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• Specialty classes, including Breakfast Basics, Naked BBQ, Decadent Desserts, and more • Rawvolutionizing Your LifeSM consultations, including kitchen prep, shopping, preparation techniques, and general advice on “going raw”

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Getting Naked

Contact Kory at 818.237.0872 or today for your free 30-minute consultation.

When you host a Naked DinnerSM, you get: 1. A hassle-free gourmet, 5-course meal for up to 10 people. 2. All the ingredients, tools, plates, utensils … everything you’d expect from a catered dinner party, including the clean up! 3. A hands-on lesson in raw food preparation, including basic terminology, techniques, nutrient and enzyme information, health benefits, and more. 4. The recipes for each of the five courses that you help prepare. 5. Foods that will help you be lean, clean, and serene.

Kory Seaton Muniz wants to live in a

healthier world. And she knows she’s not alone. As a gourmet raw food chef, she educates and encourages clients to become more “lean, clean, and serene” by learning healthy eating habits and the benefits of natural, living foods.


Dinners Stripped down dinners like nature intended

Mentored by Lou Carona, one of the top holistic health teachers in the United States and an expert in nutrition and enzyme therapy, Kory has been living a full-time raw food lifestyle for more than four years. She works with a variety of private clients providing “going raw” consultations, kitchen prep, catered dinners, un-cooking classes, and more. Intuitive since birth, Kory’s healing practice also includes reiki, crystal healing, color therapy, and clinical aromatherapy.


What’s a Naked DinnerSM? Mix 1 part dinner party with 1 part cooking class and 1 part catered meal made from raw, organic ingredients, and you’ve got a Naked Dinner. These customizable gatherings bring living foods into your living space and transform you and up to 9 guests into raw food chefs. You’ll get hands-on experience while learning to turn whole, living foods into a 5-course gourmet meal that not only tastes delicious, but won’t leave you with a food hangover.

Go Naked

Why Go Naked?

Naked foods come into this world just like you do — whole, pure, and complete. These stripped down foods are packed with the essential nutrients that nourish your body like nothing else can.

Simply put, raw foods help you become lean, clean, and serene.

Unfortunately, many people think of fruits and vegetables as an obligation — something they should eat but don’t really want to. But when you know how to transform these foods (and other raw staples, like nuts, seeds, and grains) into delicious dishes, you’ll find your taste buds will crave what your body craves — whole, healthy foods that make a whole new healthier you.

You don’t have to be a raw foodie to know that adding more organic, living foods to your diet can have a host of health benefits. Raw foods come straight from the earth, so they’re full of the nutrients, antioxidants, and enzymes that your body needs to function at its best. After one meal, you’ll realize that “raw food” is so much more than just salads and celery sticks. You’ll start feeling the effects right away, including increased energy and mental clarity.

And when you incorporate naked meals into your daily lifestyle, you’ll quickly begin to see that your body is running more efficiently — your memory is clearer, your digestion is easier, your energy level is higher, and you may even lose weight without even trying! Schedule your Naked DinnerSM today. Call 818.237.0872 for a free consultation.

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$45 per person for up to 10 people (including the host); free for the host* * Booking deposit required, minimum 4 guests

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