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M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | II Romance Et La Morte Haiku...............................III A Grave For All Seasons..............IV Cold.................................VI End.................................VII By.................................VIII Your Kiss............................IX Onward Skies.........................XI The Moon............................XII Seasons (I-IV).....................XIII Good Morning Sunshine...............XIV (An Evening With Miss Fortune) Lost In Eternity.....................XV (For Four Hours) Lost In Morning....................XVII Restless Heart Syndrome.............XIX My Darkling..........................XX Images Edification........................Cover (First published in Humboldt State University's Toyon Literary Journal, 2011)

Self Portrait 1998..................III Restless Heart Syndrome...........XVIII (First published by Humboldt State University's A.P.A.S.A, 2013).

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | III

. Would you still love me If I were old and ugly? I’ll just wait to see.

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | IV

I hear the wind, it bellows some bitter-sweet melody. Within each tender breeze I feel your lips. (Oh what malignant tumor has affected me?) I swear I am afflicted by Amore und le Morte. Laurels and harpies, they adorn the sky, But my sorrow Still remains. Hold my hand (for just a moment), Lest I should fall back into the sea.

So Darkling will you just hold me And sit beside me whilst I die-All so that you may suffer too: Suffer, as have I.

Michael Ray De Los Angeles|V Surely not (oh precious one), For that would be insincere; I would want you to live quite happ’ly, Even if you and I were near. M e l a n c h o l y already knows my name; We were lovers for many years; We wallowed in the depths of darkness; And were friends in the Cave of Fears. (I know the songs of Lament and Woe; I can sing them in my sleep-Thrice have died upon the crossroads In an attempt to crucifix A shattered image of me). Each death, a part of myself restored. Darkling, I am willing to let the statues of falsehoods crumble, So that you and I may simply be.

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | VI

E v e n m o r n i n g is cold w i t h o u t your touch-I f e e l m y b o d y t r e m b l e. T h o u g h t s o f y o u keep me warm, Like a fire in cold December. Still, each dream of you Is simply a dying e m b e r .

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | VII

My dream if such a thing, Is that we live peacefully; Not as enemies but as kin.

So many of our children Have died so silently, So many of our children Have died of fear.

I call upon the merchants, the mercenaries, and the mothers, I call upon YOU to end the discontent.

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | VIII

By de shores of Almizry und Woe General Lonely Heart waz defeated; A sad songe was played inside de Heart home-Disbelief in the cold act completed. General Lonely Heart should have retreat'd; Oft pride fools de best, oft pride does treezon. (Heart gasped, him resources were deplet'd, But far too late came de voice of Reason). Could he have liv'd for just one more seazon? Only Fate doth knoe-- he built de pyre, De one which held Heart de lonely seaman. (To de west ashes soared from de warm fire). De world spins on, and is unforgiving; Heart, another victim of fearless living.

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | IX

Silence has fall'n 'pon ears of Death und no sorrow can contain my misery--

f a r,

I have fall'n d o w n, f a r f r o m G r a c e. I

have laid waste to this land of beauty. I am an Icarus son: a golden tragedy. Pandora’s chaos smile shines brightly for me. Engulfed, staked eyes wrapped in bitter-sweet flames of Death, I drown in mercury-my sweet misery. Tears have fallen from the face of beauty: I dare not ask for forgiveness from Grace.

Michael Ray De Los Angeles|X

I lay with her, but she is not Grace. (Cold hands need warmth). She, true beauty-her kiss will mean more than my death. Lines drawn 'tween theatre und tragedy. "the lies, the lies, oh the lies," The screams of a heart of stone, clay, and remorse. Glowing days of beauty? Where? "Oh Dear Grace where are you, At the Shores of Almizry too? Is there hope left for me? I will make Love to Grace or Death before the night is through. This misery has gone too far, And now I am sure death will come before beauty and Grace Tragedy’s page is closed, goodbye dearest Grace.

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | XI

De sky iz barr'n, 'cept for de moon-oh how she doth shine Rekindl'd are memories of you und places so Divine. I fell asleep upon daisies. (Or was it daffodils)? I fell, I fell, yes I fell. Before the firmament is collapses And the ocean levels rise; After the last star explodes Before my very grateful eyes; That day when “Once upon a…” Becomes a “nevermore”; The night when all the moon/stars fall upon Almizry's shores; Yes, When the moonshine is gone, And the son refuses to rise; I’ll think of you And simply smile.

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | XII

P e a c e f u l <3s und flow'r bombs sail to the moon, Floatin' away like little doves, gifts for me to you. Kisses from the stars above, w/out the acid rain-No more need to hold me tight. No more need to hide our face. Oh what dreams I’m sure I’d dream; If only you’d believe That p e a c e f u l <3 und flower bombs Weren’t foolish childlike things

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | XIII

Dreams of Fall. Holding hands in rain. Shall we kiss?

Rusted gold The smile then fades Winter comes.

Soothing grass The red roses bloom I kiss You.

Burning sun: Its too hot outside; Dreams of night

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | XIV

(An evening with Miss Fortune) The mornin' light breaks through the window. My eyes, the vision of catastrophe. How long had I been Sleeping? Perhaps just long enough to breathe. Oh how I wish there were a curtain, Something to block out the sun. Right now my eyes are burning. Truly I wish that I were home. Still, I can hear the morning calling; The birds singing their tired morning song. But here I lay so silent Thinking I can drown it all out

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | XV

(For Four Hours) By moonshine und star light I dream of your beauty: Your scent is so divine, True intoxication This moment seems so unreal As the tips of my warm fingers Brush upon your velvet skin. I simply have to ask myself Time and Time and again â&#x20AC;&#x153;Am I dreaming or did I die?â&#x20AC;? I lay wasted in moonshine Not knowing what is real; Words flow from my wandering lips And fall upon your ears-Even as I explore the ocean of you.

Allow me to remove this arrow Which has been buried deep in my heart. By moonlight and star shine May the ocean wash away the blood. This moment is quite eternal Even if you are not, So allow me to make peace Lest you should not rise again

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | XVI

To Beauty: How is it that we should meet? A glance of the eye, Sly hello, subtle goodbye. When moments are eternal They pass by Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; so briefly, und a kiss shared by lovers breaks the hearts of all spectral spectators. Your skin, your scent and your songbird voice, have me captivated. I am yours.

Where was I? How did I become a breathless mess? Did we fall into the sea?

, I remember you and I were together, & the next moment we were lost in sheets of eternity. Did the sky collapse Because the moon was jealous of Grace and Beauty?

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | XVII

Where is the morning sun? For I have wasted away the night; In misery and sorrow; In hurt and in strife. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not a cloud of hope Or blue bird sky Just these glimmerin' stones Of those whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve said goodbye I lay here With this pain upon my chest that beats like a thousand drums-I swear cannot rest. Misery, she captivates And strums upon my soul; With the grace of chainsaw Grinding on two rusted poles. Sweet nothings are worth an empty grave-I am livin' decay. Mon Dearest angel, con broken winF Take your harp back For I shall cut these strings. And should you find me Drowning in the sea, I swear let me drown,

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | XVIII Else I shall have at thee. So leave me here to waste And Give me not a burial. For your tears do nothing To revive immortals.

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | XIX

Where has sunshine fallen if darkness reigns; Casting shadows where I know light should be, and Making monsters of every willow tree; Are all my life's efforts vain? Why complain? If I had no eyes and could not see; Or was thirsty out on the open seas, I would still only be in half the pain. I have found comfort in the night sky, The twinkling of stars, glowing winter moon, And of course your sweet, tender, warm embrace. Your Kisses have left me so paralyzed I swear by angels that you have me swoon So kiss me darling â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;neath velvet and laceâ&#x20AC;Ś

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | XX

Sweet Darkling, the beauty in the night; I’ve fallen captive to your eyes. Perhaps I’ve gone deaf, For all I can hear is you. The Alluring melody of your voice Brings angels to tears My Darkling, Death has had me by the tongue. Dare I say that I was drawn to the moon? But now I know why Luna shines in the night. She glows with envy Of your radiant light. Luna pulls on the waves Of every shore, Trying to capture some piece of your being. For although Luna and Estrella Have the attention of the world, You have mine And that is what they’re missing. Decimation and Tragedy

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | XXI Run intertwined. Just as Divinity and Elegance Both hold your name Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve spoke to Aphrodite, cupid and Eros And each of them said they could not compare. Oh, Elusive Darkling, why should I hide The inspiration youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve bestowed upon me Is brighter than the sun. Burning the words right onto the page With the rage and fury Of the end of days For Love is Love And you and I are in existence Should you Love me I shall return the feeling.

M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | XXII About From chalk on concrete to beat boxing on side streets, I am, je suis, yo soy Michael Ray De Los Angeles. As a peaceful warrior from the golden state I have overcome the challenges of life through a dedication to arts such as dance, photography, poetry and theatre. Life's experiences have taught me compassion and perseverance, and as a student of life I seek to expand and share my knowledge. In short, art is a transformative process and it can be used to communicate with the subconscious mental process. During my time at Humboldt State University, I have served as the Poetry Division Editor for the Toyon Literary Journal (2012-2013) and have published photography, art and poetry within the Women’s Resource Center’s The Matrix. As a member of the Humboldt Circus, participated in multiple show cases (“So Many Colors” in Spring of 2012 and “One Continuous Lick in Fall of 2012 and Carnival of the Mind Spring 2013).

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M i c h a e l R a y D e L o s A n g e l e s | XXIII

A C1T1Z3NS 0F DE MATR1X PR0DUC710N. La Casa Communal Press 2010, 2013. --------Humboldt; Chico; Route 99, California

Romance is dead (2010-2013, 2nd edition)  
Romance is dead (2010-2013, 2nd edition)  

This is a short collection of poetry, poems and photos by Michael Ray De Los Angeles Menjivar. Several of the works, were published in other...