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Investing In and Evolving Products to their Fullest Potential



C2Dx, Inc is a privately held medical device company based in Kalamazoo, Michigan with a unique business model. Founded in early 2019 by industry experts, C2Dx continues to build its business from the strong foundation of its initial acquisition of the STIC Intra-Compartmental Pressure Monitor from Stryker.

Seeing success from giving this product dedicated attention has provided the opportunity to invest in additional acquisitions while continually evolving to ensure that healthcare providers have the devices, technology and service they need.

The company is led by a team of medical device industry executives with over a century of experience managing growth-oriented teams across the globe. The company was founded on two principles: 1) continue the legacy of the STIC Pressure Monitor and 2) grow its offering by investing in other valuable products.

“Since its introduction over 30 years ago, the product has been cited in numerous articles and papers due to its clinical effectiveness, accuracy, and reliability,” said Kevin McLeod, founder, president and CEO of C2Dx. “While at Stryker, I had the pleasure of being intricately involved with building the legacy and growth of this product and wanted to carry it on.”

The STIC Pressure Monitor is a convenient, compact, reliable unit for both an immediate and/or continuous reading of compartment pressure. It was designed to aid in the diagnosis of compartment syndrome, which occurs when excessive pressure builds up within a muscle space in the body, often the lower leg or forearm. “There are very few emergencies in orthopedics- compartment syndrome is one of them,” said Dr. Christopher LeBrun (Orthopedic Trauma Surgery, Shock Trauma Center at University of Maryland Medical Center).

One common diagnostic method is clinically assessing the patient using the 5 P’s (pain, pallor, pulselessness, paralysis, paresthesia). Statistically, this method performs poorly when used as a diagnostic tool. Studies have proven sensitivity rates as low as 13-54% using this method, while the STIC Pressure Monitor yields sensitivity rates of 94%. In addition to its clinical success, the STIC Pressure Monitor has become known for its rapid set-up, accuracy, convenience, and cost effectiveness.

Through the success of the STIC Pressure Monitor, C2Dx has been able to make additional acquisitions while evolving its business practices to better support both its customers and community. The current C2Dx product portfolio highlights the company’s unique acquisition strategy of integrating industry-trusted products with untapped potential that could benefit from the team’s go-to market talents and innovative methods.

The second product line, also from Stryker, was the T/ Pump Localized Temperature Therapy System. The T/Pump provides localized controlled warming and cooling temperature therapy with multiple treatment cycle

options for customized pain relief and patient comfort. It is often used for orthopedic conditions; acute injuries, chronic pain, and muscle strains, as well as skin trauma, burns, contusions, and other localized pain diagnoses, such as arthritis and neuritis. Similar to how C2Dx started, they are using this opportunity to put a dedicated team in place to focus on T/Pump, learn more about the needs of its customers, and provide leading service.

“At C2Dx, we aim to be a place where people, products, and ideas flourish. By investing in our people and community we all benefit”

T/Pump isn’t the only product contributing to C2Dx’s recent growth. In addition continued partnership with Quintree, the first telemedicine platform that integrates with providers’ existing diagnostic equipment, C2Dx announced its most recent expansion with the acquisition of Hemostatix, effective in early 2022.

Elegantly simple, the Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel seals blood vessels as they are incised—effectively cutting and coagulating simultaneously. The surgically sharp blade enables surgeons to make precise anatomical dissection and achieve immediate hemostasis resulting in maximum visualization and superior surgical control. Formerly known as the Shaw Scalpel, the thermal scalpel features a 5-layer laminate composition of copper and stainless steel. With the Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel in hand, surgeons can prioritize surgical safety with no muscle excitation, reduced blood loss, and contribute to the move toward a smoke-free operating room. The additional acquisitions have allowed C2Dx to not only grow its team, but also support the development and job growth of local organizations by transitioning manufacturing processes to the U.S. from overseas. “At C2Dx, we aim to be a place where people, products, and ideas flourish. By investing in our people and community we all benefit,” said Kevin.

Although C2Dx recently closed on its latest acquisition, the company already has its sights on future product lines and companies that could integrate into its business model.

Whether it’s a product spinout from a large company’s portfolio or an up-and-coming technology, C2Dx will continue to develop its robust product portfolio.