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______________________ From the desk of: LD Price Things that are old eventually become new again. Everyone knows this to be true. Once upon a time bell bottoms, disco, and wearing spandex were the big things. Then, as times changed, so did styles and tastes. Many things have come and gone, but the one thing that hasn’t is originality. It is the foundation for which all the things we love are based on. In short, everything that is original is just amazing. In my first editorial, I wanted to say something witty and memorable. I wanted to let everyone reading know that you can expect a higher standard and quality from Muve going forward. That then took a backseat to the thoughts of making sure that my point gets across (I can be a bit scatterbrained every now and then). There are many things I could say, but I will just keep it simple with the following: The style, music, nightlife, and people of Bricktown are changing. Whether you believe in evolution or not, the scene in Oklahoma City has changed drastically in the last 1520 years, and it will continue to evolve to provide you with the best there is out there. Yeah, we aren’t New York, Los Angeles, or even Dallas. I say let them have their thing, because we have just begun the change. We aren’t changing into a city that is “big league”, but into a metro that rivals other national cities for entertainment, commerce, and beauty. We live in a town where hard work is at the backbone of all we do. That’s what Muve is all about, making sure that you are kept in the know for the amazing things that have happened, are happening, and will happen in Oklahoma City. We want to local businesses that contribute to the growth of our city. We want to spotlight the nightlife in a way that will give you more choices on where you want to shake what your momma gave you. More than anything, we want to spotlight you Oklahoma City . Because you are the main reason why Oklahoma City is progressing and getting better slowly but surely. You are the main reason why the Thunder play ball in the loudest arena in the NBA. You are the reason why many move here from all over the nation and fall in love because of the good people here. Simply put Oklahoma City; you are the reason we Muve.








GOSTEFFECTS Gosteffects serves up a witch’s brew of club anthems, dutchy tech house grooves, dubstep sensibilities and big kick drums ready for the floor. His hotly anticipated (his soundcloud preview hit #1 on HYPEM) debut releases ‘Slave To The Sweat’ single + remixes (Feb 2012) and ‘Kick The Bass’ EP (March 2012) on the Gosteffects label Afterlife hit the top 5 on Beatport’s electronic charts and welcomed massive blog buzz. His first single ‘Slave To The Sweat’ is a mesh of electronic percussive elements, unconventional hover synth splicing and mechanized vocals conjuring up visions of sinful bodies packing a hot, sweaty dance floor. ‘STTS’ along with ‘Tear The Club Up’, ‘Kick The Bass’, and ‘Yeah!’ are now regular staples on playlists around the globe from some of the biggest names in electronic music including; Fatboy Slim’s official beatport top 10 beach boutique 2012, Benni Benassi’s EDC & Ibiza essential Cream live mixes, Laidback Luke’s radio and live sets and Steve Aoki’s Sirius FM radio. Gosteffects tour in 2013?

What’s your favorite studio piece?

I’m currently working on my new EP  With the tour to come soon after!  I’m officially playing SXSW this year and would like to kick it off then.

I’m currently using mainly all software.  I use Ableton.     Most of the synths on the “Kick the Bass” EP were done with Sylenth1.   I recently bought the Vengeance side chain plugin and I think they did a good job with that.  I’m going to start experimenting with modular synths later this year.    

Any radical New Year’s resolutions? Write more music.  Read more books. ”House of God” saw great success in 2012. What inspired this track? It is a rendition of a techno track from the 90’s by DHS.   It was one of the first techno songs I ever heard and I’ve always wanted to redo it somehow.   DHS was nice enough to let me cover the song. One day, on a whim, I had a friend in NYC record the vocal when he was over and it went from there.

Your DJ sets usually run the gamut of EDM. What’s your favorite track right now? Icky Blossoms – “Sex to the Devil” (Gosteffects Remix).  Everyone should go check it out! As far as some new producers I’m into, I like what Firebeatz are doing. 


MTV Hive listed one of your mixes as one of the top 5 of 2012. What was your first thought when you got the news? It was great to see.  Anytime you have MTV giving you a shout out, it is a good thing.  Luckily, they tagged me in the FB post or else I probably wouldn’t have known!


Where can we catch a DJ set from you?  I’ll be playing a couple things out and about in New York City in February, then Oklahoma City to play at Robotic in March, and then headed down to Austin for SXSW.     Stay tuned to my Facebook and Twitter for more details! _______________________________




DOWNLINK Downlink has been punishing dancefloors all over the planet with his heavy brand of bass. With roots in Jungle & DnB, he is no stranger to the vile side of subsonic dance music and has set out to explore a frantic, adrenaline fuelled style, influenced by everything from heavy metal to astrophysics. He is a Rottun Recordings regular, but has also released on some of the biggest labels in the game like Mau5trap and OWSLA. While consistently coming up with sick material time after time, he has gained DJ support from all of the biggest names in the scene. His successes on the Beatport charts have been extraordinary. He managed to hold down 4 of the top 10 spots in dubstep at one time and has had multiple tracks hit #1 in both dubstep and drum n bass. Recently Downlink’s skills have landed him a prominent role in the production of legendary nu-metal band Korn’s tenth studio album. His keen ear for sound even led him to being given the honour of mixing the album. He then went on to support the band on tour in America and Europe, playing to massive arenas, time and time again leaving crowds stunned with his energetic performance. Downlink is not one to be pigeon-holed and is constantly on a quest to evolve and refine his sound. With this in mind, one thing will always remain constant - a pure unadulterated heavy listening experience… When’s your next DJ stop?   My next stop is going to be in Seattle after Tulsa. I’m kind of taking it fairly chill for January, but at the end of the month I’ll be stopping in Houston followed up by Salt Lake City. I believe a few kind of festival/rave shows are in the future. Right now, I’m not really on a full tour. I did that stuff last year when I toured with Andy C for the Bass Jump Tour. I also took off to Australia and toured Europe in December. So basically the plan was to take it easy over the holiday break and just chill. Now, I’m getting back into it and doing a few one off shows here and there and in February, I will be launching into a Canadian tour. I’m touring with Butch Clancy for the Canadian Northern Invasion tour.

Do you have any new releases coming up? As far as new music, there is definitely some unreleased Downlink stuff that I’m sitting on. I’m actually considering putting together a full album right now. However, for the last 6 months I’ve been heavily devoted to working on another project called Destroyed which consists of myself, Excision and KJ Saka on drums. It’s going to be a live MIDI project. We aim to have a full length album out here next month or so. So as you could imagine that’s been eating up a lot of my production time. I haven’t had time to focus on the Downlink stuff much, but now that it’s nearing completion. I’m ready to go, ready to launch back into to Downlink and bring out what I feel is current Downlink flavor. 

M U S I C | 11

What’s your opinion about the bass community scene at this moment? In my opinion, I really enjoy the way that the bass community is now. I come from a background in drum and bass, where it was a really purest type of mentality. Where you’d go to drum and bass shows,and if you heard anything other than drum and bass, the crowd was shaking their heads while pulling their hoodies over their heads and give the “What the hell are you doing man?” look. But with dubstep it’s been really nice especially with the North American brand of dubstep. The audiences here are really open minded. You can play

12 | M U S I C

moombaton,the trap stuff everyone is playing these days, electro house, drum and bass, and drumstep. You can play just about anything. You can probably even play some sort of ambient tune for a minute and then the crowd would just chill or light up and dance and it would just be cool. I really like the open-minded dance floors we have now. With regards to dubstep specifically, I see that there is a current rise for this trap movement. I believe has a place in sets to kind of calm the mood down, but I’m not all for it. However I do like trap and I’ll play some of it. I may even dabble in some production myself. I enjoy it but maybe a full set is a bit too much for me. I like the

fact that people are moving away from the grindy, growly, screechy stuff and starting to embrace the deeper sounds that was the original sound of dubstep. That’s what I originally fell in love with. The sound of dubstep is constantly evolving. I hate to bring up Skrillex, but it’s hard to ignore the impact that he has had on the flavor of dubstep especially in North America. His influences can be heard in almost every single producer’s tunes, including my own. It’s hard to ignore how he has changed the sound of modern bass music. I do believe now that people are starting to get a little burned out on some of that flavor and they are starting to embrace new things. We will just see where it goes from here.  What’s in your studio? I work with a Mac using Logic, Reason, and Ableton. But primarily I’m using Logic to produce. As far as plug-ins go, obviously I utilize all the Native Instruments stuff. I also use a virus ti. I’ve got the staple plugins. I think that uniquely to the setup, is the fully treated room that a lot of money was invested into. So that we can get our music sounding just the way we want it to. We are using our Barefoot Micro main 27’s. Personally, I think that they are the best monitors that you can get. I’ve heard a lot of monitors and those are just amazing and working on those is a real treat. There is no real secret weapon that we are using to destroy people’s minds; it’s all the same stuff and we just tweak in our way. went from there. _______________________________

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14 | M U S I C

Without doubt the hottest new trance DJ/producer to emerge from Holland this past year is RIchard Durand. The Richard Durand sound is trance, techno and tough electro in a unique package that’s both dynamic and devasting. However, what really sets Durand apart from other producers are his exclusive and massivley in demand reworks of big dance tunes from right across the dance spectrum. Once given a Richard rework, tracks such as Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up”, Audio Bully’s “The Things”, Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” and Binary Finary’s “1998” are brought back up to date in a storming tech trance fusion. It’s a winning formula that’s been setting dancefloors on fire. Richard Durand recently released “Richard Durand vs The World” , his third full length artist album. You can also catch his stellar mix session for the 10th edition of the “In Search of Sunrise” complication series. Catch him in OKC at Club One 15 on Feb 22nd.

M U S I C | 15

Trance is perpetually evolving. You’ve had some solid releases within the last year that have added to it’s evolution. How did “Richard Durand Vs The World: The Album” come about? The album was an idea I made with my record label Black Hole Recordings. We wanted to bring together some exciting new elements to the standard album concept. First I would work with a lot of other established DJ/Producers worldwide, plus I also gave an opportunity

16 | M U S I C

to new talent to produce a track with me in each territory. This was an interesting concept for me as I always like to try something new! You are now DJing the long running “In Search of Sunrise” compilation series. It’s noted by many as the hallmark of EDM culture. Can you describe the process of making an “In Search of Sunrise” mix? Also, what is your thoughts on becoming the new host of the compilation?

Of course I am very happy to continue this amazing series after Tiesto moved onto other projects. The ISOS process starts at least four months before release when we ask many producers if they can send in exclusive tracks for consideration, followed by a very lengthy listening process to get through the hundreds and hundreds of tracks we get sent to come up with a short list and finally to mix the tracks together. Any new original track releases in cue? Yes, this year I had again the opportunity for the second year in row to make the official Anthem for Trancefusion indoor festival in Prague, Czech Republic. This track will be released of 11 February 2013. Where do you find inspiration for your productions? I get this question all the time, but the answer is perhaps not so exciting or unexpected as I get my inspiration from all the days stuff that I see around me. This can be during my travel to events, or at a party listening to other people’s music, or even just during my weekly food shopping! Haha!

M U S I C | 17

As an EDM artist from Amsterdam, that currently tours internationally; would you say there are some notable differences in EDM culture in the US? Until maybe a couple of years ago the EDM was not that evolved in the US; everything was quite underground while Europe had many mainstream EDM parties and festivals. But since the last two years the US EDM scene has really exploded and has caught up very quickly with Europe. How has being smoke free impacted your life?

18 | M U S I C

Well to be honest, I’ve never been a regular smoker. When I was younger I sometimes had a cigarette in the company of friends who were smokers, but I soon learnt to make my own decision on whether to be a smoker or not. Night clubs are now much nicer environments to be in with no smoking inside! _______________________________


W W W . M U V E M A G . C O M



M U S I C | 19

20 | M U S I C


Sophia Lin is an American DJ, model, actress, dancer, event host and recording artist from Los Angeles, California., best known as DJ Hustle-Lin and DJ Sophia Lin. She’s the official DJ and spokesmodel for night clubs, brands, magazine’s and fashion lines across the world including Hustler Magazine, Maxim and to name a few. Sophia is signed with top talent agency, Elite Model Management in Miami for their Television Division. Sofia has appeared in such movies as Fast & Furious 4, Kissing Strangers, and Miss March. She as also appeared in such shows as Best Ink and Manswers. You can catch her DJ for Havoc’s Reverb Romance event at Azul Lounge in Las Cruces, New Mexico on Feb 16th. What’s a day in the life of Sophia Lin like? Well buckle up people, because it’s going to be totally insane! I will tell you now that I really can’t stand repetitive things and boring routines! No sleep, business, partying, work, makeup, beauty. Then I change clothes, pick up some swag right before my interviews. Then I sign contracts and get focused on my international travel. I have to send out invoices & earn my money. I’m the shot-caller; the boss lady that makes all the calls and tough decisions. I am even learning new things daily and taking classes like: voice lessons, learning new languages (French), yoga, and especially learning to cook exotic foods!  I’m always working or running errands. I always work on new projects in music and download the newest music, all while I pack up my wardrobe and the necessities for all my travels. Then I get a photo-shoot or two in and then I’m off ! I like hopping on a plane to spin in places like Las Vegas, spinning records, popping’ champagne,  and shooting shots till its daylight!!    I am

constantly working on my music and fashion. It might look like a huge amount of fun, but the behind the scenes part is where it gets tricky.   Can u tell I’ve got a restless nature?  I am all about work, work work! What inspires you? Inspiration is actually all around us.    Even if we closed our eyes, we can get inspired.    I think life itself inspires me.  Every breath, blink, and minute that goes by is so precious. I became a DJ because I love music. It truly is my ultimate passion. I live to hear the next new song or the next big genre of music that comes out. I love changes and new things. I also keep old things close to my heart. Everyone has a favorite sweater or pair of jeans as they do their favorite song that gets them moving!  Believe me, anything can inspire me. I love meeting new people, trying new things, and living life for today.  I like to watch the crowd and people

M U S I C | 21

22 | M U S I C

watch sometimes when I’m out.  Curiosity leads me to constantly try to improve and advance in my creativity in my career.  Even trying to find the answers to life’s questions inspires me.  I’m constantly learning new things every single day.  I love taking risks and I hate having a set repetitive routine.  I finally found a way to satisfy that wandering urge and being a DJ and in the entertainment industry is my personal escape/adventure.  I truly want originality in my thoughts and actions.  I am constantly learning new things about myself and enjoy the people and cultures I encounter. While I am out and touring, I do enjoy exploring all the new cities and countries. I also became a DJ because I love to perform and entertain!  I love to see the dance floor packed and seeing everyone having a great time. Smiles, Laughter, flashing lights, sound and feeling the beat move within.... It really gets me high!   Always Hustle-LIN         

What is Sophia Lin spinning at the moment? What I spin best is  electronic dance music (house), and every sub-genre of it.  Remixes and bootleg Top 40 edits are always fun and pleasantly surprise the audience.  My style as a DJ varies!    I typically get booked to rock an open format party, but my passion takes me back to the EDM genre every time! It gets my heart rate going and reminds me of the old days where I’d hit the rave scenes and underground electronic parties before I was even old enough to get into 21+ clubs!

M U S I C | 23


I think my style is totally unique. Not only playing today and tomorrows’ hit records, but also incorporating the older songs; and not just the obvious ones! I looked up to DJ’s like DJ AM (R.I.P.). I loved hearing different music from different eras mixed together, so why not take a little James Brown and mix it with a more recent song?    I feel it keeps everyone happy and has everyone hearing songs in a different order. The crowd is never just one of anything, meaning its always many different genders, ages, and tastes. We all come from different walks of life, so it’s best to never put together set lists or playlists because you can’t really read the room and it’s flow from a list.

write and would love to perform my own songs someday. As a DJ, I already love performing and giving a great show. The best part is when your feeding off the energy the crowd gives you and giving it right back.

I love being a DJ because there are no rules, there’s nobody telling you what to do and not to do. That is the whole point. Much like the music, I’m free to flow with the change. I love change and love trying different things all the time.  

How has being smoke free impacted your life?

Any new Remix/Original tracks on the horizon? I have made a several edits.  Some were mash ups, some were edits, and some were different combinations of the song.  I also kind of like to Frankenstein edit some songs, meaning that I like to take try different combinations to see what awesome things can come out of my “experimentations”.  I have a new Rihanna/Shirley Bassey combo that is on the way along along with a Play Hard remix of Ne-Yo & Akon. I have recently been learning to produce beats. I just don’t want to stand behind the decks forever, or play a bunch of records that I didn’t make.   Anyone can do either of those.  I like the challenge of standing apart from the rest.  I like to

I love the process of creating something that people can connect to.    Stay tuned for my first studio album debut.  I just got new tracks from  Brad of Manufactured Superstars,  DJ JJ Florez, and  DJ Scene.    My production team and I are going for a club/electro/Top 40 sound. It would be a great addition to my DJ shows.  I already have the platform set up to perform everywhere I go!

Considering the fact that I love being on the go...why not be smoke free?    I am free spirit wouldn’t like to be dragged down by so many harmful stuff in tobacco products.    I can’t short on oxygen if I plan on doing fun activities and being on stage. I need all my stamina for my intense outdoor physical fun trips that I take with my friends.    I need my health and can’t have smoking slow me down!   I think that being smoke free is great for me.   I personally detest smoking.  I just think back to when someone walked by and all I could smell is cigarette smoke. Not only does it kill the smokers, but second hand smoke affects family as well. I love my nieces and they wouldn’t come near enough to hug me if I was a smoker. So smoking is a no-no.  I’d rather keep my health, my career, and not worry about the negatives of smoking. _______________________________

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48 | C U LT U R E


BRYAN PEACE You may know him as B., one half of the Dance Music Duo CRYSTAL VISION. Noted as a jack of all trades and master of them all, Bryan Peace operates a dance music blog, owns a record label, holds positions in two successful bands, promotes one of Oklahoma’s longest running weekly events, and still finds the time to do graphic design. Peace’s schedule is jammed packed, but he found the time to sit down with Muve Mag. Please consider the following…. You have many roles….DJ, Promoter, and Graphic Designer. Where do you find the time to balance it all? It’s usually design by day and music at night. None of it is as glamourous as it seems either. Its 90% work and 10% fun. But the payoff in the end is what’s the best whether it be something you designed finally see production, finally getting that song into stores and hear people talking about it or that moment the doors open for a party that has only been a headache trying to plan and the rest of the night goes smoother than you could hope for. Where did you study graphic design.

I’ve gone to a couple schools but never completed any degree. I’m pretty much all self taught. When I was just a wee child I spent a lot of time drawing comic book characters and tracing images out of comics. After my family got our first computer I got obsessed with trying to figure out how all those cool pictures I

downloaded were made and slowly got into digital design Where do you find inspiration for your design projects?

A lot of inspiration comes from boredom and just experimenting. Some of the most popular things I’ve made are the simplest ideas. I love minimal design and typography. I just see people trying to squeeze too much type and imagery on to tiny flyers and posters when you can say a lot more with a simple splash of color and 4 lines of text. Even if people don’t understand some of the posters I’ve made, they still take them off walls to hang up in their bedrooms. You are also a promoter. Chat with us about DRD and how it started.

Dance Robots, Dance! started in late 2005 when some pals and I were all djing at a party together and just

C U LT U R E | 49

randomly had the idea that we needed to be working together on bigger and better things. About 6 months after that night, Robotic Wednesdays started at The Side Car (now The Drunken Fry) and was only indie rock and dance rock music. People didn’t like to ‘rave’ at the time and really hated ‘techno’ music. As the party slowly took off we moved to bigger and bigger venues over time and have been at our home, Kamps, for over 3 years now. DRD

50 | C U LT U R E

has also helped to bring larger acts to the area on non-Robotic nights such as Tiesto, Skrillex, Paul Oakenfold, Datsik, Flosstradamus and others. What’s on DRD’s current to do list? For the next year we’re mainly focusing on Robotic and trying to continue to make it the best party that we can. We are always booked solid for about 3-4

months and everyone from local djs to big touring acts are constantly hitting us up for bookings it just gets to be pretty much impossible for us to make everyone happy. We do have some secrets up our sleeves and it will be a bit before we can announce those things. DRD is also a label. Any new releases in cue?

The collective known as Dance Robots, Dance! started Robot Dance Records back in early 2010 to make it more accessible for us and our close friends to be able to get their music into stores such as Beatport and iTunes. We’ve released a bunch of local Oklahoma acts over the past 2 years and I am always hitting up new people to see if they want to put out anything. Our next release is on Valentine’s Day. Tulsa DJ & Producer, Dar-

C U LT U R E | 51

ku J, has a new single called Sexy Lies coming out with remixes from Oklahomans Crystal Vision & Angry Beards, and Texas DJ, NVS. We hear you have a band as well. Can you talk to us about Crystal Vision. Crystal Vision is me and Katie Wicks. We make dance music. We’ve also worked


52 | C U LT U R E

with local band Chrome Pony on some of his productions and live set. People either love us or hate us. But real talk, we started in 2009 with a silly bootleg remix of Rhythm Is A Dancer that got in the top 5 on Hype Machine ( and figured we had something decent going on so we just continued putting out remixes and finally got to some original tracks which eventually charted on the

Beatport Electro House charts. The past couple months we have released a lot of stuff and are trying to make 2013 our big year. Can you describe your music in five words? Music you can dance to.

Give us a play by play of a studio session for Crystal Vision. Either Katie or I will be sitting in the studio working on ideas when the other person will come and kick each other off of the computer and try to finish the idea. Then our cats come in and get angry because we aren’t paying attention to them so the creative process then goes on hold for a


few minutes Do you like bass? Do you, do you like bass, Bryan? What’s funny is that just a few years ago no club in Oklahoma City had a truely proper soundsystem so it was really hard to play the current style of music. Music now gives a huge focus on the low end of the song and it would just be kinda strange to be djing and when the drop hit nothing really happened. Now we have two Funktion One Dance Stacks in Kamps and Club Frequency in Bricktown has that massive wall of subwoofers. It’s good to see more focus on giving the crowd a great audio experience rather than some cheap speakers and expect them to have fun. How about Trap. It’s like EDM’s hood music. What’s your take on it? I enjoy a handful of trap songs. I’ve made some trap music recently. It will eventually find it’s place and artists will morph it into awesome songs but it’s definitely a fad for now. There are a few amazing trap style songs though that aren’t ‘hood’ at all and I hope more people go in that direction of producing it than just keeping it straight trap. You are quite the a fan of cats. When did you become favorable of felins and why? I turned to the dark side when my childhood dog passed away and our family cat decided he was going to take the dog’s place by my side. Would like to be reincarnated as cat? Only if I could be guaranteed a family that treats me how I treat my cats. You. Five Years from this moment. GO! Hopefully I will still be doing the things that I love to do, but with more traveling involved. _______________________________

54 | C U LT U R E

C U LT U R E | 55

Muve Mag February 2013