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[structureless] like the fabrics. the connections between peopel become flexible and extensive. facilitated by the social network and virtual communities, the old structure that frames people is dismantled. structure becomes structureless.

[housing: floating*]


‘home cinema’

like pillows, the architecture adapts itself to the human activities. the dynamics among people and architecture allow a new spatial experience. shape becomes shape-free.

‘easy to rest’ ‘meditation’ ‘jump roof’ ‘swim with my bedroom’

‘no stairs for grandpa’

‘get back my bedroom’

‘party world’ ‘gym roller’

‘flower pot garden’ [weightless] like a kite. the freedom from the earth in terms of not only physical weight but also psychological burdens from daily lives. free to choose what make us feel relaxed. liberated from gravity of lives.

is a house and a society. living in and heading for. It *It is neither Utopia nor the reality. It is where we are

e wtaer, not the air, neither outer space. Right here this is the spirit o It is [shapeless], [structureless] and [weightl ur time is aspiring for. ess]. It is the a status of floating, not necessarily in th

Vers L'Esprit Nouveau  

a contemplation of a desired housing into the future, a dream between utopia and reality. the entry for '10 Shinkenchiku Residential Design...