic represents one end of the spectrum while the believer represents the other. In order to make true scientific observations without bias, you must remain in the middle neither believing nor disbelieving. What areas of the paranormal interest you the most? I like all areas of the paranormal, but I am really interested in early cultures and their myths, rituals, and beliefs regarding paranormal activity.

Have you ever studied the paranormal? Due to the experiences I had in my childhood home, I became very interested in the paranormal and studied everything about it that I could find. For the past 30 years, I have studied things like demonology, spirit manifestation, Cabalistic ritualism, and many other aspects of the paranormal. I have, however, focused on things like Paganism, Wicca, Druidic, and Celtic practices, and many other obscure religious ritualistic beliefs and practices. Talk about any paranormal experiences you might have had and how they have affected you. When I was young, I grew up in a supposedly haunted house. It was an old Edwardian home built in the 1800s, and everyone who lived there before us swore that it was haunted. We found this out after we experienced paranormal activity. Without going into detail, many things happened there that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around even today. We would hear voices, see shadows, see things moving, hear footsteps at night, hear unexplained sounds, etc. Do you have any words of wisdom that you live by? While I have many quotes and mantras that guide me daily, there are two that I consider my guides more than any other. One is the poem “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost. To me, it reminds me of how we as a people are easily trapped into a set way of viewing others and thinking based on what has been done by those who came before us. Remembering this helps me to think outside the box and view the perspective of others from their point of view. The second is this simple quote from an unknown author: “A person’s integrity is measured by what they do when no one is watching.”

Test Your Paranormal Knowledge 1. Which popular paranormal television show features an international explorer looking to dispel local myths. Haunted History

Destination Truth

Ghost Hunters International

2. What is the English translation of the German word Poltergeist? A spirit that . . . Moves objects

Makes noise

Terrorizes the living

3. When ghosts draw energy out of the air, it typically creates . . . A cold spot

A vortex

A warm spot

Static electricity

4. During the Sci Fi show Ghost Hunters’ visit to the Stanley Hotel, which room was investigator Jason Hawes sleeping in when he experienced a glass shattering on his night stand and a closet door opening and closing by itself? 217





5. During a Most Haunted episode, one of the show’s psychics was supposedly exposed as a fraud after he repeated false, planted information, including the name Kreed Kafer, an anagram. What does the anagram stand for? 6. Which of the following locations was once declared the “most haunted house in England” after being investigated by Harry Price? Penfound Manor

Courtiers House

Gunby Hall

Borley Rectory

7. Which of the following deceased movie stars did the legendary comedienne Lucille Ball claim once visited her in a dream and offered career advice? Carole Lombard

Marilyn Monroe

Judy Garland

Audrey Hepburn

8. What is the actual purpose of the traditional Irish banshee? To . . . Predict war

Create chaos

Foretell death

Escort spirits crossing over

9. Which American president has claimed to have seen a UFO? Ronald Reagan

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Jimmy Carter

George W. Bush

10. Finding one of “these” during an investigation is considered the Holy Grail of ghost hunting. EVP


Full-bodied apparition

High EMF reading

ANSWERS: 1. Destination Truth 2. Makes noise 3. A cold spot 4. 401 5. Derek Faker 6. Borley Rectory 7. Carole Lombard 8. Foretell death 9. Jimmy Carter 10. Full-bodied apparition


Perfect 10: 6-9: 3-5: 0-2:

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