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Ocean Park, Hong Kong’s most impressive theme park, merges education with entertainment. With 44 rides and a staggering 7.7 million visitors on average annually who come from all over the world to see its attractions, the park first deployed AV Stumpfl’s systems in 2016 for its Cyber Illusion Show, when it rented the Wings Stage Engine and RAW Engine from Cosmo Pro AV. Such was its success that Ocean Park decided to invest beyond renting and instructed Cosmo Pro AV to design a comprehensive, permanent video system using AV Stumpfl technology for its Applause Pavilion. Versatile, powerful and robust - and uncompromising on performance - the Wings Engine Stage is a technologically advanced media server featuring a solid hardware platform, automatic camera

based soft edge and warping calibration, as well as DVI/3G-SDI Live inputs. Harry Gladow, Global Business Development Manager at AV Stumpfl, remarked: “Whether as part of live events, corporate presentations or themed installations, the wide ranging feature set combines hardware reliability with software flexibility - perfect for the kind of environment and scenarios taking place at Ocean Park where these considerations are paramount.” Alongside AV Stumpfl’s Wings Engine Stage, Cosmo Pro AV specified and custom built a 16-metre by seven-metre down roller OptiZ system hosting a Polynet hologram screen from Korean company Holotive to create visual projection effects. Completing the full AV suite was a Blackmagic ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K and Broadcast Panel,

as well as a Novastar MCTRL660 LED controller. In this set up, AV Stumpfl’s media server brings all the components together seamlessly - allowing for better control and execution, as well as opening up greater possibilities for Ocean Park’s creatives to explore with future productions. The new audiovisual set up with the Wings Engine Stage was put to the test during Ocean Park’s Chinese New Year celebration when it staged a 10-day live show spectacular called ‘Divine Drums’. Taiwan’s Chio-Tian Folk Drums and Arts Troupe presented six shows every day, immersing visitors in eye-opening Taiwanese Folk Temple rituals through an innovative stage production. With powerful performances by highly skilled drummers and dancers, their colourful facial paints and costumes, coupled with an impressive LED backdrop, special visual effects and strong, unique drum rhythms, blew the audience away. AV Stumpfl’s new RX software coupled with Wings Engine Stage allowed to produce seamless multi-timeline changeovers, giving Cosmo Pro AV more flexibility to easily synchronise the system with the rest of the show gear, including lighting, audio and special effects. www.avstumpfl.com






Versuz, located in Hasselt, is definitely the most wellknown club in the area and and according to DJ MAG part of the best 50 clubs worldwide.After a complete rebuild in 2013, the leading Belgian venue strengthens its position as innovative and spectacular nightclub. Fairlight, distributor, for both brands in the Benelux, was responsible for installing the new equipment in the main room. Together with Bert Gemels and his technical team Fairlight managed to dismantle the old construction and install the complete new setup within four days. Together with one programming day , the club was up and running for another weekend full of events. Yves Smolders, General Manager of Versuz looks back on a successful process: “From the very first contact I enjoyed working together with the Fairlight team. They all have a down to earth mentality and think along with our budget and needs. I am convinced that this is just the start of a long-term cooperation.”

The design is based on round shapes, in order to fulfil the brief of playful and three dimensional. The former oval shaped LED elements were re-used but replaced to create a more spacious feeling. Bas Scheij, LD for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike was hired by Fairlight to create a unique design which has a high profile and classy look. The design is based on oval shapes, in order to get a playful and three-dimensional look. The former oval shaped LED elements were re-used but replaced to create a more spacious feeling. Around the DJ Booth, Eurotruss HD44 circle parts were used to create an intimate feeling. The operators - Nils Berens and Alex van der Krabben - of the impressive lighting rig are also thrilled about the new setup. “For us the Martin Rush MH 10 Beam FX is the most striking. They really stand out because of the high output and the LED circle offers extra possibilities when operating,” Nils commented. ‘’I am really surprised by the Martin Rush MH 6

Wash. Their output and saturated colours make them a serious addition to my shows. Besides that, I like the flexibility of the Sceptrons. We can control them by DMX or let them be controlled by our VJ, without doing any adjustments.” Eye catchers of the new design are 24 cones, surrounded by 192 Martin VDO Sceptron 10 linear LED fixtures and 24 Martin Rush MH 10 Beam FX fixtures underneath. A total of 19 Martin Rush MH 6 and 22 Martin Atomic 3000 LED with colours completing the Martin Professional package. CLF Lighting contributed with 20 of the new Beam-6 fixtures, all located in a circle right behind the DJ booth, providing an impressive lighting curtain. On top of that, eight CLF Stinger enhancing the feature set of the operators. www.clf-lighting.com / www.martin.com www.fairlight.nl





Thousands of festival goers experienced the uniquely interactive audio-visual environment of the Samsung Hypercube as part of Samsung’s S8 phone UK launch. The Samsung Hypercube toured its mind-boggling 360 ° Infinity Selfie’ Experience to Boardmasters, Bestival and Reading festivals, with Avolites’ Ai media control at the heart of its complex technical infrastructure. Containing a reflective panelled interior separated by strips of colour changing LED and a 27-metre by one-metre continuous wrap-around LED video screen, the Hypercube immersed audiences into a 360° infinite display of light and colour. Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 smartphone acted as a control interface allowing visitors to influence the cube’s audio and infinite visual

effects created through its multiple reflective surfaces. “We were tasked with delivering the technology and functionality to make the concept of the project’s developers, Iris Worldwide, and its creative director, Ross Cairns, a reality,” said Ben Stern of GaiaNova Productions, the company that managed the technical production of the Hypercube. Working with a number of collaborators, GaiaNova developed the Hypercube’s integrated, automated playback system using Avolites Ai media server software. The company’s creative partner Immersive developed the consumer-facing applications including the interactivity control app, sign up app as well as the control system apps for hosts. Immersive also developed the

back-end system for the upload and distribution of media to the audience who took part. In addition, there was a 360° camera setup with a backend system for live stitching the images from multiple cameras, provided by Focal Point VR. Ben commented: “The whole system was controlled by hosts within the space. The control app sent triggers to audio playback which then sent MIDI over IP commands to Ai and to the 360° camera stitching/ record system to create the video and still media. Our team even automated the upload process with another MIDI cue from audio playback using a little macro program called TinyTask.” A 12-channel ambisonic sound system designed by Pedro Zaz and supplied by


C3 Productions. The project was built using Ai version 10 software, while onsite GaiaNova used Avolites Miami dongles to run Ai on high spec custom-built laptops that the company maintains as part of its hire stock. The show used two Ai outputs, one for the LED ‘Video Flex’ system provided by Light Initiative which divided the mirror sections and another for the LED screen panels provided by Video Illusions. Ben continued: “We were able to use the UV mapping/3D visualiser in Ai to demo the content to the client and help them

understand different looks, both prior to the project and onsite during the installation. It also helped us to size the playback media efficiently within a standard video clip size.” Asked about Avolites’ renowned technical support, Ben concluded: “We didn’t need any for this project. We regularly use Ai and support others with their projects. In fact, GaiaNova has been using Ai since its early development.”



_ Unique color mixture with

RGBAW + lemon + UV _ 25 watts per LED _ Zoom from 3-34° (X7) and 4-31° (X19)





Passion Conferences collegiate ministry held its annual gathering the first week of 2018, bringing together more than 32,000 students from 700 universities and 35 countries to three arenas. The conference, which has been active for over 20 years, consistently sets new standards for high-quality productions and this year was no exception. As in previous years, Renewed Vision’s software solutions played a major role, with Pro- Presenter6 and its new PVP3 media server - both now equipped for NDI support - responsible for driving graphics, lyrics and video content across large displays. The biggest challenge in each in-the-round venue - Philips Arena and Infinite Energy Center in Atlanta (the third venue, Washington DC’s Anthem, is a traditional theatre) - was the use of six large angled trapezoidal shaped screens on which live camera shots, worship lyrics, and pre-produced videos were shown. Trussing was hung over the stage with a central spine and three thrusts 120° apart from each other, with two of the uniquely shaped screens hanging back to back from each

of the thrusts. This resulted in two screens being visible from most viewing angles in the arena. To make the most of the effect, Passion’s requested the text on these screens be angled and aligned to the centre. This presented a challenge to Renewed Vision, as the text - typically right or left aligned using ProPresenter - had to be aligned flush to an angle as opposed to a perpendicular line. In addition to the custom work Renewed Vision completed on ProPresenter6, they also made use of the newly implemented NDI playback functionality to power the ProPresenter video streams, including alpha key, to the screen control system that was located approximately 300 metres from the workstations. The machine used for the screen control didn’t have the necessary number of inputs to handle a separate key/fill, and they were investigating buying more video cards to ingest the lyric feed. Instead, decided to use NDI and it worked flawlessly, saving both time and money for new expenditure. While ProPresenter powered the lyrics and

scriptures shown on the screens within the three venues and the graphics on the live web streams (viewed by over 80,000 people), PVP3 made its Passion debut doing video playback simultaneously with multiple aspect ratios and sizes from one location to the other venues. To keep a feeling of cohesiveness across the three gathering locations, it was imperative that elements run on time. An optical fibre backbone between the two Atlanta-area locations and the Washington DC location allowed for bi-direction communication of audio and video between the hosts in each location. All video packages, however, came from a PVP3 video server at Philips Arena. Because there was a large variety of produced video content provided for multiple screen sizes and aspect ratios, the flexibility of PVP3 was immediately evident. Some video cues came with separate files for the variety of aspect ratios, while others were only available in a single aspect ratio.





Bayside Community Church was founded in 2002 in Bradenton, Florida, and now has multiple campuses across the central Gulf coast of Florida. The East Bradenton building was built around five years ago, but unfortunately, as budgets were tight, the space for their children’s ministry - Bayside KIDS - wasn’t as highly-specified as originally planned. However, when the time came for the area to be refurbished, this was rectified with a new installation carried out by church member, and owner of Crown Design Group, Ben Graham. The centrepiece of the stage set is an arrangement of 61 ADJ 3D Vision panels, with the hexagonal fixtures arranged in a rectangular honeycomb design. Measuring 15.8-inch by 15.8-inch, the face of each 3D Vision panel is covered with a frosted white acrylic panel which diffuses the light from the 72 three-in-one RGB LEDs beneath. This creates an even spread of light within each of the three sections and gives the 3D Vision a wide 180º viewing angle. The stage set is an impressive truss design, created from square F34 Global Truss America truss. It incorporates a central goalpost, the mounting for the 3D Vision Panels, two screen surrounds and four truss circles. Incredibly, all of this fits together as one single truss structure, Ben worked closely with Global

Truss to ensure that it would fit onto the pre-existing stage, using a myriad of spacers to achieve an exact fit between each of the individual elements. The truss is lit with ADJ 5P HEX and Saber Spot Fixtures. The Saber Spots were chosen for the screen surrounds due to their tight beam angle, created by a built-in ACL (Advanced Collimator optic Lens) that produced a razor sharp shaft of light, so that light wouldn’t spill out and interfere with the projectors. ADJ Focus Spot Ones are also installed as part of the rig, on ceiling-mounted lighting bars - one above the stage and a second out above the kids’ heads. This fixture is a 35W LED moving head with a 3W UV LED included for an additional blacklight effect. These are used for eye candy, and to project gobos on the walls and floor as the kids are arriving. They can also be used as spotlights for the stage if required. More Saber Spots are positioned on top of the truss circles on stage, while ADJ Penta Pix fixtures are mounted on the lighting bar above. These units are used to create mid-air beam effects with the addition of a little bit of haze in the room. The Penta Pix is a five-head beam effect with pixel zone control and features five 15W four-in-one RGBW LEDs with ACL lenses. These particular fixtures were chosen due to their brightness and also the tightness of the beams they create.

For house lighting, Ben also turned to ADJ. He installed 22 COB Cannon Washes, mounted on a 12ft grid fixed to the ceiling. They sit about 18ft off the ground and provide ambient light to the room. The ADJ COB Cannon Wash is an LED par fixture that uses advanced RGBA C.O.B. (Chip On Board) technology to create extremely smooth colour mixing with no shadows. It has a powerful 150W LED light-source and a wide 80º beam angle, making it ideal for this purpose. They were chosen for this particular project as they wash the whole room with saturated colour which creates a more welcoming atmosphere than stark white light. The creative team from Bayside Community Church can also colour match the house lights with the screen graphics to help create a more immersive worship experience. Overall, the project is a huge hit, with the church especially appreciating the energy saving and low maintenance benefits that come with LED fixtures. Ben summed it up: “The church thinks it’s great, mostly because it fits their brief of being extremely visual and they didn’t have to spend a crazy amount of money to achieve this. And the kids absolutely love their new space.”


create together.

Visit disguise at InfoComm Vegas, booth N522 where we’ll be showing the latest r15 software release, and demonstrating how the disguise solution comfortably sits at the heart of any live experience.





Liverpool, UK based installation and production specialist Adlib has supplied video and audio for a unique exhibition featuring China’s Terracotta Warriors being staged at the city’s World Museum. China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors exhibition is now open and running until 28 October 2018. The brief was to make it immersive, experiential and fun and to add to the educational and information aspects, with the additional aim of engaging a wide audience range including those who might not necessarily consider visiting exhibitions. The images are created with two Panasonic PT-RZ970 10,000 lumen laser projectors mapped across the wall, the technically challenging brief was to keep viewing space to a maximum, whilst achieving high brightness and resolution. A Dataton WATCHPAX 4 media server is serving up the content to the duo of mapped and blended projectors; and also controlling the Crown amplifiers plus the Osborne Technologies scent generator. The audio installation comprises three Adlib AA61 speakers and AA12HL subs, run as a 3.1 surround system to give a rich 3D tone. Adlib’s proprietary speakers are a compact and highly reliable installation

product. Two Panasonic PT-RZ970 projectors and two five metre by two metre screens running down the length of the space above head height, driven by a WATCH- PAX 2 and incorporating the same iPower IP-4 power control system can be found throughout the exhibition. The audioscape is delivered via Adlib AA81 speakers built-in to the screen, and using quadraphonic audio the sounds of arrows whizzing overhead accompanied by drum beats and the sounds of battle, can all be directional and ramp up the atmosphere. The trio of projectors are portrait mounted using Rigtec adapters, modified to attach directly to an upright truss base. Panasonic’s impressive ET-DLE030 lenses were then fitted giving a 0.36:1 throw ratio. There is a HD screen fed by another Panasonic PT- RZ970 projector fed from the same WATCHPAX 4 media server that is running the projections in the Qin presentation. Five Panasonic PT-RZ670 projectors are utilised, four to beam the projections onto the floor, sides and roof of the mausoleum for the dramatic, high-drama show and one taking care of the scrim. Smoke effects

appear on the front of the gauze, rivers of mercury are projected into the floor, climaxing with a booby trap, triggered by a bird flying through the space. All the show scheduling is tied into a Dataton WATCHNET server, which provides advanced show control of the WATCHPAX media servers and is the command centre for all the IP-controlled devices in the system. Some of the network infrastructure is built around a fibre backbone to accommodate the distances between areas. A hardware-based VPN router is installed for fully remote network access, control and diagnostics of the entire system. A secondary software-based VPN allows redundant access to the network via a dedicated monitoring server, which runs a Linux-based instance of Zabbix for advanced logging, monitoring and diagnostics of the network. The exhibition is organised by National Museums Liverpool, United Kingdom and the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau and Shaanxi History Museum (Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Promotion Centre), People’s Republic of China. www.adlib.co.uk





To help celebrate 100 days until Seattle hosted the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games, Amazon Campus set out to illuminate The Spheres with a special lighting display, in the purple colour that represented the games. To create a lighting effect that could be seen throughout the city through 2,643 panes of glass, the lighting fixtures selected would need to create high intensity coloured light from within The Spheres. With 4,000 sq ft grounds composed of a wide variety of

plant life, the lighting fixtures for this special celebration and future events would require a high level of portability. The ideal fixtures would protect against water and humidity (with IP65 rating) and offer simple plug and play wireless control. With the support of the team at Barbizon Lighting Company, Amazon used QolorPoint Wireless LED Uplighters to create a stunning light display that brought awareness and celebration to this momentous occasion.

To set up the QolorPoint Wireless LED Uplighters quickly and easily, SHoW DMX SHoW Baby 6 with maximum bandwidth technology was used for its simple, plug and play DMX control. The combined uplighter and wireless DMX lighting solution by City Theatrical helped Amazon realise its vision and add to the visual impactof a citywide celebration.




N Stuff Music of Pittsburgh designed and installed an audiovisual network throughout the converted building. The video portion relied on Visionary Solutions E4100 and D4100 4K, UHD-over-IP, cinema-quality video encoders and decoders. A Symetrix Prism 16x16 DSP managed the network and integrates the Visionary Solutions system, along with Attero Tech unD6IO wall plate audio interfaces. Symetrix ARC-3 wall panels provide control of audio volume, mute, and source selection. The network feeds ceiling-mounted speakers throughout the building. A front-of-house PA system in the sanctuary that serves the pastor and worship band ties directly into the Symetrix Prism. “We installed 12 televisions throughout the building, including three in the entrance, three in the cafeteria, one in each meeting room, and so on,” commented

Chris Ruane of N Stuff Music’s Pro PA installation division. “We also installed several Chauvet Vivid 4 modular video panels in the sanctuary. Each video panel and TV has a Visionary Solutions D4100 decoder, so you can call up any video source stream on any screen. Wherever there’s a TV, we also installed an Attero Tech unD6IO and a Symetrix ARC-3 panel, so you can call up any audio stream.” The church has three video sources, each of which is fed to a Visionary Solutions E4100 encoder. A video camera Vaddio AV Bridge MatrixMIX system in the sanctuary feeds one encoder, which sends the audio to the Symetrix Prism DSP. Cable boxes feed the other two E4100 encoders, giving users a choice of TV streams. “Our regional rep sells Visionary Solutions, Attero

Tech, and Symetrix products, and he suggested we integrate them at Impact Christian Church,” Chris recalled. “When we started planning the project, I had never worked with a Symetrix system, and I had never heard of Visionary Solutions or Attero Tech. Once I understood the technology, I mostly needed to learn to use Symetrix Composer software, where I did all of the programming, including the Visionary Solutions programming.” “The Visionary Solutions products work great; we haven’t had a problem,” Chris declared. “We are still tweaking a few things on the audio side, and the client will need to learn to use the system, but that’s to be expected. Overall, we’re very pleased.”






Tron Dance is a unique performance where the audience can enjoy the latest LED technology combined with a show by a professional dancers crew. A client of Showtacle’s requested the Tron Dance Show with lasers synchronisation and LED screen synchronisation, a project which needed over 32 dancers and was a time consuming task. However, the stadium - where the show was due

to take place - was neglected, unused for eight year, the lights on the pillars weren’t working and the venue had many holes in the round, raising concern for the electricity. Showtacle were not disheartened and the laser show was completed, and the programming of the LED Strip Studio was finished - the biggest issue with the LED opening ceremony video, was the lack of communication with the main organisers, however,

after liaising with main sponsor, Nokia, the issues were resolved. This unique UV and LED combined show is sure to create a mind blowing experience for any audience, the dancers can promote any brand, product launch or private party.






There are venues that use audiovisual to punch up their event presentations, and then there is Miami Beach’s The Temple House & United Projection event hall. Depending upon the corporate event or wedding, the bare-bones white interior can be transformed into a rose-bedecked forest, or an endless columned temple, or - well, whatever else their wrap-around audiovisual system can project on the tall walls and high ceiling. “About 18 months ago we had a client request a full 360°, all-wall and ceiling projection mapping component for his private birthday party,” said Daniel Davidson, owner of The Temple House & United Projection. “We had used a third-party contractor for the projection mapping

component and the guests of the event were absolutely 100% engaged in the fully immersive environment. The feedback that we received was nothing short of overwhelmingly positive, so as a consequence we decided to develop a permanent installation.” Datapath Fx4s are at the heart of the system, providing the processing power behind the jaw-dropping display canvases. Daniel added: “We are big fans of using Datapath hardware. The Fx4 is a tried and trusted piece of kit that provides the power and reliability for us to be creative in our own unique way.” Daniel also explained how the Temple House’s unique

14-projector system provided 360° video and still imagery on all walls and the ceiling: “The software system uses professional-grade mapping and proprietary software to integrate mapping, blending, and content triggering software, as well as both a hardware and software component for signal splitting and content distribution.” Using this advanced technology, The Temple House can take clients to the Eiffel Tower for a French pastry, to the centre of the coliseum in Rome for a pasta dish, or underwater to swim alongside tropic fish - all in the course of just minutes.




In collaboration with its partner 3P Technologies, an 11-screen installation project using digiLED LED displays has been installed at a Florence shopping centre. Record-breaking, the main screen installed at the site is now the largest circular LED screen in Italy. Comprising over 2,000 digiLED newFLEX modules, the 1.58-metre high display has a circumference measuring 66.2-metre, and decorates the interior wall of the mall with high-definition video content to inform, entice and engage with shoppers. Visitors will find themselves in a dynamic, state-of-theart

multimedia centre, immersed not only by the impressive circular screen, but also by additional columns scattered around the shopping centre. Collectively, 170 metre of 6mm pixel pitch newFLEX LED screen technology has been erected as part of the redevelopment. Capable of concave and convex curving configurations, the magnetic newFLEX offers flexibility and versatility to create superb, funky designs, distinguishable in the unique display concepts generated at I Gigli. System installations were completed at night when the mall was closed, and work lasted approximately two

months. Custom-made structures were designed to house the modules and anchor the displays safely in position. Antonio Troiano, 3P Technologies Business Development Manager, commented: “We are very pleased with the project as the outcome has mirrored initial designer concepts, ensuring high performance displays, wide viewing angles to grab maximum attention of shoppers, energy efficiency and complies with weight and structural limitations.” www.digiled.com





Since launching its digital signage initiatives more than 10 years ago, the University of Minnesota has continually expanded its network to more departments on its main campus in Minneapolis. Using the scalable architecture of Carousel Digital Signage Software, the University is now supporting departments throughout all of the campus locations including the Twin Cities, Duluth, Crookston, Morris and Rochester, along with remote research stations and outreach centers. With so many locations and departments to serve with each expansion - the most recent expansion has raised the total number of displays on the network to 275 - Carousel’s de-centralised, multi-seat capabilities become increasingly pertinent with each term. This valuable benefit ensured that each new department added to the network can quickly create and disseminate local messages, while Emergency Management services can automatically post and cancel alert bulletins utilising Carousel’s supported CAP protocol. Emergency messages are localised to each respective campus. This multi-seat digital signage strategy also means that the software must be easy to learn and use, given the

large number of personnel with various skillsets creating and publishing content. “Since launching the Carousel network, we have had more departments coming online each year,” said Eric Topping, Digital Signage Manager at University of Minnesota. “This network now serves the entire University of Minnesota system, so any department on any campus that is signed onto the service acts their own governing body be it athletics, academics or administration. This is also very useful for our emergency alerts, which remain completely independent from other campus operations but can be quickly and easily added as needed.” Eric noted that Carousel’s data-handling capabilities are useful and impressive, pointing to a project with the Student Unions and Activities Department that incorporates transit schedules from city bus services. Carousel Digital Signage Software communicates directly with a Metro Transit server to feed arrival and departure times to displays throughout the student union buildings. The Carousel Digital Signage network also featured a handful of interactive touchscreens and kiosks that are

primarily used for wayfinding. As with the real-time bus schedules, Carousel’s data-rich benefits offer a strong value proposition for interactive digital signage applications such as wayfinding, allowing people to map routes through campus with ease. One interactive kiosk located by a donor wall allows student and visitors to look up donors, with selectable video clips, bios and pictures accompanying each entry. While the university network has operated successfully on many Carousel Digital Signage Software iterations, Topping adds that the transition to the recently-released Carousel 7.0 software has opened many new opportunities and efficiencies. As Tightrope’s broadest digital signage software refresh in many years, Carousel 7.0 provides richer content creation and content management software to empower a variety of modern digital signage needs, including wayfinding, interactive kiosks, video walls and digital menu boards. It also offers a completely redesigned web-based interface and responsive software to simplify the user experience, and allow users to efficiently access Carousel from tablets and mobile phones. www.carouselsignage.com



The National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey, which opened its doors to the public last year, is a first-in-kind immersive entertainment experience. It transports audiences on an incredible undersea journey, allowing them to interact with sea lions, play with rays and come face-to-face with life-sized humpback whales and great white sharks - a highly immersive experience made possible through innovative thinking, extensive experience and thinking outside the technical tool box. Together with SPE Partners, the developers of National Geographic Encounter and the project’s other creative teams, Kraftwerk Living Technologies pushed technology boundaries on the project in their role as the audiovisual designer and integrator. One of the technological highlights of the attraction is the so-called ‘Bait Ball’, the grand dome finale which is a unique application. With regards to the installation, the dome measuring 12 metre in diameter was designed and fitted into the existing building to the exact millimetre, to be able to reach the maximum possible size. The guests stand on an elevated platform in the middle

of the dome with extremely short viewing distances. To reach every spot of the dome without generating any shadows of the people and to keep the pixels small enough to allow for a photo realistic image, a highly complex, high-resolution multi-projector projection system was developed. All projectors utilise the latest laser light technology and are driven by a server cluster that delivers the high frame rate 8K 3D signal in combination with a multi-camera based auto-alignment system for precise pixel mapping and blending. The immersive 3D audio scene features a total of 40 loudspeakers, which pulls the guests right into the amazing sounds of the nighttime ocean. The challenging technical elements include unique multi-projector video mappings, high-resolution photo-realistic animation, custom projection screens, immersive spatial soundscapes, interactive real-time audience tracking and a giant dome finale. However, Kraftwerk LT believe it was all worth it in the end.






One of the most successful off-the-Strip venues in Las Vegas and one of Sin City’s more unique resorts is South Point Hotel and Casino. The resort offers novel amenities for a casino resort like an equestrian arena and 64-lane bowling centre but teems with standard casino attractions as well. In 2017, the resort decided to upgrade three popular areas with LED video displays - showroom, sports book and bingo room - and chose Elation Professional’s high-definition EVHD3 LED video panels for the job. A total of 12 separate screens were installed across the three areas in November and December last year, an installation encompassing a total of 600 EVHD3 panels. South Point operates a busy 400-seat showroom facility that features headliner entertainment, live bands and other acts on a daily basis. The showroom operates seven days a week the majority of the year with multiple shows on stage each day for an astounding

average of over 400 different shows a year. Installed in the showroom is a large Elation EVHD3 video screen measuring 15ft by 33ft, a stunning backdrop that now serves as the main visual centrepiece of the stage. Used for concerts, special events and conferences, the LED display runs a variety of logo graphics, South Point branding, ArKaos MediaMaster custom content built in-house, live sporting events and more, all with 4K processing. On either side of the stage are 6.5ft by 12ft EVHD3 LED displays running images, custom creation loops, sponsor material or sometimes sporting events. Outside the Showroom, above the venue’s entrance, is a 5ft by 13ft LED display used for digital signage and live production feed from the showroom. In the sports book, four 6.5ft by 12ft LED displays operate 24 hours a day showing a variety of sporting events while in the Bingo Room four 5ft by 16.5ft LED displays are used to show bingo cards and property-wide ads during breaks.

The EVHD3 is a 3.9mm pixel pitch black-face LED display panel with a light weight, fanless, bezel-free design and durable die-cast aluminum frame. Entertainment Production Manager at South Point, Jason Lein, who handled design and project management of the LED display installation, said they chose to go with the EVHD3 LED display panels for their “balance of quality, onsite user control and setup, serviceability and the customer service.” The EVHD3 panel’s modular front maintenance construction means they can be mounted just inches off a wall and accessibility from both back and front makes for easier installation and service. The panels use long-life SMD 2121 RGB LED’s in a 500mm by 500mm format with wide 140° horizontal and 120° vertical viewing angle for a more inclusive viewing experience. The EVHD3 LED displays aren’t the only Elation products in action at South Point. The casino’s showroom also houses a full Elation stage and decorative lighting setup that includes ACL 360 Matrix LED moving panels, ACL 360 Bar moving battens, Platinum Spot LED II moving heads, SixBar 100/300/1000 and Pixel Bar LED battens, Protron 3K LED Strobes, EPAR QA and Opti QA LED PAR lights along with Elation Flex LED Tape. www.elationlighting.com







The Tower of David - one of Jerusalem’s most significant historical sites - is home to a magnificent museum dedicated to the city’s history. One of its most celebrated events takes place every night, captivating the gaze and senses with a truly immersive experience, ‘The Night Spectacular’ production is now proudly enabled by Digital Projection’s award-winning projectors – including the popular M-Vision Laser 18K - following a full upgrade of the experience. The previous audiovisual system had in fact proven quite robust, with the museum never having had to cancel a show - so the new equipment had to boast equally exceptional performance and more, given the demands of steadily increasing footfall, severe climate changes all year round, and complex physical and aesthetic demands. A high profile project of this scale and significance was inevitably accompanied by challenges, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome with the latest innovative projection technologies offered by British manufacturer Digital Projection. A total of 15 Digital Projection projectors are deployed across the site in total, 13 of the brand new M-Vision Laser 18K and two E-Vision Laser 8500, illuminating the walls of the Citadel with 250,000 lumens and 35 million pixels, and representing a hardware investment of close to $500,000. With a staggering 18,000 lumens of laser-powered brightness,

the latest introduction to Digital Projection’s M-Vision Series offers brightness levels that have traditionally been reserved for much more expensive three-chip DLP projectors, but the M-Vision Laser 18K delivers a large scale imaging solution which near equals three chip performance at a single chip price point. Owing to the intelligent processing from its built-in Colour Boost technology, the M-Vision Laser 18K projects true and saturated colours which were previously synonymous with more expensive DLP projectors. Coupled with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, new dimensions are brought out in the show thanks to the sharp high resolution cinematography, vivid colour and crisp lines. Powerful built-in ColorMax technology means all the projectors can be calibrated to exactly the same colour space, allowing for a seamless blend across multiple channels and delivering a smooth, colour-balanced image across this vast expanse. Another key factor in the decision to use the M-Vision Laser 18K was its ability to be mounted in any orientation - offering installation flexibility which can’t be matched by most lamp-based projectors. This feature was critical to the success of the project as ‘The Night Spectacular’ is projected onto a complex façade comprising the ancient walls of Jerusalem’s

magnificent Citadel. In addition, the Tower of David is a national heritage and archaeological site with stones tracing the history of Jerusalem back some 2,800 years - meaning there were strict rules and regulations to adhere to around the installation of the equipment. Digital Projection’s latest projector was specified primarily because of its advanced laser technology, unlike traditional lamp-based projectors, the M-Vision Laser 18K has an operational life of 20,000 hours or longer. Installations now essentially benefit from a lifetime illumination system without the need for expensive and time-consuming replacement of lamps every thousand or so hours. The longevity, low running cost, reduced total cost of ownership and long five year warranty were especially attractive to the Tower of David team, and the on-site training programme - delivered by Digital Projection and supported by its local certified service centre - ensures that the museum can be completely self-sufficient in all technical aspects of the installation. As with all Digital Projection laser projectors, the M-Vision Laser 18K was developed with Fit and Forget directive in mind, ensuring an impactful imaging solution that the Tower of David team could deploy with minimal maintenance throughout the lifetime of the display. www.digitalprojection.com

A major renovation of video systems at one of Finland’s largest auditoriums, Helsinki City Theatre, is underpinned by a Blackmagic Design live production infrastructure. Designed and implemented by system integrator Studiotec as part of an extensive programme of upgrades to the 1960s venue, the new solution relies on a hybrid backbone that incorporates both BNC SDI and optical fibre networking to simplify and improve signal distribution throughout the auditorium. Central to the overhaul was the installation of a Universal Videohub 288, which was configured with 18 Universal Videohub SDI interface as well as a further 14 Universal Videohub optical fibre interface

cards. The routers run alongside a CWDM system, which means that the production team can combine multiple signals for transmission to all aspects of the auditorium, even hard to reach places, such as the revolving stage and lighting hoists. “Essentially we get as close as we possibly can to these areas with fibre and then change back to coax at the last possible position,” revealed Helsinki City Theatre’s, Matias Ojanen. “What we’ve implemented is a very neat and cost-effective system built on base band SDI that addressed our need for a low latency solution. The setup even provides a feed to our in-house streaming server for IP set top boxes for televisions and repeat screens in the offices and

artists’ foyer. More than a dozen Blackmagic MultiView 4 hardware multi-viewers have been deployed across a number of viewing points across the auditorium, to assist lighting and sound teams, stage managers and stagehands in the monitoring of 21 separate camera channels, while a pair of Smart Videohub 20x20 routers are in place to handle video servers and projectors in the main auditorium as well as smaller performance spaces. Depending on the location and requirements of each theatre team, the routers can be controlled by the Videohub Master Control or via software. www.blackmagicdesign.com





Design agency WHITEvoid presented its first collaboration with High Scream at Hï Ibiza for the seasons closing party last year. Hï is the latest and addition to the Ibiza club scene and provides state of the art production technology on the Island. KINETIC LIGHTS provided the technical development and programming of the kinetic light installation for the grand season finale. Kinetic Lights developed and installed a kinetic ceiling including 30 movable round mirrors and 30 kinetic mirror balls and LED lights. All kinetic elements were targeted with 30 Robe Pointe moving lights in full motion to create vivid light beam sculptures in mid air. KINETIC LIGHTS also provided the high precision motor systems and custom software for this unique spectacle.



Welcome to

Broadcast 3.0

Audio Production 3.0

mc 2 96 Grand Production Console

mc 2 56 A global standard re-defined.

DOWNLOAD mc 2 56 BROCHURE bit.ly/Lawomc56




Nashville-based TNDV: Television played a pivotal production role at the 26th Annual Bounce Trumpet Awards, held at the Cobb Energy Center, in Atlanta. The prestigious, star-studded event, which featured such headliners as CeeLo Green, Ludacris, Xscape, and Cameo, honored influential, high-profile African Americans who have achieved greatness and inspired it in others. To support a live event of this magnitude, TNDV contributed its flagship 3G/4K mobile production unit, Exclamation, a 53-foot double-expando trailer specifically designed to handle the technical and creative demands of large-scale sports and entertainment broadcasts. A TV studio-on-wheels, Exclamation features a 15-seat production control room equipped with a massive Grass Valley Kayenne 5 M/E video switcher and large monitor wall. To cover the show from every angle, TNDV’s crew strategically deployed nine Hitachi SK-1200 cameras throughout the venue, including one centrally located on a Jimmy Jib, three configured as handhelds, and one

on a Steadicam allowing the operator to move freely about the stage. While the Trumpet Awards recognises innovators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, game changers, trailblazers, and rising stars in the African American community, the show also featured a wide range of musical performances, making high-quality audio capture a must. Exclamation is one of the few trucks on the market to offer a four-seat audio mixing room with a 256-channel Studer Vista X audio console and Avid ProTools multitrack recording. Rather than run the many video, audio and power cables needed to power the cameras and intercoms, the TNDV crew relied on nine MultiDyne SMPTE-HUT fibre transport systems. Each of these high-performance, universal camera transceivers multiplexed the many video and audio signals for transport using just two TAC-12 fibre optic cables. The HUT system consists of two boxes, one that the cameras plug into inside the venue and one that receives the signals on the truck. This significantly reduced the load-in and

load-out time without compromising signal quality. THE fiber optic infrastructure built also allowed the route signals from stage boxes and media servers stationed front-of-house. These media servers, which were operated by the lighting crew, contained video packages profiling the nominees, awards categories, and other aspects of the show. When the lighting crew triggered playout of one of the video packages, the signal first went to Exclamation where it was frame-synchronised, input into the Kayenne switcher, colour corrected, enhanced with branding elements, and then output to the LED screens above the stage in near real-time. At the end of the night, TNDV delivered hard drives containing iso-records of every camera, the program line cut, and the full Pro Tools audio session of the show to be used for postproduction. The Scripps/ Bounce TV production team included Producer Michael Johnson, Director Milton Lage, and Jahmir Blanchard, the Vice President of Production and Original Programming. www.tndv.com


Outdoor RGBW LED Fixture Affordable lighting essential


BEAM6 fast & lightweight led beam






For Concord, California-based Digital AVS, a custom audio, video, lighting and décor specialist, that growth has largely been in the hospitality sector, particularly with hotels that are seeking new revenue streams beyond standard lodging and dining. Digital AVS achieves this by starting with a blank canvas for each event, and then building an affordable system that leverages the industry’s most effective production tools from a price-to-performance ratio. For hotels, this most often means specifying equipment for spoken word events - meetings, conferences and emceed productions such as fundraisers. “We recently provided audiovisual for a fashion show at a Ritz-Carlton, which proved an excellent example of how Atlona’s extenders make everyone’s lives easier,” said Chuck Wojack, Sales and Operations Manager for Digital AVS. “We used

them coming out of a long cable run into a Gefen multi-out HDMI splitter, and used that to feed two 6,000K projectors. For a recent training, we have done the same sending to Sony confidence monitor to LCD displays at the front of stage to provide visual aids for presenters - all while maintain that single cable run to the front. In both cases, Atlona’s extenders keep things neat and orderly in the room.” In more complex scenarios, Chuck used the AT- UHD-EX-70-2PS with the Gefen splitter and a crosspoint matrix switcher to feed the main signal into as many as four outputs - two Eiki or Sanyo projectors and two presentation monitors, for example. That 4x4 capability ensures that Digital AVS can support higher density I/O needs for virtually any hospitality or corporate event setting. Moving forward, Chuck expects to integrate Atlona AT-UHD-CAT-4ED distribution amplifiers

as they transition into a broader HDBaseT environment. He also anticipates that more of his customers to being requesting 4K support, and his Atlona extenders and other AV gear are already 4K-compatible for when that time arrives. In the short term, he is more focused on helping his growing hospitality customer base adapt to AV-related business opportunities. “As an example, I am starting to offer live streaming services to our clients,” he said. “I bring my Atlona extenders with me, which are very compact to begin with, and can quickly set up a system to take a secondary monitor out of a client’s laptop. Knowing that I can take that signal on a long run using Atlona, and still have just one carry-on bag at the airport to transport what I need to support them, is a win for everyone involved. We see a lot of opportunity to leverage these products moving forward.” www.atlona.com



Late last year, The Hale Centre Theatre moved into its new home in Sandy, Utah, with the ambition to combine traditional theatre and the latest in stage technology. The centre’s two theatres, Centre Stage and Jewel Box, are both using the disguise gx series, supplied by Barbizon Light of the Rockies in Denver. The 130,000 sq ft Mountain America Performing Arts Centre, built by Beecher Walker Architects and Layton Construction, features the 900-seat, in-the-round

Centre Stage Theatre with a custom-built, automated stage and a perimeter of LED video screens. The Jewel Box Theatre seats the 467 with a proscenium thrust stage for smaller, more intimate productions, both outfitted with TAIT’s entertainment automation platform, TAIT Navigator. The Hale Centre evaluated several brands of media servers before choosing a disguise gx 2 for the Centre Stage and a gx 1 for the Jewel Box. “We had no prior experience with disguise and worked with Barbizon to

hold demos and connect with users at other theatres,” said Video and Projection Designer, Joshua Roberts. “Barbizon was fantastic about providing equipment and facilitating our learning about the system before our purchases.” Joshua points to a number of advantages to using the disguise solution, “disguise has a large user base worldwide so designers are comfortable using it,” he commented. “The gx range is great for us because it offers important Notch integration for any type of magical theatrical effects. If you have that in your toolkit it’s priceless.” disguise’s ability to “talk to our TAIT Navigator system and to incorporate BlackTrax real-time tracking are also important for future productions.” “We can build colour layers to overlay and blend, then tweak them on the fly as we work on the content in the space without affecting playback. With other systems you apply one effect and it eats up the processing power and you can’t play back the video properly,” Joshua added.. The gx 1 in the Jewel Box arrived more recently and will be used on productions starting next season. The space is also rented for corporate events and conferences, and the media server is currently being used for those applications. “The gx 1 gives us a lot of flexibility for our rentals, each of which has different needs,” Joshua noted. “We can refocus for screens we set up without moving the projectors and accept many different sources for presentations. We’re good to go very quickly for clients.”




Fog is our passion!

Battery-operated fog generators to be built into costumes and props, powerful Hazeand Fog generators from 650 W to 3 kW, a 9 kW machine to fill big halls and stadiums, a powerful low fog machine as a low power or high power version an attachment to produce low fog and a powerful fan: We have the right machine for any effect.

NEW: Cobra 3.1

Fog generator 3000 W, very silent nozzle, Ethernet, Touchscreen, - available this summer

Tiny S, Tiny FX, Tiny CX, Power-Tiny

Battery-operated fog generators, 30 W/70 W/400 W

Unique 2.1

Haze generator, 1500 W

Viper S, Viper nt, Viper 2.6 & Orka

Fog generators, 650 W, 1300 W, 2600 W, 3000 W & 9000 W

Cryo-Fog & Cryo-Gate



Cryo-Fog Low fog generator, 2300 W and Cryo-Gate, attachment to produce low fog with any professional fog generator

Look-Fan DMX

Protouch specialises in projects that combine video and LED screen walls, smart systems and integration and accompanies a project throughout all its stages from its conception up to its delivery. Protouch and Electra Elevators launched the innovative development of a one of its kind LED screen, which is integrated into an elevator door. The innovative technology enables the installation of LED screens as an integral part of an elevator door and displaying high-resolution

video content for the pleasure of passers-by. This is the first integrated LED screen in an elevator door, and hopefully paving the way for the future field of LED screens. This particular LED screen provided a high level of illumination and increased visibility, battery life of 100,000 hours and the screen promised constant motion. In addition, the screen is installed by a robotic cable, which reduces the time it takes to set up. www.protouch.co.il


Powerful fan 850 W, DMX controllable, speed-up time from 0 to 100 = 2.5 sec.

Look Solutions

Fog machines made in Germany

Buenteweg 33 · DE - 30989 Gehrden Phone: +49 - (0)5108-91 22 10 · Fax: 91 22 111 www.looksolutions.com · info@looksolutions.com




Crestron’s brief was to install a sleek high-tech audiovisual control solution to meet the high spec guest standards of this prestigious hotel destination. A comprehensive Crestron control and management system was integrated throughout the building, within hotel guest rooms, bars, restaurants, lounge areas and conferencing facilities. Talal Wehbe, CEO at Panoutron, explained the thinking behind this most impressive project: “Both Mondrian Doha and Crestron pride themselves on a reputation of excellence, so it was an obvious fit to put the two together. This project was a complex installation that required a powerful control solution to manage all audiovisual systems, light fixtures with DALI dimming, motorised curtains, and temperature,

but also enhance the guest experience, in every area of the hotel. With Crestron technology we could provide a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that perfectly complemented the high standards and luxury aesthetic of Mondrian Doha.” The guest experience is intensified thanks to the comprehensive Crestron hospitality solution. As soon as a guest steps into the luxury surrounds of their hotel room, they are greeted with calming lights, relaxing music and automated shades that perfectly frame the beautiful exterior views. The concierge services introduce guests to the room’s capabilities, while offering hotel amenities and room service to ensure a comfortable stay. Guests can easily adjust the lighting, temperature and visual displays to personalise

their environment, using bespoke Crestron touch screens, which include voice recognition and web browsing features for an additional wow factor in the already stunning rooms. A Crestron Fusion monitoring and scheduling solution has also been integrated to proactively manage the hotel’s meeting and conferencing facilities. This high-performance technology offers a slick and seamless room booking facility for the popular conference and meeting spaces. The Fusion reporting service ensures that the system works seamlessly and any problems are instantly flagged and quickly resolved, allowing facilities managers to fix problems instantly, even if they are off-site, without disturbing guests.



Step inside the new and improved Platov International Airport, located in Rostov-on-Don and onto the steppes. Inaugurated in December last year with a nod to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the airport welcomes travellers t a dazzling virtual encounter with the river Don. Dataton’s WATCHOUT multi-display system is deployed in the two large scale, eye-catching installations on the second and third floors of the terminal. The centrepiece of the domestic terminal is a cylindrical installation, 29-metres in circumference with a perforated metal exterior and lined with multiple LED displays to create a seamless screen.

Tilted at 14° with one edge almost touching the floor and the other 2.5-metre off the ground, the screen - 11,520 by 1,024 pixels - is a magnet for visitors. The content consists of a breath-taking short film - shot in 8K - capturing a day in the life of a Cossack 300 years ago, surrounding visitors with galloping horses and endless plains. Audio from 16 speakers mounted around the top of the ring serves to enforce the immersive experience. Ascending the escalator one floor below, visitors are greeted by a 12-metre wide LED screen and an endless flight along the river Don, from Novomoskovsk to the Sea of Azov. The screen is made of 1,800 LED modules with a pixel pitch of 2.5mm. Shot with a drone at 8K resolution, the content is programmed and delivered with WATCHOUT. Media servers are teamed with a Novastar signal processing system for control. Lorem Ipsum Corp was commissioned to develop the idea, design and content of the Platov International Airport installations, with MIRAS Ltd handling the technical aspects of design, supply, installation and WATCHOUT programming. WATCHOUT is supplied by Dataton’s CES premium partner, Intmedia, Moscow. www.dataton.com


Crestron Fusion also monitors energy usage to contribute to a more efficient and sustainable hotel operation. Its centralised environmental controls and record-keeping provide a powerful real-time and historical overview of operations. Users can see exactly what changes affect energy consumption thanks to Fusion’s data analysis tools, and then maximise energy efficiency by selectively controlling lighting and other equipment remotely. Axel Gasser, General Manager at Mondrian Doha, commented: “At Mondrian Doha, we want to give guests an extraordinary experience that they will remember beyond their stay. Crestron technology adds one more layer

to our high standard of hospitality, providing luxury and convenience at the touch of a button - from ensuring the temperature is comfortable to providing a virtual concierge.” It’s five-star services and reservation list of stylish guests, has made Mondrian Doha one of the hottest destinations in Qatar. With intuitive Crestron technology at the helm of this forward-thinking venue, the level of service goes beyond expectation for an experience guests will return for again and again.


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