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• Specialty classes, including Breakfast Basics, Naked BBQ, Decadent Desserts, and more • Rawvolutionizing Your LifeSM consultations, including kitchen prep, shopping, preparation techniques, and general advice on “going raw”

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Getting Naked

Contact Kory at 818.237.0872 or today for your free 30-minute consultation.

When you host a Naked DinnerSM, you get: 1. A hassle-free gourmet, 5-course meal for up to 10 people. 2. All the ingredients, tools, plates, utensils … everything you’d expect from a catered dinner party, including the clean up! 3. A hands-on lesson in raw food preparation, including basic terminology, techniques, nutrient and enzyme information, health benefits, and more. 4. The recipes for each of the five courses that you help prepare. 5. Foods that will help you be lean, clean, and serene.

Kory Seaton Muniz wants to live in a

healthier world. And she knows she’s not alone. As a gourmet raw food chef, she educates and encourages clients to become more “lean, clean, and serene” by learning healthy eating habits and the benefits of natural, living foods.


Dinners Stripped down dinners like nature intended

Mentored by Lou Carona, one of the top holistic health teachers in the United States and an expert in nutrition and enzyme therapy, Kory has been living a full-time raw food lifestyle for more than four years. She works with a variety of private clients providing “going raw” consultations, kitchen prep, catered dinners, un-cooking classes, and more. Intuitive since birth, Kory’s healing practice also includes reiki, crystal healing, color therapy, and clinical aromatherapy.


behind the


Your shipments are a reflection of your business, so every delivery is an important one. That’s why each of our couriers is professionally trained to ensure your package is handled properly, delivered on time, and proof of delivery is confirmed.

on-demand COURIER services

When ASAP isn’t soon enough, our on-demand courier services get your shipment where it needs to be immediately. GPS technology ensures the quickest pick-up and delivery, and our simplified billing system makes it just as fast to pay, with great service, fair rates, and timely invoicing. Plus, you’ll never see another mysterious surcharge ever again!

fixed-route COURIER services

With a “dedicated” courier, you get consistency and customer service that’s far above standard, and at rates that fit any business model. Our fixed-route courier services ensures your shipments will be handled the same each and every time … all with outsourced service that doesn’t feel outsourced.

contact us

Phone: 877.475.9944 E-mail:


Whether it’s at a satellite site, an outsourced location, or one of our many offices throughout California, Green Screen Logistics is positioned to meet your company’s needs. And our GPS and dynamic dispatch system ensure our couriers reach you and your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

high-security TRANSPORTATION

Whether it’s a high-value microchip, photo proofs, or the Oscars, our high-security transportation gets your most important items to their destination with protection and discretion. Escort courier service, GPS tracking, and on-person transport — a super-secure service that ensures your shipment doesn’t leave the courier until delivery is confirmed — guarantee your valuables make it into the right hands. This service is also offered nationally.

our fleet The environment shouldn’t pay the price of doing business. That’s why we use the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles possible. Whatever you’re shipping needs — big or small — we have the vehicles to get it done. Trucks with the highest rated MPG available. When possible, your courier will be dispatched in a high-rated green vehicle, hybrid, or larger Bio-Diesel vehicle. Vans are available for higher capacity and/or contract routes where vehicle specification are dictated by the contract agreement. LTL / TL for larger shipments and palletized freight pick-up.

company mission

Green Screen Logistics is an expert logistics provider with an emphasis on safe, secure, on-time transportation solutions. With more than 30 years of experience, we understand the unique challenges facing companies today. That’s why our custom solutions are created to completely satisfy all your business needs. We don’t take a cookie cutter approach to business and will go anywhere, at anytime, to get your job done. We offer courier service, linehaul, consolidations, warehousing, high-security transportation, auditing, consulting, and any other logistical needs our customers have. Customer service is our core competency and we strive to exceed any and all expectations.

Bike messengers are perfect for timely movement in urban environments where driving isn’t always the quickest solution. Plus, they’re zero-emission! Hybrid, Bio-Diesel, and Natural Gas fuel sources allow us to meet your demands and remain environmentally sustainable. Our fleet meets the strictest internal requirements, and we partner with contractors who practice this as well whenever possible.

w w w. g r e e n s c r e e n l o g i s t i c s . c o m

c l ea n c u s t om



–noun (used with a singular or plural verb) 1. The planning, implementation, and coordination of the details of a business or other operation. 2. The overall management of the way resources are moved to the areas where they are required.

No matter how you define it, logistics makes your business run. But don’t you sometimes wish your business could just run itself? Don’t you ever think of the ways you could spend your time if the day-to-day details of product and project management would just take care of themselves? It doesn’t have to be a fantasy. Whether you’re a multimillion dollar company or an energetic start-up, our value-added custom solutions are designed to meet all of your unique needs. We know that no two businesses are alike, so we tailor our services to exceed your expectations … and we’ll go anywhere, at any time, to get your job done.

three reasons

less is more

Less spent = more saved. You can’t afford to pay a premium, but you can’t cut corners either. When you let our experts handle your logistics needs, you free yourself up to do the work you really care about. Since we know this business better than anyone, we’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time and money. Less waste = more resources. Let’s face it, going green isn’t just a trend. Sustainability and corporate responsibility go hand in hand. By saving vital resources, you’re not only benefiting the world around you, but becoming the type of company that people respect and want to do business with. Less stress = more peace of mind. You’ve got enough to worry about. When you let our experts do what they do best — whether it’s transportation services, warehousing, or consulting — you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

get lean

Why do something that’s not your core business function? Consolidating resources can save big money and enhance your services. Stop paying for costly personnel, confusing billing, and warehouse and freight space you’re not using by letting Green Screen Logistics provide the cost-efficient, outsourced alternative.

custom solution / consulting

New business? Shipment costs making the product price rise? Need an expert to simplify a process and save you valuable time and money? With more than 30 years of experience, Green Screen Logistics can evaluate any warehouse, shipping operation, and logistics issues you have, and design a program to help you save money and increase service.

LTL / TL / consolidation

go green

Of course you want to save money and get great service, but you care about the environment too. Luckily, with Green Screen Logistics you never have to choose between sustainability and quality service. We make every effort to provide lean, clean, green solutions that meet all your needs, while decreasing your carbon footprint. We aim to have the smallest environmental impact possible, and our partner vendors and corporations are doing the same. Our eco-conscious custom solutions include:

diverse fleet

• Hybrid • High MPG / Green-rated vehicles • Bio-Diesel • Bikes

If you’re a big shipper with palletized and un-palletized bulk freight, our skilled drivers can consolidate your shipments, allowing you to take advantage of huge savings with LTL and TL carriers. Each business is different, so please contact us with your freight specifications for a more detailed breakdown.

paperless environment


• We recycle and build pallets using existing pallet stock • All stocking materials are recycled when possible • Shrink wrap is used sparingly and, when possible, inventory is banded instead • We accept back and recycle any materials used to process and movement shipments

Keep your inventory safe and secure with Green Screen Logistics’ dedicated warehouse space. You’ll only pay for the area you need, plus you’ll get simplified storage billing, an easy Inbound and Outbound processing system, and up-to-date reports. As your integrated logistics provider, we can also provide local pick-up and delivery — within up to 60 minutes of the request.


Know that you’re getting the best services at the best price, and having all your unique shipping needs met, with auditing services that range from test shipments to monitor handling, network efficiency to bill and service guarantee.

• All internal forms are completed online • Invoices are offered via e-mail • Contract courier work is performed with scanners, eliminating the need for paper manifest



• We recruit contractors, vendors, and business partners that share our vision of sustainability and environmental responsibility; people and companies who see the Earth’s resources as a valuable commodity

What’s a Naked DinnerSM? Mix 1 part dinner party with 1 part cooking class and 1 part catered meal made from raw, organic ingredients, and you’ve got a Naked Dinner. These customizable gatherings bring living foods into your living space and transform you and up to 9 guests into raw food chefs. You’ll get hands-on experience while learning to turn whole, living foods into a 5-course gourmet meal that not only tastes delicious, but won’t leave you with a food hangover.

Go Naked

Why Go Naked?

Naked foods come into this world just like you do — whole, pure, and complete. These stripped down foods are packed with the essential nutrients that nourish your body like nothing else can.

Simply put, raw foods help you become lean, clean, and serene.

Unfortunately, many people think of fruits and vegetables as an obligation — something they should eat but don’t really want to. But when you know how to transform these foods (and other raw staples, like nuts, seeds, and grains) into delicious dishes, you’ll find your taste buds will crave what your body craves — whole, healthy foods that make a whole new healthier you.

You don’t have to be a raw foodie to know that adding more organic, living foods to your diet can have a host of health benefits. Raw foods come straight from the earth, so they’re full of the nutrients, antioxidants, and enzymes that your body needs to function at its best. After one meal, you’ll realize that “raw food” is so much more than just salads and celery sticks. You’ll start feeling the effects right away, including increased energy and mental clarity.

And when you incorporate naked meals into your daily lifestyle, you’ll quickly begin to see that your body is running more efficiently — your memory is clearer, your digestion is easier, your energy level is higher, and you may even lose weight without even trying! Schedule your Naked DinnerSM today. Call 818.237.0872 for a free consultation.

Energy exchange

$45 per person for up to 10 people (including the host); free for the host* * Booking deposit required, minimum 4 guests

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