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Welcome an you smell it in the air yet? That all too familiar scent of pine needles, mulled wine, roasting chestnuts and tinsel? Yes, you guessed it, Christmas is just around the corner again – I cannot believe the year has gone so quickly! The sun had barely set on summer when the shop shelves seemed to start sagging under the weight of stocking fillers – and while many of us have ignored it up until now, we’re entering the period where it’s important to start stocking up ahead of the festive season. Certainly I know I intend to do as much of my shopping as possible in the county’s shops and high streets. It’s easy to click a button and have everything delivered, but to do so puts all those wonderful stores and their expert customer service at risk. Shopping locally not only keeps our town centres thriving, but also allows jobs to be maintained and created and money to keep flowing into our local communities. But before we have to put all our focus on getting ready for Christmas, we’ve got the whizz-bang of fireworks night this month. I love the thrill of seeing the bonfires and watching the looks on children’s faces as they stand at the big displays watching the rockets reach into the skies before exploding into colourful stars. Once you’re back in the warm, we’ve got plenty for you to enjoy in this month’s mmm. From our normal round-up of things to see and do, we’ve also got some cracking features for you to enjoy. It may not be out until next month, but you’ll be hard pushed to avoid getting caught up in the excitement of the new Star Wars movie – The Force Awakens. Among the stars returning to the franchise is Carrie Fisher – better known as Princess Leia. We take a look at her fascinating life story inside. Plus, ahead of a string of performances in Kent, we look at the remarkable career of magic man Derren Brown. So plenty to fire the imagination! Enjoy mmm, have a safe fireworks night, and we’ll look forward to welcoming you again for our Christmas edition.



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n our modern age, it seems our appetite for magic – in all its forms – continues to have cast a powerful spell over us. From Harry Potter to the slick street magic of the likes of David Blaine or Dynamo, we continue to demonstrate a lust to suspend disbelief and embrace the unexplained. And while Derren Brown makes no secret of the fact his remarkable shows both on television and on stage are as a result of a highly polished performance and misdirection – he occupies that space we so love to explore. We want to believe – and he knows how best to convince us.


As he website explains: “Since redefining the genre of magic for intelligent, modern audiences, he has become synonymous with the art of psychological manipulation.” An illusionist par excellence, this month he embarks on a 10-week residency at London’s 1,400-seat Palace Theatre with his latest big stage production – Miracle. Running until mid-January it is already selling out fast and promises to be one of the year’s theatrical highlights again – following in the footsteps of his previous successful live events: Infamous, Svengali, Something Wicked This Way Comes and Engima. 

All that in addition to his highly publicised - and hugely popular - TV extravaganzas, during which he has played Russian roulette live on air and even, apparently, predicted the winning lottery numbers. It then embarks on a tour of regional venues – breaking off its capital shackles before rolling into Kent for its first eagerly anticipated shows. For six nights in February he will perform at Canterbury’s Marlowe Theatre – a run of shows which will sprinkle his magic dust on our doorstep. His showmanship and confident onstage persona are, however, in stark contrast to the unconfident lad who started out on this road to success. “I’m actually quite

shy,” he explains. “When I started performing, I was an attention-seeker, in that weird way that attentionseeking comes from quite a shy place. “You want to impress people, and magic is such a great way to do that. But it’s also a fake way, and at some point you have to learn real social skills. I had this slightly eccentric, detached persona for most of my twenties, so I felt like an observer most of the time. Quite insufferable.” Born in Purley, London, in February 1981, he went to a public school in Croydon before studying law and German at the University of Bristol. And it was there that he had something of a magic epiphany. Attending a show by the hypnotist Martin S. Taylor in his first year a

mmm 13

14 mmm

at college, he became determined to replicate the skills to put people into an apparent trance. Practicing on friends, he demonstrated a real talent and considered pursuing a career in hypnotism before opting, instead, to take his talents on to the stage. Whilst an undergraduate, he started working as a conjuror, performing the traditional skills of close-up magic in bars and restaurants. In 1992, he started performing stage shows at the University of Bristol under the stage name Darren V. Brown. It was a remarkable transformation for one who spent his teens as an evangelical Christian. By the time he was in his 20s, he had dropped his faith completely and declared himself an atheist. “It makes me cringe thinking back to being a Christian and proselytising to people.”

He admits that Christianity gave him an opportunity to shift his focus away from his confused sexuality. He would soon ‘come out’ as gay. He explains: “Coming out when you are in the public eye is one of those things that isn’t an issue to yourself, your friends and your family. But you have to be open and up front. “You should always come out; life is so much easier. People generally aren’t as bothered by your intimate secrets as you are. “You walk around with something for years that you build into this huge secret but isn’t reflected to how it is in other people’s eyes. It’s so important to defuse that because it becomes a huge misery needlessly. “If anything, I was disappointed to learn that it wasn’t much of a surprise. Possibly my penchant for interior decor had given the game away.” It’s an empowering message for those still struggling today. Although it was no easy path. He CELEBRITY FEATURE

admits he attended Christian courses designed to ‘cure’ homosexuality. Derren Brown’s big breakthrough came after he was spotted by a TV producer. He wanted the illusionist to front a show. The result was Mind Games for Channel 4; three 60-minute mind reading shows. They quickly developed a following and became more designed to capture the headlines. He held a seance, hypnotised Robbie Williams to insert huge needles, apparently painlessly, through his arms and even claimed those playing a video game could put people into a trance as they played it in a pub. a

mmm 15

16 mmm

It’s a long way from the traditional magicians on TV of sleight of hand with a pack of cards. He explains: “There is a problem with magicians in that for a couple of years people are intrigued and then it starts looking like posturing. “You only have to look at David Blaine. The tide turns quickly. I’m sure plenty of people can’t bear me and of course that can hurt. “‘I remember doing a corporate gig once and one guy said, ‘I’m so sorry, I just don’t understand what I’m supposed to be reacting to’,” he says. “His colleagues were saying, ‘It’s magic! He made the card disappear!’ And the guy went, ‘well no, he didn’t, did he? It’s just misdirection, so why are you impressed?’ I came out in a cold sweat. Ultimately it’s why I stopped doing tricks.” Today his extravagant shows are a long way from making a card appear to disappear. And the anticipation over his upcoming Miracle shows is reaching fever pitch. Quite what the audience can expect is something of a tightly guarded secret - whatever he delivers, you can be assured of a memorable and utterly fascinating evening. Derren Brown performs February 8th -13th at Canterbury’s Marlowe Theatre. mmm

fireworks Diary dates mmm showcases displays throughout Kent

Hollingbourne village ollingbourne village will hold its ninth annual fireworks night on Friday, November 6th on the school playing field between 5.45pm and 8pm. Refreshments plus a licensed bar with real ale from Linton-based Musket Brewery. Tickets £4 in advance, £5 on the night. Please call for more details 01622 880526 or visit


Grand firework display Minster-in-Thanet


ot food and drink from 6pm and fireworks start at 7pm. Fireworks are



funded by Minster Parish Council. Refreshments and Marshalling courtesy of the Royal British Legion Club. For more details please call 01843 821399 or visit

Broadstairs November fireworks traditional family firework display over Viking Bay (weather permitting). Activities start from 6pm with firework display at 8pm.




There will be a children’s funfair, games, entertainment, food and drink, also live music at the bandstand from 6.30pm by ‘Helluvaday’ and late night opening at Lillyputt Mini Golf. Supported by: Leisure Events, Morellis Ice Cream Parlour, Bandstand Café, Lillyputt Mini Golf, Thorley Taverns and Glowman Novelties. Events are subject to change or cancellation. Fireworks are conditional upon weather and timing may vary on the evening. For more details call 01227 700894 or visit

Fireworks, John Wesley School, Ashford


ates open at 5pm and close at 6.30pm, fireworks begin promptly at 7pm. Parking is limited. Fairground rides and attractions, hot food and drinks, plus head boppers and flashing wands. Tickets can be bought in advance from the school office. Please call for more details 01233 614660 or visit




18 mmm

Canterbury, Merton Farm ireworks on the Farm is back with a bang for 2015. Held every year just off Nackington Road at Merton Farm, the event is on Saturday, November 7th. Gates open at 4.30pm with the bonfire starting at 5pm and the fireworks at 6.30pm. There’s plenty of free parking. Tickets £10, £5 children - but 50% savings are available online in advance. For more information please visit the website




Dunorlan Park, Tunbridge Wells ast year more than 10,000 people flocked to the natural amphitheatre of Dunorlan Park to see one of West Kent’s biggest displays. This year the event is on Saturday, November 7th. Advanced tickets cost £6 and £4 for children. On the gate prices at £8 and £6. The display is organised by the local Round Table. For more information please call 07867 813526.


Doddington, firework spectacular

Ashford Rugby Club

ome along early and join in the fun at the Palace Farm, where there will be free parking a licensed bar, hot food and refreshments. Spectators must not bring fireworks with them. For more information please call 01795 886200 or visit

he best firework display for miles around takes place at Ashford Rugby Club in Canterbury Road, Kennington, on Saturday, November 7th. Gates open at 5pm with the bonfire getting lit at 7pm. The first rocket goes up at 7.30pm. There will also be a beer bus, food stalls and amusements. Tickets cost £8, £4 under 15s, £20 families (2+2) and under fives free. Advanced tickets booked online are cheaper. Please call for more details 01233 624693 or visit



Leeds Castle, fireworks spectacular here will be lights, camera, action for the biggest and best firework display in the South East of England. The incredible fireworks will this year, be timed to music from the movies. Look out for scenes from the silver screen projected onto the side of the Castle during the display! Arrive early for the afternoon entertainment, enjoy hot food and drinks at a variety of stalls and be sure to join in by 5.30pm when Hollywood will light up the sky as the display begins. Tickets: Adult £19; Children (4-15yrs) £12.50; Under 4yrs FREE. Group Tickets (15 people or more): Adult £16; Children (4-15yrs) £11.50. All tickets must be pre-booked. Under 4yrs places must be reserved. Tickets can be purchased online. For more information please call 01622 880008 or visit


7th TO 8th


26 mmm

mmm 27



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mmm 25

tips to protect your skin this winter stay smart and protect your skin

the right way this winter season FEED YOUR SKIN

E45 lotion for very dry skin

Your skin is a reflection of your overall health. A radiant and healthy skin reflects a healthy body. For glowing skin include in your diet lots of green vegetables and fruits to get the required level of vitamin B and minerals. Omega 3 and 6 are fatty acids which are emerging as one of the most important components for proper skin hydration. In fact, deficiency of these essential fatty acids causes a peak in dry and itchy skin along with brittle nails. Good sources of omega fatty acids are oily fish as well as nuts, avocados, flaxseed, green leafy vegetables and legumes. While we often do so much to care for our skin we may miss out on the most basic thing—drinking enough water. This is one of the simplest, yet best things you can do for your skin; along with giving your body undisturbed sleep of 7– 8 hours each night. Caffeinated beverages exacerbate dry skin and should be avoided. Green tea, coconut water and fresh fruit juices help to replenish and rehydrate, AVOID SOAP so enjoy A soap’s pH level is usually more than them 9, while the skin’s pH is 5.5. This high pH liberally. causes the skin barrier to breakdown, exuding water, lipids and nutrients. This contributes to dryness and irritation. Excess usage of soap can even result in rashes known as ‘irritant dermatitis.’ No soap on the face, is an absolute. Solution: Opt for moisturising washes. Body washes’ pHs are more balanced than soaps. Also, try to look for washes that include ingredients known as natural moisturising factors.

mmm 27

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Dry cold air, wind and even the central heating, deprive the skin of its moisture, leaving it dry and rough. To simply increase the moisture in the air, humidifiers are recommended. Although, having a hot shower may feel desirable it can aggravate the moisture loss from the skin. Swap steaming hot showers with a lukewarm bath or just reduce the time that you expose your skin to piping hot water. Five minutes is more than enough to enjoy your shower and protect your skin from over-drying.

Nivea soothe and protect lip balm

Trying out hand-picked home remedies every now and then might actually bring you closer to the soft, supple skin you desire without burning a hole in your pocket. Solution: Keep aside 4 – 5 tsp of raw milk every morning before boiling it to brew your tea/coffee. Add a few drops of rose water to it and dab this mixture over your face and body. Leave it for about 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

Eucerin dry skin relief face cream urea 50ml

L’Oréal Dermo-expertise age smoothing wipes


No7 beautiful skin cleansing oil

mmm 29



• Chapped lips are the number one

problem in winter. refrain from licking your lips to moisturise them at all times. It will make them even drier. Keep a chap-stick or Vaseline handy. • Use products that are versatile and provide moiturisation as well as sun protection. • Physical exfoliation like using a pumice stone to shed dry skin is a‘no-no.’ Chemical exfoliation with products having lactic acid or using a home-made milk pack is preferable. • Fabrics like wool can aggravate irritation. Opt for lighter winter-wear versus your usual woollens but if you must, layer cotton apparel under your woollens. • Any inflammation, redness, itchiness or flakiness should not be overlooked. Do visit a dermatologist immediately. • Moisturise and moisturise.


Changing trends and seasons are always refreshing, however winter poses the worst challenge for the skin and not to mention make-up. These basic tips will help you to retain your skin’s lustre. Solution: Put aside all your rich foundations and switch to tinted moisturisers. Avoid powders or mineral based products. Always apply a lip balm before wearing a lipstick and remember ‘less is more.’

Olay 7-in-1 anti-ageing moisturiser and serum

Most people bathe, rub their skin dry with a towel and then get dressed. This process ensures that the water from the shower / bath doesn’t penetrate the skin, resulting in a drier epidermis. Solution: The correct post-bath regime should be to first pat the skin dry, instead of rubbing. Then, use a body lotion generously immediately after bathing to seal in the moisture. The body lotion does not need to be expensive but effective. It should contain at least five per cent urea for optimal water binding, as well as essential natural moisturising factors. Hands and feet require special care, particularly during winter, since they have the thickest epidermis and as mentioned before, urea-based products work the best for these regions.

Proactiv® oil-free moisture with SPF 15

PURE indulgence by the sea BE PARTY READY s we see the aisles in the supermarkets fill with festive treats and the major retailers start their Christmas TV advertising campaigns, most of us will want to bury our heads in the sand shouting, it’s too early! However, how many of us suddenly find ourselves in December with a string of Christmas parties and events looming, with no time for anything and then look in the mirror and realise that we are also just not party ready. So this year Pure Indulgence by the Sea in Whitstable want to make sure you are ready for the party season, so avoiding that last minute panic and wishing you had taken steps to look and feel amazing. When we think about being ready for the festivities we may automatically think about our nails and makeup, however if we have plans on wearing a stunning backless top dress or perhaps something off the shoulder then we should also pay attention to those areas too. Our poor backs can be an overlooked part of the body where the skin has become clogged, dry and neglected. Using a mask with a premium grade fruit and essential oils, our treatment acts like a facial for the back, helping to cleanse and replenish, leaving your skin radiant and growing. Bare your back and shoulders this party season! When it comes to makeup why not get a new look created for you and find out how by making a few adjustments to how you apply your make up you can achieve a whole new look.



Plus treat yourself to eye lash extensions as gone are the days of false eye lashes looking, well false! At Pure their highly trained therapists are available to help and advise you on an extensive range of treatments for the body and the soul. They will certainly make sure that you are party ready for the festive season. Call now on 01227 772176 or visit the website

mmm 31

fitness tips to inspire you this month check out our collection of workout tips

to help improve your fitness routine WORK OUT IN THE MORNING

You’ll boost your metabolism for the day. If you wait, something else will come up. It’s all too easy to find an excuse not to hit the gym at the end of a long day — and while you may feel groggy in the morning, you’ll be surprised how quickly a jog will wake you up. Not only does it pose the advantage of getting your gym routine out of the way, but a morning workout will also give you a healthy adrenaline kick. This will keep you awake more than any amount of coffee intake.


One of the biggest fitness mistakes women make is just doing cardio. Cardio alone can enable you to look thinner however it will not add to your body’s overall definition. In other words, you’ll wind up smaller but completely lacking in muscle tone. To avoid this problem, try incorporating some strength workouts into your cardio routine. Pilates is a great way to feel the heat, especially when compounded with definition-building squats and lunges. With enough variation in your routine, you’ll see noticeable changes within weeks.


Fasting won’t do anyone with serious toning and weight loss goals any favours. Cutting a substantial amount of calories from your diet will slow your metabolism, making the dieter feel deprived. This typically ends in a binge eating session and subsequent weight gain. Rather than cut calories so drastically, try eating smaller meals on a more frequent basis throughout the day. Kaehler also recommends that you eat slowly: Count to ten after each bite. Are you hungry, or are you just eating for the sake of eating? Give your body and brain time to decide.

mmm 33


If you alternate your cardio — biking, running, whichever suits you best — at your normal pace with just a minute or two or all-out quickness, you’ll be burning fat faster than ever. Intervals can be especially effective when combining strength and cardio: Try doing ten minutes of cardio, then adding three or four strength and conditioning moves to your regimen — think lunges or bicep curls.

DON’T WATCH TV ON THE TREADMILL OR ELLIPTICAL People who go to the gym should avoid being distracted by the screen in front of them. You don’t work out as intensely, which means you burn far fewer calories than if you go hard for that same amount of time. Turn off the TV and get more results out of your precious minutes at the gym! Anderson also suggests that after a heavy workout, drink water rather than a sports drink or coconut water. Save yourself the calories.

STRENGTHEN YOUR MIND AND BODY WITH YOGA Working out isn’t always about self-punishment and a “no pain, no gain” mentality: It can also serve as a retreat from the stresses of everyday life. If you’re considering taking a day off from your usual routine, yoga is a great way to keep the body and mind active, while also reducing the risk of overexertion and injury.


Your body is very smart; it will adjust to any workout routine in six weeks, so you’ve got to switch things up. This doesn’t mean a complete overhaul of your routine every week: Simply make minor adjustments and tweaks to maintain your body at a peak level of strength.


Doing a little bit all the time is so much better than doing a lot once in a while. A consistent routine — no matter how insignificant it may feel — will give your metabolism an ongoing kick in the right direction. Set your daily workout goal at a reasonable measure and time, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the need to race to the gym; a little bit done consistently will go a long way.

34 mmm

a variety of fruit and vegetables here is our list of

SEASONAL FOODS thiS NOvEmbEr umpkin, garlic, leek, pomegranate and sweet potato are all popular ingredients during the winter months, when hearty dishes provide us with comfort as the temperature outside drops. Read on to find out more about this season’s bounty of healthy fruits and vegetables. Pumpkins are native to North America and are commonly used as glowing Jack-o’-lanterns on Halloween. The flesh inside the thick shell is delicious and can be enjoyed roasted, boiled and mashed with butter, or added to casseroles, soups and curries.


When selecting a pumpkin for eating, the smaller sizes tend to be tastier. The British season for pumpkins runs between October and December, making it an ideal ingredient in hearty dishes, such as this pumpkin lasagne. Pumpkin keeps for several weeks if stored in a cool, dark, well-aired place; but should be eaten within a week once cut.


Pumpkins are extremely healthy and an excellent source of fibre. The seeds of a pumpkin can also be used and contain healthy levels of magnesium. Instead of buying ready-to-eat pumpkin seeds you could try preparing your own. Simply scoop out of the pumpkin, clean, boil for ten minutes to soften and then bake in the oven at 120°C/100°C Fan/Gas 1/2 for around 45 minutes.

Vegetables, like fruits, are low in calories and fats but contain good amounts of vitamins and minerals. All the GreenYellow-Orange vegetables are rich sources of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, beta-carotene, vitamin B-complex, vitamin-C, vitamin-A, and vitamin K. As in fruits, vegetables too are home for many antioxidants. These health benefiting phyto-chemical compounds firstly; help protect the human body from oxidant stress, diseases, and cancers, and secondly; help the body develop the capacity to fight against these by boosting immunity. Additionally, vegetables are packed with soluble as well as insoluble dietary fibre known as non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) such as cellulose, mucilage, hemi-cellulose, gums, pectin...etc. These substances absorb excess water in the colon and help its smooth passage out of the body.

36 mmm


Leeks are easy to prepare for cooking, simply trim off the tough green tops and roots. Slice lengthways, then rinse under running water to remove any dirt. Dry with kitchen paper and slice. Add to soups, pasta, savoury tarts, pies and stews, or fry gently and serve as a side dish. Although related to garlic and onions, leeks have a much subtler and sweeter flavour and can be used for tasty sides with hearty autumn and winter dishes. Just like their two other family members, leeks contain many of the same minerals and vitamins which have proven health benefits. Smaller leeks are often more tender and have a sweeter flavour, making them ideal for use in dishes such as leek risotto.

It is important to prepare leeks well as soil can get trapped between the layers of leaves. If slicing, place in a colander and hold under running water to remove any dirt. Leeks can be cooked easily in a number of ways, from boiling and steaming to sautĂŠing and poaching.



Garlic is one of the most important ingredients in any kitchen and is a staple of Mediterranean and Asian cooking. Just peel cloves and add crushed, chopped or sliced to stir-fries, soups and stews. Garlic, just like onions, is a member of the lily family. It’s known as one of the best medicinal plants, credited with having an ability to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Folklore even claims that garlic has the ability to ward off vampires and other evil spirits! These garlic mushrooms on toasted French bread are a great way to use up garlic cloves, Garlic can be easily peeled by laying the blade of a large knife on top of the clove and the pressing down hard with the heel of your hand to loosen the skin. For simple homemade garlic bread, toast some French bread or ciabatta on a griddle pan before rubbing the clove on it and then brushing with olive oil.

FRUIT To gain the maximum benefit from fruit, eat it fresh and if the skins are edible, eat them too. Dried fruits and fruit juices count towards your five a day. Use them in moderation, though, because fruit loses most of its natural fibre in the juicing process and dried fruits lose most of their vitamin C. Try to eat two or three portions of fruit every day. One portion equates to 80g,

VEGETABLES Balance your vegetable intake between the orange/red and green varieties. The more colourful your choice, the healthier it usually is. As an easy rule, the darker and brighter the colour of the vegetable the more vitamins, minerals and fibre they usually contain. For example, spinach contains more nutrients than lettuce. Make sure you balance the more starchy vegetables like corn, butternut squash, pumpkin, peas, root vegetables and sweet potatoes with less starchy vegetables like courgettes, green beans, spinach, broccoli and cauliflower.

mmm 37


Pomegranate’s jewel-like seeds are great in salads, rice dishes or desserts such as Pavlovas and fruit tarts – release the juicy jewels by cutting the fruit in half, hold over a bowl and hit with a wooden spoon. You can then discard the skin and bitter white membrane. Pomegranate is believed to have originated from Iran and is now widely grown throughout the Mediterranean, US, Middle East and India. The fruit has grown in popularity over the years because it is full of antioxidant vitamins. It also contains high levels of vitamin C, which is important for maintaining healthy skin, teeth and bones. The sweet variety of pomegranate sold in the UK varies in colour from deep red to yellow with a blushed pink skin. Pomegranates yield delicious sweet juice which can be extracted by putting the seeds in a sieve and pressing lightly with the back of a spoon – take care though, as the juice will stain clothes. Pomegranate seeds are very versatile and can be used to add flavour to sweet and savoury dishes. Try adding to this salmon & spinach salad, ice cream and sorbets or simply as a juice.


Sweet potatoes aren’t actually related to ordinary garden potatoes. They have a lighter, fluffier texture and count towards your 5-a-day. Sweet potatoes, or ‘yams’ as they are known in North America, are native to tropical regions of the Americas. The flesh of sweet potatoes varies in colour from bright orange to cream and purple, making dishes such as sweet potato and spinach curry really stand out. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of carbohydrates, while they are also rich in fibre and vitamins A, C and B6. The sweet, lightly spiced flavour of sweet potato makes it an ideal vegetable to get children eating their 5-a-day. Sweet potatoes are a versatile vegetable and taste great in soups, risottos, gratins, as wedges or double baked with a cheesy filling.

A HEALTHY DIET When increasing the amount of fruits, vegetables, and legumes you eat, be sure to eat them in place of less nutritious foods, not in addition to them. The fibre in fruits, vegetables, and legumes is important. Diets rich in fibre-containing foods may reduce the risk of heart disease. Many fruits, vegetables, and legumes are also rich in nutrients, such as vitamins A and C, folate, and potassium. When shopping for fruits and vegetables, choose an assortment of different types and colours to provide you with a variety of nutrients. HEALTHY EATING

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Includes fabulous 4 course dinner Papadom & Chutney, Starter, Main Course, Tea or Coffee & Star Cabaret






Wed 23rd December


20th / 21st - CLOSED 22nd - 12pm - 2.30pm & 5.30pm -10.30pm Christmas 23nd - 12pm - 2.30pm & 5.30pm -10.00pm 24th / 25th / 26th / 27th / 28th - CLOSED Bookings 29th - 5.30pm -10.30pm now being taken 30th - 12pm - 2.30pm & 5.30pm -10.30pm 31st - 12pm - 2.30pm & 5.30pm - LATE 1st January - 12pm - 2.30pm & 5.30pm - 11.30pm


International Vocal Entertainer, Recording Artiste, 90’s Pop Legend

01233 851191

Duo of lamb with new potatoes and raspberry yogurt Method • Marinate your rack of lamb with garlic, rosemary, olive oil, thyme and black pepper for 24 hours. • Cut the liver and kidneys into bite size pieces and marinate in olive oil, rosemary, thyme and wholegrain mustard for 24 hours. • Vacuum pack the lamb and cook in a waterbath at 60 degrees for 1 hour. Alternatively if you do not have a water bath then pan fry your lamb until golden and then place in an oven approximately 160°c for 8 to 10 minutes. Leave the lamb to rest for 5 to 10 minutes before serving. • Cook the new potatoes with plenty of salt, butter and rosemary. Once cooked mix with the toasted almonds and add a tablespoon of yogurt. Lastly add in a hand full of raspberries and mix through breaking the raspberries up. • Place the kidney and liver alternately on a skewer and pan fry in a hot pan (1 minute either side) keeping the offal pink, then season. • Plate by placing the potatoes, yogurt and raspberries in a ring, lay the sliced rack of lamb on the side, and add the skewer on top of the potatoes.


• Garnish with more toasted almonds, raspberries and home-grown pea shoots. • Serve and enjoy.

Ingredients 1 x 4 bone rack of lamb (french trimmed) New potatoes 1 punnet of raspberries Flaked almonds (toasted) Lambs liver Lambs kidney Bunch of rosemary 1 head of garlic Bunch of thyme Olive oil Jar of whole grain mustard

Recipe from: Who’d A Thought It

mmm 41

We are passionate about serving our customers with a relaxed food experience that is tasty and fun... l


A unique menu featuring Asian twists on pub classics as well as pub favorites. A variety of weekly food evenings including; steak night and Thai and a pint.


Great selection of beers and wines


Relaxed atmosphere to help you unwind



In the heart of the food and drink quarter of Whitstable. Music and cocktails by candlelight in our courtyard You will find The Albert!! Friday & Saturday local DJ’s are on hand with some hand picked music


Sunday Brunch Menu every Sunday 12-5pm


Families are welcome


Pop up space available. (visit in house or online for more details)

Sea Street, Whitstable, CT5 1AN The-Albert-Whitstable @TheAlbert1

01227 277936

42 mmm

Caramel mousse with caramel sauce and toasted hazelnuts Make the mousse: • Whip two cups of heavy cream and vanilla until soft peaks form. Refrigerate. • Mix sugar and six tablespoons of water in a medium size sauce pan. Place over medium heat until it begins to turn from a pale amber to a rich caramel colour, approximately eight minutes. Immediately remove from the heat as the sugar will continue to darken as it cools. Important note: do not stir the mixture once it’s on the heat; just let it heat to the proper colour. If you need to stir in some sugar crystals that have accumulated on the sides of the pan, gently swirl the pan. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly but do not stir. • Slowly whisk ¾ cup heavy cream into the caramel, the caramel will tend to bubble up as you add the cream. Set aside to cool slightly. As the caramel is cooling, bloom the gelatin: sprinkle powdered gelatin into two tablespoons of cool water. Allow it to sit for three to five minutes, but don’t let it become firm. • Whisk gelatin and sea salt into warm caramel. Leave to cool a bit longer. Gently fold caramel into whipped cream. Refrigerate until completely cold. Make the caramel sauce: • Place sugar in a heavy three quarter pan over medium-high heat. As the sugar begins to melt, whisk vigorously. As soon as the sugar comes to the boil, stop stirring. You can swirl the pan a bit if you want, from this point on. As soon as the sugar has melted and is a golden amber colour, add the butter to the pan. Shut off heat. Whisk until the butter has melted. • Slowly add the cream to the pan and continue to whisk. It is normal for the cream to foam up when it’s added - just keep whisking. FOOD AND DRINK

Ingredients For the caramel mousse: 2 ¾ cups heavy cream, divided 1 cup sugar 8 tablespoons cool water, divided 1 ¼ teaspoon powdered gelatin 1 tablespoon vanilla ¼ teaspoon course sea salt or to taste For the caramel sauce: ½ cup of sugar 3 tablespoons of butter ¼ cup heavy whipping cream Topping: ½ cup hazelnuts

Recipe from:


• Whisk until the caramel is smooth and has no lumps. Pour into a heat proof container and then let it cool to room temperature. • If you are not using it right away, store in the refrigerator and warm it up a little before serving so it is pourable. Toast the hazelnuts: • Preheat the oven to 425° F. Lay the hazelnuts out onto a foil lined pan. Toast for about five minutes. Remove hazelnuts and place on a clean kitchen towel. Wrap them in the towel and rub them vigorously this will remove the dark skins. • Place the hazelnuts in a plastic bag and take something heavy like a meat pounder or wine bottle and pound them until they are chopped finely. • Serve by either spooning the mousse into serving dishes or piping the mousse using a pastry bag with a large tip. Drizzle a little caramel sauce over each portion and top with the hazelnuts.



The Whisky Lover’s Box £68.00 Debenhams The Pamper Collection £50.00 Hotel Chocolat

Chocolate Chaser £44.00 Debenhams

The Christmas Carol £72.01 Spicers

NATIONAL TRUST festive favourites revealed hristmas is a time for traditions, from those passed down through families to new discoveries with friends that become part of your festive celebrations. Sending cards, decorating trees, carol singing, advent calendars, mince pies and mistletoe…there are some festive traditions without which Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas. For many, a day out to a National Trust house and garden is already a Christmas must do. Over the festive season, National Trust places will be decked out with Christmas sparkle; Father Christmas will visit special grottos, there will be wreath making and a plenitude of Christmas crafts. The atmospheric estates will be packed full of festive traditions bringing Christmas to life through the ages. There are plenty of activities on offer to help make your Christmas that extra bit special in these winter wonderland locations. Here are some favourites in Kent. Every single visit this Christmas will support the National Trust’s work as a charity looking after special places for future generations to enjoy.


mmm 47

Princes Parade, Hythe, Kent CT21 6AE 01303 267441 |

© NT Ian Shaw

Chartwell – Christmas market

Daily from Friday 27th November to Sunday 29th November, 10am - 4pm

The popular Chartwell market returns to kick start your festive shopping. The shop will also be open with samples available and mulled wine and minced pies will be on sale in the café. Free event, normal admission charges apply to visit the garden. Exotic wildlife is within everyone’s reach. Chartwell – festive family fun trail Daily from Friday 27th November to Sunday 3rd January (closed 24th and 25th December), 11am - 3pm

Explore the garden with the Christmassy themed trail. Normal admission charges apply. Chartwell – 1920s Father Christmas Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December, 11am - 3pm

See Father Christmas and collect a gift for each child. In true 1920s style he’ll be decked out in green. A festive themed garden trail will also be available. Tickets £7 per child including a small gift, normal admission charges apply to visit the garden. Emmetts Garden – elf trail

Daily from Wednesday 2nd December to Sunday 3rd January, (closed 24th and 25th December), 10am-4pm

Discover what the elves have been up to by following a festive adventure through the garden. The elves have lost the reindeer’s name tags and can’t remember all their names – can you help Klaus and his elf friends discover what the names are using the clues? Search for candy canes or draw your own reindeer. Don’t forget to send Father Christmas a Christmas card. Normal admission charges apply, £1 per trail including a small prize. © NT Jonathan Buckley

© NT Robert Morris mmm 49

Knole – wreath and swag making workshops

Tuesday 8th December, 1.30 - 4.30pm, Wednesday 9th December, 9.30am - 12.30pm and 1.30pm - 4.30pm, Thursday 10th December, 9.30am - 12.30pm and 1.30pm 4.30pm, Friday 11th December, 9.30am - 12.30pm

Make a beautiful Christmas wreath or swag for your home. All materials are supplied in these handson workshops which include a demonstration and help to create your magnificent decoration. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided. Tickets £55 per person, booking essential on 0844 249189. Quebec House – a Georgian Christmas Every weekend between Saturday 5th and Sunday 20th December, 1pm - 4pm

See the house decorated for a Georgian Christmas with greenery from the garden, warm open fires and the smell of dried hops. Taste some Christmas baking and have a go at playing carols on the Broadwood piano too. Normal admission charges apply. Sissinghurst Castle Garden – garland and wreath making workshops Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November, 10am - 1pm

Join festive workshops hosted by Blooming Green – make garlands on 21st November and wreaths on 22nd November. All materials and refreshments provided. Tickets £45 per person, booking essential on 08442 491895. Sissinghurst Castle Garden – festive market © NT John Miller

Ightham Mote – Christmas crafts

Tuesday 3rd, Tuesday 10th and Tuesday 17th November, 11am – 3pm

Come along to the drop in craft sessions for adults. With Christmas coming, be inspired to make something hand-made whether it’s making a sugar paste decoration for your Christmas cake, decorating a bauble for your tree, making Christmas cards or creating truffles this is an ideal opportunity to get crafty. Normal admission charges, crafts vary from 50p to £2.50 each. Ightham Mote – make your own greeting card Tuesday 24th November, 10am - 12pm and 12.30pm - 2.30pm

Join Sue and Annie as they teach you to make ‘foundation pieced greetings cards’. During the two hour session, learn how to create some truly unique greetings cards that you can adapt for Christmas Tickets £12 for one card or £15 for two cards. Booking essential on 01732 810378. Ightham Mote – decorated house Daily from Monday 9th November to Tuesday 5th January (closed 24th and 25th December), 11am-3pm

See the ground floor of the house decorated for a Victorian and 1950s American Christmas. Characters from Ightham Mote’s past will bring the house to life and there will be children’s craft activities on most days in the squire’s room. Don’t miss the Christmas fayre weekend (Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th November) which also includes Father Christmas, local produce stalls, craft activities and a festive children’s trail. Normal admission charges apply.

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th November, 11am - 3pm

Visit the festive market filled with local suppliers and produce - perfect for Christmas gifts or a treat for you. There will be entertainment throughout the weekend, with mince pies and mulled cider in the restaurant to warm you up too. Sissinghurst Castle Garden – festive lunches

Daily from Tuesday 1st December to Wednesday 23rd December (closed 24th and 25th December), 12pm - 2.30pm

Enjoy a lunch with a view and produce fresh from the vegetable plot. Includes mince pies, tea and coffee. Tickets £21.50 per person (two courses) or £25 per person (three courses). Normal admission charges apply to the garden. © NT Andrew Butler

50 mmm

Winter Sun with Baldwins Travel Group

Insider Journeys


urma has long been hidden from the outside world, and now this unspoilt land offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the Asia of old. November to February is an ideal time to travel, and its dry, temperate climate makes it an ideal winter sun destination From the golden Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, to Bagan and its mysterious plains dotted with ancient temples, Burma’s rich culture is sure to astound, and for those seeking peace and tranquillity, the calm waters of Inle Lake offer the chance to unwind and watch the iconic stilt fisherman bring in their catch in the traditional way.


Swan Hellenic


oin Minerva as she embarks on a cruise from Valparaiso to the mountain-flanked channels and inlets that make up the stunning Chilean Fjords. You’ll have time to appreciate the beauty of these relatively untouched and largely unexplored natural wonders, with snow-capped peaks, lush forests and ice fields giving you abundant photo opportunities. Another spellbinding sight on this voyage is the Magellanic penguin colony at Otway Bay. Thousands of breeding pairs make their way here to lay their eggs from October to March. These fascinating flightless birds dig burrows in the sandy southern shoreline and you can get close to them on our shore excursions.


mmm 53

Classic Collection


he Canary Islands have a great year round climate and have been featured in the Classic Collection Holiday’s programme for over a decade. The islands offer a diversity of landscapes from Tenerife’s snow-capped Mount Teide, Gran Canaria’s magnificent dunes, Fuerteventura’s soft sand beaches and Lanzarote’s volcanic lunar terrain to the mountainous and lush La Gomera or the remarkable scenery of La Palma.


54 mmm



red. Olsen Cruise Lines is offering guests the chance to escape the cold, dark winter nights of the UK and set sail to the warm Canary Islands or the white-sand beaches of the Caribbean. Leave the winter coats, hats, gloves and scarves at home and instead enjoy sitting out on deck, sipping a cocktail whilst soaking up the sunshine! Fred. Olsen’s 929-guest ship Braemar will be based in the Canary Islands from 30th October until 23rd December 2015, offering five winter-sun cruises. From 7th January to 3rd March 2016 guests can relax on Breamar’s cascading decks as she sets sail

on five Caribbean adventures. Enjoy Fred. Olsen’s excellent and friendly service, sparkling entertainment and awardwinning food, all whilst cruising around sun-drenched islands this winter!


mmm 55


56 mmm



STAR WARS FILMS IN HER TRULY REMARKABLE LIFE here is a scene in 1983s Return of the Jedi, the third and final of the original Star Wars trilogy, which has become part of movie legend and remains burnt into the mind of any young man. The strong, powerful Princess Leia, normally dressed regally in long flowing robes stretching from her neck to her ankle, is held captive by the glutenous Jabba the Hutt – more giant slug with a fat tongue. She is chained up on his floating barge, just another creature in his colourful court. As he cruises across the desert planet, and as if to demonstrate his power over her, she is made to wear a golden, metallic, heavy bikini, complete with neck chain. She is at his beck and call and forced to perch on the platform over which he sprawls. Fast forward 13 years and hit comedy Friends devotes an entire episode where the running joke is Ross’ confession to Rachel that one of his fantasies is to see her dressed in that said same bikini. He was not alone. And so to the modern day. Last month the very same bikini seen by so many millions in the movie, went under the auctioneer’s hammer in Hollywood. It was never going to be cheap. But no doubt the anonymous bidder who paid more than £60,000 will consider every penny well spent. There’s iconic and then there’s iconic after all. Head to any science fiction convention and the chances are there will be plenty of (female) fans dressed in close approximations of the outfit. There’s even a popular website where those attempting to pull off the look can post photographs of themselves for all to see. 

©1980 Lucas Films



©1980 Lucas Films

It is the dream of all Star Wars fans – even more so than that bikini scene – the reunion of the original cast in the sequel to the original trilogy. The prequels of the 1990s – of which she was a script consultant – may not have been fully embraced by the fan or critic, but JJ Abrams’ new Star Wars movie has been lusted after for 30 years. Much like Leia. For Carrie Fisher, it is a return to the character to which she is still most connected. “I’d like to wear my old hairstyle again – but with white hair. I think that would be funny,” she says. It will be a remarkable return to blockbusters for a woman who was destined for fame from her very birth. Her parents were the singer Eddie Fisher – famous for selling millions of records in the early 1950s and hosting his own TV show – and the actress Debbie Reynolds. Born in Beverly Hills, California – the very heart of celebrity – family life was ripped apart when she was just two when her parents divorced. The following year Reynolds married Harry Karl, owner of a string of US show stores. Unbeknown to her, he then frittered Reynolds’ life savings. CELEBRITY FEATURE

Not that the woman who made the outfit so fabulously famous has any sentimentality attached to it. Carrie Fisher was aged 26 went she shot those scenes. So does she wish she still had such a remarkable costume? “Why would I keep a stupid outfit like that?” she reflected, “so that years later I could say to you I have it?” Much has changed since those famous scenes. Fisher – who shot the original Star Wars movie in 1977 when she was just 21 – has lived a life the epitome of the Hollywood superstar. There have been drugs, brushes with death, celebrity relationships and continued success – albeit on a very different scale to that delivered by the Star Wars phenomenon. She’s certainly come a long way since sharing the screen with Whitstable’s Peter Cushing as they clashed on the dreaded Death Star. But today she is about to return to her youth. She may now be just a year away from turning 60, but next month sees the release of Stars Wars VII: The Force Awakens, a movie you will not be able to avoid, try as you might.

©1983 Lucas Films

mmm 59

Carrie Fisher left high school to join her mother on the road performing around the States, making her debut in the Broadway revival of Irene in 1973, when she was just 17, a production which starred her mother. She then spent 18 months at London’s Central School of Speech and Drama, before landing a role in the movie Shampoo, alongside Warren Beatty. But it was in 1977 and her role as Princess Leia, alongside Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill, which sent her catapulting into the big time. It brought problems too, though. She admitted developing a drugs problem – namely cocaine – which would dog her for many years. “Slowly, I realised I was doing a bit more drugs than other people and losing my choice in the matter,” she would admit. “We did cocaine on the set of the Empire Strikes Back [the 1980 Stars Wars sequel]. I didn’t even like coke that much, it was just a case of getting on whatever train I needed to take to get high.” She admitted too that she also survived an overdose around this period. a ©1977 Lucas Films

©1977 Lucas Films

©1983 Lucas Films

60 mmm

Catkins Holiday Home for Cats, Faversham Road, Charing. One of Kents most established catteries is now taking summer bookings.


taking bookings for 2016

Unashmed luxury offered for your feline friends. Collection and delivery possible. Please call Sarah or Kerry to discuss your cats individual requirments on

01233 713831

Easy access for wheelchairs  Ample Parking

‘‘A family run business now in our 42ND YEAR of supplying quality BATHROOMS to the trade and public.” We have completed the REFURBISHMENT of our extensive and up-to-date showroom in Chatham, Kent. We offer MONTROSE fitted bespoke furniture. With our CAD DESIGN SERVICE we are able to draw to scale your BATHROOM. You will be able to VIEW before you BUY. 4 Third Avenue, Chatham Kent, ME5 0AD

01634 813813

mmm 61

She found herself addicted to prescription drugs and has had a long struggle with bipolar disorder – often known as manic depression. Her private life kept the newspapers busy too. In 1977 she started dating the musician Paul Simon. Their relationship would have its breaks – she admitted briefly getting engaged to comic actor Dan Aykroyd on the set of their movie The Blues Brothers, before reuniting with Simon. They would eventually marry in August 1983 only to split a year later, although they continued to date after their split. She then had a relationship with casting agent Bryan Lourd, and the two had a daughter in 1992. He would leave her though, to start a relationship with another man. Her career, meanwhile, took a number of twists and turns. She published her first novel in 1987 to huge acclaim. Postcards From the Edge was semiautobiographical and detailed her drug addiction and relationship with her mother. It would be turned into a major film in 1990 starring Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine. She’s also starred in everything from When Harry Met Sally to Austin Powers and Drop Dead Fred. But whichever way she is portrayed, her life will forever be linked with Star Wars and, no doubt, that bikini. mmm


62 mmm

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.00pm Saturday 10.00am - 4.00pm

VISIT OUR SHOWROOM Our Services Wood and Multi Fuel Stoves l Marble, Wood and Stone Fire Surrounds l Gas and Electric Fires l Chimney Lining l Full Installation Service l Gas Fire Servicing l

2 Castle Court, Castle Road, Eurolink Industrial Estate Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3TD

01795 599234 www.the-ďŹ

FIREPLACES Fires during the long winter months provide a function beyond the practicality of providing warmth; staring into the flickering flames offers a rare chance to reflect and think. In today’s world, we are used to filling our rooms with noise and distraction. We don’t give ourselves the chance to sit down and quietly reflect; fires provide the right environment to do just that.

winter warmth mmm selects three options to help keep your home warm and cosy Increasingly, people are suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as the winter months last longer and longer. The dark, cold days can impact heavily on your mood as the days get shorter. Fires are a great way to counteract SAD, make us feel cosy, comfortable and instinctively at peace. A fire, family and good food are enough to turn your home into a haven of comfort and pleasure during winter. Warm and inviting fires can transform a room into a welcoming retreat, to battle the worst of the winter chills and literally light up a room. FIREPLACE FEATURE

64 mmm

WOOD BURNERS When it comes to energy efficiency, wood burners can help reduce your energy bills if installed correctly. A wood burner is mainly effective in smaller homes where it can heat up each room a lot faster. You may find heating your home by burning wood will help you get closer to nature, as well as saving those extra pennies each month. You’ll improve your green credentials too, as burning logs from sustainable sources is almost carbon neutral. Remember that an unlined chimney will need lining or that you can use a twinwalled external flue. Bear in mind that you will need space for wood storage.

GAS FIRES The style of gas fire suitable for installation is determined by chimney design. They are another traditional option for your home, but they can give your home a newer and fresher look. Built in gas fires are designed to fit a variety of fireplace openings, they can be available in a diverse range of styles and sizes. From the breathtaking collection of Studio gas fires to the hearth-mounted Inset gas fires; creating a snug area in your home has never been so rewarding. They can also look good below your TV (if you have it on the wall) bringing the heat to you, while relaxing on the sofa). FIREPLACE FEATURE

mmm 65

66 mmm





Address - Station Hill, East Farleigh, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 Bedrooms - Four Bathrooms - One Price - ÂŁ570,000 This is a fantastic opportunity to get into the beautiful village of East Farleigh. With picturesque scenery you would imagine having to travel great lengths to visit the shops... This is not the case with this property. You are situated within 3 miles of Maidstone Town Centre which offers all the local

amenities in the County Town. You will also be able to enjoy a short walk up to the local public house to visit once you have moved in! The house is full of bright spacious rooms, especially the living room which looks out over the tiered garden and down to the river. The main entrance to the property comes from the stunning oak front door into the main entrance hallway which again enjoys light flooding through from the front windows surrounding the door. The property also boasts three double bedrooms, single bedroom,


family bathroom, shower room, kitchen, breakfast room and utility room. This all adds up to a fantastic family home that must be viewed. To the rear of the property there is additional space for parking, double garage, green house and a further smaller lawn from the kitchen. There is also

the added benefit of a garage integrated underneath the master bedroom. For more information, please call Connells Estate Agency on 01622 751034 or visit their website




01634 722 232


Covering KENT and surrounding areas

An Independent, Specialist Lettings & Property Management Agency Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Regulations Confirmed Parliament has approved the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 - the regulations which looked in jeopardy after a House of Lords defeat last week. The vote confirms that from October 1 all landlords in England, or agents acting on their behalf, will be required to install smoke alarms on every floor of their property and test them at the start of every tenancy. Landlords or their agents must also fit carbon monoxide alarms in rooms with a solid fuel appliance, which includes wood burners and open fires. Those not abiding by the regulations face fines of up to ÂŁ5,000. The House of Lords last week rejected the draft legislation at is final stage on the basis that the proposed introduction was less than three weeks away and that the government had not done enough to inform the private rental sector of the changes. The Lords had also complained that the legislation was poorly worded. Around 445,000 smoke alarms and 40,000 carbon monoxide alarms have now been distributed by the 46 fire and rescue authorities in England in a bid to encourage agents and landlords to meet their safety obligations. However, even at this late stage the Association of Residential Letting Agents is hoping for an extension on the introduction date for the new regulations. At Cousins we pride ourselves on ensuring we are aware of any new regulations, to ensure we can advise our clients of these changes and ensure our clients properties meet with new regulations. We wrote to our clients in June, advising of these new regulations and since then have put new procedures in place to ensure our properties meet with the new regulations, that come into effect from the 1st October 2015.

Robert T Neill, Director

Gates Cottage High Halden, Kent


A handsome Victorian four bedroom detached family home with gated driveway and double cart lodge, set in just over 0.5 of an acre of landscaped gardens in a rural position between the villages of High Halden and Bethersden. Gates Cottage provides well-maintained, versatile accommodation arranged over three floors including an entrance hall with study area, downstairs cloakroom, sitting room with feature fireplace and wood burning stove, double glazed conservatory, luxury fitted kitchen/dining room with a range of integrated appliances, utility room, master bedroom suite including shower room and dressing room, three further bedrooms plus an eavesroom and family bathroom. Outside, the property enjoys private landscaped gardens of 0.512 acre with a gated gravel driveway which leads to a detached double cart lodge providing covered car parking, along with a garden store, summerhouse and greenhouse. The property is situated in a rural country lane north of the village of High Halden, with its village stores and pub, church and village hall. North of the property is Bethersden village, a sought after semi rural village with a range of local shops including a Butchers and Post Office, village pub and Church. Both villages lie south-west of the large market town of Ashford with its wide array of shopping and leisure facilities and excellent schooling options. Transport links are well supported with access to the M20 at Junction 9, some 7 miles distant in addition to the International Rail Station at Ashford providing fast services to the continent via the channel tunnel and a 37 minute high speed javelin service to London St Pancras.

10 mmm

Field House Property - Field House Address - Pilgrims Way, Wrotham, Kent, TN15 7NN Bedrooms - Six (two en-suites) Bathrooms - Three Price - ÂŁ1,175,000 Field House Field House is situated in attractive grounds which adjoin National Trustfarmland. The village of Wrotham provides a good range of local amenities.

It is a charming family home of character which dates from 1929 and has been extended since. The property provides well proportioned and presented accommodation suitable for both formal and informal living. The house sits in established gardens which provide a high degree of privacy and benefits from a heated swimming pool and detached home office. There are views over the adjoining National Trust land and far reaching views from the first floor. The gardens provide an attractive backdrop to the

mmm 11

house and, in total, amounts to about 1 acre. The generous entrance hall has stairs rising, an under stairs cupboard, coats cupboard, and access to a cloakroom. The principal reception rooms are well proportioned with attractive views over the gardens. The drawing room has an open fireplace with stone surround, and built in display recess and bookshelves. There is a bay window to the front and the room is open to the adjoining conservatory which has direct access to the side terrace and garden views. The sitting room is double aspect with a bay window to the front and a brick fireplace For more information, please call Savills Estate Agency on 01732 789700 or visit their website

Reactive Building & Maintenance Services About Overbury Property Group

Overbury Estates was originally set up as a family business to look after and manage our own rental portfolio. We have been in the property business in excess of 30 years and have been redeveloping properties for the last 25 years to include anything from a basic refurbishment to a complete rebuild. As the Overbury Property Group continues to grow, we now employ the majority of our workforce who are all experienced tradesmen in their own right.



Why Choose Overbury

No matter how big or small a job that’s needed or how diverse your project might be, Overbury Property Group are very proud to have the experienced team of professionals to give you exactly what your property needs. Very simply, with just one point of contact for all of our services, we will project manage your job from start to finish to ensure a wonderful end result and a stress free process!



How Overbury Works

Once you have made contact with us, we will book in to see you so that we can have a look and find out more about what is needed. We will then send in the relevant people from our team of professionals for a closer look and to get a feel for the cost involved. We can then send out a quote to you and, once done, our dedicated staff will book everyone in when needed in line with your project. Overbury Property Group will be the one point of contact throughout your project to answer all your questions along the way. Having featured on Homes Under The Hammer, this really underlines the quality and true professionalism of our business.

Our services

Meet Our Team

Alongside our own fantastic staff, we employ professional qualified contractors who are registered in their own field of expertise with their relevant governing bodies such as gas safe for all gas appliances, boilers and the like or NIC/EIC electrical engineers for all domestic household electrical installation or appliances.

Alarm & fire safety systems; basement conversions; bathrooms; boiler repairs; brickwork; building surveying; carpentry of all types; doors; drainage and maintenance; fencing; flat roofs; flooring carpets, hardwood, laminate and lino; footings; garages; garden clearances; gas safety; heating; kitchens supplied and fitted; legionnaires disease; NIC/ EIC registered electricians; painting and decorating; patios and driveways; pipe work; planning permission; plastering; plumbing repairs; renovations; restoration; rewiring; roofing; rubbish clearances; sash windows; staircases; tiling; window repairs and replacement... and much more!

T: 01795 842206 • E: 43a High Street, Newington, Kent ME9 7JR


mmm 15

John Childs & Associates Unit 2, Rock Farm Barn, Gibbs Hill, Nettlestead Kent ME18 5HT Telephone: 01622 812868

Intriguing, unique and durable wooden Outdoor Retreats to suit all occasions

Smoking shelters, BBQ, Patio, Jacuzzi and poolside tables l Solid Oak tables, Benches and Chairs l Built from timber sourced only from sustainable FSC approved forests l Planning permission required l Minimum disruption and built in a day! l


Bespoke Outdoor Furniture u u Accessories u

07946 135441

01233 822276 Units 4 & 5 Colt Works Pluckley Road, Bethersden Ashford, Kent TN25 3DD


q ar n E gu te B e it W wr L N y IL TE an W EA B

e te ote u

Open: MONDAY to FRIDAY at 8am till 5pm SATURDAY at 9am till 2pm

Stockists and Fitters of • LAMINATES • VINYL FLOORING • UNDERLAY • CARPETS Unit 8, Ballard Business Park, Cuxton Road, Strood, Kent, ME2 2NY Tel: 01634 720411 Email: Website:

Cosy Homes this winter

House of Fraser





mmm 69

We are one of Kent’s largest independent, family run Carpets and Flooring retailers based in Maidstone.Established for 24 years we are always here to offer sound advice and pride ourselves on our customer care.

Carpets | Vinyl Flooring | laminate Flooring | Beds and mattresses Here at CaRpEt MillS we have been a dedicated stockist of Kozeesleep and Shakespeare Beds for over tEn yEaRS. the range covers the whole spectrum from budget offerings, to pocket-sprung memory foam luxury models. With a variation of styles, storage solutions, colours and fabrics in their divan and matching headboard range there is a bed to match every budget and taste. Kozee and Shakespeare are a committed family run business much like ourselves with an excellent customer care ethic. OUR SHOWROOM is select and open every day where you are welcome to pop in and try the different mattresses on offer.

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TOP 10 jobs this MONTH • Clear up fallen leaves especially from lawns, ponds and beds • Raise containers onto pot feet to prevent waterlogging • Plant tulip bulbs for a spring display next year • Prune roses to prevent wind-rock • Plant out winter bedding • Cover brassicas with netting if pigeons are a problem • Insulate outdoor containers from frost bubblewrap works well • Stop winter moth damage to fruit trees using grease bands around the trunks • Put out bird food to encourage winter birds into the garden • Use a seasonal bonfire - where this is allowed to dispose of excess debris unfit for composting


• If you haven’t already aerated your lawn, there’s still time to do it before winter sets in. You can use either a lawn aerator or simply insert a garden fork at regular intervals and lean it back slightly to let air in. • Continue to clear fallen leaves off the lawn to keep it healthy.  GARDENING FEATURE

• Remember to set your lawn mower to a higher cutheight for winter. • Now your beds are clear, try edging your lawn. Lawn edging creates a neat and tidy appearance and makes maintenance much easier. • Try gathering your leaves on to the lawn and mow them with a rotary mower that has a collection box on the back. They will rot down quicker in your compost bins.

IN THE FLOWER GARDEN • There’s still time to plant daffodil

bulbs and other spring flowering bulbs for a magnificent start to next years display. • Plant tulip bulbs now to prevent Tulip Fire infection. • Plant up a terracotta pot of hyacinth bulbs for a simple but stunning display next spring. • Plant out spring bedding displays of pansies, violas and primulas. • Start to plant bare-root roses - they can be planted any time between now and March. • Plant heathers, grasses and trailing ivy in pots for winter colour. • Now is the ideal time to plant a magnolia tree for a beautiful spring display. • Gather up fallen leaves from around the base of rose bushes which suffered from blackspot or rust this summer, to reduce the chance of infection next year. • Continue to lift dahlia tubers, begonias and gladiolus corms to store dry over the winter months. Remove the dead foliage before storing. • Cut back the yellowing foliage of herbaceous perennials, and lift and divide overcrowded clumps to maintain their vigour. • Before the birds eat them all, cut a few stems of holly with berries for making Christmas garlands. Stand them in a bucket of water in a sheltered spot where our feathered friends can’t take them.

In the fruit garden • Now is the ideal time to plant currant bushes whilst they are dormant. • Plant raspberry canes now for a delicious home grown crop. • Remove the top netting from fruit cages as heavy snow in winter can make it sag. • Check fruits in storage and promptly remove any showing signs of disease or rotting. • Tidy up your strawberry plants - cut off any dead leaves and remove runners. • Prune pear and apple trees anytime between now and February. But don’t be tempted to prune your plum trees now as they will be susceptible to the silver leaf fungus - wait until midsummer. • Apply glue bands or greasebands to the trunks of fruit trees to prevent wingless female winter moths climbing the trunks and laying their eggs in the branches.



The Maidstone War Memorial

Above all I am not concerned with poetry, My subject is war, and the pity of war, The poetry is in the pity

ords written by Wilfred Owen, just one of many war poets. Although verses had been around in the earlier wars such as the American Civil and the Boer, it is the poetry of the Great War that the past and current generations hold dearest to their hearts. The writers of such works portrayed very well the terrible tragedy and consequences of war as they sat resting in their rain sodden, inhuman trenches after periods of shooting and killing having been sent ‘over the top’. Defined as poets who participated in war, most wrote from personal experience. The poems tell of fear, cold, vermin and total misery which could only have come from memory. There were exceptions. One well known British war poet that did not see military service yet contrived to write poignant war poems was Thomas Hardy.


That night your great guns, unawares, Shook all our coffins as we lay, And broke the chancel window-squares, We thought it was the Judgement-day

Born in Dorset in 1840, he was apprenticed to become a stonemason. Finding this work unsuitable, he turned to writing with his first novel being published in 1871 followed by a book of poems published in 1898. With great foresight, and prior to the start of the First World War, he wrote ‘ Channel Firing’, a poem which predicted the dreadful Channel guns that would reap devastation on Kent. From the first verse it speaks of death under fire.  HISTORY FEATURE

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A well known tribute to Remembrance Sunday

Thomas Hardy: 1840 - 1928

Thomas Hardy died in January 1928 and his ashes were interred in the famous ‘Poets Corner’ in Westminster Abbey. Rupert Chawner Brooke however, was one poet who saw active service but died by the hand of nature. Born on August 3rd, 1887, he became a genius at writing war sonnets. He was also well known for his boyish good looks prompting the Irish poet, W B.Yeats, to describe him as ‘the handsomest young man in England’. This in turn bought his sexuality into conflict within himself though he did eventually settle for a lasting female relationship. In 1912 he began a tour of the United States and Canada whilst writing for the ‘Westminster Gazette’. It was however his love of poetry that eventually saw him become famous when one of his sonnets ‘ V: The Soldier’ was read from the pulpit of St Pauls Cathedral. Sometime after this he came to the attention of Winston Churchill, then First Lord at the Admiralty. Brooke was commissioned into 

The memorial in Brenchley Gardens to the Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment HISTORY FEATURE

Rupert Chawner Brooke: 1887 - 1915

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This year Remembrance Sunday will be held throughout the country on November 8, 2015, no more so than in the towns and villages of Kent. Many of the war poems will be read at services held both at local war memorials and in churches. Once again the common Poppy will play a pivotal role as it has done since 1918 and will continue to do so for generations to come accompanied by the words of the great war poets. BY ROBIN J BROOKS

the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve shortly after his 27th birthday. Sailing with the British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force on February 28th, 1915, he was bitten by a mosquito eventually dying of Sepsis on April 23rd, 1915. He was buried on the Greek island of Skyros but on November 11th, 1985 Rupert Brooke was among sixteen First World War poets commemorated on a slate monument unveiled in Poets’ Corner. One particular poem that he wrote is forever associated with the tragedy of total war, part of which is quoted below in memory of all those who perished or died in conflict.

If I should die, think only this of me: That there’s some corner of a foreign field That is forever England. There shall be In that rich earth a richer dust concealed. A dust whom England bore, shaped, made aware, Gave, once, her flowers to love, her ways to roam


Maidstone War Memrial CIRCA 1941

renault kadjar explore new


he all-new Renault Kadjar C-segment crossover has been given a major boost a month before going on sale in the UK with the announcement of best-in-class residual values from independent valuation experts CAP. Coming on top of highly competitive pricing, low insurance rates and efficient engines which reduce fuel consumption and taxation, this is a further pointer to the all-round low running costs Kadjar owners can expect. Every version of the new Kadjar will retain at least 42 per cent of its list price over the assessment period. Renault recently announced highly competitive pricing from just ÂŁ17,995 for Kadjar, with insurance in low-cost bands from 14E to 18E. Every model but one can exceed 50mpg in the NEDC combined cycle test, and eight comfortably better 70mpg. This ensures low CO2 emissions, with taxation benefits for both business and private owners. Four versions of the all-new Kadjar have a CO2 rating of less than 100g/km. As with all Renaults, customer peace of mind is reinforced by the comprehensive 4+ warranty and roadside rescue package. This provides a fouryear/100,000-mile warranty (unlimited in the first two a


years) and four years’ roadside rescue cover, which includes three years of Europe-wide assistance. Huge choice from 18-model range Kadjar, a five-door C-segment crossover to complement Renault’s hugely successful B-segment Captur, is being offered in an 18-version line-up based on three engines, two gearboxes, two drive systems and four trim lines. The engines are the 1.2-litre turbocharged TCe 130hp four-cylinder direct-injection petrol unit, the 1.5-litre ENERGY dCi 110hp four-cylinder diesel and the 1.6-litre ENERGY dCi four-cylinder 130hp diesel. An Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) automatic gearbox is available with the dCi 110 engine. Intelligent four-wheel drive with three operating modes is offered with the dCi 130.

The trim lines are familiar to owners of other Renault vehicles – Expression+, Dynamique Nav, Dynamique S Nav and Signature Nav. All provide a comprehensive standard specification, rising to the truly luxurious at the topof-the-range. Renault’s fabled active and passive safety has been democratically applied across the range, while connectivity via the easy-to-use R-Link 2 system is fitted to all models above Expression+. Be bold, be active With fluid lines, an aggressive grille and athletic shoulders, the Renault KADJAR is boldness incarnate. Inspired, solid and sporty, it’s by your side in whatever you do and is ready to venture into new horizons at the drop of a hat.

Strength of character Offering sculpted and enveloping rear lights, a “C” shaped LED light guide on the daytime running lights, and light 17” and 19” alloy wheel rims, the KADJAR asserts itself with authority and distinction, proud of its innovative lighting signature. Four-Wheel Drive Freedom Change scenery and explore new sensations. Turn the selector knob, switch to Four-Wheel Drive mode and your crossover safely transports you into landscapes that will take your breath away. Raised ground clearance, aluminium roof bars, side protectors and front and rear skid plates are all part of the KADJAR crossover universe.

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Local News KeNt BUSINeSS NeWS Kent blind Veteran celebrates special serVice of tHanKsgiVing at Westminster abbey A blind veteran from Kent celebrated military charity Blind Veterans UK’s 100 year anniversary at a special service at Westminster Abbey on Tuesday 6th October. Pete Bradshaw, aged 80 from Maidstone, attended the service with 1,800 other veterans, staff and supporters of Blind Veterans UK to mark the military charity’s 100 years of proud service and support to blind and vision-impaired ex-Service men and women. Pete started to lose his sight in 2001 and was later diagnosed with age related macular degeneration

(ARMD). He started receiving help and support from Blind Veterans UK in 2005. Pete says: “The worst about losing most of my sight is having to give up driving. That really came as a shock. “Blind Veterans UK has been great. They helped give me back my independence. Their Brighton centre, especially, feels like home and everyone there has been such a help.” Pete and his wife Ann attended a special Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey where they celebrated Blind Veterans UK’s 100 year anniversary.

QHotels appoints Veronica KingHam as cluster general manager of its Kent Hotels Award-winning hotel group, QHotels, has appointed Veronica Kingham as Cluster General Manager of two of its four-star hotels, Ashford International Hotel and Bridgewood Manor in Kent. As the newest member of the QHotels senior management team, Veronica will be responsible for overseeing state-of-the-art conference and events facilities at both hotels, as well as luxurious health clubs and spa facilities for corporate and leisure guests. Ashford International Hotel can accommodate up to 400 delegates and Bridgewood Manor up to 200, both hosting a range of events from small meetings and team building events, to awards dinners and conferences. Previously General Manager at Maidstone’s Village Hotel, Veronica brings over 10 years’ local insight and knowledge to the QHotels portfolio, which features 27 four and five star hotels across the UK. On her appointment, Veronica said: “After over a decade in the region, it’s fantastic to join such a prestigious hotel group, which is constantly enhancing its offering by listening and responding to its customers’ needs, to offer the very best for both its business and leisure guests.

“Both hotels offer a contemporary conference and events space but they are also unique. Ashford International Hotel has an enviable location, with fantastic international links, and can cater for largescale events, whilst Bridgewood Manor is designed around a beautiful inner courtyard in the historic town of Chatham, which delivers a more intimate feel.” Michael Purtill, Managing Director at QHotels, said: “Veronica’s drive and enthusiasm, coupled with her valuable experience in the region, will help us to continue to deliver unique and memorable experiences at our award-winning Kent hotels, something which is fundamental to the service we offer our customers across the group.”


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dicK WHittington returns to london’s guildHall! Shane Richie, who is playing the role of Dick Whittington in The Orchard Theatre’s pantomime this year, took part in a medieval press launch on 23rd September at Guildhall, City of London. Photos were taken in The Great Hall as well as at the statue of Dick Whittington outside the Guildhall Art Gallery. Shane was also joined by Mayor of Dartford, Ian Armitt, who posed for photos with him in The Great Hall, handing over his Mayor’s livery collar. Michael Harrison, Managing Director of Qdos Entertainment’s pantomime division said: “Shane is an outstanding comedy actor and we’re absolutely delighted to have his immense talent at The Orchard Theatre this Christmas. Wherever Shane appears in pantomime tickets always sell quickly, so early booking is strongly advised. ” Shane Richie has recently fronted the brand-new BBC One Saturday evening game show Win Your Wish List and is perhaps best-known for playing the role of Alfie Moon in BBC One’s EastEnders. Dick Whittington follows The Orchard Theatre’s most recent record-breaking pantomime, Peter Pan, which starred Craig Revel Horwood. Chris Glover, Theatre Director said: “Our panto is now one of the biggest and most popular in the South East with

95% attendance for each of the last two years. We are excited that Shane Richie will be joining us this year and are confident that it will become another record-breaking production for Dartford!”

it’s all go for cHalKWell commuters! A Kent coach company’s revolutionary new ticketing system has sparked a surge in demand from Maidstone and Medway commuters. Family-run Chalkwell, which celebrates its 85th anniversary next year, has invested £50,000 in developing and setting up its new GoCard system. GoCard was introduced on Chalkwell’s daily services into London just three months ago but the company has been so overwhelmed by requests for the cards that it has had to order more. “The GoCard is a big leap forward and we’ve worked really hard to provide customers with this opportunity,” says Chalkwell’s Commercial Director, Roland Eglinton. “We’ve listened to what our customers want and they have been quick to embrace it. “Smart card technology is fast becoming the norm in all areas of our lives but, until now, the coach sector has been slow to catch up,” adds Roland. “Chalkwell is one of the first in the independent travel sector to adopt a smart card ticketing system for commuter coaches and we’re proud to be leading the way. “Trends have changed over the last few years and we’ve seen a noticeable shift away from MondayLOCAL NEWS

to-Friday commuting. A lot more people are working from home a couple of days a week now and we needed to provide a product that was highly flexible and more in tune with commuters’ needs.” “The Multi Journey GoCard has proved particularly popular because people can purchase a certain number of journeys and use them as and when they please,” says Roland. “It’s ideal for those who have irregular travel patterns or who spend some of the week working from home.” Commuters can also purchase a Set Period GoCard and an Annual GoCard.

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piers prior Wins tHe fiftH annual Henry surtees cHallenge 2015 The best of British young motorsport talent came together at Buckmore Park circuit, on Wednesday 7th October to battle it out in the fifth annual Henry Surtees Challenge. The event organised by former F1 World Champion, John Surtees OBE, and the Henry Surtees Foundation, provides both kart and car racers that are currently progressing up the motorsport ladder, the unique opportunity to win a spectacular range of career enhancing prizes to help aid their race programme preparation for 2016. The hotly contested race saw 26 of the UK’s most talented young drivers battling it out in challenging weather conditions, using superb Club 100 Birel Karts.

After qualifying 3rd in group, Piers Prior started the race in 6th place and battled tirelessly up the order into second position. A thrilling race ensued between him and Jake Dennis with neither giving any quarter, and Piers taking advantage of the passing of a back marker then slipped through into the lead and won by a slim margin. In third position with another impressive race finish was Ed White. Event winner Piers Prior said: “The event was awesome, so much fun. It’s not often you get to race against genuine and highly skilled racers. Last year I came in 6th position, and I was keen to return and better myself. It was a tough battle with Jake; I am staggered to have won. I know that being awarded the Formula Renault test with Manor Motorsport will be an incredible experience that will help enhance my racing career. I am really grateful to the foundation for the opportunity”. The top three drivers were awarded with the prestigious Henry Surtees ‘H’ trophy title and given a choice of an incredible selection of career enhancing prizes – considered to be the best prizes ever offered at a kart meeting.

blooming silVer gilt for Kings Hill Careful planning and substantial investment in the landscape at Kings Hill has paid off for developer Liberty Property Trust, which has scooped three silver gilt awards in this year’s South & South East in Bloom competition. The awards were for Conservation Area, Village Centre and Business Landscape – and in the latter it was only three marks off a gold medal. Work on the next phase of Kings Hill’s residential development is scheduled to start later this year and will see the delivery of 635 much needed homes including an extension to the community centre, additional allotments, trim trails and sports pitches for Kings Hill Sports Park. Land will also be provided for the development of a place of worship. A third primary school has already opened and received its first pupils this term.


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m&g real estate signs QuiZ and smiggle for maidstone sHopping centre M&G Real Estate has signed Quiz and Smiggle, two of the UK’s fastest growing high street brands, for Fremlin Walk shopping centre in Maidstone. Womenswear fashion brand, Quiz, has secured a 3,459 sq ft unit at 31 Fremlin Walk on a fiveyear lease, while Australian stationery company Smiggle has secured a 568 sq ft unit at 4 Fremlin Walk on a 10-year lease. Previously a concession in Fremlin Walk’s House of Fraser, Quiz will now open its own store in the heart of the shopping centre. Smiggle’s store is the brand’s debut in Maidstone as part of its major roll-out of stores across the country. Jack Wills recently secured a 3,500 sq ft unit on a six-month trial at Fremlin Walk as the retailer extends its international portfolio, selecting the best regional locations for further market penetration. M&G Real Estate has implemented an active asset management strategy at Fremlin Walk to further diversify its tenant line-up, responding to changing and more sophisticated consumer requirements. Scott Linard, Director – Asset

Management, M&G Real Estate explains: “As retailers such as Quiz and Smiggle expand their operations across the UK, they are looking at prime retail schemes in regional hubs such as Fremlin Walk. With some of the most loved brands in the country, the centre is a regional success story with aspirations to further increase both footfall and dwell time.” John Cheston, Managing Director for Smiggle, adds: “We’re excited to be opening our 35th store for the UK in Maidstone at Fremlin Walk. It’s a fantastic destination that is perfectly positioned for a Smiggle store.”

starbucKs giVes aWay 100 retail community goody bags to say tHanK you The store opened on Friday 2nd October adding to the vibrant café culture of Kent’s County Town and as a franchise, looks to integrate and add to the local community as much as possible. They are already supporting the local charity ‘Restoring Hands’ and wanted to give out the goody bags to connect their customers to the retail community in Maidstone. Restoring Hands is a local charity committed to supporting the Maidstone community. They are happy Starbucks approached them and said: “As a local Maidstone charity that seeks to improve quality of life and restore dignity to the lives of individuals and families who are in need, Restoring Hands is delighted to have the support of the new Starbucks in Maidstone. Kristina tells us that the Maidstone branch is determined to have a positive impact within the local community. The staff have already started to give up their free time helping at our food bank. With winter and Christmas approaching it’s a very busy time for us and we’re so excited to have the staff of Starbucks on our side. Thank you Starbucks!” Maidstone Town Centre Management is also welcoming Starbucks. Ilsa Butler, Town Centre Change Co-ordinator, said: “We’re delighted LOCAL NEWS

to welcome Starbucks to the Maidstone family of businesses and are pleased that they will be contributing to the thriving café culture that has developed here in the town centre, providing a welcome pit stop for shoppers or simply a good place to meet. Maidstone continues to buck the national trend for vacant units and Starbucks is a new addition to King Street. Though Maidstone is proudly the County Town of Kent we know that through partnership working it also has a friendly community feel and with that in mind we very much look forward to seeing them succeed.” Maidstone Starbucks Mission is: ‘To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time.’ The Maidstone shops, concessions and initiatives that donated items, discounts or information to go into the goody bags included: Aveda, Yves St. Laurent, Estée Lauder, Clinique, Lancome, Laura Ashley, Bare Minerals, WH Smith, Music Matters, Paperchase, Fat Face, Jack Wills, Bridal Gowns at Jodi, BHS, Baldwin Travel, The Royal Star Arcade, Maidstone Health Foods, Blake’s Hairdressers, Superdry, Forever Living, The Entertainer www. and Bang & Olufsen.

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Village Hotel club undergoes significant transformation Village The Hotel Club has appointed Matthew Selch as General Manager of its popular Maidstone Hotel. Located on junction 6 of the M20, Village Maidstone has 122 bedrooms and offers guests 12 conference and event spaces, a town centre location with good access links and a leisure facility with over 3000 local members. Matthew’s appointment at the hotel follows over 15 years experience in the hotel industry including roles at Village Bournemouth Farnborough andManchester also at Marriott Hotels. Matthew will be responsible for overseeing a significant refurbishment of the hotels bedrooms, leisure club and food and beverage outlets. Works commence in November with a completion date of spring 2016. Matthew commented: “Village Maidstone is a vibrant venue with a great deal to offer customers, both corporate and leisure with extensive conference and events space and superb dining options including Starbucks, Verve Grill and the Public House. Customer service lies at the heart of our business ethos and the team and I are looking forward to building on the success of the hotel in Maidstone over the past 10 years”. Village the hotel club is designed for people to dine out and stay or work out and play, with 28 locations in major cities across the UK.

Keeping on top of debts more important tHan eVer Keeping a close check on outstanding debts so that they do not spiral out of control is crucial if you want to run a successful business. Yet no matter how good your credit control policies might be, there will inevitably come a time when invoices are not paid and debtors simply refuse to do so. Until now, a creditor who has been owed £750 or more has been able to serve a statutory demand for the debt as a pre-cursor to issuing a bankruptcy petition if the debt is not paid. “From 1st October 2015, the level at which a statutory demand can be issued by a creditor has increased to £5,000, which means that a number of the debts you’re currently chasing will no longer satisfy that threshold,” warns Richard Ludlow, an associate and head of insolvency and debt recovery at Furley Page. LOCAL NEWS

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aN aMaZING 40th birthday present eepers and staff at Howletts Wild Animal Park, one of Kent’s most popular visitor attractions, have been celebrating as the first baby rhino to be born in the park’s 40 year history makes his public debut. Animal Director, Neil Spooner said: ‘We are absolutely delighted. This rhino calf is particularly significant for Howletts, because he’s the first to be born here at Howletts in our 40 year history. More importantly, his arrival means hope for the future of this critically endangered species. The birth went very well for both mum and her calf.’ The young calf, born on 1st October to first time mother – Damara, is reported to be doing well and has already briefly ventured outside into his paddock. Keepers have reported that although he is starting to explore, his mother is being very cautious and encourages the youngster back to the safety of the rhino house, after short periods of time. Helen Rhodes, Hoofstock Keeper added: ‘We’ve been letting Damara and her baby out very early in the morning, before the park opens to the public, for the last few days. This is Damara’s first calf and she has a typical black rhino temperament, which means she is extremely protective, so we wanted to take things slowly and calmly, before formally introducing the little one to the general public.’



Pictures taken of the early outings show the youngster playing, bouncing and charging as he attempts to keep up with his mother, before venturing back into his indoor enclosure for a nap and feed. Helen added: ‘It’s wonderful to see him exploring his surroundings. He’s certainly full of beans and loves charging around, although he doesn’t leave mum’s side for long. It’s been a long wait but I’m delighted that he’s finally here. It’s fingers crossed for fine weather over the half term period, so that visitors will be able to see the calf during the school holiday.’ Listed as Critically Endangered, black rhino numbers in the wild have been decimated by poachers, who sell rhino horn to the Asian market, where it is believed to have medicinal properties. The Aspinall Foundation, a leading conservation charity, working with Howletts and sister park Port Lympne has been working to protect black rhino since 1971 and has returned black rhino, born at Port Lympne Reserve, to protected areas in Africa, in the hope of saving the species. Howletts latest arrival, firmly cements the conservation charity’s reputation as being the most successful breeders of black rhino in the UK, with a staggering total of 35 births to date. For further information, including opening times, entry prices and special events, please visit


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End of season specials, New Romney, Romney Hythe & Dymchurch, 30th November - 1st December


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WHF supports endangered BIG CATS ildlife Heritage Foundation is a breeding centre for endangered cats hidden away in Smarden in Kent is part of the global breeding programme for the World’s most endangered big cat - the Amur Leopard. There are estimated to be less than 40-50 individuals left in the World in the wild. WHF’s first born female Amur Leopard, Zeya is set to travel to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah USA as part of the breeding programme. Zeya and her brother Manchurian were born in June 2012 to Xizi who came from Helsinki zoo in Finland in 2007, also Hogar, who was from the Czech Republic has been at WHF since 2011. This is Xizi’s second litter of offspring, one of her first litter Anuy has already produced 2 female cubs in Hiroshima in Japan. At just over 3 years of age, it is the perfect time for Zeya to move on in the hope that she will produce


cubs within the breeding programme. WHF’s headkeeper Clare said: “We are all very sad to see Zeya leave WHF, but it is brilliant to be contributing another young female to the breeding programme of the World’s most endangered big cat species. She is a fantastic cat with a huge personality and plenty of character.. We are confident she will be a wonderful mum as is her own mother Xizi and it is a testament to the work we endeavour to do in being able to further help to supplement the captive Amur Leopard population”. With only around 40-50 left in the wild and around 100 left in captivity, the Amur leopard is the rarest big cat on our planet. Even at this critical level, there is still hope. In conjunction with John Lewis of Wildlife Vets International WHF are working on a breeding programme that will ultimately lead to reintroducing Amur leopards into the wild. The Amur leopard is probably the only big cat for which a reintroduction programme using zoo stock is considered a necessary conservation action. The reintroduction of the Amur Leopard has now been given the go-ahead and is beginning to come into effect as of Spring 2016. Description: The Amur leopard has adapted to the cool climate by having thick fur which grows up to 7.5 cm long in winter. For camouflage in the snow their coat is paler than other leopard subspecies. The Amur leopard’s rosettes are widely spaced and larger than those seen on other leopards. Their tongue has tiny rasps or hooks, called denticles, which are used to scrape the meat off of the bones of their prey. Weight: Males generally weigh 32-47 kg, but can weigh up to 65 kg. Females are smaller than the males at 25-43 kg. Breeding: Females first breed at an age of 3-4 years. After a gestation period of around 12 weeks, cubs are born in litters of 1-4 individuals, with an average litter size of just over 2. The cubs stay with their mother for up to two years before becoming fully independent. Amur leopards in zoos show some evidence of breeding seasonality with a peak in births in late spring/early summer. Longevity: In the wild, leopards live for 10-15 years and they may reach 20 years in captivity.

People who are interested in the cats and conservation work at WHF can book an experience to visit WHF at ADVERTORIAL FEATURE

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Ali Janes

Clairvoyant Ali is an International Clairvoyant and Psychic Teacher. She works from her shop called The Guiding Angels in Herne Bay, Kent where she gives face to face readings for celebrities and locals. Ali has over 20 years experience and will teach anyone who wishes to develop their own skills.

Tarot reading for November birthdays:

Star Signs that fall under November are: Scorpio (24th October – 22nd November) and Sagittarius (23rd November – 23rd December) A typical Scorpion character is intense when in love. They will sting first if they feel insecure or jealous and they tend to react first and think things over afterwards. This character is a loyal partner but they have to be the one calling the shots. They can be judgemental and things are either black or white emotionally. If they don’t like you, then they don’t usually change their mind. A typical Sagittarian likes to be in control of their own lives and the lives of others, as they are the ones who can do things far better than anyone else and that’s why no one else will do! (Or so they think). They can sort out issues that other people shy away from as they like a challenge and thrive under pressure. LOVE Scorpio - Someone, close to your family or close friends, has been manipulating others. You have taken a step back and watched their behaviour and you can now see what and how they are doing this. Lots of people close to this person are also fooled into believing that this person is vulnerable, when all along they can bring drama into their own life. Sagittarius - Time to soften that heart of yours in a certain aspect of your personal / love life. You need to stop looking for people to let you down, as the more you keep looking the more the universe will bring you what you are concentrating on. If you believe that happiness is your given right, then you will receive true happiness. Finances / Work Scorpio - Lessons are about to be taught by yourself to a person who believes that they are perfect in every way. Unfortunately unless their name ends in Poppins they too have faults like the rest of us. It’s time to reveal that winning hand and show them what you are capable of, but in a clever and creative manner. Sagittarius - You are going to have to stop being emotional about a situation that is linked to justice or the truth and start to see that you too have options and you know your rights. You have success coming your way from breaking down the barriers that you have felt around you and you now have the perfect opportunity to go to the next level of your own ambitions.



elebrities who also share November birthdays:

Leonardo DiCaprio 11th November

Anne Hathaway 12th November

Rita Ora 26th November

NovemberHoroscopes Capricorn 22nd Dec – 20th Jan Love/Family: Be nice to yourself and try not to keep shutting out the people who are trying to help you. Maybe it’s time to trust again. Yes you can! Most people have been hurt at some point in their lives, some more than others. The secret is how to protect yourself and still be open to love and compassion from others. Work/Finances: You are going straight for the jugular now and you have had enough of the delays and people who are all talk and no action. You are going to the heart of the matter and dealing with things head on. You will shock others by your blunt but direct manner on a matter that has been avoided. Aries 21st March – 20th April Love/Family: You have an abundance of love around you at this time which you are grateful for and you are welcoming an invite that takes the wind from your sails, as you had just been speaking about it and then it arrives. There is a character close to you who is pushing everyone away and not letting people get to them emotionally either. Work/Finances: I can see moving, decorating / changes in the house or something linked with DIY around you, as there is so much to do and no time to do it. It feels urgent and you need to get it sorted out now rather than wait. Cancer 22nd June – 23rd July Love/Family: You like to be independent in some ways in your personal life but there are times when you feel lonely and in need of more attention. The trouble is that you forget to ask for other peoples company when you feel that you need someone with you, as you are afraid of being rejected. People around you are not mind readers and so you may need to be more vocal. Work/Finances: You have realised that there is something that is happening regularly in your finances that is draining you. I can see that this is affecting your pocket a little too much and you are going to have to juggle things around so that it’s not all happening at once. You are looking at other financial outgoings and becoming more aware that things aren’t what you thought they were. Libra 24th Sept – 23rd Oct Love/Family: Are you always on the phone or always talking to friends / family without any breaks in between? It’s lovely to catch up with friends / family but it’s equally nice to let your thoughts and wishes catch up with you. Sometimes it’s the stillness in life that is the key to knowing what you want and how you will go about getting what you want. Your higher self has all the answers you need. Work/Finances: You have a brilliant new idea that wakes you up in the night. Those ideas are the best and are usually forgotten by the morning but this one is resting firmly in your mind and you are going to take it on board as a challenge. I can see that you are more than willing to go for it and take a chance on this. You will put a great deal of effort into it.

Aquarius 21st Jan – 19th Feb Love/Family: Someone close to you feels betrayed whilst the other feels walked over. This has to involve you in some way but there is a real mess unfolding which will need to be sorted out. Is it time to open up and be totally truthful or are you going to paper over the cracks? Work/Finances: I can see summer holiday plans or a conversation regarding abroad unfolding. I can see there is a need to blend resources between two people who clearly have strong feelings for each other. You will be saving together for something special. Taurus 21st April – 21st May Love/Family: You are making new plans to break free from any other restrictions in your life that may be holding you back from achieving your full potential. Over the last month or so you have been achieving this shedding of the old in other areas of your life and now it’s time to complete the final stage of this. You will only then have people in your life who are good to be around. Work/Finances: Lots of nagging and someone telling you what they think you should and shouldn’t be doing with your money. You have had enough and you will learn how to switch off when they are saying things you don’t wish to hear. You may already be good at this. Either way, you have had enough of other people trying to push you around. Leo 24th July – 23rd Aug Love/Family: You have learnt so much from your past and the emotions that you have felt have made you the positive person that you are today. You have and will continue to take leadership in matters of improving your future in every area of your life. You have decided who comes with you on your future emotional journey and who doesn’t. Work/Finances: You have two pathways and two choices coming up for you in your work/ financial life. You need to take out any emotional feelings regarding the pathways and decide which way to go based on weighing up of the pro’s and cons. I can see that you have been pouring energy into some projects that really haven’t worked out and therefore you will no longer put any energy into them. Scorpio 24th Oct – 22nd Nov Love/Family: You have had to put your defences up around your heart at this time as you feel a little vulnerable or sensitive. It can be that you feel like this at this time of year or there may be something that has triggered it but either way you need to give yourself some tender loving care. Pamper yourself and do all those things that relax you and make you feel complete again. Work/Finances: You are feeling very similar in your finances / work life at this time. You are putting a shield up around yourself here but this time it’s for practical reasons and making sure that you have the time to work out financially what you need, in order to get by as there are more expenses that normal.

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Pisces 20th Feb – 20th Mar Love/Family: A power struggle is going on around you or linked to you and you feel like you want to scream. I see that there is childish behaviour and you are trying your best not to lose it with these people but they just don’t seem to think past their own emotional insecurities. You are trying to calm this down and help each person see the other person’s point of view. Work/Finances: You have learnt a great deal last year regarding how you handle work / money in the past. I can see that you have had to cope with rejection or disappointment and that now you are ready and willing to move forward in your life onto bigger and better things, with more understanding on what can go wrong and how to make it financially secure.

Gemini 22nd May – 21st June Love/Family: Neediness and being clingy are two things that you can’t seem to deal with well. Even when people are in genuine need of you it’s like there is a way of asking you for help and a way of rubbing you up the wrong way. You try to be caring and devoted but you don’t always pull it off as successfully as others do. Work/Finances: I can see a male character around you who likes the sound of their own voice and who likes to be in charge. I can feel that this person and you connect on a financial or work basis and there are lots of issues arising from this connection. You don’t necessarily get along with this person and this person is wary of you as you can see straight through them. Virgo 24th Aug – 23rd Sept Love/Family: Have you ever wondered what lessons you have learnt from your family over the past? It’s questions like this that make you different from others but you like to stretch your mind with these questions. You are all going through a strange time at the moment and you don’t seem to agree on matters that are very close to you. Work/Finances: : You don’t seem to trust someone that says one thing and then does another, as they haven’t been truthful in the past as well. You should be able to trust them as they are close to you but its difficult right now. You have been reading between the lines on statements that they have been making to you. Time will reveal all. Sagittarius 23rd Nov – 21st Dec Love/Family: Communication is the key to understanding what really happened within a family / friendship fall out. You will come to the right conclusion if you keep asking the right questions and try to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Work/Finances: Putting up boundaries in your financial world is a very good plan, as you have in the past gone mad and made decisions without giving it very much thought. It is time to rest at the moment as there is a great deal of work coming up for you in January 2016 and you won’t know what’s hit you.

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WILD HEART Bridal launch © Carla Guest Photography

Nicole and Alex Smith have brought contemporary bridal fashion from the runway to Rochester, Kent at The Wild Heart Bridal. Situated on Rochester’s historical high street this modern boutique works well in contrast with its pretty Dickensian surroundings. The Wild Heart Bridal have become official stockists of Katya Katya Shehurina, Elizabeth Dye, Karen Willis Holmes and Charlotte Balbier. It’s a really exciting time for the boutique as they are already gaining interest from prestigious international brands and look to be bringing even more of these to you in January 2016. SOCIAL EVENTS

HOME IMPROVEMENTS LTD PVCu, Aluminium Top Quality Part L Compliant ‘A’ Rated Kommerling PVCu Windows Local Family Run Business Established in 2005 

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Kent lifestyle magazine featuring what is best in the area: celebrities with links to Kent, history, food, properties, travel, motors, local...

MMM Magazine November '15  

Kent lifestyle magazine featuring what is best in the area: celebrities with links to Kent, history, food, properties, travel, motors, local...