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Pacific Coast Entertainment use Elation fixtures to light large façade at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County.



The Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) in southern California recently celebrated the grand opening of the region’s only youth mental health wing. As part of the event, the building was lit in a brilliant wash of green - the colour of mental health awareness - using Elation SixPar series LED wash lights. Event production company, Pacific Coast Entertainment (PCE), was tasked with bringing the colour of mental health awareness to the entire CHOC campus. Under the direction of Jim Pari of event production company, RLM, PCE used more than 300 LED lighting fixtures to bring CHOC’s vision to life. PCE designers relied heavily on Elation Professional’s SixPar line of indoor and outdoor colour-changing LED PAR lights, as well as a multitude of LED battens, to light the varied aspects of the multi-story façade. PCE was hired to design, install, and then remove all aspects of the event. “They decided to light the entire campus to help bring awareness to the opening of the new children’s mental health wing and wanted to highlight the mental health colour of green. The project called for quantity and variety in fixture selection as well as a safe and secure method for temporary installation,” said Ryan Steidinger, CEO of Pacific Coast Entertainment. Elation six-colour SixPar 100, SixPar 200 and SixPar 300 LED PAR colour changers (7, 12 and 18 x 12-watt LEDs respectively) were used to canvas the facade of the building. “All of the lights were strategically located to be as hidden from the public view as possible, but to maximise the lighting effect on the building’s surface,” Ryan explained. “With a variety of surfaces including glass, concrete, stucco, steel, etc. we needed a versatile fixture that could maintain a consistent color green and have a variety of output options. We used the vibrant green straight from the SixPar’s LED diode; no other colours were mixed in.” The fact that each SixPar model fixture is available in a weatherproof IP65 and an IP20 version, as well as the variety of output choices available, were important factors in their choice, according to Steidinger. “This gave us maximum choice as we deployed the various units around the campus,” he said, adding that some of the IP65 versions were located in planters to be able to deal with the sprinkler system.



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