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Boori - Combining Classic Heritage with Contemporary Trends

Boori creates furniture that is as versatile as possible, helping you at every stage of your family’s life.

BOORI IS ARGUABLY AUSTRALIA’S BEST KNOWN NURSERY BRAND. Synonymous with timeless, classic design.

Having started as an independent nursery store in 1993, and with its roots firmly in Australia – the name Boori is derived from the Wiradjuri word ‘boorie’, meaning boy/child – Boori is now a global brand achieving international success. It was while searching for furniture for his own children that Boori founder, Justin Chui, realised there was a lack of solid, coordinating nursery furniture. He also discovered there was a lack of children’s furniture that could truly grow with your family, withstanding the bumps and knocks of family life.

“Our furniture is designed to support families as they grow, which is why we offer a range of products with unique technologies that prevent the need to buy additional furniture at every stage of a child’s development,” explains Marketing Manager Rebecca Ebdon-Taylor. “Our Expandable™ cot beds can transform into a full sized single bed using the easy-store conversion kit included and our Convertible Plus™ cot beds are able to convert into both a double bed and cosy sofa!”

Every step of the Boori design journey is inspired by nature – combining the beauty of classic heritage with contemporary trends to create timeless pieces. “When buying furniture, especially for children, parents are placing their trust in the manufacturer. Australian products are subject to strict quality and safety standards so parents have peace of mind that our furniture is not only solid and sturdy but will keep their child safe,” says Rebecca.

Along with their signature quality, Boori is justifiably proud to be the first nursery brand to receive Greenguard gold certification – meaning their products do not emit any nasty chemicals and therefore do not contribute to the air pollution in their customers’ homes.

Boori has its own purpose-built manufacturing factory based in Shanghai, which is overseen by Justin. Here, they have been able to refine the manufacturing process to ensure every product is the best it can be – using machinery that’s specifically designed to optimise the use of raw timbers, with their skilled craftsmen shaping and sanding each individual component that makes up the final piece of furniture. This has been a key factor in the global growth of the brand, as has the current focus on environmental sustainability.

Consumers are increasingly aware of their impact on our planet and actively seeking products that are sustainably manufactured and built to last. “Nature is very much the centre of Australian Heritage so with more people increasing their efforts to protect our natural world, Australian products with Australian heritage are becoming more and more popular internationally.”

With the natural beauty of wood at the heart of every piece, the Boori design teams take inspiration from around the world to create their collections. “You’ll spot subtle interpretations of natural elements throughout our pieces whether that be a swirl design inspired by an Australian sea shell or the ingredients in our natural finishes,” says Rebecca.

Boori have traditionally found the most popular colour choice for their furniture has been white, but current trends have been showing great demand for greys and dark woods – perfect for creating a cosy interior design. “Scandi and Nordic design schemes continue to be desired so minimalist furniture, often two-toned, with unique angles and quirky shapes are definitely a favourite,” Rebecca adds.

The Boori Milano King Single Loft Bed paired with the Tidy Desk and Rimor Study chair is a perfect space saving solution.
Boori furniture will continue to support your little one as they grow.

As our living spaces have been getting smaller, furniture with a more petite profile is coming to the forefront. Recognising this, Boori’s new range of compact cots have been designed to save space in your home without compromising on their signature quality. Crafted from solid Australian Araucaria wood, they're petite in size and are extremely easy to manoeuvre throughout the home (they even fit through a standard door frame!).

“Furniture is the most important investment for a nursery or kids’ bedroom so parents are looking for something that will not only look beautiful but will continue to support their little one as they grow,” says Rebecca. “All our matching furniture is full-sized with deep drawers and spacious shelves so they can be used from birth and beyond!”

At the end of the day, Boori’s mission is to create furniture that is as versatile as possible, helping you at every stage of your family’s life. They care passionately about our planet and their customers’ homes, which is why they endeavour to reduce their impact on the planet wherever possible and help to keep homes free from nasty chemicals with their natural paint finishes.

The Boori KIDS collection is constantly expanding as they continue to develop unique technologies to extend the value and uses of their products.
“All our wood comes from sustainable sources and is from species that are not only hard and durable, but not under threat – that’s why we are FSC certified. In order to reduce wastage of our timbers, we use state-of-the-art laser measuring technology to use as much of our wood as possible. As no part of the timber goes to waste, we use fewer trees to make our products,” explains Rebecca.

Located in over 200 stores across six countries, Boori continues to receive supportive messages from parents from all over the world, and they hope to announce exciting expansion news soon. In the meantime, their Boori KIDS collection is constantly expanding and they continue to develop unique technologies to extend the value and uses of their products. With versatility, quality and the rare ability to combine timelessness with trends, Boori is a nursery brand that will no doubt be thriving in another 25 years.