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Tiger’s ex-wife Elin Nordegren, a former model.

Tiger’s loves: Ex-wife Elin Nordegren (left) and Lindsay Vonn, World Cup alpine skier.

By Dorothy Pomerantz, Forbes.com

In the hosting game, it pays to be brutally honest. The two men who top our annual list of the Highest-Paid TV Personalities have each earned millions by being, what many people would consider, honest to the point of rudeness. Simon Cowell is not everyone’s cup of tea. The Brit made a splash in the U.S. in 2002 when “American Idol” hit FOX and changed reality television. While judges Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul gave a lot of consideration to the contestants’ feelings, Cowell was much tougher. If someone was awful, he told them so. But his willingness to be mean made it that much more exciting when he actually liked a singer. continued on next page >>>

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From left: Howard and Beth Stern, Oprah Winfrey, and Simon Cowell

Cowell’s run as a judge on “American Idol” ended in 2010. He can still be seen calling the honest shots on “The X Factor,” which returns Sept. 11. While that show might not get the same ratings as “American Idol,” Cowell still earns plenty of money. We estimate that between June 2012 and June 2013, Cowell earned $95 million, putting him in a tie with Howard Stern for first place on our list of the Highest-Paid TV Personalities. Most of Cowell’s money comes from his ownership stakes in “The X Factor” (which now airs in 41 different countries) and “Got Talent,” which is the biggest-selling television franchise in the world. There are versions in Vietnam, Afghanistan and China. Not only does Cowell get money from all of those shows, he also gets to scout for talent for his Syco record label. He’s the man behind Leona Lewis and One Direction. In 2006, Stern left traditional radio for a lucrative deal at Sirius Satellite Radio. Being off the public airwaves has allowed the shock jock to get as raunchy as he wants without having to worry about FCC fines. But Stern hasn’t hesitated to bite the hand that feeds him. He recently failed in an attempt to revive a lawsuit against Sirius claiming that the company owes him $300 million for reaching certain subscriber milestones. ENTERTAINMENT

4 August 15, 2013 THE MILITARY PRESS


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Kobe and his gorgeous wife Vanessa

Sirius says those targets were reached only because the company merged with XM. Like Cowell, Stern also earns millions on TV. For the second year in a row he’s hosting on Cowell’s “America’s Got Talent.” To compile our list, we talked to producers, managers, agents and other in-the-know folks to come up with estimates for how much each celebrity earned from entertainment-related work. The research was done for our Celebrity 100 list, which measures earnings between June 2012 and June 2013. We do not deduct for taxes or things like agent fees and the other expenses of being a celebrity. In third place is another celebrity who doesn’t worry much about being loved. Glenn Beck’s whole career has been built on angering large portions of

the American public in the interest of appealing to the right-wing fringe. Seeing that the group could earn him more money than he was making on FOX News, Beck took his act to the Internet in 2011 with The Blaze, a subscription website devoted to content from Beck and his fellow thinkers. His fans are happy to pay $100 per year for access to the site. We estimate that between June 2012 and June 2013 Beck earned $90 million. Perennial top earner Oprah Winfrey sank to fourth place on our list this year with an estimated $77 million in earnings following the disappearance of income from her syndicated talk show. The billionaire is doing fine though. Winfrey has been able to dedicate her considerable power to turning things around at her cable network, OWN. Thanks to must-see interviews like her two-night talk with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong and comedies fromTyler Perry, OWN is now profitable.




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August 15, 2013 THE MILITARY PRESS 5

Lessons of good followship Sherry D. Strothers is a life coach and Lipstick Leader founder. She serves currently as a Chief Warrant Officer in the U.S. Navy with 27 years of active service. She is also a mother, entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, writer, strategist and is active within many leadership organizations. Sherry has one passion... the empowerment of women. She has mentored thousands of women over the years as a leader within the military. She serves to inspire, cultivate self-esteem, challenge and demonstrate her “never give up” attitude. Go to SherryStrothers.com to learn more. Do you find it difficult to inspire others to follow your lead? Do your superiors sometimes tell you that you’re too pushy or bossy? If you have experienced problems while leading, it may be because you never learned to follow. The Free Dictionary defines followship “as the practice of doing what other people suggest, rather than taking the lead”. The lessons of being an effective follower are often overlooked because we are so focused on being the boss we don’t appreciate the role of being a subordinate. To follow effectively means that you make your leaders look their absolute best. In fact the 1st law of Robert Greene’s book the 48 Laws of Power describes it best. Law # 1 is “Never Outshine the Master - Always make those above you feel comfortably superior. In your desire to please or impress them, do not go too far in displaying your talents or you might accomplish the opposite – inspire fear and insecurity. Make your masters appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of power”. Without understanding the characteristics of being an effective follower you may not be an effective leader.

Those characteristics of effective followship are: •  Humility – You should never strive for the limelight, always give the credit to your boss. Let them be the ones to give you credit. (If you don’t get the credit you feel you deserved, don’t be-

come resentful and bad mouth anyone; because that behavior will damage your professional image). •  Loyalty – Always speak highly of your superiors and support their policies. (Don’t follow blindly. If you must question orders or policies, address your boss in private. As a member of the military I have been trained to follow all orders. My standards of followship are if the orders are not illegal, immoral or unethical they will be followed). •  Team Building – Be the peace maker and encourage others to give

their best efforts. (If you know of people in the organization that are unhappy with the work environment and love to discuss their dissatisfaction with everyone; avoid getting pulled into negative conversations and always interject positive facts when necessary). •  Dedication – Always meet or exceed deadlines, don’t take time off work unless absolutely necessary and give a 100% effort when on the clock. If you implement effective followship, you will become invaluable to your superiors. Most importantly when you become the leader, you will know what to expect from your subordinates. Sherry’s books are available from her website, SherryStrothers.com: • Strength is in the Struggle - This book will enable you to learn about yourself and thus tap into the strength you have in abundance. Consider this book as your GPS to success! • How to Break the Glass Ceiling Without a Hammer - As a member of the Professional Women Network, Sherry is one of 30 international coaches and consultants selected to co-author this book for Career Strategies for Women.


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Rhythm and blues legends The Stylistics will team up with Peaches & Herb for a special concert Saturday, Oct. 5 in the Palomar Starlight Outdoor Theater at Pala Casino Spa & Resort. Also in concert in October is Filipino band AEGIS, Friday, Oct. 8, 8 p.m., Pala Events Center. Pala is located at 11154 Hwy. 76. Tickets are available at the casino or by calling 1-877-946-7252 or Star Tickets, 1-800-585-3737, www. startickets.com.


Sharpen memory with a six-calorie snack

For a razor-sharp memory, give your mouth this 6-calorie snack to munch on: a stalk of celery. Celery is a top source of a highpowered flavonoid known as luteolin, and these compounds may help cool off destructive inflammation in the brain’s memory center (otherwise known as the hippocampus). Not a bad trade for 6 calories. Sending a Signal
Over time, brain inflammation can interfere with memory, magnify depressed feelings, accelerate dementia, and perhaps even play a role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease and other aging-brain conditions. Enter luteolin. New cell studies suggest that it may mute the nerve signals that tell immune cells in the brain to release inflammatory chemicals called cytokines. Munch, Sip, Sprinkle
You can eat celery stalks as a snack, blend celery into smoothies, or sprinkle chopped celery onto salads for extra crunch. No celery lurking about in the back of your fridge? No problem. Respectable levels of luteolin can also be found in green peppers, chili peppers, spinach, lettuce, chamomile tea, and thyme. Put these four other brain-building habits into play as well: • Set aside time for a snooze. A mini nap is your brain’s best friend. • Give your mind a workout with mental challenges, helping you train your brain to stay sharp. • Build more buddies. Social networking can help cut the risk of mental decline in half. • Exercise feeds brain cells.


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How to get over your past hurt

Has your spouse neglected you? Re- You get dealt a hand. And you have no jected you? Hurt you? control over the cards you get dealt. It’s Are you struggling to get over the predetermined. pain of an affair? But you also get to play that hand. If your marriage is in trouble, the You also have free choice. chances are good that you need to put Ultimately, it’s the COMBINATION some hurt behind you. of the hand you’re dealt and the way It’s one of the you play it that most common determines the questions I get. outcome. And it’s Marriage “Mort, I want to the outcome that make my marriage shapes your view work. But how do I of the original with Mort Fertel get over the past?” hand you were Here’s the key. dealt. The first step I don’t know is to realize what if you’re familiar you’re REALLY trying to accomplish. with the Bible, but it’s interesting to What does it REALLY mean to get over note that in Chapter 1 of Genesis, God the past? says, “Let US make man in our image.” You can’t change what happened. Look at that verse again: “Let US make There’s no time machine that can send man in our image.” Who is “us?” Who you back to relive the past. What’s done is God talking to? There wasn’t anyone is done. created yet. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not The answer is: God is talking to US. saying that your situation is hopeless. He’s talking to me. He’s talking to YOU. What I’m saying is that you first have And He’s saying that YOU are partners to be clear about what you can and with Him in the creation of your life. cannot change. You CAN get over your (There are other explanations for past (as I’ll explain). But you CANNOT this verse too.) God deals you a hand. change events that already occurred. There’s nothing you can do to change The good news though, is that you that. But you get to play that hand. You don’t have to change the past in order get to respond to the events of your life. to get over it. What you have to change And it’s your response, your actions in is the MEANING of the past. the future, which determine the meanThink for a moment. Was there ever ing of the events in your past. a time in your life when something So how do you get over the past? You horrible happened and you thought, don’t have to get over the past. The past “Why is this happening to me?” But is over! What’s important is the MEANthen a few years later you looked back ING the past has for you NOW. And the and you could answer that question. In MEANING of your past is determined retrospect, you understood why it hap- by your actions in the future. pened. At first, it seemed like the world The people I know who have the was caving in. Later, it all made sense. best marriages are people who went In fact, very often, we eventually re- through hell in their relationship. They alize that bad times are part of a pro- “got over” their past because they used cess that leads to something good! it as a catalyst to IMPROVE their situaIt’s the events that FOLLOW bad tion. In other words, the painful events times that determine the ultimate inspired them to change themselves meaning of those times. In other words, and their marriage. And many people it’s your future that determines your I know began this process WITHOUT past; not the other way around. And their spouse. since YOU are in charge of your future, If you make the right moves, you then YOU determine the meaning of will come to view certain events as your past. birth pains that led to a new AND IMIt’s interesting to think about this PROVED marriage. THAT’S how you in the context of an age-old question: “get over” the past. Do we have free choice or is everything It’s strange how life works somepredetermined? The answer is YES. times, but if you play your hand right, Everything is predetermined AND we your hurts become part of your healhave free choice. ing. And, in fact, when it comes to It’s like when you play a card game. PAST HURT, cont’d. on Page 21

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How to make time for exercise By Jessamyn Patterson It’s no secret, we’re all busy. It’s kind of a fact of life these days. Between children, work, spouses, family, houses, bills, kid activities, church, community activities, responsibilities—the list could go on and on—it’s really hard to find time to exercise. However just because we’re all busy, our workouts don’t have to become nonexistent. Our bodies and mindsets get such fantastic physical and mental returns from exercising, it makes it so important that we create healthy living to become a priority. Here are some helpful ideas to support you crossing “exercise” off your daily to-do list: • Prepare the night before. Set out your workout clothes, shoes, socks, water bottle, and anything else you might need. If you’re going to the gym, make sure there’s gas in the car. Preparation alleviates a lot of potential “reasons” for not working out. • Wear your workout clothes (except to work, of course). I put on my workout clothes first thing in the morning because it not only reminds me to exercise, but on those crazy busy days I’m ready to take advantage of every free

minute to do a little something. Even about what to do. a few minutes here and there through•  Be flexible. Constant out the day can add up to some great change is the name of the workout time — run up and down the game. In fact, often the stairs, do walking lunges, walk instead only constant in our life is of drive, throw in change. Do the best you a few pushups or can, when you can, and burpees, do squats give yourself a pat on the while you’re on back for doing so. the phone, do •  Reward yourself. crunches while Hey, it works for kids, you tickle your so why not for us baby’s toes… get creative! Constant change is the • Don’t get stuck in a name of the game. groove by doing the same In fact, often the workout over and over again — try something new. only constant in our Variety results not only in life is change. stronger muscles (and more calories burned), but a more enjoyable workout, too! • Plan your day. I recommend a 24- too? Instead hour planner, especially if you are at of a chore stay at home mom or work from home. chart, make Truthfully write out how you are spend- an exercise chart. You ing your free hours. I always say that if can even use some you plan your workouts at a time and cute stickers. Howcommit to it just as you would a doc- ever, instead of cheeztor’s appointment, you will feel guilty its and hamburgers, if running late or missing it. Have a choose a healthy replan A. And a plan B. And some days ward that benefits your you might even need a plan Z. Make new choices and new a list of workouts so when you’re in a goals. Like manicures, time crunch, you don’t have to think new jeans, or even a fun physical activ-


8 August 15, 2013 THE MILITARY PRESS

ity. Start following online coupon deals. Instead of movies and butter popcorn try snorkeling or rock climbing! •  Include the kids. Jump rope, play ball, run around the block, play hopscotch, teach them your favorite exercises, and have them do the same for you. For infants and toddlers, put them in the stroller and let them become part of your workout, or even extra weight to lift! Be an example of the importance of exercise. You will be staying accountable and setting great examples! When you make the time to exercise regularly, you’ll be happier—and more productive—in all the areas of your life. For more information, visit www. teambeachbody.com/ jessamynleesha, www. facebook.com/coachjessamyn or email Jessamynleesha@yahoo.com


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Get the most car for your money good-standing and that you’re finanBy Dave Ledwell, VP Consumer cially-able to take on a car payment, Lending, Navy Federal Credit Union you’re ready for the next step. Attention military members and family: are you considering Step 3: Check Your buying a new or used vehicle this spring? Credit Report and Interest rates are at record Score lows. If you’re in a good finanGetting a car loan at the cial position to buy, now is the best possible rate requires a time to get an affordable loan. good credit score. Before apSo, where should you start? plying for an auto loan, it’s Purchasing power is crucial best to get a copy of your credDave Ledwell when it comes to buying a veit report. Although financial inhicle and it’s important to make stitutions will check your credit when sure you’re spending within your fi- applying for a loan, having your report nancial means. Along with conducting in advance gives you the chance to corresearch before choosing a make and rect any discrepancies before applymodel, there are steps you can take ing. This leads to a quicker application to ensure you’re getting the best pos- process and prevents denial because sible deal. of a credit report error unbeknownst Here are five tips to getting the to you. All Navy Federal members can most car for your money with a pay- get a free credit report at www.annument you can live with: alcreditreport.com.

Step 1: Know What You Can Afford

Your first step when making any large purchase should be to assess your current financial situation. Review your monthly income, subtract all anticipated expenses, and make sure there’s money left to not only afford a car payment, but also to contribute to your savings. Adding a car payment to your monthly budget shouldn’t leave you without money remaining for things like groceries or unexpected expenses.

Step 2: Review Your Credit Inventory

Take a comprehensive look at your at your current debt. Are you in goodstanding on all prior loan commitments and credit cards? If not, it may be difficult to obtain financing at a low interest rate, which will result in a higher monthly payment. So, if you’re behind on other loans, take the steps now to get in good shape to purchase a car. Go back to step 1 if need be. Once you’ve made sure all your debts are in

Step 4: Shop Around for the Best Rate

Rates are low right now. Before walking into a dealership, check interest rates at different lenders and read the fine print for any hidden fees. The key to a good auto loan is striking the right balance between the rate and how long to finance the loan. New vehicles will have a lower interest rate, but the monthly payments will be larger. Look for the shortest term you can afford without breaking your budget.

Step 5: Get Pre-approved

Once you’ve shopped around, increase your buying power by visiting your chosen lender and getting a quick, pre-approved loan. A salesperson will be more willing to bargain if how much you’ve been approved for and what are willing to pay has already been determined. Keep your payment threshold in mind and allow your pre-approval to lead discussions at the negotiating table. It’ll result in purchasing a car at a price that’s right for your budget.



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August 15, 2013 THE MILITARY PRESS 9

The benefits of online learning By Tom Snyder Ivy Tech Community College I strongly believe that the future of higher education lies with online learning. Increasingly, colleges and university students now find themselves with other obligations beyond that of getting a degree. Jobs and family commitments make equal demands on their time. Having the option of taking online classes and studying on their own time is critically important. At the same time, many state institutions are unable to accommodate all those who want to take classes on campus, escalating the demand for online learning.

Finally, lifelong learning must now be a part of everyone’s career plans. In today’s job market, taking online courses help workers remain competitive and they don’t need to take time off from their jobs to do this. Community colleges have been in the forefront of online learning. In the 2010-11 semester, Ivy Tech in Indiana had more than 79,000 unduplicated students in 300 credit earning online courses. Governor Jerry Brown of California just announced a pilot program offering low-cost online courses to the state’s public institutions of higher education. The emphasis will be placed on course work for entry-level math,

college algebra, and elementary statistics -- subjects that normally have high failure rates. Students need to determine if online learning is an option for them because not everyone does well with this type of study. Some questions that any potential online students should ask is whether or not they can learn independently; how organized they are with their time; whether they are computer savvy; their level of reading comprehension; and if they have at least ten hours a week to devote to each course.

Many make the mistake of assuming that an online class will be easier

Tuition rates made fair for vets By Terry Howell, Military Advantage In January of this year, Chairman Jeff Miller (FL) and Ranking Member Mike Michaud (ME) of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs introduced bipartisan legislation (H.R. 357) that would require state-operated schools to give veterans “in-state tuition” rates even though they may not be residents of the states where the schools are located. The requirement would apply to state schools which have programs which are eligible for the GI Bill. According the House VA Committee’s press release, the legislation has

been met with early support from several Veterans Service Organizations, including the Student Veterans of America and VFW. Michael Dakduk of the Student Veterans of America said, “We fully support Chairman Miller’s and Congressman Michaud’s efforts to provide in-state tuition to student veterans regardless of residency status. The ‘GI Bill Tuition Fairness Act of 2013’ addresses the issue of inequity within the Post 9/11 GI Bill and will do a great deal to support veterans’ success in higher education.” The VFW’s Executive Director, Bob

Wallace was quoted in the January 23, 2013 press release, “Over the last couple of years, the VFW has heard from countless veterans driven into more expensive college programs because public schools offered no flexibility in residency requirements, prohibiting veterans from attending at the in-state rate.” Adding, “The VFW is proud to see that Chairman Miller and Ranking Member Michaud have taken a bold stance to ensure student-veterans attending public schools receive a reasonably-priced education at the public school of their choice, as we intended when we passed the Post-9/11 GI Bill.”

than one taken in a traditional classroom. Often online instructors assign more reading materials than required in a regular classroom to ensure that students are engaged. Motivation is key to an online student’s success as is his ability to reach out to both instructors and fellow students using software such as Blackboard. That software program seamlessly integrates social media, making it possible to create online communities that are course specific. Blogs, tweets, podcasts, webcasts, online chats, discussion boards, and virtual study jams are all part of the online mix. Success in an online course often depends on how connected a student feels to his instructor and fellow students. I believe that online learning has the potential to revolutionize higher education. Students will be able to learn at their own pace and problems as simple as finding a place to park on campus will be eliminated. Public colleges and universities simply cannot build new facilities to accommodate all those who need credits in higher education. In addition, credit hours taken online particularly at a community college are often less expensive. It therefore makes good financial sense for a student to take core courses online at a community college and then transfer those credits to a four year institution.


10 August 15, 2013 THE MILITARY PRESS

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- Justin Watson, Ashford graduate


AU 1918




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13AUAM0577 • AC-0255

August 15, 2013 THE MILITARY PRESS 11

Historic landing of F-35B at Miramar Photos and story Douglas Aguillard It was around noon on July 30, 2013, and several F/A-18s from Marine squadrons VMFA 314 “The Black Knights” and VMFA (AW) 225 “The Vikings” were taking off from the runways at Marine Corps Air Station Mi-

ramar, just northeast of San Diego and heading out over the Pacific Ocean, when word came from the base’s control tower, “She’s 65 miles out.” Within a few minutes, word had spread up and down the flight line. Marines started coming out from hang-


The historic landing of the first Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II from Yuma happened on July 30, 2013. ers and different work areas to begin lining up along the ramp to see what was going on. Suddenly, she was there. Overhead, a Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II from VMFA-121 “The Green Knights” came flying in from the east. She was about to make history as the first F-35B to land at MCAS Miramar. The F-35B, piloted by the squadron’s commanding officer, Lt. Colonel Scott, flew over the airfield and made a turn, water vapor seemly swallowing up his aircraft. When the Lt. Colonel made his approach, he came in with wheels down to do a “touch and go” landing, but pulled up when he was approximately 30 feet above the ground. He made another pass, then landed. He taxied the plane over to where the media and several high-ranking Marines from the airfield’s Operation Center were staged. Interviews were conducted and the me-

dia was able to get a closer view of the plane. The Marine Corps currently has nine F-35Bs, all stationed at MCAS Yuma with “The Green Knights,” and 10 pilots capable of flying them. Eventually, the F-35B will replace all of the AV-8B Harrier IIs, the F/A-18s Hornet/ Super Hornet, and the EA-6B Prowler. The Lightning II is capable of hovering and providing the close air/ground support to the Marine infantry. Like the Harrier, it can fly supersonic with the fighter capabilities of the Hornets. It can be outfitted for the anti-electronics warfare such as the current mission of the Prowler. By 2016, the F-35B should be calling MCAS Miramar, its home.




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12 August 15, 2013 THE MILITARY PRESS

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The Internet did what the DoD never could

Program helps vets

Vet to Vet San Diego at Balboa Park provides pe er to peer support. We meet Tuesd ays from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Veterans Museum, 2115 Park Boulevard, San Diego, California 92101, enter through the basement door on the We st side of the building. Contact: Call Michael Silverman (949) 842-8276 or Hugo Haynie (619) 249-6355, or on Facebook wwwf acebook. com/VettoVetSD

fts? Need flowers? Gi 00-FLOW-

When you use 1-8 mo code ERS and enter pro purchase r TAPS, 15% of you ist famiass lp he to price will go lies of fallen troops.

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) has stopped selling Playboy and some other adult magazines. The magazines had remained on the shelves even after legislators tried to remove them from AAFES stores, citing a rise in violent, sexual crimes. Because of lack of readership, Playboy and over 800 other titles will be removed including Saturday Evening Post and SpongeBob comic books.

Marines’ new enhanced combat helmet goes to production

be issued to Marines bound for deployment. The new helmet results from a collaboration with the Army that dates from March 2009 when the Corps received an urgent requirement, stating that the Corps needed to produce a helmet with enhanced ballistic protection from selected small-arms ammunition and fragmentation. The Navy joined the program the following year.

about returning home, and thoughts on the war itself. Whisper’s location tool reveals that many of these posts are actually created in Afghanistan. For more info, visit www.Your-Voice.org/.

Military find support on the new Whisper app

Vet Ready Resource and Career Fair

Whisper is a free iOS and Android app that lets users share secrets anonymously and connect to people around you through shared experiences. A trend on the app is for U.S. military to share confessions and secrets. They write whispers about the military, fighting overseas, feelings

The Marine Corps is getting ready to field its new enhanced combat helmet. In the first quarter of fiscal 2014 the first of thousands of ECHs will

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DoD Warns of Looming Promotion Freezes

Defense Secretary Ch uck Hagel informed the Sena te Armed Services Committee tha t if Congress fails to end budg et sequestration, DoD could be forced to freeze military promo tions, suspend recruiting, put a hold on all PCS orders and ma ke bigger reductions in forces than current law allows.


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Disturbing statis12ticreport

According to a 20 rtment of from the U.S. Depa t 14.3 perou ab rs, fai Veterans Af cide. The cent of vets commit sui Ameriall for e national averag nt. rce pe 1 low be ll cans is we

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Getting Older The following are examples of what the ravages of time — and sometimes bad cosmetic surgery — can do to your face. There’s no escaping aging.


Ozzie Osbourne of Black Sabbath and “The Osbournes” reality show

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Jolie surprises fans at event, talks about new movie ANAHEIM, Calif. -- There was a lot to marvel atduring Saturday’s presentation at Disney fan event D23, which highlighted the movie studio’s live action slate through 2015. But what really got fans out of their seats was a surprise appearance by Angelina Jolie, who popped up to introduce the audience to a few clips from 2014’s Sleeping Beauty tale,Maleficent.

The actress took the stage in a typical black outfit with just a bit of sparkle: diamond drops at her ears and her engagement ring. “I’m so excited to be here!” she said, before reminiscing about the horns she wore as Maleficent on set. “I miss them. I love them.” Jolie spoke of how children responded to her imposing character, whose horns are offset by glowing


eyes, dangerously sharp cheekbones and ruby red lips. “People with little kids would visit the set, and I would think, ‘I’m a Disney character,’ “ she said, to laughter. “And I would go over to the children, and they’d scream and run off. One little kid even said, ‘Mommy, please tell the mean witch to stop talking to me.’ I guess we did a good job.” How did her daughter Vivienne end up with a bit part playing Young Aurora? “Vivienne was the only 4-year-old who wouldn’t scream,” said Jolie. “She and I got to be part of it together.” The actress then introduced some footage from the film, including a scene of the quarrelsome pixies, a shot of Vivienne as Young Aurora running through a field, and Elle Fanning playing the grown-up princess, destined to fall under Maleficent’s curse. Fans, added Sean Bailey, president of Walt Disney Studios, will finally find out what drove Maleficent to curse the innocent baby. And where was the Jolie-Pitt clan during the D23 presentation? “They are playing at the (theme) park now,” said Jolie.

16 August 15, 2013 THE MILITARY PRESS

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Previewing Special Teams

mance in their 31-10 loss to the Seahawks in the exhibition opener, one has to question if Telesco and Co. assembled enough talented players to replace some of those veterans he failed to re-sign over the offseason – many of whom were key contributors on the kick coverage and return teams. For the night, the Seahawks clearly outplayed the Chargers in the special teams area by posting 150 total return yards (4-94 yds. on punt returns; 2-56 yds. on interception returns) to the Chargers 8 yards (1-8 yds. on punt returns; 0 interceptions). Although the Chargers outgained the Seahawks on

By Art Garcia, Jr. Over the past few years the special teams unit of the Chargers hasn’t been very special. And although the unit as a whole improved under Rich Bisaccia the past two seasons, it’s been another area on the team where injuries and depth have taken its toll. With veterans Mike Scifres, Nick Novak and Mike Windt returning to man the punter, kicking and long-snapping duties, respectively, the Chargers have a reliable and solid threesome performing those all-important duties every Sunday. Following a disappointing perfor-

kickoff returns (4-84 yds. vs. 1-20 yds.), it is clear that both the coverage and return teams need to improve before the live bullets start flying on September 9th. One aspect the Chargers have in their


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A tS

#11 Eddie Royal favor to improve their special teams is new coach Kevin Spencer. Entering his 23rd year in the NFL, Spencer has spent the last 15 years as a special teams coach with stints in Indianapolis (1998-01), Pittsburgh (2002-06) and Arizona (2007-12). He won a Super Bowl championship with the Steelers after the 2005 season and an NFC Championship with the Cardinals in ’08. What makes his hiring so intriguing is Spencer’s knack for developing some of the best young returners into gamechanging players. In 1999, Terrence Wilkins was selected to a number of NFL All-Rookie teams after returning both a punt and a kickoff for touchdowns that year playing for the Colts. In his five seasons learning under Spencer, Atwaan Randle-El set a Steelers’ team record with four punt returns for touchdowns. In his time with the Cardinals both LaRod Stephens-Howling and Patrick Petersen shined under Spencer. In 2010, Stephens-Howling led the NFL with 1,542 kickoff return yards and scored on returns of 102 yards and 96 yards. During his rookie year in 2011, Peterson tied an NFL record by returning four punt returns for touchdowns, becoming only the fourth player in league history to return four punt return scores in a season. Peterson also became the first player in NFL history to return four punts of 80-plus yards and his 99-yard punt return for a touchdown in overtime against the Rams is the second-longest in NFL history. Named the NFL Special Teams Coach of the Year in 2003, Spencer has a number of talented players competing for the kickoff and punt return duties in 2013. The question is which one of the players listed below can be effective not only as a returner, but can also perform on the coverage teams and their positions as well? Here is the list

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Honoring Busch closes the deal our Heroes! with win at the Glen Active & Retired Military now receive preferred golf rates!




Redemption. After two years of coming up just short of victory at the 2.45-mile, 11turn road course, Kyle Busch finally had things go his way at Watkins Glen (N.Y) International. This time, Busch closed the deal and claimed victory in the 355k at The Glen NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race Sunday to earn his second career victory at the iconic track and his third win of the 2013 season.

“When it’s your day, it’s your day, and today was ours,” Busch said. “This Toyota Camry today, it deserved to be in victory lane the last couple years here, so this was ‘Rowdy’s’ revenge. I’m glad it’s back in victory lane today.” Busch, driver of the No. 18 M&M’s Toyota Camry for






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Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR), started fifth. He moved into second place by lap 23, chasing leader Marcos Ambrose. At lap 29, Busch brought his No. 18 Camry to the attention of his pit crew for four tires and fuel, along with a wedge adjustment to help tighten his loose-handling racecar on the righthand turns. Busch made his final pit stop of the day on lap 59, and the timing couldn’t have been better. The caution flag waved as the M&M’s crew was performing their pit stop, which handed the lead to Busch since he had pitted before the caution. The next event on the Sprint Cup schedule is the Pure Michigan 400 on Sunday, Aug. 18 at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn. The race starts at 1 p.m. EDT, with live coverage provided by ESPN.


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Cont’d. from Page 18 of the top three specialists competing to land the starting return spots.

Richard Goodman WR/KR

Entering his fourth year with the Chargers, Goodman appears to be a lock to make the team now that fellow receiver Denario Alexander is out for the season. Goodman’s 27.6 yard kick return average ranks fourth in the NFL over the past two years and his 105-yard kickoff return versus the Raiders in 2011 is the longest in franchise history.


Eddie Royal WR/KR/PR

As with Goodman, Alexander’s injury all but ensures Royal a roster spot because of his duel-threat abilities. When healthy, Royal’s explosiveness makes him a threat at both wide-out and inside as a slot receiver and prior to last season he has a career average of 11.9 yards per punt return. Entering his sixth NFL season, Royal has three career touchdowns as a return specialist – two on punt returns and one kickoff return.

Keenan Allen WR/KR/PR

Projected to be a first round pick prior to a knee injury late in his junior year, many ‘experts’ feel he could be the steal of the draft if he can stay healthy. A standout receiver for the Cal Berkley Bears, Allen left school after his junior season having caught a school-record 205 passes, for 2,570 yards (third in school history) and 17 touchdowns (seventh). Allen also averaged 12.0 yards as a punt returner and 22.6 on kickoffs for the Golden Bears. In just three seasons on campus he recorded 3,458 all-purpose yards.







The Endzone

The special teams unit will face a huge challenge this week as the team travels to Chicago to battle the Bears this Thursday night. Facing perhaps the best return specialist in NFL history in Devin Hester, it’s going to be interesting to see how much Spencer’s unit improves following a poor performance against the Seahawks. With roster spots on the line, who is going to step into the spotlight and prove to Mike McCoy that they are one of the best 53 players to keep on the final roster?

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ACROSS 1. Ride the waves 5. Ledger entry 10. Church alcove 14. Baby’s bed 15. French for “Queen” 16. Not fast 17. Destroy completely 19. Arid 20. Friend 21. Lift 22. He “harvests” ores 23. Trap 25. Perch 27. Frozen 28. Air travel 31. Kick out 34. Hardy wheat 35. To and ___ 36. Contest 37. Obdurate 38. A muscle of the thigh 39. Venomous snake 40. Lyric poem 41. Gown fabric 42. Mandatory completion time 44. Floral necklace 45. Flavor 46. Get hold of 50. Ancient Roman magistrate 52. Interlace 54. Kitten’s cry 55. Bobbin 56. Saleable 58. Heredity unit 59. Bay window 60. Expunge 61. Chooses 62. Untidy 63. At one time (archaic)

DOWN 1. Range 2. Not rural 3. Streamlets 4. A law enforcement agency 5. Depressing 6. Creepy 7. Partiality 8. Interpose 9. T 10. Help 11. Bountiful 12. Achy 13. Pitcher 18. Plot of land

22. Protective ditch 24. Agreeable 26. Greasy 28. Any animal with no feet 29. By mouth 30. Connecting point 31. Quaint outburst 32. Flower holder 33. Restive 34. Ceramic ware 37. Expectoration 38. Resign 40. If not 41. Basic belief 43. Rapids

SUDOKU The rules to play Sudoku are quite simple. Fill in the blanks so that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3 grids contain one instance of each of the numbers 1 through 9.

44. Adorable 46. Gateaux 47. Yellowish-brown 48. Mobile phones 49. Sound from a nest 50. Therefore 51. Bottomless 53. Twin sister of Ares 56. Mother 57. Citrus drink

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Comedy shorts

Husband says; “When I’m gone you’ll never find another man like me.” Wife replied; “What makes you think I’d want another man like you!” When I was young I used to pray for a bike, then I realized that God doesn’t work that way, so I stole a bike and prayed for forgiveness.

and says, “Did you know your eyes match your swim trunks?” He says, “Why? Are my eyes bulging?” “I told my wife that a man is like a fine wine... I always get better with age. The next day, she locked me in the wine cellar.” Innkeeper: The room is $15 a night. It’s $5 if you make your own bed. Guest: I’ll make my own bed. Innkeeper: Good. I’ll get you some nails and wood.

Just for Laughs

A woman walks up to a guy in a blue bathing suit


Taylor Swift

“Waiter! This coffee tastes like mud.” “Yes sir, it’s fresh ground.”

Heath Ledger Wife: Give me some money. I want to buy a bra.

Husband: Why? You have nothing to put in it! Wife: You wear shorts don’t you!

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George W. Bush (July 6, 1946 to present)) 43rd Vice President of the United States

BMW 5 Alpina

You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on. — George W. Bush

Dick Cheney (Jan. 30, 1941 to present) 46th Vice President of the United States

World events

•  Several European newspapers reprint controversial cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, sparking outrage and rioting for weeks. •  Iran refuses access to U.N. inspectors. Many worry over Iran’s intent to build a nuclear bomb.

•  Iran tests missiles capable of reaching Israel. •  Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust ever existed. •  Saddam Hussein is charged and found

guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by hanging. •  Sydney, Australia’s temperature hits 113 degrees. •  Tsunami strikes the Indonesian island of Java, killing 300. •  North Korea declares it has carried out its first test of a nuclear weapon, becoming the world’s 9th nuclear power. •  Italy wins the World Cup in Germany,

defeating France.

U.S. news

•  California suffers worst heat wave in recent history with temperatures reaching 115 and lasting for a two week period. •  Zacarias Moussaoui convicted of conspiring to kill Americans as part of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. •  Tornado outbreak affects Iosa, Indiana, Missouri. •  U.S. Energy Dept.

releases a report saying there are about a trillion barrels worth of oil in the form of oil reserves in the Green River basin. •  President Bush acknowledges secret CIA prisons around the world outside of U.S. legal jurisdiction. •  Eight U.S. seaports sold to Middle East. •  6.6 magnitude earthquake hits Hawaii. •  Two major E-Coli breakouts caused by fresh spinach and lettuce affects 500 people. •  One-day boycott on April 10 of U.S. schools and businesses by one million immigrants, both legal and illegal.


•  The one billionth song is purchased from iTunes. •  Nintendo releases the Wii with the MSRP of $249.99. •  Google purchases YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock. •  Pluto is downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet by the IAU.

Chevy Corvette Z06 24 August 15, 201315, THE MILITARY PRESS Page 24 August 2013 THE MILITARY PRESS

www.MilitaryPress.com • editorsdesk@militarypress.com

6 0 20

remember when...



•  Super Bowl XL: Steelers defeated the Seahawks 21-10 •  NBA Finals: Miami Heat over the Dallas Mavericks

Popular films

•  The Departed •  Babel •  Letters from Iwo Jima •  The Queen •  The Pursuit of Happyness •  The Devil Wears Prada •  Underworld: Evolution

Popular musicians

•  Mariah Carey •  Beyonce •  Ne-Yo •  INXS •  The Pussycat Dolls •  Nine Inch Nails •  Coldplay

Popular songs

•  Bad Day, Daniel Powter •  Temperature, Sean Paul •  Promiscuous, Nelly Furtado •  You’re Beautiful, James Blunt •  Hips Don’t Lie, Shakira •  Unwritten, Natasha Bedingfield •  Crazy, Gnarls Barkley •  Ridin’, Chamillionaire •  Sexyback, Justin Timberlake •  Grillz, Nelly

Above right: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Left: Taylor Dior, Suri Cruise, Kingston Rossdale, Jake Vaughn.

Popular television

•  Malcom in the Middle •  The Weakest Link •  Yes, Dear •  The Simpsons •  24 •  Fear Factor •  Law & Order: Criminal Intent •  Pop Idol •  Smallville •  The Amazing Race •  The Bernie Mac Show •  American Idol •  CSI: Miami •  The Bachelor •  Without a Trace •  Arrested Development •  Cold Case •  NCIS •  The O.C. •  Two and a Half Men •  CSI New York •  Desperate Housewives •  Grey’s Anatomy •  The Apprentice •  Everybody Hates Chris •  Family Guy •  My Name is Earl

•  Income per year $46,326 •  Minimum wage $5.15 •  New House $395,000 •  Rent $900 •  Car $28,451 •  Gallon of gas $2.20 •  Loaf of bread $2.79 •  Dozen eggs $1.21 •  Gallon of milk $2.24 •  First-class stamp 32¢

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26 August 15, 2013 THE MILITARY PRESS




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