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It is everybody's duty to abstain from evils and make others abstain from them, and to publicize this handbill by printing it for gaining rewards of both the worlds.

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful

‫ﺑﺳﻡ ﷲ ﺍﻟرﺣﻣﻥ ﺍﻟرﺣﻳﻡ‬

Practical Techniques To End Evils Do not make mischief on the earth after it has been set in order. (Qur'än 7:56) Beware of a scourge that shall not fall only on the wrongdoers from among you. (Qur'än 8:25)

Calamities have appeared on land and sea because of what the hands of the people have earned. (Qur'än 30:41) Surely, S̈aläh restrains one from shameful and evil acts. (Qur'än 29:45) If a person amongst you sees something abominable, he should modify it with the help of his hand. If he does not have enough strength for doing it, then he should do it with his tongue, else he should (abhor it) from his heart, and that is the least level of faith. (Muslim: 70)



Islämic Sharïâh's

Punishment in this World

Punishment in the Hereafter

Warnings, Techniques for practical reformation, and practical rulings

Will burn in the Hellfire

Veillessness ◘Women must wrap their bosoms with shawls and must not expose their adornments. (Qur'än 24:31) ◘Women who go before stranger men, adorned and ornamented, will be deprived of light on the Day of Judgement. (Tirmizï: 1087) ◘Woman is the queen and treasure of home. She needs to be hidden else Satan would be prying on her. ◘Women should offer Säläh (Namäz)̈ regularly, and should obey their husbands. ◘Health harms: Skin diseases, AIDS in case of unlawful copulation, etc. ◘Cure for the sin: Offering Säläh regularly, repentance. Dowry and Ghorä̈-Jorä̈◘The wedding with the least expenditure is the most blessed (so one should keep away from reckless waste of money). (Baihaqï's Shuâb-ul Ïmän: 6295) ◘“Husband Brings Dowry” Scheme ◘Husband should not obey his dowry-demanding parents ◘When marrying your son, provide for 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 brides with aid-packages of ₹ 10,000 each. ◘Health harms: Mental stress which leads to abnormal BP, heart diseases, tension, etc. ◘Cure for the sin: Offering Säläh regularly, repentance.

Veillessness Leading other men into unlawful copulation through veillessness and nudity is a crime Will burn in the Hellfire

The Curse of Dowry and Ghor̈ä-Jor̈ä

Imprisonment of >5 years and fine>= ₹ 15,000 by the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 Alcohol Consu mption, Addicti on to Opium, Hemp

Will burn in the Hellfire

Getting inebriated and harming others is a culpable crime

80-100 whips

Gutka and Tobacco Civil Penalty: Fine of ₹ 200 or Will burn in the Hellfire

Interest on Loans In Civil Law, interest-transaction is lawful. On not paying back, debtor's property is confiscated.

Declaration of war Will burn in the Hellfire

Unlawful Copulation

Unlawful copulation (rape) leads to imprisonment of 7 years - lifetime (IPC: 376)

Stoning to death in public as a warning for others Will burn in the Hellfire

HomosCourts consider it lawful, but exuality the PEOPLE abhor and ban it.

Executing both the active and the passive partner

Alcohol consumption ◙He who drinks wine in this world and dies while he is addicted to it, without repentance, will not be given a drink in the Hereafter. (Muslim 3733) ◙If a person drinks wine, Alläh does not accept his Säläh for forty days. (Tirmizï 1785) ◙To the familymembers of a Muslim drunkard, the managing committee of his mosque, or his friends should give him Rs. 500-1000 on the condition that he offer five Sälähs regularly. ◙ Plantago 200 Liquide mixed with the drunkard's meal ends his addiction. (Dr. Indra Mohan Jetty, Homeo) ◙Health harms: Innumerable diseases, Mother of All Evils. ◘Cure: Säläh, repentance. Cigarette smoking, Gutka and Tobacco Consumption ◙Everything intoxicant is forbidden. (Muslim: 3729, 23/4959) ◙Alläh's ‫ﷲ َﻋ َﻠْﯿ ِﻪ َ َ ﱠ‬ ‫ َ ﱠ‬forbade every intoxicant Prophet ‫ﻭﺳﻠﻢ‬ ُ ‫ﺻﻠﻰ‬ and everything which produces languidness. (Abü Däwüd: 3201, 26/3678) ◙Should keep on consuming fruits, etc. all over the day to reduce the urge. ◙Health harms: slow poisoning, nicotine + tar = cancer + tuberculosis + gangrene ◙Cure for the sin: Offering Säläh regularly, repentance and seeking Alläh's forgiveness Interest-exaction ◙They will rise up mad on the Day of Judgment. (Qur'än 2:275) ◙Interest-exaction may appear to increase the wealth, but it ultimately leads to scarcity. (Ahm ̈ ad: 3754) ◙Islämic banking ◙Issuing of interest-free loans ◙Making charity more easily available (as Re 1 brings a reward of ₹ 700 or more. – Qur'än 2:261) ◙Health harms: diseases, calamities, epidemics, mental illness ◙The interest-exactor is termed a blood-sucker. Cure for the sin: Offering Säläh regularly, repentance. Unlawful Copulation ◙Do not even go close to unlawful copulation. It is indeed a shameful act, and an evil way to follow. (Qur'än 17:32) ◙Giving financial aid to women engaged in prostitution. Arranging for their children's education and jobs. ◙Facilitating marriages through simplicity. ◙Popularizing marriage of a man with 2-3 women (Limitation to one wife when he fears he will not be able to maintain equality among the wives. – Qur'än 4:3) ◙Marriage at an early age. ◙Health harms: AIDS ◙Cure: Säläh regularly, repentance.

Homosexuality ◙Cursed is he who engages in the act of Prophet Lüt's People (homosexuality). (Mishkät 3583, p.313) ◙Marrying at the age of 18 years ◙Parents should take prompt action to prevent this. ◙Health harms: AIDS ◙Cure for the sin: Offering S̈aläh regularly, repentance and seeking Alläh's forgiveness

Surely, S̈aläh restrains one from shameful and evil acts. (Qur'än 29:45)

Practical Techniques To End Evils


Imprisonment of 3 years with fine (IPC: 379)



Imprisonment of 2-7 years, seizure of property by the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.

Death, or imprisonment for life, and fine (IPC: 302)

Will burn in the Hellfire

Theft ◙Alläh has cursed the thief. (Muslim: 3195/4185) ◙A thief does not remain a Believer while committing theft. (Bukhärï: 5150) ◙Feeding the general public should

Bribery ◙The bribe-taker and the bribegiver will be in the Hellfire. (Jämiê-ul Ahä̈dïth: 12817) ◙Only lawful morsels of food let the prayers be accepted. ◙Develop forbearance and be satisfied with less. ◙Reject women's wishes. ◙Establish branches of Anti-Corruption Bureau in all offices and companies. ◙Health harms: Unlawful earnings cause diseases, accidents, disasters and calamities at home. ◙Cure for the sin: Säläh, repentance.

Will burn in the Hellfire

Homicide ◙Whoever kills a believer deliberately, his reward is Jahannam (Hell) where he shall remain forever. (Qur'än 4:93) ◙Do not kill a person whom Alläh has given sanctity, except rightfully. (Qur'än 6:151) ◙Whoever kills a person not in retaliation for a person killed, ... is as if he has killed the whole of mankind. (Qur'än 5:32) ◙Man is man's friend and Satan is the enemy of all men. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian – all are brothers ◙Cure: Säläh,repentance.

Will burn in the Hellfire

Female Feticide ◙Do not kill your children for fear of poverty. (Qur'än 17:31) ◙The person who brings up two girls properly till they grow up, and I, would come (together) (very closely) on the Day of Resurrection. (Muslim 4765/6364) ◙Status of women: Paradise lies under the feet of mothers. (Kanz-ul Um ̂ mäl 45439) Women have been given a share in inheritance. ◙Cure for the sin: Offering Sälähregularly,repentance.

Execution in Qisäs (recompense) or blood-money

A grave sin Will burn in the Hellfire



A culpable offence according to IPC: 309

Prepared by:

be popularized. ◙Interest-free loans should be popularized. ◙Education should be made popular and unemployment eradicated. ◙Säläh (Namäz)̈ should be offered regularly. ◙Cure for the sin: OfferingSälähregularly,repentance.

Will burn in the Hellfire



A culpable offence

Television ◙Alläh does not approve of immodesty and obscenity. (Muslim 4028/5387) ◙Regular offering of Säläh ◙Frequently offering sunnah and nafl sälähs ◙Men should ensure that the television remains off in their absence. They may break the television in anger, and the whole home will be reformed. ◙Health harms: Attaining puberty before normal age, frequent nocturnal ejaculation, physical weakness ◙Cure for the sin: OfferingSälähregularly,repentance.

A hand is cut, unless a minor or insane


Female Feticide

Will burn in the Hellfire


Jamäât e Is̈läḧ e Muâ̈sharah wa Izäla e Munkarät

Objectives of Jamäât e Is̈läḧ e Muâ̈sharah wa Izäla e Munkarät

Suicide ◙Do not kill yourself. Indeed, Alläh has been Very-Merciful to you. (Qur'än 4:29) ◙Members of the extended family should strengthen the ties (with affection, gifts, etc.) ◙Taking care of neighbors. Giving interest-free loans when they are in economic crisis. Sharing their sorrows. ◙Life is a bounty, so it should be valued. Endure troubles, difficulties and calamities with steadfastness. ◙Cure: OfferingSälähregularly,repentance.

An organization of clerics and intellectuals from all schools of thought

The foundation for Jamäât e Is̈läḧ e Muâ̈sharah wa Izäla e Munkarät (Movement for Social Reform and Evil Eradication) was laid in 2008 with the purpose of putting the Dïn into practice, preserving the Dïn and carrying out individual efforts along with collective struggles to reform the society and to practically eradicate evils. ◙Building character and morality among Muslims with respect to good manners and etiquettes of life, and honoring rights and duties in transactions ◙Scheme to make cent per cent Muslims regular prayer-offerers (Namäz̈ïs) such that the strength of prayer-offerers in Fajr, Ẑ̈uhr, Âs̈r, Maghrib and Îshä equals those in

Jumâh.Objectives of Jamäât e Is̈läḧ e Muâ̈sharah wa Izäla e Munkarät and ◙Ensuring literacy among cent per cent making others refrain from evils like Muslims, covering Islämic as well as drinking, stealing, bribery, interestgovernmental education and that of exaction, unlawful copulation, televisionscience and technology ◙Promoting watching, obscenity, dowry, murder and unprecedented generosity in the form of robbery ◙Serving mankind on a daily giving away one-third of one's wealth, and basis without distinction of religion and thus eradicating poverty ◙Refraining community ◙Reformatory Jamäât trips:

Come on trips of 3, 10, 30, or 100 days for disseminating knowledge, and providing training and encouragement for Säläh (Namäz)̈, good manners, etiquettes of dayto-day life, human service, generosity, forbidding evils, serving mosques, repentance, seeking Alläh's forgiveness, and reformation of oneself and of others.

Guidance and Encouragement of ◙Family society ◙Establishment of marriage centers ◙Islämic Finance for providing interest-free credits ◙Employment courses Projects for Reformation, Education, for Ḧäfiẑs̈ and Â̈lims ◙Populating mosques ◙Establishing Bait-ulMäl (Islämic Treasury) ◙Morning schools with provision of Welfare and Employment breakfast ◙Forming (Alläh’s) Servants’ Committees in mandals, towns and districts by appointing Â̈lims and Ḧäfiẑ̈s.

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Obscene TV Serials, TV Internet Porn, Raunchy litereature Watching blue films, etc is a crime. The offender is fined and, if unable to pay, imprisoned.


Civil Penalty: Fine of ₹200 or Homosexuality ◙Cursed is he who engages in the act of Prophet Lüt's People (homosexuality). (Mishkät 3583, p...


Civil Penalty: Fine of ₹200 or Homosexuality ◙Cursed is he who engages in the act of Prophet Lüt's People (homosexuality). (Mishkät 3583, p...