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sounds of love SOL:001- valum votan 7 Galactic Directions SOL:002 - priestessa Sounds Of Love SOL:003 - jonathan shaw Blend 44 SOL:004 - saritah You’re The One SOL:005 - mattriks & the book of kin RainBow Human SOL:006 - murray kyle Planting Day SOL:007 - sounds of atlas Genocide SOL:008 - saratone May We All SOL:009 - i fly Scrumpy 2 SOL:010 - babblekin Rel8ed SOL:011 - emcee tray R.I.P. SOL:012 - jibba1320 13 Tones & 20 Tribes SOL:013 - anima The Sixth Sun


blue electric storm

7 galactic directions

track 1

valum votan


From the East house of light, may wisdom dawn in us so that we may see all things in clarity From the North house of night, may wisdom ripen in us so that we may know all from within From the West house of transformation, may wisdom rbe transformed into right action so that we may do what must be done From the South house of the eternal sun, may right action reap the harvest so that we may enjoy the fruits of planetary being From above house of heaven, where star people and ancestors gather, may their blessings come to us now From below house of earth, may the heartbeat of her crystal core bless us with harmonies to end all war And from the center, galactic source, which is everwhere at once, may everything be known as the light of mutual love

Jose Argüelles initiated the Harmonic Convergence global peace meditation of August 16-17, 1987. His discovery of the 13:20 codes of time led him to initiate the 13 Moon calendar Peace change O yum, Hunab ku, Eva Maya Ema Ho movement. An artist as well as an author, his numerous books include the O yum, Hunab ku, Eva Maya Ema Ho international best seller ‘The Mayan Factor’, ‘Earth Ascending’, ‘The Arcturus O yum, Hunab ku, Eva Maya Ema Ho Probe’, ‘Time and the Technosphere’, and now several volumes of ‘Cosmic History Chronicles’. Currently serving as the President of the Foundation for the Law of Time - the organization that promotes his cause - Argüelles was honored on March 3, 2002 as “Valum Votan, Closer of the Cycle” by Nine Indigenous Elders atop the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, who awarded him a ceremonial staff for his efforts in helping to wake humanity up to the meaning of 2012.

sounds of love

track 2

p r i e st e s s a


Priestessa is a playful songwriting, piano twinkling, heart singing fairy. Drawing on her Parisian operatic training, she has concocted a voice enchanting and playful, that invites the listener to journey to other realms with her mystical love stories and channeled whispers of spirit guides. Priestessa plays elegant piano verses with hypnotic electro tingling beatz, composed of a mixture of prayer, conscious affirmations, home made whipped beats, a cup of Mega’s percussion, Anelie’s Earth mother harmonies and a sprinkle of Jame’s sakuhachi. Priestessa will soon be releasing her EP Magick Love which will be available from

Sounds of love is about teleporting to your favourite realms, telepathy & understanding darkness in ourselves. It reminds us that we are all sounds of love walking divine journeys and cocreating realities – Yes? This tune was written in the year of White Lunar Wizard for the Blue Electric Storm year, where Priestessa becomes a Red Cosmic Dragon. Inspired by graceful acts, kind thoughts and inner healing. Written and recorded by Priestessa and produced by Mattriks for this compilation. samsonmarlene

blend 44 .

track 3

jonathan shaw


i am jonathan. i am mythical unfolding. i am mushroom beholding. in the year of the ryhthmic moon i received a vision in amsterdam that instructed me to song-write. i followed this vision back to the native beauty of the Blue Mountains and there-in i stayed song-writing, breathing, chi-kunging, until leaving for the UK at the tail end of the White Spectral Wizard spin - in the UK i had an iFly experience with yellow 10 human andrew james stout. wife marlene yellow 10 warrior and i left london halfway through the 13 seed year and settled in melbourne. it is here that i now type, type, type & sing-song-sing with love, love, love.

blend 44 was born on a train outside rooty hill, nsw, in the year of the white resonant wizard. it is the neo-caffeine jolt of too many guru texts, too much music in tinny headphones, too much waiting around for trains to connect and disconnect again and oh how i love it all. the mess and the elegant chaos. and standing amongst it all. literally on a rockface in the blue mountains . literally in a studio in preston, melbourne. standing and then standing some more until peter toose yells at me across the flashing red light: _ what, mate!? what are you taking a stand about? Humph! good question. i faltered once. i faltered twice. then i delivered. jonathanshawmusic

y o u ’ re t h e o n e

track 4



Soul/Roots songstress saritah (sa-REE-ta) brings a potent blend of melody, message and groove. Motivated by her belief that music can inspire postive change, saritah’s songs combine conscious lyrics that are at once global and personal, political and spiritual, with music that incorporates many influences from around the globe. Combining soul, reggae and roots flavours, saritah has clearly crafted her own unique style, which has a sincere, raw energy and whether solo or with a band, is performed with such passion as to captivate the listener, young or old.

This song is a call to realize that every single one of us is the one: the one to make a difference in our own life, in our community and in the world around us. In every moment of every day, we are the ones. Positive change is up to each and every one of us. Bless.

rainbow human

track 5

mattriks &

the book of kin Mattriks and the Book of Kin are a mythically unified group of fellow time travelers, here to share novel musical moments and raise the vibe. Aussie Mayan Hip Hop for the end times massive. The recently released ‘Made Outta Motion’ album and the earlier ‘Syntropic Syntactix e.p are available from

This song was received / conceived while Mattriks was at a rainbow gathering in Nimboida, NSW. After a few days of walking around barefoot, swimming in the river, doing pleiadian light body activations, teaching yoga in the mornings, and eating and singing with ‘family’, the Hopi prophecy of the Return of the Rainbow Nation (without borders) was in full effect. The words ‘I’m here to promote telepathy like mathematics based on twenty’ infiltrated, and the rest of the lyrics trickled through over the following moon or so. Even Dawn provides the lovely feminine voice over in her capacity as ‘Pixel Gil Cosmic History conduit’.

planting day.

track 6

m u rr a y k y l e


Born from a life of exploring the world’s places and faces, Murray Kyle’s music is woven into a rich tapestry of ancient wisdom with groove. Based in Northern NSW, Murray is fast emerging in the new wave of roots music, which carries a conscious message for these changing times. Spontaneous & captivating, Murray has a passion for sharing story through song. From global issues to personal journeys, and from festival stages to intimate music nights, Murray’s songs invite the birth of a new awareness, and travel on a unique pathway of lyrical soundscape. ‘Up From the Ground’ is his 2nd independently produced solo album. Murray also creates with Mystic beats and The Bliss Mongers Collective in the Byron Bay region.

Planting day was inspired by my daughter, and is written about the seeds of conscious intention that we are planting in these times. Our children will one day harvest the fruits. Let’s help to make them sweet ones! murraykylemusic

g en o c i d e

track 7

sounds of atlas The group ‘Sounds of Atlas’ has it’s origins on the streets of Toulouse, where Didgeridoo player Jasper ATLAS met the tenor Sax of Guilhem VERGER. The news spread rapidly and they were invited into theaters and bars: The two horns were reinforced with a drummer and a guitarist. Never repudiating their origins they continue playing in small or big formation on streets and in venues, to the most heterogeneous audiences imaginable. Their first album ‘Psychozoïc Area’ (Urban Mystification Beat!) was released in August 2006.

‘Genocide’ is from Sounds of Atlas’s album called ‘Psychozoic Area’. It is a unique, uplifting and mesmerising blend of live drums, didgeridoo and sax. It holds the a transcendent space, perfect for the mytical number seven, the center piece of this SOL compilation. soundsofatlas

may we all.

track 8



SaraTone’s electronic music is based in a self described genre- Mystical Dub. Based in Organically Grown samples, Looped, Dubbed out with Delay, Reverb and a Mixing Board, add Live Vocals, Flute and whatever other instrument the universe has put in her hands in that moment, all with the steadiness of a guided rhythmic meditation... this is Mystical Dub. It’s Deep, its Live and never the same. ‘Out of all the music I am called to play, ultimately I am a singer. I have been singing my whole life and I can’t imagine life without. Music is the realm of imagination and voice is my guide.’

May we all feel so moved to offer what it is that moves through us in its own unique way, in a form of creation. May we all hold space so we may receive what is offered and recognize the inherent blessing in all divine creation. May we all Shine On. saratone

scrumpy 2

track 9

i fly Because Time is flowing in both directions as once it is difficult to say when iFly - Jonathan David Shaw and Andrew James Stout both from the Blue Mountains - began or how iFly will end. However iFly can say that they will be releasing two this year, that were recorded in late 2005, in East London, with an Italian Capricorn Producer called Davide who has a weakness for Turkish music. Why he collaborated with an occasionally outrageously Australian duo is yet to be agreed upon.

Once upon a time Jonathan was working as an adult literacy teacher in Penrith, NSW. One night he came to work - with guitar - to find a student by the name of Nicko bemoaning his lost phone and his lost numbers. Jonathan began composing a sympathy song for Nicko. Later he and Andrew developed it to include some of their favorite subjects including Mayan mathematics (with its reverence for the numbers 13 and 20), Star Wars, the Rothschild’s, Viacom/MTV’s attempts at world domination & violence towards computers. iflyhome


track 10

babblekin The Fabellous Rabellous BabbleKin Diggaz Krew begins with the beat. He goes by the name of Dj Akme, ‘the man on the cut’. From the beats flow one two three emcees. In the electromagnetic frequency we have emcee’s Mattriks, Antsa and B Jam. The far flung landscape of the BabbleKin myth resonates from Melbourne, Australia. And broadcasts throughout the Hip Hop Multi Verse. Damn Straight. Bigups props and Love to all the people who are in the mix with this. Past, Present and Future. See you in the Kickin Zone. Cos we all....

‘Rel8ed’ is taken from BabbleKin’s soon to be released e.p of the same name. This track represents the unique BabbleKin perspective on the idea of Universal Oneness, guaranteed to make your head nod. Rel8ed was recorded at Akme’s home studio and mixed and mastered by Dave Nelsonic. babblekin

r. i . p .

track 11 R.I.P. is about the regrets I possess and the realization that regret is the strangest thing. You know you’ll regret it before you do it but you still plough ahead anyway. The track is about being able to use the power of foresight, and insight, and how doing this can help us to move to a place where we don’t have to experience these regrets.

emcee tray


Emcee Tray is originally from London, and now resides in Melbourne with his partner Jacqui. Tray is dedicated to community service through his role as a school teacher, and dedicated to the party through his role as a hip hop artist with a penchant for rhyming on grimy U.K stylee dance anthems. Tray has worked and performed with many different successful artists, and draws on the inspiration of people such as Saul Williams and Gift of Gab, while using his art as a channel for intimate expression and deep inner traveling. londontray

13 tones & 20 tribes

track 12

jibba1320 kin:086

Jibba lives in Franklin, Ma, and works for Burton snowboards. He spent 10 years living in the lake Tahoe area where he learnt about the 13 moon calendar from friends Jerry and Doug, before he moved back to the Boston area to attend school at the museum of fine arts. Recently he has been hand painting skateboards, surfboards, and snowboards, and attending to his network marketing venture, Verve energy drinks, and Vemma liquid vitamin/mineral and antioxidant supplement Jibba is a White Galactic Worldbridger. As well as having a tune on the compilation he is responsible for the front and back covers of the Radiosonic Harmonics episode of 2C.

With this song I was going for a spacey drum & bass sound, with a break towards the middle of the song and then it kicks in with a heavy groove & didgeridoo sound to bring in the sound of the universe. 13 tones and 20 tribes makes up the matrix of natural time, 12:60 time leave it far behind. jibba1320

the sixth sun

track 13

anima Anima duet, Ali & Daniela compose music inspired through their communion with the sacred essence of life. Their recent album Lemuria Emerging was created while living in the Amazon jungle and at Lake Titicaca, working with medicine plants & indigenous teachings. Their music has been described as “powerful and hauntingly beautiful”, an expression of the profound depths of emotion that one moves through while walking a path of deep transformation and awakening.

Music is a Gift. A direct in and out breath of God_Source. The ‘Sounds of 2C’ portal is a space for profiling and interviewing sound artists who explore the origin_all roots of Music. It is an open channel for song stories to flow through. Saritah and Murray Kyle appeared in the last two magazines, while in this episode Even activates the portal with an interview with whale whisperer Bunna and film maker Kim Kindersley. If you’d like to sing your way into future episodes and

This song has been inspired with the emergence of the Sixth Sun, as we enter into a time when humanity as a whole, comes to experience itself through the Divine perspective of Oneness. As we remember “In Lak’ech Ala Kin” I am another one of you, what I do to you, I do to myself; Actions born of separation and fear will cease, and interactions born of innocence, love and unity become the way of those living upon Earth under this new Sun.

downloads you can connect through Our Design Agent requests photos or pictures of at least 1600x1200 pixels resolution for the main graphic, and optional logo of at least 400x400 pixels. For profiles, 3-6 sentences about yr self / avatar / expression, and another few about the song you send through. Please encode your song as a160kpbs Mp3 file. Sing it up!

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