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Veterans Day

HONOR VETERANS this Veterans Day

Join the MAC and St. Louis Rotary Club for the annual Veterans Day commemoration. At this year's event and honor all those who have served our country, especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.



Major General (Ret) Cassie Strom, U.S. Air Force, has continued to volunteer her time and efforts in the veteran community since her retirement. This includes legal help for veterans, with a focus on women veteran issues based on her experience as a JAG. She has stayed actively involved in connecting veterans to each other, ensuring veterans are aware of the benefits and resources available to them, and educating the local citizenry of the contributions veterans have made in our community. Responsibility to give back to our communities has been her mantra through both her military and civilian careers.


After graduation from Kirkwood High School, Matthew Wilson enlisted into the United States Marine Corp. He did a six-year tour finishing with reserve duty, starting as a radio and wireman and transferring to tactical air control. He also acquired the rank of Sergeant or an E4. In 2014, he developed the Lifewaters group, a non-for-profit 50(c)3 diving group designed to help veterans and first responders that have become disabled. This program works by helping the amputees go pain-free after diving, helping them realize they are capable of functioning in society without feeling inhibited by their injury. They create new friendships with others experiencing the same issues. Over the past years, merged with another 501(c)3 called Handicapable Fishing. He has been a Member of the Missouri Athletic Club for over 35 years, and the St. Louis Rotary Club 11 for 28 years.


Dustin Row is a dad, event producer, musician and combat veteran. He fought in Iraq in 2004, escorting fuel convoys all over central and western Iraq. His unit was involved in the worst attack on a supply convoy that either war had seen until this day. They lost two soldiers, one was taken POW and many more wounded. Five American civilian truck drivers also lost their lives. Upon returning home, he was blessed with an amazing family, a great job and a new house. Many of his fellow soldiers did not have the same to return home to. After losing a battle buddy to suicide, he started helping combat veterans. In 2013, he started the non-forprofit Songs4Soldiers. Annually, they hold a two-day music festival in Columbia, IL, featuring national touring artists. All of the proceeds go to helping combat veterans directly. To date, the organization has spent more than $700,000 on 600 combat veterans and their families.


THURSDAY, NOV. 11 11:15 a.m. – Reception and military exhibits 12 p.m. – Lunch and program Downtown Clubhouse $29.50 per person Register online or call 314-539-4470.

“The Missouri Athletic Club and the Rotary Club of St. Louis sponsor the Veterans Day Commemoration and awards luncheon. The POW/MIA ceremony and the stirring speeches from key military leaders provide a solemn and emotional backdrop honoring and thanking our veteran community for their service and sacrifice. For me, it is a day to remember past missions, exploits, and comrades as we went about the nation’s business because the veterans’ courage, selfless service, patriotism and commitment serve as a rallying cry for future generations and inspires us to renew our patriotic spirit. It is a day when I rededicate myself to assisting the veteran community because we, as senior leaders, never really stop serving.”

— MAC Governor Tracy Beckette Brigadier General (R), AUS Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army (CASA), Missouri (East)

HONOR ROLL Thank you for your service!

MEMBER NAME BRANCH YEARS OF SERVICE MEMBER NAME BRANCH YEARS OF SERVICE MEMBER NAME BRANCH YEARS OF SERVICE MEMBER NAME BRANCH YEARS OF SERVICE Thomas Archambault Army 52-54 Gregory Atchison Air Force 76-98 John P. Baird Army 42-45 Robert C. Barnes Marine 61-67 James T. Barry Army 67-82 E. Tracy Beckette Army 71-2005 Edmund S. Beckette Army 43-45 Timothy J. Beecher Navy 72-79 Glenn A. Bilzing Coast Guard 53-64 Benjamin M. Bishop Navy 53-55 John H. Blixen Army 63-69 Jack R. Bodine Navy 45-46 William Bouchein Army 61-62 George P. Bouckaert Air Force 57-60 James L. Boyd Army 57-58 Patrick Boyle Coast Guard 60-82 James A. Breckenridge Air Force 55-58 Charles L. Bryant Army 87-91 Harold Bulger Army 55-65 Melvin G. Burkart Navy 52-89 Frank Burns, III Army 00-04 Gordon D. Bush Army 66-95 Michael Butler Air Force 85-28 James B. Campbell Army 67-69 Michael Campbell Navy 94-99 John Carroll Air Force 42-45 Thomas F. Caspari Army 65-71 George Chopp Marine 51-52 James P. Cittadino Army 51-54 Donald H. Clooney Air Force 51-54 Thomas H. Cohen Coast Guard 67-72 Robert E. Concannon, Jr. Army 56-58 Christopher P. Connell Air Force 92-97 John Conrad Army 70-76 William J. Conway Army 57-63 James F. Conway Army 55-57 Edward A. Corich Air Force 54-67 Don A. Costello Army 52-54 Robert W. Cranston Air Force 65-72 Harry L. Crisp, II Marine 56-58 Robert L. Croak Navy 43-46 Robert G. Davis Army 57-60 Leonard S. Dino Army 53-55 Robert B. Dunn Army 67-69 Thomas Q. Ebanues Air Force 41-53 Emil P. Elsaesser Navy 55-57 Robert P. Elsperman Air Force 59-67 Victor W. Farah Army 40-45/46-50 George L. Fitzsimmons Navy 68-74 Fred S. Flegel Army 67-73 Peter Fonseca Navy 94-98 Edwin L. Fowler Army 61-66 Donald R. Franz Navy 55-59 Robert B. Frederickson Navy 61-64 Frank Frimel Army 59-62 Don E. Fuller Army 58-61 Alexander Furla Air Force 85-06 Gary M. Gaertner, Sr. Coast Guard 54-61 David Gagan Army 63-59 Robert A. Gassoff Navy 03-Present John J. Gazzoli, Jr. Navy 69-75 Harry Gershenson Army 59-65 Ron Gorgen Air National Guard 70-76 George J. Green Marine 39-65 Burton Greenberg Air Force 51-52 Leonard Griggs Air Force 54-77 Thomas Guignon Army 67-71 Jack Gunn Navy 52-53 Donald J. Gunn Air Force 61-64 Michael Gunn Army 69-75 Kenneth W. Hammer Navy 44-46 Terry K. Hammer Army 66-69 Charles Hansen Navy 43-46 Judith R. Hanses Army 73-98 Michael Hardgrove Army 60-62 Larry J. Hart Navy 68-76 Christopher Hayes Coast Guard 86-96 Ted Heimburger Army 61-64 Joseph F. Hellauer Army 82-88 Ronald E. Henges Army 53-57 Thomas F. Hennessy, III Air Force 72-05 John T. Hermen Marine 43-46 John P. Hoehn, III Army 71-73 Joseph W. Hoffmann Army 58-64 W.F. Samuel Hopmeier Army 58-59 Donald J. Hrebec Navy 56-58 Charles L. Hudson Army 45-46 George Hughes Air Force 56-58 Richard L. Hughes Army 55-62 John R. Hughes Army 60-66 James O. Huisinga Army 64-66 Robert A. Jacobson Army 71-73 David F. Jones Air Force 63-67 Brian Kaveney Marine 98-02 J. Robert Keightley Army 59-70 Dale A. Knight Army 44-46 Clyde E. Knussmann Air Force 43-46 William S. Kopp Army 66-68 Phillip Korenblat Army 61-62 Herman L. Kriegshauser Air Force 55-57 Ronald L. Krutzman Navy 67-69 Clifford M. Kurrus Army 51-82 Brainerd LaTourette, Jr. Army 55-57 Gerald T. Lawlor Army 53-55 James A. Layton Navy 55-59 Dack Ledbetter Army 88-92 Peter W. Likes Army 56-58 Joseph G. Lipic Air Force 61-64 Steven E. Lohr Army 68-74 David V. Ludwig Army 75-77 Rene E. Lusser Army 56-61 Jerry F. Martin Army 72-74 Garvin D. Marty Air Force 57-59 Matthew Masiel Army 01-05 Joseph B. McGlynn Army 18-19 Joseph B. McGlynn, Jr. Army 60-61 Stanley Miller Army 63-65 Geoffrey Miller Navy 58-60 Charles J. Milligan Navy 56-60 C. Scott Molden Navy 74-76 Thomas F. Mooney Navy 92-12 Patrick J. Morris Army 61-63 Kurt Mungenast Marine/Army 88-98 99-03 George P. Murphy Marine Corps 66-69 Forrest J. Murphy Army 60-76 Frank J. Niesen, Sr. Army 43-46 John M. Noce Air Force 68-72 Michael E. Nolan Navy 61-92 James P. O'Grady Air Force 58-64 Michael D. O'Keefe Air Force 62-64 Alan Orr, Jr. Navy 88-99 Gerald R. Ortbals Air Force 66-71 Gregory D. O'Shea Marine 53-93 Thomas O'Toole Marine 44-46 Richard A. Overton Army 67-69 Peter J. Palumbo Army 69-73 Basil D. Pappas Marine 67-73 Duane A. Patterson Army 53-55 James A. Paunovich Army 69-72 G. Keith Phoenix Army 68-71 William R. Piper Army 80-83 Roger Placke Navy 55-57 William Profilet Navy 84-89 John C. Reid Army 44-46 H. Kenneth Reynolds Army 43-46 Hon. John Riley Army 71-97 Michael J. Ross Marine 64-67 John Salter Army 66-69 Timothy C. Sansone Army 89-92 Donald L. Schlapprizzi Army 60-65 William D. Schneck Army 70-72 Vern H. Schneider Army 43-46 Charles W. Schroeder Air Force 43-80 Bradley Seabaugh, Jr. Marines 15-21 Jim Segrist Navy 65-69 James A. Sheets Air Force 66-69 Charles M.M. Shepherd Army 53-56 Raese V. Simpson Navy 56-65 William A. Skaggs Army 53-54 Russell J. Slater Marine 44-46 Edward W. Smith Air Force 56-65 John J. Smith Army 52-53 James W. Smith Army 45-47 Edgar C. Sparks Marine 51-53 Jack T. Steele Navy 45-46/54-56 Richard W. Stegmann Coast Guard 56-62 Carl C. Stifel Army 60-62 Richard Stith Marine 41-45 Donald L. Stream Navy 67-71 Edward A. Striker Navy 55-57 John Stupp Army 72-93 Bruce Tarantola Army 45-47 Ronald J. Taylor Navy 93-99 Norm Toon Navy 85-08 Joseph M. Touhill Air Force 52-54 Luis Tumialan Army 80-97 Donald A. Wachter Army 46-47 George W. Walker Air Force 54-74 Joseph A. Weber, Jr. Air Force 84-12 Harry C. Weber Navy 64-69 Robert M. Weinshenker Army 61-67 Keith Wheeler Army 70-71 P. Chad Wheeler Air Force 96-02 Bill Willert Navy 66-70 James E. Williams Navy 86-95 Justin A. Williamson Navy 62-65 Matt Wilson Marines 77-83 Richard L. Winter Army 69-71 Melvin Witt Air Force 52-72 Eric Woodruff Army 88-92 John Wright Army 62-68 Rob Wunderlich, Jr. Marine/AF 86-present Robert Wunderlich, Sr. Air Force 57-62 Peter J. Yannakakis Navy 88-93 William L. Zielinski Navy 44-46 Ralph Zitzmann Navy 44-46