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Interviewed by Puc Marvin with White Dog Productions

8 • TIP•OUT • MAY/JUNE 2011

If you can have an appreciation for a sexy, and successful, young Latina with a personality that will win over viewers across a city like Houston, what’s not to admire about Laura Gonzales, better known as Lala from LALA’s WORLD. Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Lala has spent most of her life living in Houston, Texas. At 30 years old, Lala currently has two TV shows, models, and is well on her way to reaching her dreams. Lala started in modeling and television about 6 years ago in Houston with Premiere Models. Doing TV commercials, calendars and magazines, she quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Now Lala has her very own show, LALA’s WORLD. With celebrities such as Slim Thug, Paul Wall, and DJ’s from 97.9 The Box, Lala’s World will keep you entertained while covering Houston’s latest events and most popular entertainers. Viewers can catch LALA’S WORLD on Channel 55, Thursdays at 12:30am and Fridays at 2:30am. Seasons 1, 2 and 3 can be seen on YouTube. Tip-Out: “What’s some of the most memorable shows you’ve had from LALA’S WORLD?” Lala: “The fun ones are whoever that acts funny like Slim Thug, he’s always funny. The most fun of it all is building a friendship with all the artists.” Tip-Out: “Where do you see yourself going in the future with your career?” LaLa: ”I’m really into music and I like being in the lime light and with the artists so my goal is to have a show on MTV. There’s nothing like that anymore on MTV, where artists are interviewed anymore. Or being a TV show host on E would be cool.” Tip-Out: “How would you say that you got your great TV personality to be so successful?” Lala: “ I think that I took all this after my Dad, he was a movie producer and actor when I was younger so he was in the entertainment industry.” Tip-Out: “What is the best thing about the industry you are in?” Lala: “I would say the fans.” And if being sexy, Latin and successful with a great career that anyone would be envious of was not enough, Lala is a down to earth girl. She loves to travel and makes fitness a high priority in her life. Staying connected and spending quality time with her friends is also very important to her, despite her busy career. • 9

Bartender Of The Month

Angela of Jailhouse Saloon Hiding out on the back side of Old Town Spring is the biggest little biker bar in North Houston, The Jailhouse Saloon. Serving up the ice cold beer is Angela Travis. Although she may not be a modern mixologist, she tends bar the old school way to a strange mix of patrons: young, old, rough and wild. The Jailhouse is a place were everyone is welcome. If you are in the right place at the right time you might even get asked to join the band on the stage, especially on Sundays during the largest Open Mic Jam in Spring, TX. On many occasions, Angela, along with fellow bartender Gail has taken advantage of this, even forming their own little band: 4 Tits and 2 Kazoos, and yes it is exactly what it sounds like; 2 girls rocking out on electrified kazoos, usually backed up by

10 • TIP•OUT • MAY/JUNE 2011

the Charlie Parker Band. They might not ever be as big as Elvis, but the crowd sure loves it. Angela was Detroit born and Hell raised. She was raised in Hell, Michigan. She has traveled a long road to becoming a bartender at The Jailhouse, she has done everything from being in the Air Force, to a Police Officer, Retail Manager to stay at home mom. She has tried it all, and has now settled here at The Jailhouse doing her most loved job, besides being a Mom and even a GrAngela (as she calls it). Close to Angela’s heart is supporting Autism Awareness. Her son was diagnosed 16 years ago , and she has been a strong voice in finding a cure. Angela was the very first employee at The Jailhouse Saloon even before it officially opened. She and her husband

Tony, who is a part time bar back at the bar, helped in the building process and gave their input on the amazing atmosphere. Including helping the owner Tommy with his crazy idea of lifting a fully functional motorcycle on top of the bar, an idea that has brought many people who have heard about it out just to see it. Angela even got her tattoo artist Sean Ozz that has done all her work, to come in and airbrush the signature red and black flame walls. When you walk in to the main bar area you might feel like you stepped back in time about 60 years; well you kind of did. The building IS the original Jail built in 1949 that served as basically a “drunk tank” for Tomball all the way to Humble for over 30 years. After sitting vacant for almost another 30 years, Tommy and his

Written & Photo by: Kandice Mcbride

wife, Kim, bought and turned it into what they thought would be a little neighborhood bar, but with Angela’s help, this little building has turned into more than anyone could have imagined. Even with all the modern additions and new people coming in and out you feel the presence of the past, which are still known to haunt the jail cells that are still standing today. Just ask Angela herself, one morning while opening, she felt a smack on her ass, turing around expecting to see her husband she saw no one. In fact the place was empty and she was the only one there. Other strange things have been known to happen. Don’t believe me? Just come out and see for yourself. Angela is always ready to show you around the place. • 11

AdaM Normand Tip-Out Ink

Adam Normand has been tattooing for about 8 years, starting his career in his hometown of Houston TX, has had the previlege of working alongside very well respected artists, such as Nate Beavers amongst others. He currently resides in Palm Springs, CA. Adam has done numerous tattoo expos throughout the years and recently was invited to the Evian show in France and attended in June. in July he took part of the Ink Fest Live Show and took first place in color. Also, being featured in numerous tatoo magazines such as Urban Ink,Texas Tattoo and Tattoo Guru has helped Adam Normand establish and be known in the industry and highly respected, Tattoo Guru Magazine named him the next up and coming artist of the year.All the work you are viewing are some of the latest work he has done, a reflection of how great his talent is and the dedication he takes in all of his work.

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Photography: Userofreality Photography

Sexy Ink


14 • TIP•OUT • MAY/JUNE 2011

I’ve been in the big city all my life and wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve lived in Houston my whole 29 years and I am in love with this city for its diversity, culture, art, and thrive of industry. These are things that drive and inspire me. I am of Chinese descent and speak fluent Mandarin. I lived with my grandparents for a short while when I was very young. I also did a study abroad in a University in Beijing for six weeks, where I had the opportunity to see some of the country’s ancient history. It was quite the cultural learning experience coming from a large metropolitan city, to a third world country across the world. I graduated from the University of Houston and have been working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for seven years. It’s been a rewarding and challenging career to be able to work with families who have young children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. I

was also in the Reserves for 8 years, with the Pasadena 451st CA Unit. Now my latest venture is being a new member of Tip-Out Magazine! Photography is also something that I find great interest in. I enjoy both being in front and behind the lens. I have collaborated with other photographers as a model to incorporate my own expressions in front of the camera in creating an amazing image. But being the photographer is an endeavor that I am working towards in becoming a professional in the future. I believe that art is an expression of many facets, which is what led me to choose getting tattoos. Even though I will always choose to live in the excitement of a big city, I stay true to my inner peace by being in touch with Mother Nature. I have always appreciated the earth’s life and beauty, which is what my ink portrays. My first tattoo was a sparrow by Christina Sparrow (at Gaslight). I had

a hard time choosing this, so I just went with something that would represent my nature theme. Christina Sparrow also drew my second tattoo, located on the right arm. It is a beautiful geisha-looking girl. She resembles overall life. The flowers that she sits upon are the beauty of life. The thorns that wrap around her are the hardships and pain that we must endure throughout. She has a sparrow peeking out from her hair that just adds to the nature and beauty of it. Mike Woods from Artistic Impressions has done my latest work. On the inside of my arm, he added a dove. Now the overall piece represents the pain of life. But along with the pain, always comes some kind of wisdom, maturity or even a better path. It reminds me that whatever trials I go through in life, I will make it through as a better person. My latest chest piece was a quick decision. It literally took me about two

minutes to decide I was going to do it. I was already at the tattoo studio with Mike (Woods) and I was looking at what he just touched up on my arm when I saw my chest and thought, “hmmm… I think I want a chest piece”. So two weeks from that point, we started on an outline. Coming up with the design was easy. I knew I trusted Mike’s work and his color is amazing so I just sent him a picture of some flowers that I wanted. He made them into a creative, original, design and from there, we went to work. It was definitely painful, but I love it. I am glad that I waited long enough in my life to meet some very talented artists before I decided to get any art done. I am happy that I am able to say that I am very proud of all my ink. • 15

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Melovine music Review

Written By: Ashley Gunter Photo: Michael Monreal

18 • TIP•OUT • MAY/JUNE 2011

Figuring out whom to write my first music review on was almost like childbirth, hard and painful. So many bands here in Houston are amazing, but Melovine stands out. If you do not own their CD “blight” I personally feel sorry for you. Before I was ever introduced to these guys, I had no idea how much talent would be blaring out of my speakers. Coincidently, my speakers are busted from listening to “blight” over and over again. Once you buy this CD, you must start off by listening to “Your Enemy”. In my opinion, it is the best song on the CD and has to be in the top two songs coming out from any band, here in the Houston area. Once you hear that song, you will be blown away. Before I started writing this article, I asked a couple fans why they loved Melovine so much. The infamous Meegz Martinez of Trancend told me, “They are sick!” I would defiantly agree. One of their biggest fans, Mike Smith, is actually their manager, who just happened to ran-

domly buy a cd, saw them live and literally had to get involved. When you have fans that help you out as much as Mike has, then you know you are something to watch out for. If you really want to get a feel for Melovine, go see them live. Doesn’t matter where, just do it! You will personally thank me. I got a chance to see them during Mardi Gras in their hometown of Galveston, which was an experience in itself. The only complaint I have about the show was I had to see women flashing things that shouldn’t have been flashed. Also a few beads hit me in the head. Other than that it was a damn good show. Matthew Niece pours his heart out with every song he sings. Then you have Jonathan Jourdan tagged alongside Channing Sall ripping their guitars, and of course Dexas Villareal doing his thing on drums. With a name like Dexas, you know he has to be bad ass at something. I have interviewed a lot of local bands here in Houston on and Melovine

is in a league of their own. Every time I play their CD it still shocks me that they are this good. I catch myself screaming all the lyrics whenever “blight” is playing in my car or at home. My two year old even dances along and yells “Rock N’ Roll!” Now if that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is. We are so lucky to have Melovine all to ourselves. They are what rock music is meant to be like. They are raw and talented. I wouldn’t be kissing their butt on this article if I didn’t think these guys deserved to be heard. I know you have heard their name or heard about them. So why not check out their music for yourself and I will let u be the judge. You can find these guys on their own website or u can look them up on I tunes. I guarantee u will fall in love with them like I have. Appreciate what these guys do and support them. They deserve it. • 19

Kelly Catchings Interviewed by Georgianna Boehnke

Behind The Lens

What brought you to photography? I think I was born with it! It’s the only thing that’s been consistent through most of my life – everything else seems to come and go.

Was there a moment when you said – I love this! Ummm, as an early teen, my brother showed me a camera with an interchangeable lens and I’ve had one in my hands ever since. Every time I shoot I say I love this! I kinda don’t remember shooting until I see the pictures. It feels like my hands just shoot – I really think I could do it blind. What was your first break and where did it take you? I guess my first professional break was winning a contest by Kodak and The Houston Chronicle that sent me to New York City. That was the first time I actually saw huge productions for still photography and they were going on everywhere! I was blown away and came home, packed my stuff, and moved to NYC. I spent almost four years there – it was a blast. How did you end up in Los Angeles working for a luminary like Herb Ritts? What did he teach you? Connections – everybody gets jobs through connections and it’s the only way you’ll get jobs. Gotta go meet people! Having a mentor like Herb is an unbelievable dream – my life would have been so different had he not been in it. I’m extremely grateful and still in awe of him and all that he did for me and everybody else. Of course I got to learn from his perfect technical skills - from lighting to printing, and all the new equipment was ours to play with. But most of all he taught me to trust my own opinion and never compromise my integrity, especially for a dollar. I miss him and that way of thinking so much. There’s an ongoing conflict for many photographers regarding ‘fine art’ and ‘commercial’ work. Where do you place yourself on that continuum? And/or, do you think there’s a conflict there at all? I don’t see a conflict at all! They are

20 • TIP•OUT • MAY/JUNE 2011

two different sects of photography and there is no reason you can’t do one, or the other, or both. I’ve worked with Vanity Fair as well as the LACMA, and they are equally exciting. I started my career in commercial and editorial photography, but have since gotten into fine arts – shooting, buying, selling and collecting. What was the change from film to digital technology like for you? Did it change anything in terms of how you see photography? I’ve always loved and embraced the digital world. As for photography – it allows access for more shooting and I think it allows everybody (amateurs and professionals) to shoot more! I think we all need in some way to create and express, and I’m all for anything that makes that easier for people to do. You’ve lived and worked in NYC, Los Angeles and Houston, is the culture of photography different in these places? What do you like best or least about any of them? Yes, they are all very different cultures, but people are basically the same everywhere. L.A. was probably my favorite for photography because there are lots of high-end editorial and band shoots, amazing locations - from beach to desert to mountains, and the streets of Hollywood! Houston should be a bigger player, and I wish it were. I keep waiting for that to happen because I love it here! I wish we didn’t have to move to NY or LA to get the real work, but we just don’t have the infrastructure here yet. And finally, any advice to new photographers? Shoot, shoot, shoot – it’s like any of the arts. Images should be created out of a passion and desire to just do it, not out of the desire to acquire money. Money may come to you because of your photography and that’s awesome, but money should never stop you, or be a factor in your ability to create. It’s nice to afford a good school and cameras, but that can’t give you an idea, or a style. In the end, all that matters is your creative vision! Kelly currently lives and works in The Woodlands. • 21

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