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december 2013 - january Volume 3 Number 1


6 5 Ways to Keep your Military Marriage Strong

by kathryn sneed

11 Dealing with Deployment: Flat Daddy

by emily kelley

13 The Phone Bazinga: Why Kids Get Loud When Your on the Phone

18 Preparing for the Flu

by Brian A. Klems

by Christine Vara

24 Meet Our Family: Our Holiday Traditions 29 Happy Annoying Thanksgiving and Merry Irritating Christmas

by geoffery tumlin

35 Oh Boy, You’re Having a Girl book review


36 Meet a baby animal

34 Monthly munchies

37 Community Calendar

Fun arts and crafts to make with your kids A fun, family-friendly recipe

Learn about local wildlife and their young

Our family

41 Kids’ Corner

Games, puzzles and fun facts

Local events for the whole family | december 2013 - january 2014 | 5

5 ways to Keep Your Military Marriage Strong Story by Kathryn Sneed singing through the rain Blog


ver the years, I have learned a lot of lessons about military life and marriage. Keeping my marriage strong has been important to me because I know that although the military lifestyle can be tough, marriage is still our responsibility and there are plenty of things I can do to help keep it strong! Below are ways I have learned that have helped strengthen our marriage through the tough times, and separations, and I believe they can help keep your military marriage strong too! 1. Communicate! You’ve probably heard before that communication is the key to any relationship, and that is so true! Communication is especially important in a military marriage because of how stressful the lifestyle can be. If you are not talking things out with your spouse, you are keeping it all in and eventually it will hurt your relationship. Communicate honestly, your feelings about the lifestyle, the job, the mission, and even deployment. Yes, sometimes there are things your spouse may not be able to tell you

about the job or the mission, and that’s okay. But with effective communication, you and your spouse will still be able to talk through important things about your family and about your marriage. 2. Savor Each Moment. As a military spouse it can be very easy to see the difficult aspects of the military lifestyle. For a lot of military families, separation is big part of life and it can be easy to see each moment as less and less time until your spouse leaves again. Instead of looking at it like that, learn to savor the moments you have with your spouse. Go on a date, take a vacation, do things you might not normally do together – just have fun! Focus on the good and appreciate the small things in your marriage and family. Then, when your spouse is away again, you will have these wonderful moments to look back on and remember. 3. Have Understanding and Patience. Understanding and patience are so important in a military marriage because of the toll the lifestyle can take

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6 | december 2013 - january 2014 |

oose eek and

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on the military member and even the spouse. There will be days where your spouse may be having a bad day at work or maybe they have pulled away due to an upcoming deployment. These are times where understanding and patience are the keys to getting through each day. Being understanding will help lessen the tension between you and your spouse, and being patient will help both of you learn to get through each day and each tough time, step by step. 4. Talk and Laugh Often. If there is one thing I’ve learned as a military spouse it’s that I should never be too busy to laugh and talk with my husband. Time together is precious and sometimes laughter is few and far between, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take time out for it! It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine and I definitely agree. Sitting together talking and laughing is a great way to strengthen your relationship and it’s definitely something you won’t regret! 5. Make the Best of Time Apart. Time apart from your spouse is usually inevitable in the military, but learning to make the best of that time is going to help the separation go much easier. Instead of pulling away during this time, use it to grow closer to your spouse and learn more about them. Make the best of these separations, by having a good attitude, setting some goals to accomplish during this time, and learning to encourage each other through it. For more from Kathryn, visit:

Recreational an d competitive gym “W nastics fo r ke idsca18mmeon ath ll sthto e 18 wayeyafr o m rs to inNcleuw paY de reonrk t/tofo isit t, rpraesvch . l,Obe u r d oo a ugthhro ginner teurgh t tw asp dve o annce d recw ek, scoamt pu cle ass CC mtim lsG ory,suop pl!teSahm onearl, ancdam Xce es,hsu admamb la st a n er d ca c mps, birtahnda ’t y wapa it rt toiere s atu is, ymeuach ndrnmth uch r!”m— E .F . ore. Our staff is highly qualified, well trained & USAG certified 252.222.4961 300 Greenfield Dr. | Morehead City, NC | december 2013 - january 2014 | 7

300 Greenfield Dr. • Newport, NC 28570

Baby Yourself

Seven ways for new moms to care for themselves (and why it’s important) Story by Princess Ivana |

Welcoming a new baby into your life is a joyous occasion—just like everyone says. What they don’t talk about is what happens after all of the adoring well-wishers have met your baby, dropped off frozen meals and left. For the first year (or more) of your baby’s life, you’re caught in a perfect storm of hormones, sleep deprivation, dirty diapers, mounting responsibilities and clothes that don’t quite fit the way they used to. Meanwhile, the concern and sympathy people had for you during your pregnancy seem to have evaporated. You’re a mom now—that’s life! Better get used to it, is the refrain you hear when you mention how overwhelmed, busy and neglected you feel. For many mothers, baby’s first year is a preview of what’s to come for the next 18. That’s why it’s so important for new moms to get in the habit of taking care of themselves as well as their children from the very beginning. Most new moms are so focused on caring for their babies (and perhaps other children) that they don’t take the time to take care of themselves—and if they do indulge, they feel guilty! That’s a dangerous trap to fall into because neglecting yourself can quickly become a habit that affects your mental, emotional and physical health—as well as your ability to be a good parent. However, as a mother of two, I admit that simultaneously caring for yourself and your baby is easier said than done. As a mom, your first instinct is always going to be to put your baby first. After that, if you’re like many women, you’ll prioritize your spouse, your home, your career, and more. And when everything is said and done, there’s simply no time left for you.

If you feel selfish or even guilty about doing something for you when your baby needs you too, consider this: Taking a break from bottles and burp cloths makes you a better mother. You’ll come back from even a half-hour’s indulgence feeling refreshed, reset, and reconfirmed in your identity as an individual. You need to be in touch with your own interests, beliefs, values, and more in order to be your best self for your children and spouse. You also need some good old-fashioned R&R. Otherwise, you’ll only be going through the right motions as you travel the road toward motherhood burnout. Fortunately, taking care of yourself doesn’t have to mean large, expensive, time-consuming gestures. It can be pretty simple! Here, I share seven self-care suggestions to get new moms started: Keep your appointments. First, don’t fall behind on regular appointments for yourself. Get your teeth cleaned. Visit the eye doctor. Get your physical. No, these appointments aren’t anyone’s definition of fun, but they are important. Staying physically healthy is one of the best things you can do for you and your baby, so don’t use your baby as an excuse to skip them! And who knows—you’ll probably be able to steal a few minutes on the way home to grab a cup of your favorite seasonal coffee. Do something for no other reason than that you enjoy it. Read a book (that isn’t about parenting). Bake a cake. Go shopping. Watch your favorite show or a good movie (and don’t use it as a chance to catch up on laundry folding). Take a walk without bringing the stroller along. Dig out your sketchbook and pencils. It’s


WhEn yOu buy any nEW OR pRE-OWnEd caR FROm natIOnaL dOdgE chRysLER jEEp Ram! 2223 n. marine Blvd. • Jacksonville • 910.347.3777 8 | december 2013 - january 2014 |

true that you won’t have as much free time now that you’re a parent, but it shouldn’t completely go the way of the dinosaur. It’s important to stay in touch with the parts of yourself that aren’t a parent. If simple enjoyment isn’t enough of a reason to nudge you out the door sans baby, think about it this way: As your child grows, you’ll want her to have a fulfilled, self-actualized mother to look to as a role model. Give yourself a beauty ego boost. It’s simple: When you look good, you feel good about yourself. Freshening up your image does amazing things for your attitude, energy and outlook. Something as simple as a manicure or a hair trim can go a long way toward making you feel like a million bucks. No, you may never be able to return to your half-hourlong beauty regimen each morning—at least until your child is older—but that doesn’t mean you can’t enlist the help of professionals every now and then. Buy something for FUN. Not diapers. Not a cute onesie. Not groceries or more toilet paper. Pick out something for yourself that you know you will enjoy. Maybe it’s a magazine, a new nail polish in a fun shade, a pumpkin spice latte, a cute pair of pajamas or a flirty scarf. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be the perfect little pick-me-up and morale boost you need. Go on a date with yourself. When your life revolves around an infant, you are

Proud partner

rarely, if ever, alone. And even when little ones are tucked away in bed, you’re left with the day’s residue: the constant barrage of thoughts from a perpetually racing mind, items on your to-do list that still need to be checked off, issues that need to be discussed with your spouse, etc. That’s why it’s so important to take yourself on a date where you can truly be alone. Leave the little one with Grandma and spend a half-hour walking the aisles of Target. Go to a movie. Eat lunch alone. Grab a coffee and spend an hour reading a book. Don’t think that you have to have “plans” to do something fun—just enjoy the feeling of solitude and the infinite possibilities that come with it! Go on a date with your partner. Whether you’re a first-, second-, third-, or fourth-time mom, one thing is for sure: There is a brand-new human being in your house, and that tiny person is very demanding of your (and your spouse’s) time and energy. As you both focus on taking care of your baby, as well as any older children you may have, it can be very easy to neglect each other.Investing in your romantic relationship is vital during this time. While your identity as a mom takes precedence most of the time, you’re also a woman who needs to feel loved, wanted, sexy. So go on a date with your partner. Dress up. Hold hands. Flirt across the table. Keeping the spark alight is good for your marriage, for your general well-being, and for your children! Get together with a girlfriend. No, a

playdate doesn’t count. Instead, make dinner plans or go to lunch with a good friend so you can spend an hour talking (and actually getting to eat!). Motherhood can be isolating at times, particularly during that first year when your baby needs your presence 24/7. That’s especially the case when your close friends don’t also have children or babies. Make a point to invest in friendships and to treat yourself to “girl time.” Connecting with other women really is soul-healing—and it’s also nice to hear a friend assure you that no, you aren’t going crazy! So, how do you carve out the time to do these things? There are many options. Ask your spouse, your sister, or your mother-inlaw to watch the baby for a few hours. Hire a babysitter. Or get creative, and offer to watch a friend’s child for a few hours if she’ll do the same for you. No matter which route you take, don’t be ashamed to admit that you want a break. Believe me, the popular conception of the “selfsufficient” modern mom is a myth. It really does take a village to raise a child…so enlist yours to help take some of the pressure off. You deserve it! Ivana is the author of A Simple Guide to Pregnancy & Baby’s First Year, which was co-written with her mother, Magdalene Smith, and her sister, Marisa Smith. Their blog, Princess Ivana—The Modern Princess, is a blend of humor, practical advice and lifestyle tips on the essentials. Ivana is also a featured blogger on Modern Mom. Visit for more information.

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461 western blvd. suite 118 | jacksonville, nc | december 2013 - january 2014 | 9

30 minutes of exercise has tremendous benefits Story by Brad Driver

We’ve heard it all before but here we go again..


veryone wants to feel better, sleep better and have a better overall mood, health and weight, and there’s nothing that cures what ails us like good old fashioned physical activity. Study after study shows beyond a doubt that moderate exercise leads to significant health benefits. Add simple strength training two or three times a week, and benefits get even greater. “Sometimes people don’t work out because the word ‘work’ scares them. Change your mind set, and don’t view it as work,” said Brad Driver of Planet Fitness Jacksonville. “The key is to just do something at a pace and place that feels comfortable to you,” said Driver. “Don’t let intimidation keep you from realizing the life changing effects of taking care of yourself.” We are all living longer lives, and we want that to be quality time. The January issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter lists some of the benefits of 30 minutes of exercise a day (or however many you can spare in a week): • Lower blood pressure: A reduction of 5 to 10 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) is possible. In some cases, that’s enough to prevent or reduce the need for blood pressure medications.

• Improve cholesterol: Exercise often increases the concentration of high-density lipoprotein (HDL or “good” cholesterol in the blood), especially when accompanied by weight loss. Exercise also helps reduce triglyceride levels. • Prevent or manage type 2 diabetes: Exercise helps insulin work better, lowering blood sugar. • Manage weight: Coupling exercise with a healthy diet is the best way to shed fat and maintain a healthier body composition. • Prevent osteoporosis: Exercise may increase bone density and protect against bone mass decline, especially if weight-bearing activities are involved. • Prevent cancer: Exercise has been shown to strengthen the immune system, improve circulation, reduce body fat and speed digestion. Each has a role in preventing cancer, particularly cancers of the colon, prostate, uterine lining and breast. • Maintain mental well-being: Exercise may help reduce stress, improve mildto-moderate depression and anxiety, improve sleep and boost moods. • Increase energy and stamina: A lack of energy often results from inactivity, not age. So no matter your fitness level the benefits of physical activity are broad and undeniable. You’ve just been reminded of something you know you should be doing, so let’s get more active. Let’s change our lives for the better.



1231 Hargett St. (old Big Lots) Jacksonville, NC 28540

(910) 939-5263

10 | december 2013 - january 2014 |

Flat Dealing Daddy with


How the Spangenberg family delt with their dad being deployed


Military families are all different. They come in all shapes and sizes; however, I am sure they can agree on one thing: deployments are dreaded. Sure we all put on our game faces and get our preparations in order, but deep down seeing your active duty family member board that bus is terrifying. I believe those feelings are normal. What separates a good military family from a great military family though is in the days and months that follow that departure. I still consider myself pretty new to this military life. I rely heavily on fellow spouses for ideas and encouragement to get through it. I am blessed to be surrounded by those that don’t take even a minute to throw a pity party. We are

all in this together. Our most recent deployment was the first with our daughter. She is still pretty young, but as she gets older I wanted to have deployment activities in my vault ready to go for when the time comes. I would like to introduce to you Flat Daddy. The Spangenberg family created him this year before their dad Kirk Spangenberg’s deployment. The concept is based on the children’s book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. However, instead of the character joining Kirk on his many adventures, Sallie and the kids created a flat version of him to take on their adventures here at home. While Kirk was away, Flat Daddy met continued on page 32

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uzzles  Books  Customized Banners  Photocopies  Bulletin Board Pa P | december 2013 - january 2014 | 11

on as !!! S e re u e Fl Is H

g ! in nts Schedule Your Child’s t p ie e c Cato a s t a l C a r o l i n a c Flu Shots Today!!! A wp ne

You Live. We Fix. Carolina Pediatrics of Wilmington Dr. Mary Forehand , Dr. Sarah Adams, Dr. Heather Henderson and Dr. Jeanine May, Cindy Compeggie, PNP

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Phone Bazinga

Why kids get extra loud when you’re on the phone story by Brian a. kLems Before I was a parent, I talked on the phone without any problems at all. I could sit on the couch and quietly discuss with my wife the finer points of a romantic evening. I could pace around the house and talk with my friend Roger, trying to convince him that Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo is not only a dynamite pitcher but is also quite talented off the field too! I could talk—just talk—for however long I wanted. And I could do it in peace and quiet. It. Was. Glorious. Now that I’m a parent, those days are long gone thanks to a wonder of the world known as The Phone Bazinga. The Phone Bazinga is a phenomenon which states that

no matter how quiet and calm they currently are, your kids will suddenly be in your face and, most likely, screaming, the moment you make a phone call. It’s 100% true. There’s a secret Bat-Signal that goes off the second you say “Hello,” activating a molecule in kid brains where they lose their minds. What’s that? Dad’s on the phone! We must yell at the top of our lungs! I hear Mom is calling grandma! This is the perfect time to unload all those questions we’ve been saving up the past two hours and ask her right now! The 5 Principles of The Phone Bazinga 1. It can happen at your house, in your car, at the store— anywhere your kids can find you. 2. Age doesn’t matter. Whether they are 6 weeks old, 10 months old, 5 years old or in college, they will make noise once that phone is in your hand. continued on page 14

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FABRIC SOLUTIONS 7021 Market Street, Wilmington 910.686.6886 | Like us on Facebook | december 2013 - january 2014 | 13

continued from page 13 3. You can’t escape it. They follow you around, like a cruel game of Follow the Leader, tattling on “so-and-so” or complaining about “so-and-so” or asking why their mom (your wife) won’t let you grow back your mustache (because she doesn’t like things that are awesome). 4. It can happen at any time. Think you’ve outsmarted them by waiting until nighttime when they are sound asleep? You silly fool. They’ll just pick that time to sleepfall out of bed or throw up all over the covers. 5. The more important the phone call, the louder they get. Phone Bazingas make it nearly impossible for parents to communicate, which is why there’s always so much confusion around the house. My wife is always saying that she asked me “five times” to cut the grass. What she fails to mention is that each time she asked me, it was over the phone—likely during Level 3 Phone Bazingas. In fact, I’m most certain that all important “reminders” she gives me

Adolescent and Adult Orthodontics Treatment of TMD

happen during Phone Bazingas. This would also explain why last Thursday I didn’t take out the trash and why I didn’t pick up the dry cleaning (though in my defense, I did set a new all-time high score in Mario Kart—YEAH ME!). Can Phone Bazingas be Stopped? Don’t waste your time trying to stop it. You can’t. I’ve tried everything— setting them in front of the television, letting them play with the iPad, gating them in their playroom and then going upstairs and crouching in the corner of the bathroom tub (this only makes them louder and generally ends with an injury or something valuable breaking). I even tried bribing them with candy one time when I was trying to make a work call. This just led to two sets of screaming: 1) when they landed me with a high-pitched Phone Bazinga and 2) when they were furious that I wouldn’t give them candy after they failed to remain quiet during my important call. So forgive us friends and family when we don’t answer your calls and when you haven’t seen our number show up on your caller ID in years. It’s not because we don’t want to talk or because we’re mad at you (though if you were the one who drank the last beer in our house we are probably mad at you). It’s because, quite frankly, we can’t. At least, we can’t peacefully, all because of the Phone Bazinga. And that, my friends, is why the phone companies invented texting. Brian A. Klems is a writer, husband, softball player, perennial fantasy sports underachiever, Huffington Post contributor, N64 Golden Eye Champion, Saved by the Bell enthusiast and father of three lovely little girls (who, thankfully, look like their mother). You can read more of his stories at thelifeofdad. If you’d like to cut his grass or just want to chat, feel free to e-mail him at fozzie007@ or follow him on Twitter @BrianKlems.

No charge for initial orthodontic consultation United Concordia & Delta Dental Providers Tricare Network Provider Jacksonville 17 Office Park Dr. 910.353.5234

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Part-TimeToDistribution Associate help distribute our newspaper For more information on this position, please contact Distributing Manager, Dennis Fusco at (910) 347-9624 Ext. 107. Fax resume and cover letter to Distribution Manager, Landmark Military Newspaper of NC (910) 347-9628. Email to Landmark Military Newspapers of NC is a subsidary of targeted publications and The Virginian-Pilot Media Companies who are Equal Employment Opportunity Employers and support a drug-free work environment. 14 | december 2013 - january 2014 |

Toys for Tots brings smiles, hope this holiday season Story by LANCE CPL. JOSHUA W. GRANT The Toys for Tots is an annual gift-giving program aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and across Onslow County. The program began when Maj. Bill Hendricks and the Marines under his command wanted to give to less fortunate children during Christmas. Hendricks and his Marines collected more than 5,000 used toys during 1947, the first year of the campaign. Since its inception, Toys for Tots provided more than 216 million children with more than 469 million toys. Onslow County’s goal this year is 13,000 toys. In 1980, the Toys for Tots program no longer accepted used toys. In 1995, the Secretary of Defense approved the program as an official mission of the Marine Corps Reserve. The new toys collected are redistributed within each county to ensure they are kept within the local community, said Gunnery Sgt. Robert Patterson, Toys for Tots representative for seven Eastern North Carolina counties. “The program is designed for the children to have something to open on Christmas,” said Patterson. “If the family is struggling financially or lost their jobs, we help them with toys, and our homeless and foster children are not forgotten either.”

It is important for Marines to be part of the community in which they live, said retired Maj. Brian Murray, the Toys for Tots foundation vice president of operations. Donating money or toys can make the holiday season for children a very happy time. “Toys for Tots brings the community together for about three months every year to help less fortunate families,” said Murray. “While we are helping parents give a new gift to their child or children at Christmas, we are also giving a gift of hope for the future.” Murray added the goal of Toys for Tots is to reach as many children as possible each year, and with 760 campaign sites nationally for 2013, their goal is to reach more than 7 million children this year. The local program is scheduled to end Dec. 16. Units aboard base will have their own collection sites. The main exchange will have a drop box, as well as areas in the community.

For more information about the Toys for Tots program or to find a local drop site, visit Families can contact the Onslow County Christmas Cheer program at 347-4646 to get an application to receive toys.

1950 Hwy 172 Suite J Sneads Ferry, N.C. 28460 (Treasure Plaza Center/located behind Hardees)

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It is often during times of extreme devastation when children first see how communities can join together to help one another. Such efforts may be a child’s initial exposure to charity while highlighting the importance of putting another person’s needs before your own. But children need not be exposed to charity solely during times of tragedy. Teaching children to be charitable is one of the ways to help them become good citizens of the world. By helping others, parents can instill early on lessons of kindness, empathy and compassion into their sons and daughters. Children who are ready and willing to lend a helping hand may grow up to be more appreciative of what they have in their own lives. What’s more, they may learn to be selfless while assigning less value to material things. Youngsters who repeatedly see their own parents and other role models doing good and lending a helping hand may be more inclined to repeat that behavior, and giving will be the norm for them rather than the exception.

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Cedar Point Gymnastics Training Center To mold charitable children, families can employ the following techniques. * Start locally. There are people right in your own community or on the street where you live who can benefit from a helping hand. Ask an elderly neighbor if he or she needs assistance with shopping for groceries or could benefit from your child taking in the garbage cans after pickup. Children can help shovel snow from sidewalks or do other age-appropriate tasks, such as place a carelessly strewn newspaper closer to a neighbor’s door. * Volunteer as a family. The entire family can get together and spend time working at a community-sponsored carnival or cleaning debris from an area beach. Volunteer work may be available at your child’s school, where families can plant gardens around the property. When volunteering as a family, not only is your entire family helping to do good, but you’re spending quality time together as well. * Make charitable donations. Let children see the solicitations for monetary donations that come in the mail. Read aloud the pleas for funds to help children and adults who may not have enough to eat or who may require medical care. This is an important lesson in humility and helps show children that not every person in the world is comfortable. Once kids have read about the needs of others, involve them in the donation process. They can assist with sorting clothing and toys they may no longer need and then help bag it up and donate it to an agency that takes collected items. * Give throughout the year. Charity need not be limited to the holiday season. Inform children that many people need throughout the year, and that volunteering is a year-round activity. * Match kids’ charitable fundraising. Encourage children to start their own fundraising efforts and match the funds they raise. Find companies that will also match the amount your children have raised. * Set up a giving policy. Children can learn the importance of giving at an early age by dividing their allowances and financial gifts into different categories. They can put one-third toward savings, one-third toward spending and one-third toward donations. If children do not have a lot of money in a piggy bank, they can donate their time, which many charities need as much as money.

Promoting positive self-esteem while achieving fullest potentials in gymnastics. USAG Safety Certified Staff Over 15 Years of Experience Fully Equipped Boys & Girls Facility Parent & Tot Classes Pre-School Classes Recreational Classes Tumbling Classes Competitive Boys & Girls Teams Birthday Parties KID’s - Half Day Pre-School Program Parent’s Night Out Summer Camp Winter Soccer Clinic Home School P.E. Program Field Trips 135 Sherwood Avenue Cedar Point, NC

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Preparing Story by Christine Vara The flu is predictably unpredictable. While we can anticipate its arrival each year, thousands of people, including hundreds of children, will die. Last year’s surveillance data emphasizes the dangers quite clearly. The season concluded with 161 pediatric flu-related deaths in children who were mostly unvaccinated. While some people are at greater risk of serious complications from the flu, the reality is that influenza can be dangerous and deadly to almost anybody. That is why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone six months of age and older receive an influenza vaccine each year.

Cold Weather Guidelines Preventing Frozen PiPes

Even here in the south, we can experience problems from freezing pipes. Especially since it doesn’t occur frequently, we may not be prepared to prevent it and deal with the problem.When water freezes, it expands. If it freezes in your pipes, it may expand more than the pipes can take, and you can end up with a mess. Pipes not insulated become at risk for freezing when the temperature reaches 20º F or below. Some pipes that are exposed to flowing air, as in the case of a windy day, are vulnerable at higher temperatures. Pipes located in attics or crawlspaces are more vulnerable than those inside.

Protecting outside PiPes

Seal all the openings where cold air may get in to the pipes. This is especially important when it comes to cold air blowing on pipes, which can lead to freezing at higher temperatures. Home improvement/hardware stores offer foam or fiberglass insulation which can slow the heat loss. The thicker the insulation, the less amount of heat loss. Disconnect any hoses from outside facuets and drain them. Also be sure to drain any sprinklers. Leave an outdoor faucet flowing with a stream about the size of a pencil lead, to keep water flowing through the pipes. If ice does form, the open faucet allows pressure to escape before the pipe bursts, and if the drip stops you know that freezing may have occured. If this happens, keep the faucet open to allow for pressure relief.

Protecting inside PiPes

You can leave cabinet doors in kitchens and bathrooms open to allow warmer air to circulate around pipes. If you live in a home that is not well insulated, you may want to leave an interior faucet flowing. Allow a stream of water about the size of a pencil lead to flow through the faucet.

What about Wasting all that Water?

A faucet flowing with a stream about the size of a pencil lead equals about half of a cup a minute. If you’re able to, catch this water in a bucket or a milk jug to use later to water plants, feed animals, or for household uses. But if you can’t collect the water and are worried about freezing pipes, half of a cup a minute is a lot less water than you would lose if your pipes burst due to freezing, not to mention the costs of repairs.

i think my PiPes may have Frozen, What do i do?

If you do suspect your pipes are frozen, call a plumber. If you actually have a burst pipe, look for the hand gate valve, which will be located between the meter and your home. Turn it off, and call a plumber. If you can’t find the valve, or your home does not have one, call ONWASA at 455-0722.

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for the flu Even healthy children can die from flu A recent report published in Pediatrics revealed that 43% of the 830 children who died from flu between October 2004 through September 2012 were otherwise healthy with no high-risk medical conditions. In fact, children without medical conditions were more likely to die before hospital admission, with 35% of the deaths oc-

For more information on the dangers of influenza and the benefits of a flu vaccine visit:

curring either at home or on their way to the hospital, which illustrates how quickly a child can succumb to this dangerous illness. Unfortunately, most flu associated deaths occurred among unvaccinated children. Flu vaccine during pregnancy protects mother and baby Studies show that changes in a pregnant woman’s immune system, heart and lungs can make her more susceptible to severe illness from flu, which is why flu vaccines have been recommended for pregnant women since 2004. When an expectant mother falls ill with flu it can result in serious problems for her unborn baby, including premature labor and delivery. In fact, a recent study determined that falling ill with flu during pregnancy may quadruple your child’s risk for bipolar disorder. Getting a flu vaccine during pregnancy not only helps protect the mother, but also provides passive transfer of maternal antibodies to the unborn

If you haven’t had yourself or your family vaccinated this year, there’s still time. Simply use this flu vaccine finder to help locate a vaccine center near you.

baby. This can be crucial protection for newborns that are unable to be vaccinated for flu until they are six months of age. In a recent abstract published by the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society, influenza vaccination during the second and third trimester conferred up to 35 times more protection in the children of those vaccinated compared to those who were not. Protect yourself and your community. We all know plenty of people who are at high risk of complications from influenza, including young children, pregnant women, diabetics, and people with asthma, heart disease, epilepsy and cancer. By getting a flu vaccine, we not only protect ourselves but we also help reduce the transmission of the flu to vulnerable members of our communities. Christine Vara is a parent to five fully vaccinated children. She represents a national vaccine advocacy organization known as Every Child By Two by contributing content to their Vaccinate Your Baby Facebook page and reporting on immunization news on their Shot of Prevention blog. Follow her on Twitter @ShotofPrev.

Smile. You are beautiful. East Coast Square South • Morehead City Accepts all military insurances

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This is the practice, that provides excellent care, to women of all ages, in wellness and illness, pregnancy through delivery, and is now part of NHRMC Physician Group.

NHRMC Physician Group Welcomes Glen Meade Center for Women’s Health Glen Meade Center for Women’s Health provides 14 specialists in the following areas: gynecology, obstetrics, maternal fetal medicine, urogynecology, robotic surgery and urinary incontinence. Patients will still see their same doctors in the same locations; joining NHRMC Physician Group simply brings greater efficiency, improved convenience, and an even higher level of care. |

910.763.9833 | Wilmington office: 1809 Glen Meade Rd. | Brunswick Forest office: 1333 S. Dickinson Dr. Ste.110

is now

Even Stronger Together.

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ChristmasSafety Tree

As you deck the halls this holiday season, be fire smart. A small fire that spreads to a Christmas tree can grow large very quickly. Picking the tree KKK Choose a tree with fresh, green needles that do not fall off when touched. Placing the tree KKK Before placing the tree in the stand, cut 1–2” from the base of the trunk. KKK Make sure the tree is at least three feet away from any heat source, like fireplaces, radiators, candles, heat vents or lights. KKK Make sure the tree is not blocking an exit.

KKK Add water to the tree stand. Be sure to add water daily. lighting the tree KKK Use lights that have the label of an independent testing laboratory. Some lights are only for indoor or outdoor use. KKK Replace any string of lights with worn or broken cords or loose bulb connections. Connect no more than three strands of mini string sets and a maximum of 50 bulbs for screw-in bulbs. Read manufacturer’s instructions for number of LED strands to connect. KKK Never use lit candles to decorate the tree.

KKK Always turn off Christmas tree lights before leaving home or going to bed.

Your Source for SAFETY Information

NFPA Public Education Division • 1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02169

After Christmas

Get rid of the tree after Christmas or when it is dry. Dried-out trees are a fire danger and should not be left in the home or garage, or placed outside against the home. Check with your local community to find a recycling program. Bring outdoor electrical lights inside after the holidays to prevent hazards and make them last longer.


! One of every three home

Christmas tree fires are caused by electrical problems.

! Although Christmas tree

fires are not common, when they do occur, they have a higher chance to be deadly.

! A heat source too close

to the tree causes one in every five of the fires. | december 2013 - january 2014 | 21

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2013 hyundai santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe features 18-inch wheels, larger standard wheels than the Toyota Highlander, Ford Explorer and Honda Pilot. The Santa Fe offers “more zip when you need it” with a standard V6 horsepower. Seats up to seven with impressive interior room, and the seats can be stowed to make the most of its total interior volume.

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The Toyota RAV4 features dual zones climate controls, steering wheel controls and a smart key system. Comes standard with a power rear liftgate featuring jam protection, plus a handy height-adjustment. 32 highway mpg.

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The Chevy Traverse features a V6 engine with 288 horesepower. This model has received a 5-star overall vehicle score for safety and offers the latest features and technologies that help keep your passengers safe. The Chevy Traverse offers Ecologic features with fuel-saving technologies, responsible manufacturing and end-of-life recyclability.

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meet our family bobby stone


account executive

I started my family when I was 39 years old … a little later start than others but I am blessed to have a wonderful family. This includes my beautiful wife Dana, her two children Hunter and Carol-Anne, and our little girl Abby. Recently, I have been blessed with a grand daughter as well, Olivia. Our Christmas Traditions usually start the day after Thanksgiving. My Family asks me (the Pack Mule) to haul all the Christmas ornaments down from the attic. I really enjoy watching all the kids decorate the tree and my wife always gets an ornament for each New Year and hangs it on the tree. Fast forward to Christmas Eve, Hunter, Carol-Anne and now Olivia go to their Mema’s house on Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas with their father’s family. Dana, Abby and I go to her brother’s house to enjoy a Christmas Eve dinner prepared by his wife. THE DINNER IS ALWAYS EXCELLENT!! After dinner we go back to our house and wait for Hunter, Carol-Anne and Olivia to come back home. We get Abby to go bed early and then we wait for Santa to come. Christmas morning is just like the Christmas mornings I experienced growing up. The Kids always awake before the adults and are allowed to go downstairs to see what Santa brought them. Abby asks Dana and me if it’s time to open the gifts, yet. We open the gifts and get all the electronic stuff working. While everyone is enjoying their gifts and getting ready to visit Papa and Grandma’s house to open more gifts and eat a early Christmas meal, I pay a visit to my Mom. Both of my parents have passed away, which makes Christmas

a lot different than anyone could imagine. Each Christmas morning, I go out to my Mom’s final resting place here in New Bern and reflect on the past Christmases we had as a family. I miss her so much. She loved Christmas. She knew all of her kids and grandchildren would show up at my sister’s house in Raleigh. It was always a very happy day for her. After my visit, we are in for a really busy day of traveling. After the gifts and meal at Dana’s Parents house, we go to Raleigh to spend time with my family. And we open more gifts and eat and eat and eat. Our visit is short compared to the driving time but it is well worth it for us.

Happy Holidays from

24 | december 2013 - january 2014 |

denise walker


general manager

The Walker family traditions are all about fun family togetherness! With two rowdy little boys (5yrs & 2yrs), The Elf on the Shelf, whom my oldest proudly named Five, becomes a permanent fixture the day after Thanksgiving and stays until Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, we all have coordinating Christmas pajamas and place homemade Oreo fudge and milk for Santa and bid farewell to Five. As soon as our feet hit the floor Christmas morning, A Christmas Story is turned on and literally stays on ALL DAY. I’m not sure if I’ve ever

seen the movie from start to finish! Christmas day is spent traveling to see family and lots of unhealthy eating. I make tons of baked goods and bring them to all of our parents and grandparents during our visits. I have always enjoyed Christmas and spending time with loved ones. Since having my boys, my excitement has grown watching it through theirs eyes, sharing in their joy and teaching them the meaning of Christmas with them.

melissa stone


business manager

Being a Military Family you cant always be in the same place, and with your whole family. In our family, our Christmas traditions start in early November. Yes, that’s right, November. Christmas is HUGE in our home, and our decorations go up the second week of November. Our home, (where ever it may be), always looks and feels the best when is decorated for the holidays, inside and out. As the holidays draw closer, we bake cookies to send to family. This is something my husband and I started during our first Christmas together, and now that we have our son, this is something that we will continue for years to come.

When Christmas Eve finally arrives, we will spend the evening as a family watching A Christmas Story and making a fresh batch of cookies for Santa. Landon, our 2 year old will open one gift from us and set out his cookies for Santa and some carrots for the reindeer! In the morning, we see if Santa ate his cookies, and if the reindeer liked their carrots, and then Landon opens his gifts. No matter how big or how small your family might be, surrounding your self with the ones you love is all that matters. From our family to yours, We wish you the happiest of holidays!

Landon opening presents

teresa moore


account executive

Each year we purchase or make a new ornament for our Christmas tree for each one of us. This ornament could be our favorite football team, a ballerina, poker chip, pink ribbon, etc. The ornament is meant to represent each one of us separately and together as a family on our tree. | december 2013 - january 2014 | 25

emily kelley Account Executive


The McCollough grandkids, taken over 20 years ago. Not pictured are the youngest two that came along about 7 years later: Trey and Mae.

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. I was blessed to grow up in a family that never allowed the commercialism of the holiday overshadow the meaning. I would be lying to you if I denied still looking forward to the gifts and Santa, but the celebration of the best gift of all was always at the center of our gatherings. On my mother’s side, there are 12 McCollough grandchildren and 10 greatgrandchildren. We have two traditions that have been carried on for as long as I can remember. My grandfather was born on Christmas Day. Each year we have a birthday cake that reads “Happy Birthday Jesus and Papaw.” The cake has always been made by the same bakery, Linda’s Cakes, in Bastrop, LA. The second tradition is one that many of the grandchildren have continued within their branched off family units. It is the reading of the Nativity Story. However, our family goes one step further. My Mamaw and Papaw had the privilege to visit the Holy Lands on a couple different occasions. On one of their trips they brought back a hand carved nativity scene. Each grandchild, and now great-grandchild takes a piece of the scene, and when their character is introduced in the story they place it in the stable. The

roles of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus are played by the family that has the newest addition to our family tree. Now that I am grown and have a little family of my own, we have started our own traditions. We still read the Christmas Story. Although my daughter is still very young and doesn’t quite know what is going on, we still give her the pieces to place in her Little People Nativity Set. Since Hannah’s first Christmas in 2011, my husband and I have started the tradition of writing a special note and prayer for Hannah. This prayer is then rolled up and put into a clear glass ornament with the year on it. When Hannah is grown, these ornaments will go with her to a place of her own. We hope that she will enjoy reading all of them one day as much as her daddy and I enjoyed writing them. Tim, Hannah, and I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and blessed new year.

New Home?

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Pick up a copy of Military Homefront Magazine—a monthly real estate guide to Coastal Carolina—brought to you by Landmark Military Media. 1122 Henderson Dr, Jacksonville, NC 28540

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victoria butler becca keller graphics manager



graphics editor

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year! It brings cold weather, eggnog and happiness in the air. My Holidays were typically low key. We wore pajamas all day, hung around the house and pigged out on everything! Our real traditions were on Christmas Eve, we always went to mass the night before Christmas so we could “leisurely” wake up Christmas morning, but that never really happened. Once church was finished, we picked up our gourmet meal of Outback Steakhouse. “Large order of cheese fries?” “Yes, please, it’s Christmas!” Once dinner was done, we opened up presents from each other to make room for Santa’s presents that would come over night. After presents, we sat around in our pajamas and watched the best Christmas movie, “The Grinch.” This is my husband, Kegan, and my first Christmas together. We plan to meld both of our family’s traditions this year. Eating Outback and doing a pajama exchange on Christmas Eve and leisurely waking up to open Santa’s presents Christmas morning. Holiday traditions were never fancy, but it was always a perfect day hanging out with family.

Growing up, the one Christmas tradition I always looked forward to was our annual Scavenger Hunt. After opening all our gifts, my siblings and I would take turns going on a quest for our last present. My dad spent many hours putting together clues that fit each of our skill levels, and placed the first clue in the tree. As I grew up, my clues transitioned from Dr. Suess to Harry Potter and on to more “grown-up” topics. These hints would take us all over the house and even outside. While I always enjoy a white Christmas, I did not enjoy traipsing around outside in snow while still in my pajamas. But the thrill was in the hunt; and in watching my parents’ faces when the answer was so obvious yet we couldn’t figure it out. A couple years ago when I got married and we had the whole family in town, we finally had the opportunity to include our spouses in this tradition. That was the best year of our Scavenger Hunt so far! Now that we are all grown and starting our own families, this is one holiday tradition I always look forward to whenever we get the chance to Christmas together.

Specialized dentistry for infants, children, adolescents and children with special needs. For more information:

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Come meet the caring and compassionate team of Halley White Pediatric Dentistry today!


et Stre

et , Su

ite 2






Do l



rive | december 2013 - january 2014 | 27

W courtney keys

When I was li le my mom and I would spend hours making fresh homemade cookie dough mostly sugar cookie and gingerbread We would spend days baking and decorating these delicious cookies that we would wrap up in containers and send to family for Christmas years ago I started this same tradition with my rst daughter Christmass and more kids later my family still looks forward to baking and decorating Christmas cookies to hang on the tree give to friends and my favorite part eat

Account Executive

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Happy annoying Thanksgiving and merry irritating Christmas How to avoid conflict with five traditional holiday Grinches Story by Geoffrey Tumlin

Does this holiday scenario sound familiar? Aunt Sally and Uncle Billy show up at your house for Thanksgiving dinner. Before the turkey even comes out of the oven, Aunt Sally criticizes you about your cooking and cleaning and deflates your holiday spirit. Uncle Billy then spoils the holiday dinner by picking political fights with everyone at the table. Later, your cousin Connie corners you in the kitchen and discloses way too much information about her personal life, while your other cousin Mike embarrasses you by asking why you haven’t been promoted yet. Meanwhile, your father-in-law drives you nuts with his unsolicited career advice. It seems, once again, like this year’s holiday season will be awash with irritating and awkward moments. For many of us, spending time in close quarters with people who push our buttons

is what comes with the holiday territory. Unfortunately, the comments we must fend off from the holiday Grinches in our lives can easily lead to volatile interactions. We want joy and peace during the holidays, but we often end up with frustration and conflict. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The holidays are the worst time of year for strife and anxiety because we’re supposed to be celebrating and strengthening our most important relationships. It’s up to us to prevent holiday irritants and challenging family members from hijacking our good cheer. When you get right down to it, most holiday arguments are pointless and counterproductive. We make two errors when we react to irritating people at the holidays. First, we escalate a frustrating or awkward moment into a damaging one. And second, we erroneously magnify the influence of people who really aren’t much of a factor in

our daily lives. Instead of being drawn into fights when there’s supposed to be peace on earth and goodwill toward all men, letting go of most irritants and sidestepping virtually all conflict are smart ways to preserve holiday harmony. And that’s where my new book, Stop Talking, Start Communicating: Counterintuitive Secrets to Success in Business and in Life, comes in. It draws on my experience as a communication consultant to show readers how to improve their interactions with loved ones at the holidays and beyond to prevent damaging conflict and to develop more productive communication habits. Here, I share ideas for ducking unnecessary arguments with five common types of holiday Grinches, whom you might encounter during one of this year’s holiday gatherings. continued on page 32

i ra tio

n s.c om


Cre ate

d by

Mark M cDo nough

sp in ive at d

Santa by the SEA Friday, Dec. 13 5 : 30 - 8 : 30


• Holiday crafts, stories and activities • Wishes among the fishes • Complimentary Foto FX photo

$9 per person Limited space - buy advance tickets online Memberships & daily admission do not apply

• Magic shows Frost Magic Productions Featuring Bill Frost


1 Roosevelt Blvd., Pine Knoll Shores, NC 28512 | december 2013 - january 2014 | 29

r e h Gifts for

this holiday season

spirited art gift cards available

jacksonville mall gift cards available

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s d ki Gifts for

this holiday season


Michele Parsley Photography Let your child feel like a superstar with a Michele Parsley Photoshoot 910-219-3013

Fine Children’s Clothing, Shoes, Bows & Gifts THE TICKLE ME PINK BOUTIQUE GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE


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continued from page 11

daddy became such a part of their routine, the pizza delivery man even addressed him one time, “Hello, Sir.” “My motivation was to make this deployment as fun and easy for the kids as I could,” Sallie says. “Children this age (4, 6 & 8) forget what faces look like in a manner of weeks, much less Nascar driver Ryan Newman, attended doctor check-ups, visited months.  We made it a game and the vet, and even met Sallie from it made the deployment fun for them.  I was always humbled Charlie Brown on a visit to a when people would realize what theme park in Charlotte. Flat continued from page 29 The constant critic Aunt Sally finds fault with the way you run your household… and so much more. The holidays provide a target-rich environment for critics: The cooking, the cleaning, the kids, your house, and more are on display. But even the most persistent critic loses interest when his or her jabs don’t get a response. Critics want to get a rise out of you, so thoughtless reactions are counterproductive because they give the critic exactly what she wants. The most effective way to discourage a critic is to withhold a response. One of the hardest things to do at the holidays is to hold your tongue in the presence of a nitpicker. But that’s precisely the best course of action. Take a breath, say nothing, and let it go. Silence reduces the motivation of a critic much more than a visible response. You’ve probably already tried reacting by jabbing back at a critic, and that didn’t work because your sharp jab likely triggered her right hook and further escalation. So why not try the opposite approach this year? Don’t fuel a critic’s tank by giving her the response she wants. Ignore her thrust instead and she’ll be more likely to lose interest. The graceless questioner Your cousin Mike asks: “Weren’t you supposed to get a promotion last year?” and “How come you aren’t married yet?” Mike’s underdeveloped tactfulness radar just doesn’t do a good job of filtering out inappropriate questions. He may not intend to cause awkwardness and embarrassment, but that’s the end result. Don’t escalate an uncomfortable situation into a damaging one by taking offense at a poorly conceived question. Instead, answer as simply and as blandly as possible: “Promotions are on hold company-wide because of budget constraints” or “I’m still looking for Ms. Right.” The goal when facing an embarrassing question is to move away from it as quickly as possible. Anything you do that highlights the question or extends the conversation, like getting upset or giving a long answer, will be counterproductive. Quick and boring answers are your very best responses to

he was and why we had him and would come up and thank us for our sacrifice or engage the children in talking about their Daddy. I know it’s not for everyone, but I would highly recommend it even if you don’t take a lot of trips.  Just having it on the dining room table during breakfast made him seem less far away.” Sallie and Kirk surprised the kids in October with his homecoming and were able to put Flat Daddy on the shelf until the next

graceless questioners like Mike. The relentless arguer Uncle Billy wants to argue with you about politics, current events or virtually anything. Uncle Billy will debate you about the president, argue about the gold standard, and then tangle with you about the best team in the NFL. But these are the same arguments you had with him last year. The clearest indicator that a holiday fight is useless is if you argue about the same thing every year. Your prior arguments haven’t delivered anything except ruffled feathers and quickened heart rates. So why not change the subject or avoid tangling with a relentless arguer entirely this holiday season? Don’t expect a change from Uncle Billy, but that doesn’t mean that bickering with him is inevitable. If you don’t want to argue, don’t. Practice your listening skills instead and bone up on the fine art of rendering a well-placed “umhmm.” It takes two to tangle, but you can be the one who creates harmony by disengaging from useless holiday arguments. The unsolicited advisor Your fatherin-law knows just what you should be doing to get ahead at work and in all facets of your life. Your father-in-law, who retired right around the time the Interweb was getting hooked up, somehow fancies himself a wellspring of contemporary career knowledge. However, his well-meaning, but outdated, advice drives you nuts. What should you do? Absolutely nothing. Be honest. You’re not going to act on unsolicited advice, so you might as well let the other person talk. People who give unsolicited advice are often doing it as much for themselves as they are doing it for you. Your father-in-law’s career advice probably stems from his hopes that everything will be rosy for your family. As long as he’s giving advice and not harping on what you’re doing wrong, his intentions are probably admirable. His advice isn’t going to hurt you, but may help him feel better, so let the guy talk. The last thing you want to do is overreact to his honorable intentions and cause real damage.

deployment rolls around. Do you have a Dealing with Deployment idea that you would like to share with others? E-mail your idea to You could see your family featured in an upcoming issue. Emily Kelley is an Account Executive with Landmark Military Media, publishers of The Globe, RotoVue and Coastal Carolina Parent. Her husband is currently stationed at New River Air Station, Jacksonville, NC. They have one daughter, 2-year-old Hannah Mae.

The shameless discloser Your cousin Connie tells you way too much about what’s going on in her private life. For some reason, Connie appears unfamiliar with the concept of too much information. She readily discloses unflattering personal information about her new boyfriend and the results of her most recent medical exam. Her private disclosures have become staples of your holidays. Of course, we shouldn’t blow off meaningful disclosures, but those aren’t the kinds of secrets that drive us crazy. It’s one thing to provide an empathetic ear to Connie if she’s having problems with her boyfriend, but another matter entirely to hear private relationship information. You would commiserate with Connie all day long about a real health issue, but the specifics of her physical exam are definitely details you could have done without. Why does Connie disclose so many unflattering secrets? Who knows? Maybe she craves attention, maybe she wants to see a reaction, or maybe she just doesn’t perceive her secrets as being such a big deal. Whatever the reason, your response is the same. The best strategy for handling awkward disclosures is to play dumb and not express any interest whatsoever. Pretend like the discloser is reciting her grocery list and put on your best poker face. With any luck, she’ll take the hint and stop spilling her secrets. Most of the people who antagonize us during the holidays are scarcely a presence in our lives the rest of the year. Don’t permit yourself to have a reactive response to any holiday Grinch or frustrating family member. To do so will transform an awkward moment into a damaging one. There’s a lot to celebrate when you don’t allow challenging people to get under your skin during the holidays.

Geoffrey Tumlin’s writing on communication and leadership has appeared in scholarly journals, newspapers and textbooks. Tumlin currently serves as trustee of the Mark L. Knapp Award Individual Endowment, the most prestigious interpersonal communication honor bestowed annually by the National Communication Association in recognition of career contributions to the academic study of interpersonal communication. You can learn more about Geoffrey Tumlin at, and you can reach him by e-mail at

32 | december 2013 - january 2014 |

Materials you will need:

• • • • • • •

1 paper plate 1 1/2 sheets of construction paper orange construction paper black construction paper 2 wiggly eyes snow flake hot glue gun

Creating Smiles Todd H. Rankin DDS, PA ime!H. Rankin for a LifetTodd Orthodontics Orthodont

Todd H. Rankin DDS, PA Orthodontics Todd H. Rankin DDS, P

Image from Google



1. Get a plain paper plate 2. Cut one sheet of construction paper into a hat shape 3. Cut the second sheet of constuction Todd H. Rankin DDS, PA paper in a 2 inch straight line Orthodontics for adults and children 4. Cut orange paper into a nose shape 252.636.1900 5. Punch 7 holes from the black construction paper Creating smiles for a lifetime! Creating to smiles makeforaa lifetime! 6. Glue everything in place 252-636-1900 Creating smiles for a li 252-636-1900 snowman 252-636-1900 www.thrankinortho 7. Enjoy your fun winter craft! Creating smiles for a lifetime! This is the logo Dr Rankin would like it laid out with the tooth in the center w/Todd H. Rankin D.D.S.,P.A rounded across the top w/ Orthodontics for Adults and Children rounded up under the tooth at the bottom & the member of American Association of Orthodontists /w logo --

This is the logo Dr Rankin would like it laid out with the tooth in the center w/Todd H. Rankin D.D.S.,P.A rounded across the top w/ Orthodontics for Adults and Children rounded up under the tooth at the bottom & the member of American Association of Orthodontists /w logo --

This is the logo Dr Rankin would like it laid out with the tooth in the center w/Todd H. Rankin D.D.S.,P.A rounded across the top w/ Orthodontics for Adults and Children rounded up under the tooth at the bottom & the member of American Association of Orthodontists /w logo --

This is the logo Dr Rankin would like it laid out with the tooth in the center w/Todd H. Rankin D.D.S.,P.A rounded across the top w/ Orthodontics for Adults and Children rounded up under the tooth at the bottom & the member of American Association of Orthodontists /w logo --

252-636-1900 | October-November 2013 | 33




•Line a baking sheet with tin foil as it will make clean up easier. •Lay out graham crackers so there is some space between each piece. •Sprinkle the marshmallows over the graham crackers. •Melt your chocolate and pour over the marshmallows. •Then sprinkle crushed peppermint over the chocolate. •Place in the fridge/freezer to harden. Cut/break apart into smaller pieces. •Serve and enjoy!

Under New Leadership!


1 box Graham crackers 1 bag Mini Marshmellows 1 pkg Milk Chocolate (for melting) 1 bag Peppermint Candies/Candy Canes MELTING CHOCOLATE

I usually melt my chocolate in the microwave. I break up a Hershey bar, place about a quarter to a third of the bar into a cup, and microwave for 20 seconds. Stir, and microwave again, repeating until the chocolate is melted. But be sure to not burn the chocolate. I don’t put the chocolate in for more than 20 seconds at a time.


You can use either peppermint spiral candies or candy canes. Either way, make sure to break them up well so they sprinkle more easily. Using a food processor or blender can help with this, or just placing them in a sealed bag and crushing them with a rolling pin works just as well.

Montessori Children’s School

Montessori education offered for children from ages 12 months to 12 years

910.938.3826 714 Bates Street | Jacksonville, NC 28540 | 28 | december 2013 - january 2014 | 34

OH BOY, you’re having a girl “If you’re a guy and you’ve opened this book, you either have a daughter, are on the verge of having a daughter, or are in the delivery room hoping that the sweet bundle of joy that just emerged from your wife somehow, someway, spontaneously grows a penis. I am here to tell you: That almost never happens.” (Oh Boy, You’re Having a Girl) If the first paragraph of the book doesn’t suck you in, I don’t know what will! This book was an enjoyable and informative read. It explains from the “Pink Hangover” after the birth of your beautiful daughter through “The Dora Years,” and finishing “Why Having Daughters is Really the Best,” Klems covers everything you need to know in this book. I would recommend any person, man or women, who is expecting a daughter to read “Oh, You’re Having a Girl” for a good laugh about the joys and antics that comes with having all girls. | december 2013 - january 2014 | 35

Possumwood Acres presents

Meet a Baby Animal OWLS

Story by toni o’neil What is fuzzy looking, with great big eyes and giant feet, and a huge beak? A very hungry baby owl! They may look soft and cuddly, but they should never be handled unless you are trained and know how to do it safely – for you and them! Even though they are tiny, those beaks and talons can still hurt you. Baby owls’ bones are still very soft and bendable. It would be very easy to break a bone without even realizing you did it, and that could keep the baby from being able to walk or fly when he grew up. Both mom and dad owl are very protective parents – they will use their beaks and talons to keep you away from their baby, even when he has fallen from the nest or tree cavity and is helpless on the ground. So what should you do to help? Using very heavy leather gloves, an adult could try and put the baby back in its nest if it can be found and can be reached. Sometimes a fake nest is made out of a large basket that can be attached close to the original nest, and the baby put in that for the parents to care for it. If the baby owl has already started growing many feathers and the parents are around, you

could place it on a tree branch or in a shrub to keep it off the ground and they will be able to feed it there. But if the baby is still very downy and you cannot find the nest, then it needs to be brought somewhere for special care and where it can be raised with other baby owls. Both parents care for their babies and bring them lots and lots of food to help them grow quickly. Their favorite food is mice, and the babies eat it bones and all. In fact, eating the bones in their food is very important – without them the baby owls could not get enough calcium in their diet to develop their own strong bones. Owls can’t drink a big glass of milk like we can! The bones and fur will also form into a ball in the owls’ stomach, and then they spit them up to get rid of them. These are called pellets, and students can learn a lot about what an owl eats by dissecting them apart to look for the tiny bones. Possumwood Acres uses these pellets in programs we give to the local schools. Have you ever had the chance to

hear an owl? Since they are nocturnal (active at night) you usually don’t hear them during the day. In the evening you can hear a soft trill that sounds like crickets, a call that sounds like “who cooks for you, who cooks for you all”, a low hooting call, or a loud screech. Some can make a scary scream that sounds like something you would hear at Halloween! But all of these are owl sounds – and because there are different types of owls, there are different types of sounds that you can hear. Owls are the guardians of the forest, and live all around us in the woods near our homes. So when you hear one calling at dusk, they are simply announcing that all is well and they are on the job keeping the rodent population under control. If you think you have found a baby owl that needs help, you can always call Possumwood West at 910-324-9967 or Possumwood Acres at 910-326-6432. We can tell you what to do, and whether you need to bring the owlet in to us so we can give it the care and foods that it will need to grow, until it can finally be released back in to the wild where it belongs.

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y t i n u Co m m d a r Ca le n 013 2 r e b De ce m y 2014 Ja n u a r December 6

Christmas Art Walk 4pm to 7 pm in downtown Morehead City. Downtown Morehead City art galleries open their doors for visitors for a night of demonstrations, art and great deals. Non-gallery business will be offering specials from 7 pm to 9 pm. For details, please visit www. Morehead City Tree Lighting 5pm at Katherine Davis Park in downtown Morehead City. This year, the event includes a synthetic ice skating rink, bringing a rare opportunity to the beach. For more information, please call 252-808-0440 or visit Ballet for Young Audiences presents “The Nutcracker” 7 pm in downtown Wilmington. Enjoy the dynamic talents of New York’s Ballet for Young Audiences with the classic story of “The Nutcracker.” Perfect for the whole family, this show will be a narrated 60-minute version that will help get you in the holiday spirit. Admission is $20 for reserved and $14 for gallery. For more information, please call 910-6322241 or visit

December 7

Holiday Craft Fair 9am to 4pm at the History Place in Morehead City. The History Place hosts this indoor holiday show featur-

ing more than 40 regional artisans. Guests can expect holiday gifts, pottery, jewelry, photography, dolls, wood art, baskets and much more. For details, please call 252247-7533. PKS Christmas Parade. 10am in Pine Knoll Shores. Beginning at Magnolia Court and winding down Oakleaf Drive in Pine Knoll Shores will be the annual Christmas Parade. Santa, of course, will arrive in style. For details, please call 252-808-2998 or email Jacksonville Winterfest 2pm to 8pm at Riverwalk Park in downtown Jacksonville. Winterfest is a celebration of the season. This festive event has children’s games, ice sculptures, holiday entertainment, food, pony, hay and train rides. Children an have their picture taken with Santa and visit Santa’s Workshop. Highlights include sledding with real snow, the annual tree lighting and spectacular Flotilla on the New River. This event is free, and the City will provide a shuttle from designated parking areas to and from the event. Lejeune High School Theatre Guild presents “The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe” 2:20pm or 7:30pm at Lejeune High School Auditorium. Open to the public. Based on the story by C.S. Lewis, watch as Alsan the Lion and the Pevensie children fight against the evil forces of Jadis, the White Witch. Over 25 students from Lejeune High School, as well as three from Brewster Middle School will be performing in this production. Even if you’ve seen it before, this production of The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe will be a special gift to share with friends and loved ones and there is no better way to spend time together during the holiday season. Tickets are $5.00 for students, $7.00 for adults, $3.00 for wounded warriors and seniors. Tickets are available at the Box Office the day of show or available online at www.lejeune-theatre-. For more information

call 910-451-2451 or email Morehead City/Beaufort Flotilla 5:30pm starting in Morehead City. The boat parade begins in Morehead City and arrives in Beaufort about 6:15pm. Awards follow in the NC Maritime Museum’s watercraft center. For more information, please call 252-728-7318 or visit A Very Merry Christmas Concert 7:30pm at the New Bern Civic Theatre. Take a break from the busy holiday shopping and join New Bern Civic Theatre as it presents a very special Christmas concert the whole family will enjoy. For details, please visit

December 8

A Very Merry Christmas Concert 2pm at the New Bern Civic Theatre. Take a break from the busy holiday shopping and join New Bern Civic Theatre as it presents a very special Christmas concert the whole family will enjoy. For details, please visit Chanukah on Ice 6:30pm to 7:30pm at the Greensboro Ice House. Come skate with family and friends to lively Chanukah Music. There will be the lighting of a giant ice sculptured Menorah. Donuts and hot cocoa will be served. Admission is $10. To RSVP or for more information, please call 336-617-8120 or email

December 10

NC Symphony Holiday Pops 7pm at the Riverfront Convention Center in New Bern. A North Carolina tradition, the symphony’s holiday show brings all the joy and excitement of the season straight to New Bern. Cost is $36 for adults and $10 for students. For more information, please call 877-6276724 or visit

To submit your future event in Coastal Carolina Parent’s calendar, visit our website at | december 2013 - january 2014 | 37

y t i n u Co m m d a r Ca le n -

ture taken with Santa. Holiday treats and beverages will be served. For details, please call 910-326-2600. Sneads Ferry Winter Fest “Lighting of the Trees” 7pm to 9pm at the Sneads Ferry Community Center. Kick off the Holidays with local talent performing holiday songs and the lighting of the trees. There will be complimentary hot wassail and cookies. For more information, please call 910-327-3335.

013 2 r e b De ce m y 2014 Ja n u a r

December 14

December 13

Santa by the Sea 5:30pm to 8:30pm at the NC Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores. Children tell Santa their wishes among the fishes, make a snack for Rudolph, hear favorite stories of the season and enjoy a number of other holiday activities and crafts at the NC Aquarium. Admission is $9. For details, please visit www. Santa and a Movie 6pm at the Swansboro Recreation Center. Visit the Rec Center to tell Santa all your Christmas wishes. A holiday movie will be screened and you can have your pic-

Sneads Ferry Winter Fest 9am to 4pm at the Sneads Ferry Community Center. Join Santa for Breakfast (9am to 11am) and shop for your holiday gifts at our craft show. Santa will be available all day to hear children’s requests and accept letters. For more information, please call 910-327-3335. Breakfast with Santa 10am in Emerald Isle. The Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Department invite children of all ages to join Santa for a Christmas story and breakfast. Admission is one unwrapped gift per child or five cans of food. Advance registration is required. For more information and to register, please call 252-354-6350.

Bernie’s Beary Merry Mistletoe March 1:30pm to 5pm in downtown New Bern. The New Bern Area Chamber of Commerce will host the Mistletoe March. Presented by Coastal Children’s Clinic, the Mistletoe March children’s parade will proceed through downtown New Bern and arrive at New Bern Civic Theatre for a special showing of The Polar Express. For more information, please visit Lejeune High School Theatre Guild presents “The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe” 2:20pm or 7:30pm at Lejeune High School Auditorium. Open to the public. Based on the story by C.S. Lewis, watch as Alsan the Lion and the Pevensie children fight against the evil forces of Jadis, the White Witch. Over 25 students from Lejeune High School, as well as three from Brewster Middle School will be performing in this production. Even if you’ve seen it before, this production of The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe will be a special gift to share with friends and loved ones and there is no better way to spend time together during the holiday season. Tickets are $5.00 for students, $7.00 for adults, $3.00 for wounded warriors and seniors. Tickets are available at the Box Office the day of show or available online at www.lejeune-theatre-.ticketleap. com/. For more information call 910-451-2451 or email

New Classes at CCA begin September 3, 2013

RECREATION CHEER PLAYDATE (beginning cheerleading All Ages and tumbling) Thursday 10am-12pm Ages 6-14 $5/class Monday 5:30-6:15 YOUTH TUMBLE $50/month (beginning tumbling) TINY TOTS Ages 5-11 (beginning cheerleading Wednesday 3:45-4:30 and tumbling) $50/month Ages 3-Kindergarten TUMBLE Monday 3:45-4:30 Ages 12-18 $50/month Tuesday & Thursday 7:30-8:30 $10/Class



ONLY SUMMER CAMP REMAINS! Don’t Miss Ages 3-6 Ages 6-12 Out!

2 Hour Minimum only $150 No limit on number of kids


AUGUST 12-16

10am-1pm $100

We recommend booking your party a month in advance especially during the winter months!


All-Star competitive teams are still available! There is no experience necessary to be on one of our award winning teams! We have a team for everyone! Team members develop a strong sense of commradery, discipline and confidence. With our experienced and certified staff, team members progress quickly with new skills and strength. If your child wants to be a cheerleader, joining a team at CCA is the best training they can receive! We accept new team members until the end of September!

10am-1pm $150

Learn jumps, motions, cheers, tumbling and stunts! We also play games and have arts and crafts! Camp includes lunch everyday!

2900 Arendell Street, Suite #14, Morehead City

ONLY SUMMER REMAINS! 38 | december 2013CAMP - january 2014 |

December 15

Sledding, Shopping and Food Drive 1pm to 4pm in downtown New Bern. Our meteorologists are predicting snow on Craven Street! Be sure to bring the kids to this event - it’s not every day that you get to go sledding in downtown New Bern! Lots of activities for the kids. Sledding is free for the kids when you bring a canned good for RCS! A special sleigh collecting food and donations will be available. Many shops will be open this Sunday so parents can shop and kids can play! For more information, please visit

December 16

Chanukah Wonderland 1pm to 5pm at the Greensboro Childrens’ Museum. During this year ’s Chanukah Wonderland, there will be an olive press demonstration, Chanukah crafts, candle making, face painting, a Chanukah lego land, an opportunity to meet Judah the Maccabee and more. This event is open to the entire community! For more information, please visit www.

December 20

“It’s a Wonderful Life” 7pm at the Carolina Civic Center in Lumberton. This classic film was meant to be seen on our 25- by 13foot big screen in the historic theater setting! Add our theater organ playing before each screening, fresh popcorn and sodas and you have a wonderful night out. Admission is $5 general seating. For more information, please visit

december 25

Christmas Dinner 11am to 4pm at the Jacksonville USO. FOr those Patriots not able to get home for the holidays, the USONC Jacksonville acts as their “home away from home” providing friendly smile, warm hugs and Christmas dinner with all the fixins’ including an array of desserts to choose from. This meal is open to all active duty military, their dependents and retirees. Donations are welcome. Want to volunteer or need more information? Please call 910-455-3411.

december 31

A Maritime New Year 12pm to 5pm at the N.C. Maritime Museum in Beaufort. Come and pre-

pare for the countdown to 2014 with our staff! This family-friendly event will invite visitors to do the new 2014 Museum’s Sea Hunt. While doing the hunt visitors will see artifacts from throughout North Carolina’s maritime history including artifacts from the infamous Queen Anne’s Revenge. Following the hunt visitors can design and create their own 2014 new year ’s glasses and party hats! For more information, please call 252-728-7317.

january 10

2013 Crab Pot Drop 9pm to 12:30am at the Katherine Davis Park (Arendell and 6th street) in Morehead City. Live music from Carolina Beach Club followed by the third annual Crab Pot Drop and Fireworks at Midnight! Come ring in the New Year - Carteret County Style! For more information, please visit

Legos in the Library 10am to 11am at the Onslow County Library in Jacksonville. Children in grades K-12 are invited to express their creativity and show their Lego building techniques from simple to advanced. Legos in the Library will meet on Saturday, January 18, at 10am at the following Onslow County Library locations: Richlands, Sneads Ferry and Swansboro. For more information, please contact Kathy McMillan at kathy_mcmillan@

Island of Lights New Year’s Eve Celebration 9pm to 12:30am at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. Don’t miss the giant lighted beach ball being dropped at midnight followed by a spectacular fireworks demonstration. This free family-friendly event will feature a DJ and dancing with refreshments and party favors available for purchase. In an Island of Lights tradition, there will be a raffle, with the winner taking home the original artwork for the 2013 official Christmas card and ornament. Bring the family to join the festivities! For more information, please visit www.

january 1

Dolphin Dip 12pm at the Roland Beach Access in Surf City. Join thousands in Surf City to watch or take part in the “Dolphin Dip.” Come for some great family fun and excitement. To start the New Year, the bravest at heart will dip into the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Wear your craziest costume or your tiniest bikini to compete for fabulous prizes. But you got to “Dip” to win. For more information, visit Penguin Plunge 1pm in Atlantic Beach. Ring in the New Year taking a dip in the Ocean. $10 admission will be donated to Hope for the Warriors. For additional information, please visit www.

Classic Film Series: “Wizard of Oz” 7pm at the Carolina Civic Center in Lumberton. Brought back by popular demand – a newly re-mastered Bluray version! Come see again the munchkins, flying monkeys and different-colored horses! Bring the kids and grandkids! Admission is $5 general seating. For more information, please visit

january 11

january 18

Freeze Tag and Holiday 12pm to 4pm at the Onslow Pines Park. Celebrate our favorite schoolyard games, music, food, vendors and snow! For more information, please visit www.onslowcountrync. gov/parks or call Onslow Country parks and Recreation at 910-347-5332.

january 25

AMA Arenacross 7pm at the Greensboro Coliseum. Come out for an awesome night of motorcycle racing. The 25th is the professional racing night, and January 26th is the amateur racing night. Saturday’s show starts at 7pm, with doors opening at 6pm. Sunday, January 26th, starts at 12pm with doors opening at 8am. Saturday admission is $20 for adults and $5 for kids. Sunday is $10 for adults and $5 for kids. For more information, please visit American Music Festival Concert 8pm at The History Place in Morehead City. American Music Festival (AMF), a nationally acclaimed chamber music series, offers you, the passionate music lover, an opportunity to experience the intimacy and richness of chamber music right here in coastal North Carolina. For information on performances and tickets, or 252-728-6152. | december 2013 - january 2014 | 39

Private Gated Waterfront Community

Homes startinG from 230s visit

Christina Pitz     Christina P Pitz Christina   itz     Broker,   RS,   BR   Broker, S SRS, ABR Broker,   S RS,  A A BR       Mobile (910)4467-4000 Mobile   (910)   67-­‐4000   Mobile   67-­‐4000   Office(910)   (910)4328-5626

Office (910)  328-­‐5626      Fax  (910)  328-­‐4102   Office   (910)  3Fax 28-­‐5626    Fax  (910)  328-­‐4102   (910)  328-4102 Email: Email:  

Search all homes online at

40 | december 2013 - january 2014 | | december 2013 - january 2014 | 41

NOW HIRING SALES PRFESSIONAL To sell Globe and Rotovue Newspapers, Online website and Specialty publications.

• Are you under-appreciated where you work? We welcome hardworking ethical talent. • Come join our team and help serve the military community • Our sales professionals enjoy a good base pay, commissions and bonuses paid monthly • We have an outstanding benefit package that includes mileage reimbursement, paid vacations, holidays, 401K plan with company match, major medical and more • We offer a great experienced sales team and career advancement is possible • Work from a proven account list • Generate new advertising revenue through cold calls • Work schedule is Monday to Friday with an occasional weekend event to attend

Fax resume and cover letter to Advertising Director, Landmark Military Media of NC (910) 347-9628 Email to


Landmark Military Media of NC is a subsidary of targeted publications and The Virginian-Pilot Media Companies who are Equal Employment Opportunity Employers and support a drug free work environment. 42 | december 2013 - january 2014 |

You carry a lot on your shoulders; it’s comforting to know

we’re always at hand.

When you or your child gets injured, you can count on the regional leader in comprehensive orthopaedic care. OrthoWilmington offers an unparalleled team led by 18 physicians, including fellowship-trained and board-certified experts in seven subspecialties.

Call the regional center for comprehensive orthopaedic care at 800.800.3305. In Jacksonville call 910.346.5771 ORTHOWILMINGTON.COM

Wilmington • Porter’s Neck • Brunswick Forest • Jacksonville

© 2013 OrthoWilmington

And with five convenient locations and same-day appointments available, we’re always well-positioned to care for your family.

Great Wolf LodgeŽ is proud to extend our Howling Heroes discount to military families. It’s our small way of saying thank you for your service. Visit and save up to 20%. 866.925.9653 (WOLF)

2013 december ccp  
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