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In Detail: Electro-Voice


Electro-Voice has recently introduced the MFX multi-function monitor - the MFX-12MC and MFX-15MC - are passive 12-inch and 15-inch two-way coaxial monitors with a performance level engineered to complement the X-Line Advance line array models X1, X2, X12-128 and X12-125F, and corresponding installation versions. MFX multifunction monitors utilise highoutput, coaxially aligned high frequency and low frequency transducers matched with an innovative new Electro-Voice-engineered Constant-Directivity waveguide and a new crossover design. Coverage in monitor orientation is 40° H x 60° V. The dimensions and location of the waveguide interact with the woofer to effectively create a bipole output, enhancing coverage control through the midrange frequencies.

In addition to providing a stable sound image as the performer moves off-axis​, the compact coaxial design presents a significantly lowerprofile footprint on stage in comparison to competitive high-end monitors, helping to maintain audience sight lines and reducing stage clutter. A new cabinet concept with dual monitor angles (35° and 55°) allows the output to be precisely focussed towards the performer. MFX multifunction monitors are optimised for use with TGX10 or IPX10:4 amplifiers from Electro-Voice’s sibling brand, Dynacord. Both models can be deployed in passive or bi-amp configuration, and can be optimised for different uses via DSP settings in the amplifers. Power handling for the MFX-12MC is 450W (continuous) and 3,000W (peak), the MFX- 15MC delivers 500W (continuous) and 3,500W (peak). Each model has a maximum SPL rating

of 135dB and 136dB, respectively. In addition to their primary function as highperformance stage monitors, both the MFX- 12MC and MFX-15MC feature an integrated pole cup - neatly located in one of the two side handle recesses - so they can serve as shortthrow main/full-range sound reinforcement for portable applications using tripods or subwoofer poles. Coverage in this orientation is 60° H x 40° V. Extending their truly multifunctional design, each model features four M10 suspension points. U brackets, yokes, a tilt adapter, truss clamps, stand-mount adapters and a rigging bar are available for temporary or permanent installations. A rugged EVCoat finish - available in black or white - and 1.5mm-thick corrosionresistant grille combine professional-grade durability with sleek aesthetics. www.electrovoice.com

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