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Ribbon Cutting at Santa's Outback Barn

The Mena/Polk County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony last Friday to welcome Santa to the community.

The project could not have been completed without the following

helpers for Santa’s Outback Barn: Outback Barn; First Financial Bank; Martin Marietta; Aleshire Electric; Insulation Works; Glennaire Construction; Jerry Made Furniture; JLM Transportation; Handy Hard-

ware; Mike's Home Specialties; James Super Save; Brandon Martin; Henry Teal; TC Grant; Carla Vaught; Carole Martin ; Sam & Melissa Sneed; Aubrey & Ginger

Sterner; Mark & Kathy Adams; Robert Garcia; Sherry Beaty Sullivan; The Wondering Chicken; My Sisters Junk; Marine Corp League; WalMart; and Jerry “Doc” Watson.

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