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The Days of Noah Written by Evelyn Pointer

Saturday, January 28, 12


The Time of Noah The time of Noah was used specifically by Christ to teach us what the season would be like in the last days . If we examined what happen with spiritual eyes we will better understand what has begun to happen to the world already. This already the time that Christ was pointing to. It is the time of Noah. We have preached repeatedly about the killing and violence, instead I would like to talk about the spiritual meaning of the flood itself. Genesis 7: 11 says, “In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.”

Saturday, January 28, 12

...But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the son of man be... Matthew 24: 37-40


We see two things happening here--it rained yes, terribly for forty days and forty nights, but at the same time the fountains of the great deep were broken up. Water came down from heaven, and rose up also from the deep.

Saturday, January 28, 12


Rain and Fountains The rain from heaven represents the destruction poured down by the hand of God Isaiah 28: 2. The floods ascending represents all the terrible things done by their hands. II Samuel 22:5. Psalms 93: 3-4. David is speaking about people as floods. John spoke in Revelations about the great whore sitting on waters Revelations 17: 1 and 15. Christ spoke about the distress on the nations of people in Luke 21:25-26. So again the rain or storm is sent by God from heaven--it is through things directly by God, such as disasters, plagues and signs. The breaking up of the great deep, something that comes up from this earth is the effect we see on the people. What will the people be doing? Besides killing and violence? Wars, dissent, invasions, unrest, fear and panic!

Saturday, January 28, 12


A Change in the Winds But a storm is not just rain or floods, especially the storm that we know is coming, a storm is great wind. The wind is also sent out by the hands of God. Psalms 135:7. The four winds are represented in the book of revelations by four horses: white, black, red and pale. These winds or forces influence all peoples, nations governments, all individuals to the will of God. They move and influence the people the way the wind will move water and cause great waves. A wind in its greatest fury as we know it is a hurricane. Hurricane Katrina was a devastating hurricane to New Orleans. New Orleans was not more wicked than any other city. It was and is a very wicked city but it was chosen as a warning and a sign to us. God’s judgment is done by measurement. The fierce winds blew and the rain fell, the waters rose and the levies could not withstand it. There are natural and artificial breaks or boundaries on great bodies of water where people live.. God set a law or decree for the sea. Jeremiah 5: 22. Proverbs 8: 29. Mankind, greedy to live by water, has build their homes very close, sets up dams and levees to try to control them.

Saturday, January 28, 12


The Symbolism of the Time of Noah

• The rain is God’s fierce judgment •

The natural disasters, plagues, signs and wonders

• The floods of the deep is the effect of mankind •

His violence, wickedness, killing , uprising

• The wind is the four spirits of God that influence and regulate •

Saturday, January 28, 12

Nations, kingdoms, and all people to the will of God


Boundaries The boundaries are the laws of God. These are natural laws, pertaining to the sea, to the sand etc--there are spiritual laws pertaining to how we are supposed to live. When the laws of God are in the government--the government is strong--like a wall or boundary. When the laws are taken away or contrary laws added: like the rights of abortion or sodomite marriage; cracks and breaches appear. The stream beats upon the levee. The wind knocks it down and it cause the waves to come up; it destroys everything. The laws of God within the government also was to help and protect the poor. When the government helped the poor it was like a strong wall its storehouses--its economy. But when compassion left and they took away all the food from the mouths of the poor the boundaries around the dollar cracked, breaches appeared, the flood began to move in and the economy is in crisis. The same thing happened to the individual . The first to die in a storm are those most susceptible. The young become affected first. They lose the ability to distinguish right from wrong, they lose common good and become monsters

Saturday, January 28, 12


Preparation This is the time of Noah. Now, today! Our church is in preparation. The Lord is going to send people to us just like he sent animals to the ark. The ark had to be prepared with exact measurements and specifications. Just like our church, our doctrine and order of service had to be established according to the guidelines of God. It is already raining, the waters are coming up. We see in the distance a thick black swirling mass of clouds. We see lightning flash and we hear the roar of thunder. The wind is blowing. People are going about their business. They are doing nothing to prepare themselves. We have a primary directive, a charge and a calling. We have dug up the truth, we must continue to uncover it and make it manifest in ourselves as individuals and in the church as a whole. The truth is our greatest treasure,our prize, The most valuable thing on the earth, it is also the rarest of things. People consider it as nothing. Our secondary directive was to build and prepare the physical building of this church. Why secondary? Because the sole reason for this building is to provide a place, a haven for the truth. Where people can come and worship the true God; a place of safety for the coming of God’s children. My life’s purpose is to obtain eternal life. My calling is to uncover the truth and to protect it, to keep the doctrine from contamination. My charge is to do God’s will in service of the body of Christ which is his church. I put these things first, foremost and above any desires that I might have. I do not seek for pleasure or comfort or success or money in this world. Those things are the blessings of Esau, not the blessings of Jacob. I do not speak the words of God using man’s wisdoms--this is how Esau’s good and nice people speak--but I am Jacob’s daughter.

Saturday, January 28, 12


The Testing Period We must make sure that we are doing the works of God not speaking the words that sound good. Our lies must be an example of what we preach. God is going to try you. He is going to put every word that you say to the test. Do you say you love God? Not if you do not keep his commandments. And if you are are guilty in one you are guilty of them all. Who told you to pay tithe. Was it not the same person who said thou shalt not kill? Which part of the law do you love and which part do you hate? Is God part good and part bad? No, he is altogether Holy, He is perfect and true. Everything he told us to do is part of his body, it is truth and righteousness. No one can pick and choose which part of the law they will obey. In order to be saved we must keep the entire law the entire truth. Magnify God by uplifting him and showing his righteousness in all that you do. Magnify God by your actions, then follow it with your speech. There is a terrible storm coming . A storm greater than anything that has happened before. God is sending his winds upon this earth. The winds will break down the faulty bounds put upon all the institutions of the world. The bounds without laws. God had provided his law in these places; his goodness to keep the evil at bay, to hold the evil back until his children had come to the harvest. Evil would have taken over and destroyed everything if he had not.

Saturday, January 28, 12


As the Storm Approaches Under the red spirit we see the breaches and cracks--the good which is God’s law is removed from institutions; there is a famine of the law. Like Hurricane Katrina the levees are breached, they do not hold up under the onslaught of winds, rain and water. The rain comes down, the winds blow and the waters go up. Where is the ark? Like Noah we are preparing-we have prepared. Everything in the bible is a parable for us. It applies to us because we are just like them. We have the same measure, just in a smaller proportion. We have the same opportunity Just let us not say wait Lord let me first do this or that. Let me first do the things I have planned to do in life. Today while it is still today let us seek for the heavenly calling. We do not have to wait for the latter rain to be holy and perfect, to give all to the Lord, to exploits. Do it now! Be willing now! Obey now! If you do not do what you are called to do now, yo will not be qualified for what you hope to do later. We have an opportunity now! Before the door closes while we still have a chance to seek God, obey God with all your heart mind and soul. And you will remain under the protection of the lord in this time of trouble.

Saturday, January 28, 12


Time of Noah  

1Saturday,January28,12 Written by Evelyn Pointer 2Saturday,January28,12 The time of Noah was used specifically by Christ to teach us what the...

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