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J~~~~~~~~~~[LJL~ Split LP

awnmower Cut at the hand expanding Expel to waste ", bile it s till green Cheated-planted not to grow

Lawnmo ' er Faib to its stunting growth Graded it j 1I st separates This is hard to say

Of people who can live quite peacefully So they're a bit different But can you s,ay you're like

Me? T hese are not tears.

Flowing from my e es. , re these not tears

Mot,o'r running As long as there s gas olin B~ad keeps turning:

Streaking my ace? Why do I feel responsihle For what you. ha _ don ? _ nel thisw our ecret

Ash y push

Hurting e eryone.

Click on, it provokes

Why should they do what you s,ay They don y ~e you anyway

Wdl kept lawn they ay Can't you see it what you say Educate throw it aw.ay IP ri neiple tOo blame WeU kept lawn dley say


~ plPanic

' tricken

Silunt Room OUf fists down on the table Dri v' by I-m wa ting ,o,lliy Ito s e yours - re ite A la mode, it s nice deÂŁ n down, oml! in I ngestion wanting to taste m,o r, Pry Not yours but mine -, ot mine but The unclarity makes it clear The clarity m~es it unclear


In this darkness. W'e sj t ,and we Pi

Wbile o'thers leep. And we ,continue to cry As the miJ1ions. die. And w wond:r why,

Why do we yen both r to try? Lit; .

What a wonderful thing n this world that we're living in Witl LOVE Not thin' ng about tJl~ bad Or ,a bout

Death Rioting

Why all this fighting? This was a wonderful world" world worth living in.

A world with a massi- swirl Of races.

UP'age one ,o f 't he uDmailed letter I fit." 1-0 e, an d hi' din g. ~ n 8.1\.., a.. . OI1e on lik' e' _ I wanted to write a story ,about you. I tried ,a'Ad I m trying but I don' t know y u as much as I w,ant to. I lov you though. And I could easily pic :ure myself with a little smile smiling because you 'ce ,around and you make me happy. I

It s strang though; 1 do love you and I am h~ppy ar und you an I fe i lik _ giving yo.u these mas' iV1 hugs~nd sitting with you, but I ,am scared that you won't let me so all I do is say that I really like you. And I guess that s, true in a minute, insignifi ant way. ULik ~ '" ju t doosn"l seem

to have impact. or if it does, it s on the wrong person, in the wrong place. I say u1ike'" and I find myself hurt I feel lIke 1 m 1,ing.

\V,ell not r : ally 111 1 i"g. ii but hid iI g... [' III really ired of h~din.g., boy, Sometime I tlhink that Y OIJ know I'm hiding myself and someth"ng 'e se Ol l you dOlll' t seem to want to kllm wi 'a,l m hiding. You don t scem to _re if 1m biding.


Is that at .all true l ' My word have suddenly stopped drippin. ,out .of my brain. Bye.

But y u are not wroflg~ You are yO'mg and in n cent. You are you ng and ignorant and

You do not learn.

Self Aware In ,aru'L my 'thumb Such a rut rut., notches on my rnind Cu~ a nd Sen, cut and sell T he notches are too tight T hey rupture all the .rest (Rush ng m.ll my door)

It:s O.K. M-A~S -T-U-R-B-

,-T-T-O-N, Ifs O.K. for you to do just indu]gc and spill your goo

Tru .ta r ad n t y ur s1d ~ Tnl t a road, notches onto ride Run and hide nm and rude

In YOllr room don' t b car d No one s. wau rung Not your dead relatives If you"re caught. Dom't be ,ashal.nOO Just make them leave Cause ou re not done yet You know yourself betl r than a mu · no strings. atta hd and it ~ Is gr,eat Girl take note who rarely cum, Try yourself im;tead of your boyfriend

b's is ourecrct · 0 degradation of you in my mind . Remain as always ,erlvious, and Continue (0 be conceited. and Rt;main ,as aI ays. blind.

) wrote Ulis. song to you but yet I wrote it down on the floor

wm someone get me thnt knife can't be happening to me

a . t time I w s


ill ,3

Beauti.rul person"

Showing y.ou at 1east Cali d for lJ1.e. Yes 1 do love you. Yes I do ~jsten 10 you. Can you hear my plea? Can you understamd my cowardry?'

Sitting in a sw' ng alone. You came and jo:incd me. We said I!hello" and smiled. BuL earned on qu.ietly. S' tting ther-e, happy I' m not aI, ne

-, recogniti,on of you in my mind. 1':his, is H. story., and Th i s, is ,our secn;t.

J ,8.s k you. wh.isp ring, "Do you wnnl to mea:n something 'to 111.e

Another He - so ~ ~e and he.

' . A ... rep1yo.f. ·' yes II nllgmg W my ears 'I'SO what's on your mind?'11 you ask. And Hste n Ito you and your kind words,. And I manage lo fredy Italk to you .. I didn"t w.ant ~o hide .anything from you, AIIldt as :r sat there I didn t t. +

your flund. You hiltk that. your are supreme, and Th at. you are the most toJ,e rant. So Sit Il your ass rem,3in wrong.

Those ideas. of p rfection here



Hand over mind Doubt ge s none Doubt I"'ft outside Doubt gets none , a qui k decision

r Ji1 tr ng (.{

redo It's bac ,an

n t!ollght for


up a.:;,ain l

Put out this and w nh it ,:til

Bow to an action Bow to wh'ch mn fast Bo to an aCI "oll. Blank preceeded (I:



~ ssage

crush d up-it; s rough and et no pre -isi n, Slop-my fa c tUrDS, red

Run, Slip. Dead

. d my hands mo e aro'U ' d And my hands move around nd I think about th fulture nd I 1 0 at he P~\. t L k at I ow it couldn't last. nd T ee that it. is tbe san e with the ful:tJr It wilJ end, And l ne ' one v ill begin , nd things w n l remain the sante.



Fre ~


Person's in a room tr iog to teel g od bout hit and h . knows th' surroundings and people don'l h:-lp. But that besid ~ s hlS P tntim h'is mind. W'hat 'they do shouldn' 't totally chan. e ' r affect him. or 0 he thmks sitting th re. Hi"> sit and erie for a half an hour. draining one tear out 0 his s.y slm. A person a friend I suppO-se sits nexL (0 him at which point h 51 ps a fak mile on his face in attempts to cern. heerfut I-lis mind tells hin it's okay to do thaL It teUs him that the per Qin next to him i just as fake . he is, S d n t

w rry about il. He tries not to., 'hen quickJyregencrate ' his fake ' mile that had been 8J wly 10 il1g form and changing into the fOn1il of a fro\vn. " ou a ked me to do something - he tells bimsel talking about anolh~r IP ~ rSOIl in hi mind a person he n(ss _ "l did that thing. Just or you. n 11 request. On hope,s. What do I end up ·HJi. He stop . Pain. Anol.h r tear faUs ff his fae - and nto his thighs . Quickly s as. to pfevent th pers n next ilO him from noticing, he dries th streak off his fa.ce. The person next to him starts, talking. "Are you. okay']'" they ask. He thinks ' Do 1 look okay." but he answers "Yeah I'm fine. I just need to think about . hit. He need to think about · hjt. H thinks. of the v ord "friendship and tries to fink Ii few word to it. Fake. P in. Lies . Want He dec~des to top. He thinks Maybe I m just not in the g~ea.lcst m. to think of stuff ,1ike that. Later . DOW w,a'king hom he stops and ~ts ,on a park lawn. little kid runs over to him "'Hi." sh say U1 ht>r hi,gh pit hed m -I, Jic kid's vo·'ce. ,jH no hI.: r pH . s, managing t put smile on hi face. - How are y u? t1 he asks, , miling and looking at him innocently. Just about to answer he notic'e . thelrirl mother who comes over .and dl"ag ber daughter awa. . . 0 protest from the daughter, but she ke ps looking Ii





back. He keeps looking at her io king jnto himseU for alll am; r to J cr question. The smile on hi.s face is real. I:l Cc Is good not having ro think out thcr people;8 li' es . He starts on h.ts way home. but arier about an hour '0 walkillO". he ,changes I is mind. There's nothing to go home to he thinks so he finds a pa ,phone and ,caUs .a friend. They meet at a twenty-four-hour restaurant a few hours later nnd g in and get coffee. He looks at his w,at h. It's e·ght and he's gal n 'lh~ng to 0 but

it 'with hi , friend here drinking cof:fi .. Free


nus. What a deal.

"KJnda like peopl,e • . he thinks' "'You gd through wi.tl1 one go to j

anolh r. Only cofre ' :s n lot ruccr to you let s ,you do what you want witb it He looks up ~t his fri.end who 's siuing there. he r eyes focused on her reflecti n

in iler coffee . IOrm sorry I've been such an asshole. 1I they both say in their minds,. Bu.t all that comes out is the :repetilbo'US tl So. how have you been? 11 Neillher of them answer in wo~ds but nod, shnlg and s rnile. T lllngs remain L113il way for an hour or so at 'which point ,31 ft exchanged words decide that they leaY,e .


Walking aJong the beach H ~iuJe while later they stop. He oes over to his friend and hugs her refusing too kt go. She feels his tears failing off bils face and onto ber body_ "I love you,. 1 am useless. I am an obstacle. I am unwanted. Good-bye. ~I he mutters in her ear. He lets go of her and l1!IllS off in the darkn 5S. Free.. h th inks

Tllose Ullread Words of Passion. and Ang,e r Enviou , and I find that funny. I've ' Olfmd my power . The same word used on you once upon a time, and you av that I could love someone else at I,east as much as I ~ove you. I love him more. Hell heh heh .. . • \\that am 1 trying to do?" I sometimes wonder. More often, howel;f I wond ,r what you r trying to do-, ,or who you re trying to rule. It sems that you, try to av id me and expect me to crawll after you and then you wonder

what he s doing here in my 'Words. But you don t know who he is. DO OU? Written in a small fit 0 anger. and 1 now J sa 11\VelJ sorry. I'm a bitcb. " Ulink it s, funny ho'\l 1 m scared Ito ask for a response . But some people are funny tha way.

the 'Wo,rd JeberrekeneUe (pooDo,u nced Hehbnly-ken-~ay-~atjl - roll the' ir"s) ig the ·M Ine of ;a, language created by Ananda and big friend Aaron. It's also tM name of the alphabet which is on tbe COvel". If you want a OOPl:1 of the alphabet and words, from the language send us a tetterl W:e.I~ not real!1.\j a band with any m~ge. Nall1;il ... Which seemg odd. I ,~ Since welre from ,Santa Barbara. But I think WB represent is a wha.t .. people-whod,on.1t-kncw":hawe-to"?'a':i- the'::J~ put-tl'lBir-Pe arts-belUnd-it kind of band. "When.we started. (Ananda and I) we'd only been pta~ring our ,i nstrumentg for a few mo:nth$ - but we. played together an!Jway., Over Spring break of '93 we r-ecol'ded a tape En 6 da1::Jg and. put it out a few weeiks lateI'. We pla'jed. a show.just me and him in front of a bunch of totalI'J awe struck people... The: first tUne on stage. Most of the pgo'ple r~ft. it must M ,v e sounded awfuL.. H6 WaG pla'Jll ng in one: direction d I WM playltngin the other. 'fo add to tha chac,s~ his bl'other was doing his best improv~ Sam McPheeters irnitati,on full blast... But :it didn1t matted [t was fun! Some people cV'en l~d it. It was probably OUl' DP-'s t showl: The moral of the story is: '':Even if ~'ou think you suckgou sM,uld still express gourselB- (If I thought about it. I could probabllJ Come. up with a better way to sa'j ~ or etten a moral but anyw.a y-) And if~OiU eanlt ev,e n hila triangJe right. go ' can afW31.:1s YELL. Unless you 'r e mute, '~ou hav,e the capacIty to ~rea.m at, the top of ~'Ou:r lungg. Everyone ~ oomething they need to say. Everyone' needs tol expl"P-ssSO~G. So' do it! Start a band! Bring th,alloisef {start playing dJou.tng.'s are har~ to COrru:! by!}

JeiJeRekenene 'tg: Ananda.Mahto - Bass:, Vocals 8Fianl'TamboreJlo - ,Drums. B-Vocals

Sam Benn~ - G'lifar'

Rugbum started out in Santa Barbara a few ge~ ago and. 'pla'.jed around until

moving to San Francisco a few mon-ths' ago. The~ !re ,getting their stuff togethel' up north and Should. be P1a9ing again soon 'Rughurn. was on the Reality Control? compilation with a few other ilpunk I bands. itls' still availible. Write if 9'o uwant to chedc it out. Rugbumk: Paul Warner -Bass~ Vocals Blake Leeman .. Guitar' EricB~d-Drums


12193 bg John L1joos' and. S,a m Bennett. lJI.astered by: Len Horowitz. Pressed by Bill Smith Custom Recoras., Covers meticulou£ly screened by shitworkern. Booklet art b~ Ananda Label art bg Sam. Thanks: Parents: for ~e of their cf£),.setg and living roorn.s~ Deep G-rootre Records for being theJie., There are a few other reCOrds' by local ban~ avai.laDJ:e from me. if tj0u want to check ern 0 t then write If you have an automatic turntable you might, be missing something on this 'reoo,:rd..•?

Yes, I'


[bB\ol Il fee1mg dial 11 lOI of p~ ple in - onta BwbDil'l (lIIId across the world. rm SUJ"c) take forgmmed dun shows "just happen", ShilWS dOD~ just spmm out of Ih · gI,euud. lbere"s a gJOllP of people w.ho do a tm: of shill: to make tbmn happen. Til ge the bunds together, which cau pm e to be' a cb ' re in itse'lf -"g phone cruJ after phone call.. Then more phone calls when a bmJd flakes out at We last moment. The make up the 1] ers and pass them out so people will 8ClWlill ' be there. Tbuy might 'try to et: tia.c.: Sho in a porticuJar newspaper or mentioned on Ui ponic:uJar :radio show ... Thmoo me actual day of die show... Wel~ lets tide 1m ,average .Boys c1ub silo . The wor:king day stans around 3:30 when 4 gil that nobody r.eally ,_ DlSlO apPfec:iu.te loads in ,each of the four 18 . pound speaker cabtncts :in~ bis famuy ' un alon · widl, the 'o,ver 200 pounds of amplifiers. crosso ers, eqwWZt.~ etc, (meanwhil" his back begins 10 give uplh .6ght , The group of people get [0 th club around tour ror the express .reus nthat something ,-, . . s goes wrong) and lay dO'W D the du-ee buge red mutsOVm" the, 'courts. then tIley dtogthe stage o .'et firom the 'community oerUa , and set dim up'. Then they stan t.o ony

.about out having en ex«.-nsi n cords or pOlWer trips· someOD ~ o)way forgets. sometiLmg. Th lay down die buge snake cobl = from the stage to the sound booed, set up 'the sound board, (if they :remembered tile proper extension oords. etc...) and set up 'the mie cables - . bleb in udes untangling them. usually. About HOW tbl!:Y' e proba ~ Iy reali:zcdl th , foot mie stmlds or lDaYbe ,e en II few lDic~ '. someone usually 1m... to drive alii Ihe way bome to get them. About now they tum on me system. God ' '11m! - it works, (by tll way wo blew iI. speaker [bo oth - . 'm~ ... Guess who to buy .a :D.ew one?). Of ,comse" adjustments are usually made. If the group ~s luckyeoougb... The first band willi bow up early nmd they can test d the. :ollkes ~tc_ .. lnenlhe show lb uld sound good. If they didn't, weD tb n ou 'm e wh blum ' , During 'the sit _w th group gets to' svesso,ver the S'HOW soonding righit. peop1c meakimg in; people wanting to get in ftee (people, who weren't there si:oce4. or had anything to do wilh the show going 0 of cmme), m.icJop ona breaking, ' farting out. people drin .DJ]; and smokio' out: in die pwti.JIg lot. kid skatin . in the gym people sLmnming into people who, doo"t want to be slammed mto people .banging Hom toilet smll doors and bleakJJlg them, making sure all die bonds get n 3l1d ' off in tb rigbl amOWll , f 'Iim,e die showwiU 'end before 12 (while still II good size set tbey gel heclded by the hoards of Ani-followers. ,iind the list goes on and on. Then. after the show. after we p.a- the bmds... After eVeJYone pr m ,dy .cay the group gelS t pic up' Bll th trush dae crowd left behi'Dd" unplu everything, pack i. up move it: Out... They et ro picl up die beer butdes 'that the as'Sholes le:ft behind (empty. 0 coW'Se. rephwe. anything som lie .811500, or ~~o 'e. tum lit Ibe lights. l k die lioors and them go hom.e. MeanwbHe. the crowd sleep dre:ming bopefully., of the wonderful show that they on I r had to pay three bucks to sec. •t\nd if all tlmt dooSliJ'i gi"'o . use for 'Y LI!I' sympatb wt' don' t even I .d paid for d,oing this ,aMbot'e! I

"Thank you·· to The )llahto family, TamboreUo family (egpeciall ' Jimmy) and the Bennett fa:mil~1

(even though theld haven t heard a

note of the musict Deep Groove reo~ John L'jo~ Mike Rath Andrew' Broomhea~ Larry~jThe

teenage Devo of HOlror, Andrea., Peter Harms {the ani :one in my house woo,'s been to .a gbow) .Adi Jeff, Tracy, Matt Martha Dwnptruck (the band without a name...?), .Burgundy Bod~:bag~


Agent 94 (r.i.p.), l<~and

,evel'9;Ooe else who

'has supported .~ in anlji wa':;l shape ,o r form ... Lightning Stnke~...

Bite rue.,


a record in t,ead of a compact disci?!

~ I fa records; ~ 'hiny bla k disk, l closc~to- clu l- :ize pi e f artwork, a ubl:anLiai lyric shc,et and the "conltover ial" und quality compared to d. Records are ' 'asy LO make and 1 think they sound much more real than compact di .. Record ' a -e somelhin c ti .t I can PII oUl without a lot of time and money alth ugh e en vinyl cos.t me as much as this flocoed co l to s U t you. and the time 1 spent on this, altho ugh burdensome was ~om thing thal lreep it un). Wh "11 it come~ down LO it dis s and 'liny l records are political, f cord o mpanie mal< cds for cheap and ell them ~or a lot. I d 'n t think they could do that ' itll vinyL although a tot of record o,ld are quite expensi e due to smalJ supply an d till l.arge d mand . Import vinylls expensive to get in am rica. In eu.rope records are till produ ed in mas and sold in most shops Lhere was never any Iring wrong with record . the record companie just found a prodl c , th t v as en ap to produce for h most part and hyp d it so people would eem to have no alternative but to buy the I<better pr duct" . Since m st opt ha J shiUy turntables ,and (Ook bad care of their record obviously cds sounded better. Convenience also killed th rord, yo u can't listen to a record in your car. People are az . ..

Per onaJly I Uk th

It is pro' en that a record on a properly set up turntable

"m sound mu

h more lift -like than "l cd, but then again people see m to wan, more lhan life. Records have been around for a hundred years they can l be too bad to ha e lasted tha.t I ng .. Vinyl is heap, it soun d good and irs I I tat! elyea.syno produ ,don 't bell c tit hyp. ~


~~lQ)~ (Q)~~

_ugb,u rn LaWIlmOWer Jeberrekenelle S-eeplP nie tricl{ 11 ugb1u rn, bUilt Room ,JeberrekeneUe p , g:' on of th . u mail, d lett r ugburn It's O.K.

~~lQ)~ Jeberreken lIe



Thi is our s cr t Ru,g bur'D elf Aware .1 .' a sWing Jeberrekenelle Last tim _ as In Rugburn and 0 er mind Jeberrekenelle 11 m hand mov around

eaJity 'C ontrol?' R -cord "ngs number five 5970 Hirel. S,.",eet #2 Carpillteria California 9.3013 -Recorded in

loser- and livingrooms everywhere-

Jeberrekenelle/Rugburn LP insert  
Jeberrekenelle/Rugburn LP insert  

This is the cover and insert for the Jeberrekenelle/Rugburn split LP (originally scanned by Ryan Gratzer). Includes all the original mistake...