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August, 2011 VOLUME 4, ISSUE # 8

FEATURED MEMBER—SUZANNE ROCK UP ON THE HOUSETOP Desperate to escape her controlling family, Chloe scrambles up to theroof of her Texas home on Christmas Eve. There she discovers a sexy stranger cloaked in shadow. He convinces her to shed her good-girl image and give into her secret desires.

After over a decade in the scientific world, Suzanne needed a creative outlet. She tried scrap booking, cooking, crocheting, painting, and piano, none of which held her interest for very long. Then one of her friends suggested writing. Thrilled with the idea of creating her own worlds, she opened up her lap top and never looked back. When Suzanne’s not writing, she can be found playing with her two daughters, testing her husband’s latest kitchen creations, or curled up with her favorite romance novel in her central Massachusetts home.


Honor Bound Deep in the Hidaka Mountains, Akito is commissioned to capture the goddess of desire. He expects to use all of his samurai skills to complete the task. What he doesn’t expect is the resurrection of his deceased lover, or the number of immortals who wish them both dead.

BUY LINKS Up on the Housetop: -Housetop.aspx Honor Bound: product966.html


COMPANY HISTORY Entangled Publishing was founded in 2011 by industry savvy professionals who believe authors who write great books should receive a majority of the profits. We also believe authors interested in the lucrative indie publishing model shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality editing, commercial covers, or the power of a New York-style marketing machine. Entangled Publishing utilizes a bold new business model to bridge the gap between traditional and indie publishing, giving our authors the best of both worlds. We implement the agency model across all departments at Entangled, which means everyone from the copy editor to the marketing director has a financial stake in every book we produce. Our goal is and will always be to offer great stories with fresh voices to the widest audience of readers possible. The “What If” Guy Buy Link: http:// Luck of the Devil Buy Link:

http:// -of-the-devil/

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The “What If” Guy By: Brooke Moss

Luck of the Devil By: Patricia Eimer

What would you do if your ―what if‖ guy showed up at the lowest point of your life? Autumn Cole clocked hers with an encyclopedia. After losing her job at a swanky Seattle art gallery and finding out her father is hospitalized, single mother Autumn Cole reluctantly returns to her tiny hometown of Fairfield, Washington to reassemble the pieces of her life. Her twelve-year-old son isn’t thrilled about going from hip to hick, but Autumn’s got it worse. She re-

Being the youngest daughter of the Devil isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The days of teenage rebellion and vows of chastity made just to tick off her father are over, and now all Faith Bettincourt wants is a nice, quiet life. Unfortunately, thanks to the unexpected arrival of her demonicallydownsized sister, a ditzy succubus roommate, and dear old Dad himself, Faith’s plans for a relaxing vacation spent watching reruns go up in flames. Now it’s all Faith can do to keep the family reunion from Hell (literally) under wraps, and the angelically-inclined hottie across the hall from realizing there’s something weird about his neighbor. And, thankfully, it’s working. Until an angelic stalker shows up in a bid to steal her powers and take over the world. Forget watching reruns. With the way things are going, Faith will need the luck of the Devil just to survive until Monday.

sumes her role as the daughter of the town drunk, promptly facing a crisis with her father that’s been decades in the making..

Running into Henry Tobler, and nearly breaking his nose, is almost more than she can handle, but can rediscovering love–and herself–with her ―what if‖ guy teach Autumn to forgive before it’s too late?


BLOOD OF THE DEMON By: Rosalile Lario Keegan lives to exact revenge on the evil demon who sired and abused him. When his father devises a plan to bring on the apocalypse, he and his three half-brothers, inter-dimensional bounty hunters for the Elden Council, are charged with capturing and delivering their father for punishment. Art gallery owner Brynn Meyers has no idea that her ability to read memories embedded in objects and drain people of their life force means she has demon ancestry. Unfortunately for Brynn, she’s also the key to raising an ancient zombie army, which puts her on every demon’s Most Wanted List. And no one wants her more than Keegan’s father. Keegan must protect Brynn from his father by any means necessary, but he’ll have to learn to harness the other half of his genetics—the far deadlier, uncontrollable half—when he starts to fall for the one woman standing between him and the vengeance he so desperately seeks. The one woman he’ll never be able to resist. Buy Link: http://

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WARD AGAINST DEATH By: Melanie Card Twenty-year-old Ward de’Ath expected this to be a simple job— bring a nobleman’s daughter back from the dead for fifteen minutes, let her family say good-bye, and launch his fledgling career as a necromancer. Goddess knows he can’t be a surgeon—the Quayestri already branded him a criminal for trying—so bringing people back from the dead it is. But when Ward wakes the beautiful Celia Carlyle, he gets more than he bargained for. Insistent that she’s been murdered, Celia begs Ward to keep her alive and help her find justice. By the time she drags him out her bedroom window and into the sewers, Ward can’t bring himself to break his damned physician’s Oath and desert her. However, nothing is as it seems— including Celia. One second, she’s treating Ward like sewage, the next she’s kissing him. And for a nobleman’s daughter, she sure has a lot of enemies. If he could just convince his heart to give up on the infuriating beauty, he might get out of this alive… Buy Link: http://


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Editor’s Note Rochelle Weber, Ed.


Young Adult


Historical Alternative Lifestyle

Contemporary Temp to Permanent by Toni Noel



Jungle Jeopardy by Mary Montague Sikes



Topspin by W. Soliman


The Wolf’s Torment by Stephanie Burkhardt


Cradle of Dreams by Keta Diablo


Contemporary Alternative Lifestyles Deck the Halls by Shashauna P. Thomas


Ancient Blood by Barbara Edwards


Unstrung by Marie-Claire Payne


Love’s Demon Ways by Mary Corrales


Visions by Anna James


Fantasy Windmaster by Helen Henderson


Paranormal Alternative Lifestyle

Fantasy Alternative Lifestyles

A Familiar Struggle with Hell by Sapphire Phelan


Sci Fi/Futuristic

Love’s Sweet Wager by Jannine Corti-Petska


Lady Hartley’s Inheritance by W. Soliman


Double Crossing by Meg Mims


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Sci Fi/Futuristic Alternative Lifestyles


June Releases By: Toni Noel

Temp to Permanent With her secretary sick, harried business owner Carina Carrington needs help on the busiest day of her career, not a good looking temporary employee whose voice even distracts her. He's good at his job and she can't help but wonder if he's good at other things, but thanks to his strict adherence to proper business ethics, Greg Lawless wants no part of workplace romances. Will Carina have to let the best help she's ever had go to assure her dreams come true? Nov.

June, 2011 Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 978-1-61252-048-3 Buy link: http:// Detail.bok Genre: Romantic Suspense Warnings: None Heat Level: PG - Sensual Format: E-Book in Multiple Formats Author E-Mail: Author Website: http://

July Releases By: Mary Montague Sikes

Page 6

Jungle Jeopardy When Dana Sinclair realizes Clifton Wilder is missing, she takes off for Costa Rica to search for him. An apparent kidnapping turns into a jungle adventure that leads Dana and Clifton into the wilds of Guatemala where they discover an unexplored Maya cave and find pottery and walls covered with glyphs. Tyler Hunter wants to save Dana's sister, Rebecca, from prison, and to do so, he needs for them to find her grandfather's hidden treasure. An archaeologist on sabbatical in the Caribbean, Tyler intrigues Dana with his knowledge of the Maya. Dana has never doubted her sister's guilt in the murder of their grandfather on the island of Antigua, but now an element of doubt begins to creep in. Nov .

July, 2011

Publisher: Oak Tree Press ISBN: 13: 978-1610090247 Buy link: http:// Genre: Contemporary Warnings: None Heat Level: G Format: Trade Paperback Author E-Mail: Author Website: http://

August Releases By: W. Soliman


August 15, 2011

Know what goes on at your local tennis club? Sure about that? Follow the exploits of a group of disparate members of an up-market country club on the Isle of Wight. Delve into their secret lives and it will change your opinion of the innocent game of tennis forever.


Page 7

Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press ISBN: TBA Buy link: http:// Genre: Contemporary women’s fiction Warnings: Explicit sex Heat Level: R Format: E-Book Author E-Mail: Author Website: http://

July Releases By: Shashauna P. Thomas

Deck the Halls

July 7, 2011

Jake and Jason are identical twins who’ve known for a long time that there would only be one woman for the both of them. As soon as they lay eyes on the beautiful new file clerk Gloria, they know she’s the one. They think their only obstacle is to convince her that their feelings are genuine. But they learn she’s keeping a secret that not only jeopardizes their future, but also puts her life in danger. Gloria finds it hard not to be positive when she gets to see the delicious Jason and delectable Jake every day. On top of that the merriment of the season is infectious. Then she learns the mistakes of her past, ones she tried very hard to bury, are back with a vengeance and determined to destroy her. Now all she hopes for Christmas is that the people she loves won’t get caught in the crossfire.

Publisher: Pink Petal Books ISBN: 978-0-9837809-1-5 Buy link: http:// Genre: Contemporary Alt Lifestyle Warnings: Multiple Partners, Explicit Sex Heat Level: R Format: E-Book Author E-Mail: mailto:shashaunapthomas@yahoo.c om Author Website: http://


By: Maria-Claire Payne

Unstrung Cara Bredelow and her husband Travis work for a covert government agency called STAR Operations: Superpower Targeted Aeronautic Reconnaissance Operations. When Cara discovers errors in the data she inputs, and her husband and his research partner become troubled over their latest work on dimensional traveling, Cara begins to piece together a very dangerous puzzle. To protect Cara, Travis and Sebastian initiate a risky plan to not only expose the traitor in their midst, but to also shut down international sales of national security secrets to the highest bidders. When Cara becomes a pawn in this dangerous game, will Travis choose his love for his woman or his love for the country he swore to protect – or can he save them both? Nov

Page 8

July 7, 2011

Publisher: Pink Petal Books ISBN: 97809837809-4-6 Buy link: http:// -Maria-Claire-Payne.html Genre: Erotic Romance Warnings: Explicit Sex, BDSM Heat Level: R+ Format: E-Book in multiple formats Author E-Mail: mailto:mariaclairepayne@yahoo.c om Author Website: http://

June Releases By: Helen Henderson

Windmaster With the gold bracelets of command and a ship, Ellspeth, silver-haired captain of the Sea Falcon was secure in her future, but between her plans and her destiny stands magic...and love. Sept.

Page 9

June 7, 2011

Publisher: Champagne Books ISBN: 9781926996219 Buy link: http:// Genre: Fantasy Warnings: N/A Heat Level: PG13 Format: E-Book In Multiple Formats, Kindle, Paperback (Coming November 1st) Author E-Mail: mailto:helenhenderson_author@y Author Website: http://

July Releases By: Jannine Corti-Petska

Love’s Sweet Wager Her gambler father murdered, Rachel Garrett joins a wagon train west to be with her aunt and the fiancé she's never met. Her dream is to forget the life she led performing on stage to earn the money her father gambled away and settle down in one place. But along the trail, she is helplessly drawn to a priest--forbidden fruit-and her hopes are shattered. Professional gambler Reno Hunter is wanted for the murder of James Garrett. His disguise as a priest on a wagon train is foolproof, until he discovers the woman the old gambler wagered in that fatal card game and Rachel Garrett are one and the same. Can he protect his identity and his heart, or will he surrender to his desire for Rachel and risk being apprehended by the law? Nov

By: W. Soliman

Lady Hartley’s Inheritance Clarissa Hartley fears she has lost everything when someone else lays claim to her late husband’s estate. But Luc Deverill, the Earl of Newbury, suspects fraud. Drawn together as they fight the perpetrators of this evil, Clarissa and Luc discover a passion for one another that will not be denied. Nov.

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July 8, 2011

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press ISBN: 1-60154-928-8 Buy link: http:// index.php? main_page=product_info&cPath=1 91&products_id=4573 Genre: Historical Warnings: Explicit Sex Heat Level: R Format: Trade Paperback and EBook Author E-Mail: Author Website: http://

August 29, 2011

Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press ISBN: TBA Buy link: http:// Genre: Regency Romance Warnings: None Heat Level: G Format: E-Book Author E-Mail: Author Website: http://

September Releases By: Meg Mims

Double Crossing A murder arranged to look like a suicide… a missing deed… and a bereft daughter whose sheltered world is shattered August, 1869: Lily Granville is stunned by her father’s murder. Only one other person knows about a valuable California gold mine deed—both are now missing. Lily heads west on the newly opened transcontinental railroad, determined to track the killer, and soon realizes she is no longer the hunter but the prey. As things progress from bad to worse, Lily is uncertain who to trust—the China-bound missionary who wants to marry her, or the wandering Texan who offers to protect her—for a price. Will Lily survive the journey and unexpected betrayal? Nov.

Page 11

August, 2011

Publisher: Astraea Press ISBN: TBA Buy link: http:// Genre: Historical Western Warnings: None Heat Level: G Format: E-Book In Multiple Formats, Trade Paperback Author E-Mail: Author Website:

May Releases By: Stephanie Burkhart

The Wolf’s Torment

May 13, 2011

It's 1865 in Moldavia, a country nestled against the shores of the Black Sea, and Crown Prince Mihai Sigmaringen returns after receiving an education in England. His best friend, Viktor Bacau joins him. Mihai is intent on modernizing his nation, but he's also a witch, and it's time he embraces his heritage. The tasks in front of him are many including getting married. Lady Theresa von Kracken arrives in Constanta as Mihai's intended. Mihai has vowed not to fall in love again, but Theresa manages to break the battlements around his heart. In an unfortunate twist of fate, Viktor is bitten by a werewolf. Viktor's transformation threatens everyone around him including his wife's safety and Mihai's happiness with Theresa. Viktor's bite is the wolf's torment. Sept.

By: Keta Diablo

Cradle of Dreams

May 17, 2011

With visions of battle still fresh in his mind, Roane Bradfield returns home to find the woman he loves betrothed to another. He corners Kendrick Moreland at Dowager Huggins’ Grand Ball and whisks her into the secluded library. One way or the other, he will know the reason the duplicitous beauty cut him from her life when she promised to wait forever. Kendrick can’t believe her eyes when Roane suddenly appears at the ball. Has he truly risen from the dead? Amid wagging tongues and hushed murmurs, the fantasy of her every dream whisks her from the ballroom. And the expression on his face is anything but loving. Revenge, danger and powerful love collide in the Cradle of Dreams. Sept. Page 12

Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing ISBN: 978-1-61252-038-4 Buy link: http:// -strse-163/Stephanie-BurkhartMoldavian-Moon/Detail.bok Genre: Paranormal Warnings: Heat Level: R Format: E-Book Author E-Mail: Author Website: http://

Publisher: Books We Love Spice ISBN: 9781926965857 Buy link: Genre: Erotica/Time Travel/ Historical Warnings: Explicit scenes; anal sex. Heat Level: R – R+ Format: E-Book – All Formats Author E-Mail: Author Website: http://

May Releases By: Barbara Edwards

Ancient Blood

May 27, 2011

After narrowly escaping a stalker’s vicious attack, Lily Alban is left with the ability to see auras. After moving to tiny Rhodes End, she finally feels safe, and against her better judgment, falls in love. She soon discovers the man she loves is not a man at all. Botanist, werewolf Cole Benedict has dedicated his life to researching a cure for Lycanthropy. He resists his attraction to protect Lily from the beast inside him. When Lily’s stalker returns, he’s determined to keep her safe even if that means embracing the instincts of his wolf. Together they must use extraordinary gifts to catch Lily's stalker before he attacks again. Will revealing their inner-most secrets to one another destroy their growing love or save them both? Sept.

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press ISBN: Print ISBN: 1-60154-9164 E-Pub ISBN 13: 9781601549167 Buy link: http:// maincatalog/index.php? main_page=product_info&cPath =177_136&products_id=4511 Genre: Paranormal Warnings: None Heat Level: R Format: E-Book in Multiple Formats, Trade Paperback Author E-Mail: mailto:Barbara.edwards2@yahoo. com Author Website: http://

June Releases By: Mary Corrales

Love’s Demon Ways What forces will be unleashed when a woman sheds her inhibitions for a man who promises ecstasy with just one touch?

Page 13


June 7, 2011

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand ISBN: TBA Buy link: http:// Genre: Paranormal erotic romance Warnings: Explicit Sex, Sex Toys Heat Level: R Format: E-Book in Multiple formats Author E-Mail: Author Website: http://

June Releases By: Anna James

Visions Prudence Bailey has just learned her mother, Laura, is a distant cousin who adopted her when she was four years old after her father, Joshua Adams, brutally murdered her mother, Jane, and then killed himself. After Laura’s death, Pru decides to return home to Salem Massachusetts to learn more. But twenty years have passed. She meets Detective Matt Cavanaugh, her gorgeous and sexy neighbor, and is instantly attracted to him. She discovers Matt’s father, now retired, was the first cop on the scene the night of her parents’ deaths. From the moment she returns Pru experiences visions that lead her to believe the circumstances surrounding her parents’ deaths are not as they seem. The facts don’t add up. And when a recent murder Matt’s investigating is linked to the past, they discover Pru is right—and the killer is still on the loose. Oct.

Page 14

June 11, 2011 Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press ISBN: 978-1-936668-19-9 Buy link: http:// index.php? main_page=product_info&cPath=1 0&products_id=128&zenid=r3eq5v 9pjiicrme1i9068f2c54 Genre: Paranormal Romance Warnings: None Heat Level: R Format: E-Book Author E-Mail: m Author Website: http://

June Releases By: Sapphire Phelan

A Familiar Tangle With Hell

June 14, 2011

Tina and Charun thought it was all over and their life would be normal—well, as normal as it could be for an immortal Witch and her demon Familiar. But there was another prophesy, one that claims if Lucifer mates with Tina before the last chime of midnight on the new year and impregnates her, the real Armageddon will begin. When Tina is stolen away, Charun, along with the Archangel Jackob must race against time into the bowels of Hell to rescue her. But with Lucifer and his minions including a cute demon bunny with fangs out of a Monty Python nightmare, and no help from Heaven , will Tina become the mother of the Antichrist and start a new Hell on Earth? Oct.

Page 15

Publisher: Phaze Books ISBN: 978-1-60659-610-4 Buy link: book.php? title=A+Familiar+Tangle+With+Hel l Genre: Paranormal Alternative Lifestyle Warnings: Explicit sex, multiple partners, anal sex. Heat Level: R+ Format: E-Book in Multiple Formats. Author E-Mail: Author Website: http://

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/ product966.html August, 2011 VOLUME 4, ISSUE # 8 Website: Honor Bound: Up on the Housetop: her central Massachusetts h...

08-11 MFRW  

/ product966.html August, 2011 VOLUME 4, ISSUE # 8 Website: Honor Bound: Up on the Housetop: her central Massachusetts h...